Wisconsin Protestors Cause $7.5 Million in Damages; UPDATED

Via WITI TV, Madison:

It could cost as much as $7.5 million to repair damage protesters have done to the Capitol Building marble say officials in Madison. Fixing posters to the marble with tape and glue appears to have done the bulk of the damage.

During testimony Thursday, a representative from the Attorney General’s office said a contractor estimated it would cost $500,000 to remove all of the posters and garbage. He says it would cost $6 million to restore the marble inside of the Capitol building and another $1 million to touch up the marble outside of the building.

Officials with the Department of Administration say the marble must be restored immediately. They say normally, tape isn’t used on the walls of the Capitol by rule because of the historic nature of the building. Easels are normally used for signs.

Well, I guess Wisconsin is another $7.5 million in the hole. Whether it’s $800 billion for a stimulus that doesn’t stimulate, $2.5 trillion for Obamacare, or $7.5 million to clean up after an extended temper tantrum in Madison, Democrats never seem to mind wasting taxpayer dollars while demanding more for themselves.  Could it be that most of them don’t pay taxes?  Just asking.

Exit question: If Tea Partiers had caused $7.5 million in damages to the Mall last summer, do you think that would have been a story?

Update: Exit Question II: This is a two-parter. Is there a requirement in Wisconsin that all state contracts must go to union workers? If so, will the same people who damaged taxpayer property now be paid $7.5 million to make the repairs?

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