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Governor Palin Attends a Fundraising Brunch for Epilepsy Research; Updated

Governor Palin is in the Washington DC area this weekend and will be giving a speech at a pro life event tonight. She and Todd Palin attended the White House Correspondents’ Brunch this morning  where she spoke with both Republican and Democratic attendees alike:

Make no mistake about it: The big star at Tammy Haddad’s eighteenth annual garden brunch was not, say, Chace Crawford, Morgan Fairchild or Shaun White. The biggest head-turner was Sarah Palin, who attended the party with Fox News’ s Greta Van Susteren. Palin was also accompanied by her husband, Todd, and daughter Bristol.


Once inside, guests of all stripes angled to get a picture with Palin, including astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The hubbub was enough to cause one reporter to quip: "Look at all these reporters who typically rip her a new one mosey on up to her, desperate to get a photograph."

This event raised money for Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE).

Once again blowing the "she only talk to FoxNews" meme out of the water, she even took a few questions from a reporter. Yes, Governor Palin even spoke to the rabidly biased Politico:

Governor Palin and RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, also apparently "caught up" at the event.

Greta van Susteren has pictures from the event here.

Update: The event was actually an event to benefit epilepsy research, the CURE, as previously mentioned, and it also benefited the White Ribbon Alliance, an organization aimed at making pregnancies and childbirth safe throughout the world through efforts like malaria prevention. These two organizations have a Democrat and Republican co-founder respectively. CURE was co-founded by David Axlerod’s wife, and the White Ribbon Alliance is overseen by Rupert Murdoch’s wife.

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  • cuttingboardblues

    I’d make a bet if Sarah runs and wins Greta is in as spokeswoman.

    • heypiasano

      I’ve got to respectfully disagree, but Greta will get the first interview of President Sarah Palin on FOX. Poor Bill O’Reilly will be left out in the cold waiting for crumbs from Greta’s Show.

      • Anno76

        BOR will really have a "sour puss" face more than he does now …. lol

        • Carmelo Junior

          Remember that Jack Cafferty promised on camera that he would eat CNN building brick by brick if Sarah Palin is elected president. God, grant me the pleassure to see that moment.

      • tingale12

        HeyP BillyO will not be able to talk to her anyway as he is still on time out. Remember she told him to mind his manners, go sit on the time out chair. When he has learned his lesson, she will let him come out, then she’ll think about it, and if he is worth her time.

        Oh Billy will be pouting to no end.He will then vote for da Donald. He sounds as if he knows Trump-et’s thinking and strategizing.OReilly tries to put on a facade that Trump-et does not have a chance. But if you listen to him closely negative opinions of Trump, does not bode well with him. He likes what he calls "Donald straight talk., not afraid to take on anybody,..yada,yada dum, dum…,


        • ellebb

          Time out – that’s funny.

      • stevethird

        That’s if BOR is still workin’ there. HA!

      • Cotton Picker

        Speaking for myself, but if Bill the O’Bloviator was on fire, I would not urinate on him to extinguish the flames.

    • puma_for_life

      Greta is a real friend to the Palin family. And also, in my opinion, the best journalist.

      • Guest

        i think i’ve read that Greta’s husband, a lawyer, has done work for SP or set-up the fund raising for legal-defense? I maybe wrong, but if true, you know how Sarah & Todd vet people they let close. That’s good enough for me!

        • stevethird

          Ya’ know, when Greta first came over from CNN she still had a lot of liberal gobbledegook runnin’ around in her head; but it turns out, the way things are unfolding at Fox, she’s one of the few that I have faith in. Agree with her or not she will do what she thinks is right rather than fold to FOX orthodoxy That’s probably why the two of them are sympatico.

    • ripcurl2121

      no way. she mumbles too much. and is a democrat. and is boring

      mark steyn for that role. he’ll make mince meat out of the press

  • footballchik1

    Ha ha I read that liberal David Corn said to Todd please don’t hit me and then the two talked about fishing. I can’t listen to the interview so would someone please let me know what she said if you get the chance.

    • Whitney Pitcher

      She said they were honored to get to be at an event to raise funds and awareness for special needs.

      The reporter said that she and Trump would be the big names there, and Gov Palin said she respected Trump.

      That’s kind of a summary. It wasn’t a super long exchange.

      • footballchik1

        Thanks Whitney

      • lorenzini

        There is a full video where the reporter asks a few people questions…Ed Shultz says he’s not working this weekend then in all his class says he is there for the food. Sarah highlights the reason for the gathering and Shultz thinks of nothing but himself!!!! Wow Ed stay classy….what a moron.

        • senator20526

          That’s maroon to you……….lol

    • palinsupporter1

      Where did you read that? Was that from 2009.

  • palinsupporter1
    • palinsupporter1

      I love this line… it is so true. The hubbub was enough to cause one reporter to quip: "Look at all these reporters who typically rip her a new one mosey on up to her, desperate to get a photograph."

      • Whitney Pitcher

        Thanks! I had that piece linked, but they updated it in the last 15 minutes or so. I updated the post.

      • Dan C

        These "reporters" are pathetic disgraceful people.

        • stevethird

          Soon they will kneel at her feet. She is SO much bigger than they are.

    • lorenzini

      There is a full video where the reporter asks a few people questions…Ed Shultz says he’s not working this weekend then in all his class says he is there for the food. Sarah highlights the reason for the gathering and Shultz thinks of nothing but himself!!!! Wow Ed stay classy….what a moron.

  • panchita

    i ask crunchingk and NHConservative to please not view this clip. it may induce a heart attack ak ak.

    i keed those i luv:)

    how many will show up to the reception in a 1/2 hour?

    • crunchingk

      too late i saw it and im mad as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow those socons of hucks are gonna love that she respects somone who drops f bombs WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    "where she spoke with both Republican and Democratic attendees alike:"

    Talk about irrelevant. s/

  • JDCampbell

    Oh no. Bad news for Trump camp. Seems he’s in the same league as Colorado’s famous draft dodger extraordinaire Tom Tancredo in using multiple student/medical deferments to get out of serving their country. Not good Trumpster.

    • kateorjane

      Apparently many people who didn’t live thru the VM years aren’t familar with how student deferments were used them.

  • unseen1

    sorry can’t find the link for the quote used. Which one is it?

  • $8196935

    Just got back from being out this morning and nice to see
    the clip of Sarah being interviewed.

    All the photographers, reporters, etc around her in the photo,
    You think you would see that with Mitt, T-Paw, Mitch, etc.

    First, they would have to wear a name tag.

    • JeannieBinVA

      Yeah, I was wondering if anybody bothered to watch that "GOP candidates" thing in NH last night.

      I don’t mean anybody here — I mean anybody in the U.S.

      • Dan C

        Never heard of it, honestly.

      • stevethird

        The GOP establishment in NH is making a concerted effort to spread the "not running" meme. So a few of them are getting together and plying house with the RINOs trying to convince themselves that any of them can get the job done. The party operatives up here are hogtied by RINO orthodoxy. It’s frustrating, and annoyingly stupid.

  • unseen1

    I would love to know has there ever been another candidate able to make a come back once the MSM used their "nuke option" of a media blackout?

    No wonder they are worried about her. After an almost 2 month effort by the MSM to not only not cover her but not talk about her Gov APlin with one speech and three interviews is not only back she is on top of her game. What a way to drive media nuts. A surprise vist to a DC cocktail party… Palin is like Patton to the MSM germans…. They don’t know what hit them and continues to hit them….give them hell Gov PAlin…give them hell.

  • crunchingk

    i feel like crazy ralph from friday the 13th !!!!!i try to warn of iminite danger (palling with chump)and laughed at !!!!!!!!

    • unseen1

      look the media is trying to set up a fight between Palin and Trump to cement the image that Palin is worroed about Trump stealing her voters. Sinc eTrump isn’t taking her voters Palin would be stupid to attack Trump and hand the media that "fight" Instead Palin will if needed in the next few weeks quietly explain the differences between her and Trump. lso it’s not a good idea to piss off someone with a couple $ billion to throw around.

      Trump is fading fast I see no politcal reason for Palin to attack him at this point. yes I agree she should distance herself a little more from him. but that doesn’t mean to attack him…there are other polite ways of placing that distance between them…..

      • crunchingk

        unseen i said silence on him !she said she respects him?someone who drops f bombs not a smart answer in fact horrible!!!!!

        • unseen1

          consider that Trump is the only GOP candidate who has not said a bad word about Gov Palin. to me that gives him some respect in my book.

          I not a big fan of Trump I would never vote for him. but I don’t think Gov Palin has to tear down Trump to rise above him. Her character will do that on its own.

          • crunchingk

            wrong unseen he said shes got more experience than bo but her leaving as govener was a horrible decsion so he has attacked her!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Guest

              aren’t you almost out of exclamation points?

              • tingale12

                hahaha.. love your post JTF. why not? as long as that key is not stuck, why not use it? Too bad keyboards don’t use ribbons. If it floats her boat, why mind.

                I still have my vintage typewriter ( actually its my grandpa’s over 100 yrs old-) and am saving the last roll of ribbon. Can you imagine if I use it,, then constantly hit that exclamation point key, that alone would have run out the ribbon.

                Ain’t technology wonderful? We don’t have to worry about typewritter ribbon..

                • Guest

                  I am conservative…I conserve.

            • unseen1

              many people think it was a bad decision. I don’t. But that is not an attack. An attack would be calling her a quitter or a diva in it for the money. Or a part of the Tucson shooting. People can disagree aboout decisions Gov Palin has made. It is the personal attacks like mitt and his minions have made against Gov Palin for that decision that I find offensive.

              • juju341

                I always remind those that call Palin a quitter that she is in good company…BO quit a six year term in 4 years…and that they must be a racist for saying that about Palin just because she is married to a man who is 1/2 Native American

                • unseen1

                  Washington quit the POTUS position after 2 terms….sometimes you just have to move on….

                • fesofee

                  Actually, you could argue he quit after two years to run for president. He was sworn in in January 2005 and announced his candidacy in January 2007. And, as we all know, except for his MONUMENTAL return to D.C. to vote for TARP, after announcing he was too busy campaigning in all 57 states to spend much time in the Senate chamber.

            • friskyness

              Trump is uninformed about the reasons she resigned.

          • HuntingMoose

            Whatever Trump does and has done, look at it from the perspective of someone mining a new audience for the successor of his show on MSNBC with mostly liberals watching.

            • Seabee

              He is mining for a new wife, me thinks.

        • Dan C

          You need medication. It does not mean she agrees with every word he says. It also does not mean she is endorsing him for POTUS. Calm your self down.

  • AmsterdamExpat

    It took me a few moments to realize that Todd has shaved his beard. (He looks great either way.)

    Somehow I rather doubt that Barry will ever ditch his.

    • unseen1

      facial hair is seen as a negaitve on campaigns since nixon’s 5 oclock shadow…..just saying….

    • lorenzini

      OMG…your right…I thought there was something different but I just couldn’t put a finger on it.

  • aaron66krohn

    She’s running!!!!! I know!! Todd is beardless!!!! The SIGN we’ve all been waiting for!!!! Grow it back, DUDE!!!!!!

    • HuntingMoose

      Explain what you know and i dont know

      • aaron66krohn

        Nothing!! Nothing at all!! I was being facetious!! Joking!! (Although I DO think he should grow it back!! For my reasons, see my longer post on the subject from earlier.)

  • heypiasano

    Sarah Palin- " He’s a buddy, we honor and respect Donald Trump". For all those that continue to down play Donald Trump, don’t!. He is not running and he is taking the air out of the room so that he can hand it to Sarah so that she can finish Obama off.

    Teachnopeasant’s word for this is "Whipsaw" and its in play here!

    What is funny Politico thought that they had the sound bite of the week, and Sarah made them look foolish as usual.

    • crunchingk

      hey pisano do you know how big trumps ego is????????i must say i suspect something weird.he had a ton of momentum then let f bombs fly and sarahs too nice !i ususlly am very against conspiracy thereoys but now i think rush put the chump up to this and if thats true its working great,however i am not sure what the hells going on!!!!!!

      • heypiasano


        They are playing the media to the hilt while they are taking out the competition. They will take the spotlight back and forth making Mitt, Huck, Pawlenty, Daniels, Santorum, Bauchman, and who ever is left very irrelevant.

        She has said this campaign will be unconventional and it is. I can’t wait to here what Rush has to say on Monday. I still think he is in on this!

        • crunchingk

          im really thinking that rush,sean and levin are all in on it rush and sean and sp play nice with him and levin keeps us palin fans happy with his attacks on the chump!the chump figures its good for ratings and wont run but softens bo and the rinos up !i hope your right but i dont kniow?????

          • N.A.C.

            There you go!

            Perhaps a collusion is not necessarily in place, but each side is making a spontaneous play.

          • Iowa4Palin

            Operation Chaos Round Two !!

            • excopconservative

              It will probably end up with Trump endorsing Sarah and never declaring a candidacy. He comes out of it as kingmaker (queenmaker) which heightens his status nationally and in NY where Republicans need some help. Doubt that Rush is a player, but would bet that Giuliani could be. Giuliani sees a future with Gov. Palin, either as VP or AG.

        • HuntingMoose

          Dont think the goal here is the other GOP candidates. Unless ofcourse you would call Reagan’s "don’t attack fellow Republicans’ advise a conspiracy.

          The common goal is to wake up those who voted for Obama. And let the voters decide come primary who to rally behind to defeat Obama next year

          I have not followed everything of the other candidates but Palin has been extremely vocal on this strategy. Yes, she did call out one time to Cristie after several taunts from him but this was merely a hint to come back to the reservation .

        • M_Minnesota


          I distinctly remember around August 26th-28 2008 when people would call in (At Rush or Hannity) and say Gov. Palin should be Mccain’s pick ; they quickly ended the conversation. Just sayin’

          • heypiasano

            I’ve listened to Rush everyday for the past 22 years. He has never given the accolades or the mentioning of one person over the other when it comes to conservative princibles. When he said that Sarah Palin would mop the floor with Obama , he ment it.

            Lets face it if Rush takes the lead all the other hosts will follow.

      • lorenzini

        I watched Trumps Vegas speech…well as much as I could stomach…This man has got the biggest ego I have ever seen!!!!

    • celestiallady

      My thoughts exactly – I caught that comment she made about Trump and how she said it. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he was with her when she announced. Not sayin he is running.

      • larrygeary

        Think good cop/bad cop.

    • stevethird

      The F-bombs are the key. Ask yourself, if he were running, would he have dropped it and then dropped it again? I think not. Much of what is happening and being said only makes sense when viewed in the light of some degree of cooperation berween the two.

  • crunchingk

    man does todd tower her or what either hes 6-7 or shes a miget!!!!!!!

    • BostonBruin

      I think Todd was standing on a some stairs and was a step above her. Notice that she steps up at the end.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I found it cool that Buzz Aldrin wanted to get his picture with Palin. :)

    One thing that Aldrin and Palin agree on is that "global warming" in not man made.

    • JeannieBinVA

      And that our space program (until obama got his hands on it) is good, heroic and essential to our country’s future.

      Obviously once she becomes president she’ll need to tackle a lot of things to correct obama’s many mistakes, but I really hope that re-orienting NASA away from "Muslim outreach" and back to its core mission of space exploration is one of them.

      • HuntingMoose

        Yup. Exploration has opened up a lot, starting with Lewis and Clark and the one thing that America will always be remembered by, the first to visit the Moon.

        It’s time to add another object to that list and much more fun and inspiring on Americas greatness than spending all that money on a bullet train to and from nowhere build by the Chinese, paid for by money we borrowed from the chinese and eventually sold back to the chinese to pay the interest on our debt

        • Ralph Buttigieg

          Buzz also supports Obama plan to privatize Space transportation. Which I hope Palin also has the sense to support. Its about the only area were Obama has promoted free enterprise. Its ridiculous that Republicans turn to socialist beyond Earths atmosphere.



          • larrygeary

            The private space efforts have been pretty pitiful so far. Most seem to be dead ends, and all are replowing ground NASA plowed 50 years ago. NASA and existing aerospace companies can do the job – once we define it and agree to fund it. Their biggest problem is NASA’s bureaucrats. The agency has become one big jobs program.

    • larrygeary

      What happened to Buzz? His left arm is in a sling and he has a crutch under the other arm.

  • Nancy6

    The Palins aren’t afraid of anything.
    When you think of Sarah going on Jay Leno and doing a stand up comic routine, that is amazing!
    Bristol going on DWTS? Incredible!
    Sarah going into the belly of the beast in Wisconsin, with the horrible weather conditions? Brave.
    Numerous instances of going to Washington D.C. and staring these losers down, and them fawning all over her. Entertaining.
    The Palins are incredibly fearless in their ability to decide they are going to do something and going ahead and having fun with it.
    I admire them so much!

    • Anno76

      Agree with you totally Nancy6 – the whole family are fantastic!!!!

    • Iowa4Palin

      And not for one minute is Sarah fooled by these Wash types. "she’s not going there for their good opinion…." Hypocrites through and through.

  • unseen1
    • Guest

      Its a typical AP hit piece.

      • unseen1

        yes but read the tone of the article. They thought they had destroyed her and she comes back like Freddie……… and the MSM lives on ELm Street.

      • Seabee

        It is a hit piece. I read it over at yahoo and decided I need another drink.

        • juju341

          They must be racist….just saying those things because Palin is married to Todd who is half
          Native American. Why else would they do it???? (Sar)

          • larrygeary

            Todd is only 1/8th Upik Eskimo, not 1/2. It’s not like he’s chewing whale blubber in the back of an igloo. He even wears shoes. /sarc

    • Jasmine Clark

      i saw that and i saw you commented you live in NC… awesome!! me too!!

      anyway the article was pretty dumb. one thing i noticed: they brought up her resignation as governor. which had nothing to do with anything. -__-

      • juju341

        They do that because they are RACIST….they never mention BO only served 4 years of a six year term.

  • Dan C

    Though it is for a good charitable cause, I could not go to these types of things and be civil to the vermin in attendance who lie about the Palin’s non stop and seek to destroy them. Yet another reason why Sarah and Todd are much better people than me!

  • xthred

    Notice how easily and gracefully Sarah swats away the Polutico’s barbed question?

    • Seabee

      He he he just like an anoying mosquito…

  • Dan C

    Don’t sweat Chump. He has not said anything bad about Sarah so there is no reason for her to attack him. If push comes to shove in primary, his true record will come out trust me! Sarah’s conservative credentials will not be in question. If she has to take him out in a primary, then she will.

    • jeffo1

      Excellent point…Sarah is not one to draw first blood libel…


    • Jasmine Clark

      exactly. i’m tired of the people who want her to attack trump. that would be so silly at this point. if she attacked him now it would be her picking a fight and starting unnecessary drama. if they end up in the primary together then THAT is when it’s okay for her to criticize him.

      • larrygeary

        There’s no need to criticize him. Criticize his policies where she can show they are wrong or counterproductive. Some of what he proposes is good, IMO, minus the f-bombs. Some is populist but wrong.

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