Governor Palin on Justice with Judge Jeanine / Open Thread -UPDATED: Video Added

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The special we noted yesterday has been pushed back so it doesn’t overlap with the Governors interview. We’ll put it up shortly after we post the interview. Sorry for the delay

Some people seem to have taken this as something that may be coming from the Governor. Just to be clear: It’s just a feature presentation C4P is putting up and it’s not something from or by the Governor.

What else is going on tonight?

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  • section9

    Let’s keep a head’s up for something coming up. There has been talk in the Administration of introducing Ground Troops into the Libyan Theater. If any Palin people surf this site, be advised that she needs to have a position mapped out on this possibility.

    • senator20526

      Maybe we can get some of the Rinos in congress to lead the troops….just sayin…

      • Ric

        No… I think we all need to ask Harry Reid, Barry Saunders, Nancy Pelosi, and only democrats lead the charge… since there anti-war leader got us in this mess.

    • Dan C

      Ground troops sounds like a terrible idea to me. I assume there are some special forces already, but a huge ground force is not a good idea for a few reasons. Already 2 wars. Our guys are doing enough as it is.

      • Beaverton

        Why can’t the CIA just take out Gaddafi? Surely they have the capability to accomplish this without the need for ground troops and all that that would entail.

        • Jean_A

          You forget who he is friends with.

        • palin45potus

          But replace him with WHO?

        • Guest

          Why can’t France, Italy, Germany, and England take him out? They are the ones that buy oil from Libya and want him gone.

          • Guest

            Where’s Code Pink? (crickets)…. Sounds like "War for Oil" to me.

          • Beaverton

            I agree, it really doesn’t matter who does the job, just as long as it’s done.

        • Ric

          The CIA is there and they are trying… but a more unstable (read IRAN) type of replacement may result…

          Also, we already have ‘ground troops’ calling in air strikes… how do you think more ‘friendlies’ are not being hit?

    • Whitney Pitcher

      I think at the India event’s Q and A or an interview shortly there after that she doesn’t support ground troops.

    • Right_Wingnut

      She should oppose ground troops. She stated her desire for a no-fly zone over a month before it was implemented. It’s not her fault that Obama waited too long to implement it.

    • Guest

      Mission creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!

  • alammbrito2010

    Gov. Sarah Palin on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’ Saturday ( Fox News Channel – Tonight ).

    She will weigh in on the budget battle in DC

    From Fox News Insider:

    What’s really going on behind closed doors? Rep. Ron Paul and former Governor Sarah Palin share insight on the budget battle with Judge Jeanine.

    9 PM Eastern Time 8 PM Central Time

    – JP

  • Dawn Elle

    {{{this is always a trusted site}}} God Bless You 4 that! ;-)

  • Bill589

    Regarding Sarah’s potential competitors, Huckabee bothers me most. Way back, I built him up in my own mind.

    When I first heard of Huck, I heard he was a Christian minister. I pictured someone seeking to do the will of God. Someone who would lead in order to serve. I pictured a man of faith. IMO: Faith is an action word. 90% Courage. 10% Tenacity. 1% all the other stuff we hear faith is.

    I couldn’t find it in him; I had little hope it might be merely corrupt media.

    Then, while not even trying, I did find that charismatic leader, who chooses to be a servant, speaking with courage, and with a history exuding tenacity.

    If all she did as governor was get rid of the corruption in her own party, I would have been greatly impressed. Straightening out the oil companies put her over the top as a politician. And when I read that she had accomplished other significant good things in her short time as governor – that’s when I had to pause. Then, when I heard Ronald Reagan speak – but the words were coming out of that same petite woman from Alaska, speaking the same truths, with the same passion – all of a sudden, I had that old feeling again: Hope for the country I love. And I thanked God.

    Sarah Palin 2012

  • Ceejay

    Will Sarah bring her A game and smackdown these clowns in DC, I believe so.

    Will I be watching, you betcha!

    Sarah, we need for you to RUN this country for God and our families, we know it will be a sacrifice, but you have an army of thousands, we stand with you Sarah Palin!

    Sarah 2012!

  • Anthony DePalma

    I hope and believe she will get behind the Ryan "Path to Prosperity". It is a winning issue and smart for a candidate to adopt it. We’ll have plenty of egos wanting to propose "their own"

    • RefudiateGOPe

      She’s already gotten behind it.

      • Anthony DePalma

        I heard no statement but that’s good nw she can talk about it on TV.

    • Nativevoice +

      She already has Dec. 2010 in op-ed at the Wall Street Journal,

  • RedDaveR

    I would have to think that if Obama puts ground troops into Libya, he is bound to face a primary challenge from the left. The MSM would then have a real dilemma on their hands.

  • blueniner

    Where are all the war protesters that were all over the place when Bush was in, the silence is deafning. Could it be because there guy in in power huuuuuum- sarc. There should be Protest in front of the white house for gas gouging and gas prices. We have the resoruces here in the US, it would be different if we didnt, hey SalaZAR, hey Obama open those spigots to these hungry markets( a little Palin lingo there) and lets drill baby drill, lowest gas price in California 4.10 for reg., this is insane, everything is affected, prices of food, clothing, energy, all going up up up.

    • Ric

      how much pain are we going to take before he is impeached? or outed as an imposter?

  • Jean_A

    I just watched the video "Palin’s Wide Ride 3″ posted here, good stuff. What is wrong with Parnell?? Why would he let the CBC of oil take over the state again?

    • unseen1


  • M_Minnesota

    Good Evening folks!

    When you say that the 90 minute special starts at 10:30 p.m.; Is that Eastern Standard Time? Thanks!!

    • PalinTV

      Yes Eastern. Sorry guys for delay I had problems with the uploading due to video size. All is now done and the post has now been scheduled for 10pm.

  • palin45potus

    (Sorry to abuse re-posting ettiquette…I posted this just as the morning open thread ended, and the GOP actions last night just have blown me away. I’m glad I’m not alone)

    Stacy Drake posted a piece this past week about the MSM, and anyone who did not read it needs to check it out. The performance of MB and her mind-numbing public statements seems like an SNL parody, yet she’s being given endless mulligans because she seems like a valuable ABP candidate.

    We see evidence of the willfully malicious MSM’s anit-Palin bias nowadays on a non-stop basis. I can’t believe how much they’ll applaud a Trump or Bachmann when they are all over the news (The most dangerous place to be these days is in between Michelle Bachmann and a camera), yet they can find fault with anything Sarah does.

    What this tells me is that #1, Rush is right. They fear Sarah above all else. Obama does not want any part of a one-on-one debate with Sarah.

    So, why do the GOP insiders work so hard against her? Is it because they are benefitting greatly in this current game of "Good cop-Bad cop"?

    What’s the deal with all the Gals who Sarah helped out? Not just MB, but Nikki Haley, Why did the GOP elevate Kristi Noem, who sneers at the mere mention of Sarah? For that matter, when will Sean Hannity realize what’s going on?

    Are the forces in Washington so against real reform that they’d rather sink the ship than start to really fix things?

    I’m going to stick with Sarah, I think her last Facebook posting makes it clear that she’s more fed up than anyone. I just hope we all have the patience to understand the magnitude of the decision she is facing about running. Not just that, but how much more carefully planned her run must be, because there will be lots of DEMS and REPS trying to infiltrate her team, "accidently" break some campaign finance laws to create false scandals.

    Pray for America

    • c4pfan

      I agree. It’s obvious.

  • c4pfan

    Look forward to the special!

  • panchita

    though its not unusual for me to barf a little into my throat, watching the little rockers has worsened my symptoms.

    chihuahuahuas with reflux esophagitis for Palin 2012

    • jhva99

      It was embarassing me watching Huck and his "band"!!?! All the money he gets paid and he can’t find a decent singer.

      • palinsupporter1

        Why is Sarah ridiculed for having an 8 episode documentary about Alaska, but Gov. Porkabee can strum on the banjo every week and be "presidential." Can you say double standard???

        • jhva99

          I wouldn’t mind if the band was any good but they suck, and yeah he should be ridiculed for that amateurish attempt at moosic.

  • jhva99

    sarah’s on!

  • CBDenver

    Oh crap. She has a third pair of glasses on. My temporarily broken glasses theory when she wore the second pair is looking less and less likely. Darn.

    • palinsupporter1

      I’m not sure if you are one of the people who were mad at Judge Janine for talking about her shoes and Kathy Griffin, but if we don’t want that to be mentioned we shouldn’t talk about other trivial things like glasses.

      • CBDenver

        Well then, I guess I won’t say anything about her jacket…

        • Jean_A

          It is cold outside.

          • Sabers WarDogs

            Wasilal is still running at about -10 to -15 at night reaching above freezing in the day. Eagles are back and geese are just now starting to fly in.

            • CBDenver

              Wow. I thought it was bad here in Colorado when it drops down to 30 degrees at night.

      • Bill589

        How about mentioning her hair? :)
        I never even notice her shoes; they are too close to her legs.

  • Jean_A

    Looks like the lake is still frozen.

  • Bill589

    I wonder if those people that awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize feel a little ridiculous as he starts a third war. ?

    • Guest

      Not a squeak about it on Oslo anymore, as far as I could deduce it was sort of a pet-theme for the leader of the Nobel-peace institute (labor politician of course) and most of Europe was even more love-struck by Hope’n Change Obummer then even USA voters.. So you can imagine the pressure from a lot of advisors on the members of the institute and then even our tiny country could get the messiah himself on a special visit oboy…!!

      The media over here is not interested in doing any type of criticism of the O administration, if anything they lie or just copy from slander-AP about Sarah or republicans to print in the papers.

      i got a website I will add European details about Sarah and stuff related to her translated, it’s coming soon..


  • RedDaveR

    She’s putting the blame for the troop-funding fiasco on Obama— where it belongs. GOP, take notes.

  • $8196935

    Sarah is correct, keeping the funding of our National Defense.

    • CBDenver

      Surely the defense budget has some bloat, but after hearing how European countries are cutting their defense to the bone in order to keep spending on entitlements, I understand the need to resist defense cuts (give the leftists an inch, they’ll take a mile).

  • jhva99

    My wife says Sarah looks like she is happy and relaxed, like she has decided something.

    Wish- casting?

    • notachance4

      Happy and relaxed? She looks like she’s been over medicated.

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