Reminder: Governor Palin’s Keynote Address at the India Conclave is Tomorrow Morning/Open Thread

I’m putting up the open thread earlier than usual. As a reminder, you’ll be able to watch her keynote address at the India Conclave tomorrow morning at around 10-10:30 AM EST here. We’ll also have a thread up for her speech as well.

In any event, here’s the news thus far:

-Amanda Coyne from the liberal Alaska Dispatch tweets that there is “no argument” that some of Alaska’s $12 billion surplus comes from Governor Palin’s oil tax reform.

-The Associated Press conceded the following regarding Libya:

Palin was one of the first to speak out….Palin has criticized Obama for not offering timely support for the Libyan people and has urged some kind of U.S. response, including a no-fly zone.

Others mentioned in the running, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and departing U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, have not specifically made an issue out of Libya.

-Diana West from Townhall discusses Governor Palin’s Facebook post about the emerging energy crisis.

Matt Lewis:

Speaking of Steven F. Hayward — as a Ph.D., author and F. K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute — he certainly qualifies as an “intellectual.”

Hayward emailed me yesterday, saying: “I came to [Palin’s] defense right after she was named in 2008 … and I think this article still holds up right.”

-Here’s the tweet of the week:

I can’t take Sarah Palin as a serious presidential contender until she releases her NCAA brackets.

-Rebecca Mansour tells Kathryn Lopez the following:

The people who say such things don’t know her, have never spent time with her, and are responding to a caricature of what they think she is…Do you remember Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s famous quote about anti-Catholicism? He said there are only a few people who hate what Catholicism really is, but there are millions who hate what they think it is. If these critics would spend a few hours reading her words, listening to her speeches, and studying her actual record of accomplishments, there is no way they could say such things about her and still claim to be intellectually honest.

Pam Geller defended the Governor on Canadian television.

-Sissy Willis:Sarah Palin, the GOP “blue bloods” and “The aristocracy of nature” and Palin “ruffles a lot of feathers because she plays by her own rules”

Remember to use the hashtag #ITConclave when you tweet about Governor Palin and India. Be proactive with it as well if you are on twitter. The Governor even retweeted India Today’s request to use the hashtag. So what else is going on today?

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