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Even the Daily Kos/SEIU Pollster Shows Obama’s Unfavorable Rating at 49%

Even the most recent recent Daily Kos/SEIU poll shows Obama’s unfavorable rating at 49% in a sample with 8% more Democrats than Republicans.


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  • KennethF

    Obama is definitely beatable right now, but if the economy improves a bit/unemployment goes down a bit, he’ll be harder to beat. Clinton looked like a lame duck in 1994/1995, and wound up crushing our bad candidate (Dole). We need to make sure we have a GREAT candidate that can appeal to independents to ensure that Obama can’t sneak into a second term.

    • MarkRNY

      We’ve got one. You’re on her site.

    • Guest

      Welcome to Conservatives4Palin. Sarah Palin has already said she can beat Obama. Her word is gold around here.

    • unseen1

      Since socialism never works I have no fear of an improving economy. In fact it will only get worse from here on out. There is only one great candidate on the field and the left attacks her everyday and she is still standing strong.

  • PCR1

    Look at that photo and call out:

    All hail, behold the scoundrel in chief!


    Try under a Bill of Indictment for CAPITAL TREASON!

    • jeffo1

      PCR1…..don’t you mean: All hail, behold the scoundrel in thief!

      He is surely on a fast track to steal America’s greatness.

      CUDA COUNTRY 2012


    And after what Shell did in Alaska and what the SCOTUS did concerning Obamacare, Maobama’s unfavorables are only going south from here.

    I can’t wait until the game is really on.

    Palin 2012

  • tomlyn

    Sarah I think you have a chance of going all the way to the White House.

  • tingale12

    I will not pretend I have an idea what the gov talked about with Franklin Graham.Iif politics was in the mix of their conversation its highly unlikely she asked for his blessings. If she decides to run no doubt she will take him to the mat.

    The picture is proof this man is an impostor.

  • heypiasano

    Rush just closed his show with he will provide the names of those that he thinks can beat Obama. Qualities needed fearless , courageous and be willing to attack Obama on every issue.

    Top of the list anyone?

    • Dan C

      Rush has already said on this show that Palin would wipe the floor with Obama.

  • danielvito

    I believe the biggest underplayed story by the LSM is Obambi’s horrid poll numbers. With Gas/Food prices continuing to go up, these numbers will only get worse. I believe Gadaffi could beat him by Nov. 2012 and probably be more conservative.

    • technopeasant

      Not at C4P if I can help it.

  • technopeasant

    The most important part of the poll imho were the numbers on the question of who you would vote for in 2012, Obama or the GOP nominee. I posted the results in the open thread but in case you missed them here are the highlights:

    OVERALL 45 46
    WOMEN 47 43
    MEN 43 50
    DEMS 80 11
    GOP 5 89
    INDIES 41 46
    LIBS 91 7
    MODERATES 58 31
    CONSERV 13 78
    WHITES 36 55
    BLACKS 81 11
    HISPANICS 52 39
    65+ 40 52
    SOUTH 37 55

    • HuntingMoose

      to show how biased this poll is or utterly don’t-understand-what-they-asked is and even then it does not work out,

      13% of the conservatives would vote for Obama. really? so 1 out of 8 conservatives? I know a lot of conservates and none would ever vote for Obama. May be this are some in-the-tank-for-obama followers that want to mislead the poll and pose for conservative.

      58% of moderates vote for Obama? Really? again, can it be that some of the Daily Kos people polled say they are moderate but in fact they are a mile left of Pelosi?

      anyhow, it just shows something else why you always need to look at who is polling and who is being polled. But if even with all this misrepresentation Obam is still under water it really must be a landslide for Palin if elections would be held today.

      • technopeasant


        To be fair a lot of the conservatives who would still vote for Obama are Reagan Democrats.

        In addition independent conservatives helped provide Obama his margin of victory over McCain in 2008.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Even with an oversampling of Dems, I’m sure the pollster had to massage the numbers further to keep the result below 50%.

  • danielvito

    Frank Luntz, the pollster establishment hack, on Neil cavuto just bet trump $10,000 that he won’t run. He was asked who are the straight shooters who should/are running. The twit, answered; Paul ryan, Chris Christie, Mitt romney & Newt gingrich. This is who he thinks are straight shooters. Amazing!

    Couple takeaways;

    *Trump must be hurting Romney/Gingrich
    *The establishment isn’t satisfied w/their candidates
    *The fear of even mentioning sarah’s name is obvious

    • technopeasant

      The Newsmax poll shows this clearly regarding Trump hurting both Mitt and Newt.

      Thanks for posting the Newsmax/InsiderAdvantge poll.

      Here it is again:

      TRUMP 14.3%

      HUCKABEE 14.1%

      ROMNEY 13.5%

      PALIN 12.0%

      GINGRICH 8.0%

      BACHMANN 6.0%

      PAWLENTY 6.0%

      DANIELS 3.0%

      UNDECIDED 23.0%


      • unseen1

        The CNN poll month over month also shows Trump taking Mitt and Newt support away. It appears the RINOs want someone to fight also.

    • Quiet_Righty

      I can’t remember the last time Frank Luntz said anything interesting about Sarah Palin. How does he really view her?

    • Hyman Roth

      I stopped liking Luntz months ago.

      • danielvito

        Hyman Roth, how would you like to have a job like Luntz to earn his 7 figure salary. He takes a random 20 people off the street ,asks 10 dems/10 reps what TV ads they like. Then he takes those results and says the entire untied states 210 million people think that way.

        Luntz is so full of himself.

    • JeannieBinVA

      I love it: She Who Must Not Be Named!


      • danielvito

        JeannieBinVA, the way Luntz and the GOP establishment act, if they mention "her" name they’ll breakout in rashes or something!

  • Buddahfan

    Rasmussen has Obama at 53% disapprove with 40% strongly disapprove.

    His approval index is at -18%.

  • danielvito

    O/T, the power of Palin, Did you know;

    *Sarah Palin has 2,914 million facebook friends. The number of Obama supporters on Facebook on election day in 2008 was 3 million, while the number of the Republican candidate John McCain supporters on Facebook on election day was 600,000.

    -Sarah will blow away by Nov. 2012 the number of friends Obambi had by Nov. 2012. Don’t believe the LSM meme that Sarah is not popular.

  • Greg Legakis

    Do you approve or disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance?
    ……….Approve..Disapprove…..Not sure

    • MarkRNY

      The "Not Sure’s" are Romney’s base.

  • technopeasant

    From Gallup:

    Trying to set the narrative:

    Would DEFINITELY not vote for:

    OBAMA 46%

    ROMNEY 45%

    HUCKABEE 46%

    TRUMP 64%

    PALIN 65%

    APRIL 20-23

    Among registered Republican voters:

    ROMNEY 69% 26%

    HUCKABEE 69% 22%

    PALIN 60% 37%

    TRUMP 52% 46%

    Gallup now qualifies for the most ridiculous poll of the century by claiming 37% of Republicans would DEFINITELY not vote for Sarah Palin in the GOP primaries. Remember 72% of Republicans self-identify as conservative. This is so outrageous that Gallup had to be paid big dollars to publish such numbers.

    • HuntingMoose

      another misleading questionaire.

      They mix primary questions with general elections.

      like in 2008 for many McCain was ‘definitely not’ in the primary. But once he was the candidate, he was the one those people voted for.

      There is also something else seriously wrong with this questionaire. It assumes you can vote for/against each primary candidate as for separate elections. And then combined the numbers just don’t add up:

      if 69% says ‘DEFINITELY’ for voting ROMNEY, that should mean that for the other candidates, the sum of ‘DEFINITELY’ cannot be more than 100-69 = 31%. But in this poll it adds up to 69+69+60+52 >> 100%

      And then the missing part. A lot of tea-party people and independents don’t say they are republican or are not registered republican. So where are those people? The narrative is now that see, amoung Republicans, that is those not voting for Obama, they all want Romney the most.

      Anyhow, look at the details whenever you see a poll. It can tell a lot but not what they try to persuade you it tells you.

  • icenogle

    why get in the race now and give the media and the dems something to distract people from the increase in gas prices and inflation.

  • palinsupporter1

    That Gallup Poll is sh*t. It says only 8 percent of the electorate will definitely vote for Palin but 31 percent will definitely vote for Obama. Give me a break! That is so untrue when you see the people that line up to see her. She is the most formidable candidate out there.

    • jeffo1

      Of course she is the most formidable, the Gallup folks are bought and paid for….isn’t it obvious?


  • jeffo1

    Boy oh Boy…that picture says it all…..The disdain he has for America and Old Glory…
    Makes me sick to look at him.


  • JeannieBinVA

    The poll is badly weighted in many other demographics — for example, seniors and men are underrepresented, and union households and upper income are heavily overrepresented — and all in obama’s favor.

    With the deck stacked like that, he should be doing much better than 44% favorable. In a balanced poll sample, he’s probably in the 30’s, maybe even the low 30’s.

    Hello, President Palin !!

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