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CNN Poll Shows that Governor Palin Probably Leads If You Take Huckabee, Trump, and Bachmann Out of the Poll

The good news outweighs the bad news in this CNN poll. Here is how it looks with Huckabee/Trump/Bachmann in the race:

Huckabee 19%
Trump 19%
Palin 12%
Romney 11%
Gingrich 11%
Paul 7%
Bachmann 5%
Daniels 3%
Pawlenty 2%
Santorum 2%
Barbour 0%

The bad news is that she isn’t leading but that’s to be expected considering that she’s taken a step back from the spotlight and because of the media narrative that she’s not interested in pursuing the presidency for financial reasons.

The good news is that her numbers have stayed stable since the last CNN poll and that Mitt Romney’s support has dropped by around 40% since the last CNN poll. But Trump’s support has nearly doubled.

Even better news comes from the crosstabs. They show that she’s probably leading if you take out the Huckabee/Trump/Bachmann trio:

Huckabee 24%
Palin 16%
Romney 16%
Gingrich 16%
Paul 9%
Daniels 4%
Pawlenty 3%
Santorum 2%
Barbour 0%

Now, CNN didn’t actually check what would happen if they took Mike Huckabee out of the poll as it should have considering that Mike Huckabee is clearly not running. But the best-case scenario for Palin in a poll, other than her leading, is to be even with Romney even with Mike Huckabee in the race. In this scenario, it all comes down to who’s better able to win the Huckabee vote and most reasonable people will conclude that she has a better shot at winning Huckabee’s vote than Romney.

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