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Governor Palin Will Attend Tea Party Rally in Madison, Wisconsin this Saturday: UPDATE II – More Buses

Heard over Twitter and confirmed on Wisconsin talk radio:

Just heard from Wausau Tea Party director, Meg Ellefson that Sarah Palin will be speaking at this Saturday’s Tea Party Rally in Madison.

The rally officially starts at 12:00 pm.

More info here.


Audio: Vicki McKenna: Sarah Palin will be at the April 16th Madison Tea Party Rally

Via The Founders Compass

Tax Day Tea Party Rally
When: April 16, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Where: Capitol Square, Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is ‘ground zero’ in the battle with the unions. We need your presence to send a clear message that we, the people, want our fiscal crisis managed – not extended! Please join us in celebration of our 2010 Victories and prepare for the battles ahead! Music, Speakers, Fun! Bring your signs!
Sarah Palin, Former Alaskan Governor, VP Candidate, pundit, author
John Fund – Wall Street Journal
The Beautiful Man -James T Harris(emcee)
Rock Star of Radio – Vicki McKenna
Tony Katz & Pajamas Media
Vocalist Chuck Day
American Thinker – Josiah Cantrell
…more to come!

*RSVP & Transportation Info :

More information

Update II: It appears that more buses have been added.

FB statement from Vicki McKenna:

When: April 16, noon

Where: State Capitol Building, Madison

Contact: Nancy Mistele: 608-575-8589, or Matt Seaholm: 414-476-7900

Featured Guests:

Sarah Palin

John Fund

Tony Katz

Also, I will be speaking and James T. Harris is emceeing. Representatives from Tea Party/Patriot groups will also be there.

Bus Ride info:


Bus 1Eagle River / Rhinelander

Pick up: Eagle River – Derby Track (parking lot – north end) – 1311 N. Railroad Street (Hwy 45)

Depart time: 7:30 am

Rhinelander –

Pick up: Wisconsin River Cruise Parking Lot – 931 W. Kemp Street (Junction 8 & 47)

Depart time: 8:15 am

Bus 2 – Wausau / Stevens Point

Pick up: Wausau – Wausau Homes – 10805 Business Hwy 51

Depart time: 8:00 am

Stevens Point –

Pick up: Portage County Park and Ride – Junction City US 10 and WIS 34

Depart time: 9:00 am

Bus 3 – Hudson / Eau Claire

Pick up: St. Croix County Park and Ride – I- 94 exit 2, across from the Target Store

Depart time: 6:30 am

Eau Claire –

Pick up: Eau Claire County Park and Ride – I 94 exit 59 on Texaco Drive

Depart time: 7:45 am

Bus 4 – La Crosse

Pick up: La Crosse County Park and Ride West Salem I 90 Neshonoc Road /County C inexchange

Depart time: 8:30 am

Bus 5 – Milwaukee – State Fair

Pick up: Milwaukee County Park and Ride – 76th Street and Kearney

Depart time: 9:30 am

Bus 6 – Milwaukee – Bay Shore

Pick up: Milwaukee County Park and Ride – I 43 exit 78A and Silver Spring Road

Depart time: 9:30 am

Bus 7 – Waukesha – Goerke’s Corners

Pick up: Waukesha County Park and Ride – I 94 and Barker Road

Depart time: 10:00 am

Bus 8 – Waukesha – Goerke’s Corners

Pick up: Waukesha County Park and Ride – I 94 and Barker Road

Depart time: 10:00 am

Bus 9 – Kenosha / Racine

Pick up: Brat Stop (parking lot C) – 12304 75th Street

Depart time: 8:30 am

Racine –

Pick up: Racine County Park and Ride – I 94 and Hwy 20

Depart time: 9:00 am

Bus 10 – Sheboygan

Pick up: Sheboygan County Park and Ride – I 43 exit 43 head west on WI 28 left on County A depart 8A

Depart time: 8:00 am

Bus 11 – Fond Du Lac

Pick up: Parking lot behind Rocky Rococo – 806 West Johnson Street

Depart time: 9:30 am

Bus 12 – Appleton/ Oshkosh

Pick up: Outagamie County Park and Ride – US 41 / County E interchange, head north on County E

Depart time: 9:30 am

Oshkosh –

Pick up: Winnebago County Park and Ride – US 41 exit 113 and WIS 26

Depart time: 10:00 am

Bus 13 – Green Bay

Pick up: Brown County Park and Ride – US 41 exit 163, head east on County G and turn right on Lawrence Drive

Depart time: 8:30 am

Remote parking for Tax Day Rally

MATC Center Parking Lot

1702 Hoffman Street

Madison, WI

FREE shuttle to State Capitol – 10 am to 4 pm

Directions from I-94 Eastbound from north of Madison

Take Exit 132 (Hwy 51) South past Airport

Turn right at Anderson St

Turn right at Hoffman St.

Directions from I-94 Westbound

Take Exit 138B (Hwy 30) toward Madison

Exit onto Hwy 51 (Stoughton Rd) north

Turn left Anderson St.

Turn Right at Hoffman St

Read more:


Tea Party rally FB page.

You can purchase bus tickets here.

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  • AmsterdamExpat

    I wonder if it might serve as an opportune occasion for a certain announcement …

    (And will Judge Prosser be there?)

    • ellebb

      If I had known a few weeks sooner, I’d have flown up. I so wish I could be there !

    • Sherry Iles

      Sarah stated and promised during one of her Alaska shows that a radio show in AK would be the first to know IF she makes "the announcement". ;-)

      • AmsterdamExpat

        With some agility (and a good telephone connection) the announcement could be made twice, one right after the other …

      • bradkarr

        Yep, I heard her say that during the interview with Bob and Mark.

        • ripcurl2121

          yeah, the 2 numbnuts who were all in for mookowski. she’s not obligated now to announce on their rinky dink show now because of that. eff them

          • ellebb

            Were they really? I didn’t know that… very disappointing.

          • PhilipJames

            I see these comments all the time on here about when Sarah should announce…… look, Sarah has repeated more than once that she will announce on Bob & Marks program what she would be doing. All this talk about Bob & Mark knocking or supporting other people is gibberish. Do you think Sarah would announce on their program if they were not on side with her? Come on.

          • Guest

            Bob and Mark have been and continue to be ardent supporters of Governor Palin.


          • Kay

            Some people can’t see past the end of their nose.

            Yes, Bob and Mark supported Murkowski. They’re also pro-union and think AGIA is going nowhere. They also hate Obama and love Palin. They’re moderates, more or less, with a dash of conservatism. You think Palin isn’t aware of this? Of course she is. You don’t always have to agree with everyone on everything. As for the April Fool thing, lighten up.

  • Nancy6

    The Beauty going into the belly of The Beast!
    This is gonna be great!:)

  • palinsupporter1

    she’s BACKKKK!!!!

  • Nancy6

    Mitt Romney, what say you?
    I don’t know if I have ever spoken at a Tea Party rally?

    • Carmelo Junior

      I thought Romney was a Tea Party favorite….wait…that was in the Land of the Lost’s poll!

  • Western

    Excellent news.

    • PhillyCon


  • Rogue2012andbeyond

    What time? Televised? Live Stream? Please let us know where to tune in to see this teaparty.

    PALIN 2012 !!!!!

    • ellebb

      Media is trying SO hard to ignore her. Would it not be the funniest thing if she announced there and the "big boys" weren’t there?

  • Nancy6

    Praying the loons keep their "civil discourse" and "new tone" to a minimum.
    Like not breaking people and things.


    Good! The Palin is back!!!
    Show no fear going into the belly of the beast.
    It takes thew Gov. to show the so called adult men in the GOP what testicular fortitude is.


  • Nancy6

    Wherever they were gonna hold this Tea Party rally, GO BIGGER!

  • Carol Carr

    Isn’t Paul Ryan WI rep? It would be cool if he could be there with Sarah!

    • JJinSarahSota

      Yep, he’s R-WI.

      • RWRFAN

        moving to long boat key soon from CT. looking to meet sarah supporters in the area.

        • JJinSarahSota

          I’ve got a nice view of LBK from my house :) The sunset view from Lido Beach was pretty sweet last night.

          I’m planning on campaigning for Sarah and hopefully be in attendance at the convention in Tampa when she accepts the nom (I’ve already signed up to be a volunteer – The Sarasota Republicans are some of the most politically active in the state, so there will be plenty of ways to get involved. You can email me at jay at

    • midwestprincesse

      He’s a Tea Party guy too. He merely lives in a liberal district.

    • exodus2011

      Ryan may want to be there, but I would doubt he will be cos the GOP Est will try hard to dissuade him. No way will they want there top fiscal frontman alongside Big Mama Grizzly ….. the crowd would scream unendingly for that Ticket …..

      So far, Ryan has been compliant as regards his GOP bosses ….. he has never acknowledged Gov Palin’s early and decisive statement supporting his Roadmap

      I’m not hopeful about Ryan at this point – his voting record on fiscal matters has always been with the Establishment … but we shall see …..

      • Guest

        I scratched Ryan off my list. No fire, no heart. When the going gets tough…he looks for someone to tell him what to do.

        Dang I wish I could get to Madison this weekend. Soooo far….

    • jeaneeinabottle

      It would be nice if the GOP would show some support, but they don’t seem to be wanting the same kind of reform do they??!! I’m thankful for Gov Palin setting the bar for everyone else, now we know where certain people stand and how to measure what they say and mostly what the do. Have fun and keep a camera going at all times, stay safe. :) grrrr

  • JJinSarahSota

    Excellent! That should ensure the Tea Partiers outnumber the hired union goons.

    • Western

      No doubt.
      Unlike Romney, Pawlenty, and Gingrich who simply released press statements regarding Pres. Obama’s budget, Gov. Palin is taking the message directly to the people in a live political rally event.
      As usual, she is one-step ahead of the others.

  • Nancy6

    Wondering when/if Mitt Romney’s finger in the wind, will catch up with the leadership of Governor Palin.

    • Carmelo Junior

      Romney needs to take his viagra first. The guy thinks he can get women to vote for his old arse.

  • JJinSarahSota

    It’s gonna be sweet to hear her SHRED the Precedent’s campaign speech yesterday.

  • tomlyn

    Lucky you Wisc. please take advantage of this and go see Sarah. I wish I lived closer.

    • Carol Carr

      Me too!! Lifting America’s spirit!

  • Nancy6

    Wisconsin Tea Party just won the lottery!:)

    • Guest

      My thought EXACTLY!!!!!

    • Rightmindedmom

      I’m sooooo psyched!

  • TheOriginalTed

    Perfecto! (and mighty close to Bachmann’s district)

  • John_Frank

    Excellent news.

    Kelsey, thanks for the update.

    I trust there will be lots of security, as the unions will try and disrupt her speech.

  • stevethird

    Is T-Paw gonna’ be there? With the Hulkster!!?? Should be good.

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Pawlenty is going to speak in Boston the day before, isn’t he? If so, it’s doubtful he’d be able to make it, as that evening he’d be at a slumber party at Mitt’s house and they’d elect to sleep in the next morning.

      • BostonBruin

        Yes, TPaw will be in Boston tomorrow.

        • sc4GOP

          And MB will be here in SC all weekend into Monday for our big rally at our Capitol.

  • Steven

    Just glad she is back on the trail with the people! And Wisconsin could be a battleground state in 2012, especially if Ryan is on the ticket!

    But let’s stay in the present and be thankful that Palin is still cultivating the Tea Party grassroots for the primaries ahead! The day after Tax Day, should be a big rally.

    Recall too, that the last major Tea Party rally, there was a speaker who read Sarah’s facebook post to great reception from the crowd. Imagine the reception from the crowd to the actual writer of that facebook post in person, in support of Wisconsin’s fight against the unions! It should be fabulous!

    • jeffo1

      This is shaping up to be a real barn burner!
      GO CUDA…………..
      SARAH 2012

  • TheOriginalTed

    And, hey, Hulk Hogan (attn: Tim Pawlenty) recently made a campaign stop in Wisconsin!

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