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Projection, Class Warfare, the Left, and Governor Palin

As Stacy mentioned earlier, a vile, depraved post on Leftist blog regarding Trig Palin’s recent birthday was rightfully lambasted throughout the conservative blogosphere yesterday from Gateway Pundit to Big Journalism and beyond (even the liberal Mediaite). Blog postings, in addition to tweets, led to a massive new media effort, #trigscrew, to call advertisers at this Leftist blog to remove their ads. Due to a blast of tweets alerting them to their product being advertised on the Leftist blog, several companies have indeed lifted their advertising. It has revealed the Left for who they are, and it’s all the more sweet that the fusion of the free market and social media has made such an impact on the Left’s transparent agenda.

The Left claims to be for the proverbial little guy, but obviously not when it is this little guy. They are not only ideologically progressive, they are also projectionists– attacking conservatives for what they themselves are exhibiting. Actions speak louder than words, so the saying goes, but for many of these projectionists, they only have words. Such is the case here. However, this misplaced projection and false accusations extend beyond the Left-to-Right blogosphere. Politicians on the Left and progressive pundits have accused Governor Palin of being a puppet for big corporation–and have played the class warfare card. Progressives should learn from history (even from across the Pond) about what happens when you play the class warfare card with a strong conservative woman:

In her Madison Tea Party rally speech on Saturday, Governor Palin called out the Left for engaging in "class warfare and fearmongering":

And when Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan presented a plan for fiscal reform, what was Obama’s response? He demonized the voices of responsibility with class warfare and with fearmongering. And I say personally to our president: Hey, parent to parent, Barack Obama, for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the commonsense conservative movement would do anything to harm our esteemed elders, to harm our children with Down syndrome, to harm those most in need. No, see, in our book, you prioritize appropriately and those who need the help will get the help. The only way we do that is to be wise and prudent and to budget according to the right priorities.

These are the words of a woman whose actions have matched her words. As Governor, Palin budgeted wisely, prudently,and according to the right priorities.Her prudent budgeting has been well documented. She vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in unneeded spending, rejected stimulus funding that would not be effective in Alaska’s climate, and removed duplicated federal/state funding from her budgets. At the same time, Governor Palin’s tenure included implementing a Senior Benefits program for low income elders. She also increased funding for students with disabilities in rural schools and increased funding for special needs education. Overall, she increased special needs funding by 175%. The very things that Governor Palin called for are the very things that she has done during her political career. She prioritized and budgeted accordingly.

Meanwhile,the Obama administration’s health care "reform" legislation caps families’ use of flexible spending accounts (which is the family’s own money) for special needs education. He also employs a health care adviser who believes in that health care should be distributed by their "productivity in society" and their "potential to live a complete life". Additionally, President Obama and the liberals in Washington D.C. support spending money that we don’t have to fund Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, ignoring the fact Planned Parenthood turned a more than billion profit as a non-profit entity in 2008. Governor Palin, of course, is opposed to such funding stating in part:

We recognize that not only is our country buried under Mt. McKinley-sized debt, but that the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves.

What does this say about our society? The Left uses Trig Palin as a prop for their hatred of Governor Palin, while wrongly accusing Governor Palin of using Trig as a political prop. They try to fear monger and accuse conservatives of destroying entitlement programs, when it is their mindsets that contribute to policies supportive of rationing of care by panels like the Independent Payment Advisory Board that affects Medicare reimbursement and treatment. They accuse conservatives of not caring for the elderly and those with special needs, when it’s their rhetoric and policies that are uncaring.They are progressive projectionists. Period. I think I’ll stick with the ideas and character of the woman not only has her political rhetoric match her policies, but who also had the courage and compassion to do something 90% of mothers in her situation don’t do.

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  • Guest

    The Left will let us know who it fears. Plus, Wonkette was trying to dish out payback to Palin for WI and her Fox appearance in which she called out Obama as a liar. All Wonkette did was injure itself and reveal that Americans will stand for the weak and defenseless.

    • jeffo1

      Excellent observation….I felt the same way!!! Obama/Soros are starting to throw everything at her in desperation. The ends always justify the means in their sick minds.
      They know she cannot be bought and is incorruptible and this they cannot abide.

      Were with the till hell freezes over!

  • tomlyn

    Fox Early Morning Crew and Malkin dissing Sarah this AM. They don’t think she is relevant as a possbile 2012 candidate. Where they heck have they been recently. Malkin said they need someone who is a leader of the tea party and didn’t mention Sarah. Malkin probably thinks she can step in and take that spot.

    • ReneePA

      That is disappointing.

      • G

        Michelle Malkin is a disapointment since she moved to Colorado.

        Sarah Palin 2012!

        • celestiallady

          Michelle has been preoccupied also with the disappearance of her cousin. And we should remember these are media people who in the long run sorta go along with the flavor of the day. If and when Sarah announces it will change. I hope she does – I think it will be a mega event.

        • nala3325

          Yeah, Pinoys for Palin!

    • section9

      Well, Malkin, et al, don’t want Palin to be in the game. The only way for Palin to get around such adverse propaganda is to do the opposite of what they want and get in the game. It’s getting to the point where one doesn’t know how conservative opinion leaders are actually going to handle a genuine Reagan conservative.

      GOP people have been without Reaganism for so long they forgot what it was like.

      • Pete Petretich

        I agree. Many things will clarify if she declares one way or the other.

        Remember: we are talking about a primary run, leading into a direct run against Obama. In the primary many of the other candidates will respect Sarah even if they don’t think she’s the best standard bearer.

    • ellebb

      Michelle Malkin?

      I’m very disappointed, however, Sarah might not be as strong on AMNESTY as Malkin (or I) would like.

      That’s my only concern with Sarah. Our country is dying because of the cost of illegal immigration and she barely talks about it or expresses clearly what she thinks the solution is. On the other hand, none of the other candidates are either.

      • ripcurl2121

        so because she hasnt delved into that much yet, she’s not "strong" on it. i think when she tackles that, you’ll feel differently

        • ellebb

          I’m hoping that is true.

      • teledude

        Well, she is the only one who is standing with Governor Jan Brewer.

        • Ric

          Speaking of Gov. Brewer – what is up with her – she seems to be a blowing in the wind lately – reminds me of Obummy.

          • Mountain

            Hers is a dangerous job, so I trust her instincts, just as I do Gov. Palin. THANK YOU, Teledude, for reminding us JUST HOW ENGAGED Gov. Palin is TRULY about the immigration issue! (Great link!)

        • Mountain

          M. MAMA here; dumb Yahoo will not accept my full name successfully!!!!! Anyway—-

          First, I usually write, "the incomparable Caroline Glick," but I am finding that YOUR writing IS wonderfully similar to hers, Whit! EXCELLENT JOB in this piece; it’s just terrific—-insightful, and well-referenced. I have noticed that leftists (oddly!) project their fear, anger, racism, and love of wealth onto others—–but in contrast true conservatives match their fee-eelings and beliefs with their actions (the definition of "authentic").

          Second, Gov. Palin’s speech was simply marvelous—-the best of this entire race. The amazing feature of this speech is the COURAGE Gov. Palin demonstrates, in the face of the myriad slams and EVIL LIES that her opponents are saying, such as about dear little Trig. (Don’tcha LOVE how forthright Gov. Palin is!—-ie. CLEAR!?)

          Finally, Gov. Brewer did disappoint me, with her two vetoes this past week. But, as she said, basically: she has to pick her battles carefully. It’s fair to give her the benefit of the doubt, because WE DO NOT KNOW what threats she has received! So—-regarding the one birther issue, she and Gov. Palin are both reluctant to address it further, so we should leave that issue to others, to deal with elsewhere (just as C4P has appropriately decided).

          • Vicki

            Hi MM. Haven’t seen you in a while.

    • ripcurl2121

      jealousy can rear its head in ugly ways

    • crunchingk

      dont worry,they are whistling past the graveyard !let them what you saw on saturday was just a warmup and there scared let them whistle it sounds good to me the campain will change the nation!!!

    • Betsey_Ross

      So far the Tea Party is remaining leaderless as far as politians go. It just works better that way. The Tea Pary is attacked constantly by the left and they are so frustrated because there is no leader to hone in on. We would just love to keep it that way. Sarah understands that. I love that she calls us Tea Party Americans.

    • Pete Petretich

      Malkin can be very sharp and original with her writing, but she is also kind of quirky in the way she picks targets. I would say that this morning’s comments probably tell us more about who she has been hanging out with recently.

      Besides, if Sarah runs and loses, why all the fuss?

      Obviously (how many times do we need to say this?) the vested interests are afraid that she will run and WIN. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t see this.

  • Ted Belman

    I have argued on this site before that Sarah must address the safety net. I was very happy when she did so in Madison.
    "for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the commonsense conservative movement would do anything to harm our esteemed elders, to harm our children with Down syndrome, to harm those most in need. No, see, in our book, you prioritize appropriately and those who need the help will get the help. The only way we do that is to be wise and prudent and to budget according to the right priorities."
    And I appredciate Whitney giving details of her "heart" in Alaska.
    Do not think for a moment that Sarah’s bad numbers are due soley to the attacks on her. Policywise there are real concerns that the conservative philosophy is heartless and will throw the poor under the bus. It is not just the poor including dependants, who are concerned with this. Many liberals, and particularly Jews, really worry about the poor and social justice, and therefore support governments that appear to worry about providing for them. That’s why they support universal healthcare. They think it is part of being a just society.

    For Sarah to attact more support, she must convince the electorate that she will take care of the poor. It is bad enough that they don’t trust Conservatives to do this, even moreso they don’t trust a hardline conservative like Palin to do so.

    By the way Sarah also recalibrated her stand on Libya like I was asking for. Good for her.

    • FredHeadBill

      "be wise and prudent and to budget according to the right priorities." i believe she set the right tone.
      "For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always." Mat 26:11
      "Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee." Pro 4:6
      Governor Palin is hooked in with the wisdom of the ages.

  • WEL2

    Add Sears to the list of companies advertising on Wonkette and let them know you do not appreciate what they are doing.

  • Guest

    Jimmy John’s has an ad up at Wonkette. You can leave a message at Jimmy John’s here:

  • Carmelo Junior

    The Left will tell us who they fear and it is not Rich White Playboy Trump and his Birth Certificate scam!

  • fesofee

    The left hasn’t been for "the little guy" in decades and the fact that they have no problem attacking a special needs baby simply because his mother has an "R" next to her name shows the depth of their depravity.

    And you’re right Whitney. They do project and that projection makes my blood boil almost as much as the attacks on Trig do. There isn’t a single thing that Conservatives and the Tea Party have been accused of (falsely!) that the left doesn’t do on a regular basis. It’s infuriating.

    • pool_dog

      A thousand thumbs up, sir!

  • Rogue2012andbeyond

    Help me understand something, because I don’t. Andrew Breitbart, a good guy and fighting the good fight against MSNBC, etc. was just on Laura Ingrham (sp) show and was asked who would he be supporting for pres. in the Repub. party. He answered Allen West/Herman Cain or Herman Cain/Allen West. He never mentioned Sarah Palin. Why? He introduced her at the WI Tea Party etc. What is going on???

    PALIN 2012!!!!!!!

    • section9

      Breitbart doesn’t believe she will run. Has she given him substantial reason otherwise? I don’t know.

      • JLAdevelop

        I am not sure that is his reason. Allen West certainly has not indicated he is running.

        • Donya Lola

          I let him get away that he is for Cain/Allen West right now.

      • blerch

        I’m not sure if he was a position on whether or not she will run, but he thinks she would have more influence as a pop culture icon, rather than being POTUS. I think he is dead wrong on that point.

    • Guest

      The left is accusing Breitbart of racism because he exposed the Shirley Sherrod/Pigford scams, so doofus Breitbart thinks that he has to support black conservatives so he can negate their false racist claims. Don’t make it anything more than it is. When the Cuda wins the nomination, don’t worry, he will gladly vote for her. And more than that, he will probably vote for her in the primary as Cain won’t be around any longer and West, my congressman, isn’t running and has repeatedly stated that he isn’t yet ready for the job. West says at every town hall that he owes the people who elected him to serve them and he is not concerned about reelection.

      • fesofee

        JD you have no idea how jealous I am that Allen West is your congressman. : )

        • Guest

          Just move here. We need all the help we can get to fight the Øppressive cancer machine. Florida has turned red with the election of Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Allen West and her electoral votes are going to be in the Cuda’s column in 2012. Because all those transplant dirtbags who vote marxist didn’t pay their mortgages. Poor babies, they lost their homes and moved out of here and were forced to move back in with mommy. And to insure that Florida’s votes are in Palin’s column we have been removing all of the dead people off of the eligible voter’s list. This ain’t Chicago! Debbie Wasserman-Ditz will be in the election fighting for her life. She won’t have time to run the DNC. It will be just awesome when the chairman of the DNC goes down and the 45th POTUS is the Reagan conservative Sarah Heath Palin, oh yeah.

          Besides, fesofee, the weather is drop dead gorgeous and today on a scale of 1-10 it’s a perfect 25! Might as well live where your vote counts. We need you to help us get rid of Senator Bill Nelson in 2012. Come on down. Let’s take Florida out of the swing state column permanently.

          Eat your heart out Jeb Bush!

          • Ric

            Florida is actually removing the dead from the voting rolls? That must be a full time job!

            Does Florida offer same day registration and voting with out ID?

            I am planning a move to FL very soon… I do understand your traffic is horrible and your propane can cost $6 / gal now? No income tax, but strange real estate taxes?

            Florida will grow in population as folks realize the world is cooling and not heating – especially So. Florida.

            • Dawn Elle

              ur not gonna need that propane very often (trust me)
              A/C on the other hand – DEFINITELY
              it’s so hot here already this year I’m seriously bummed!
              not sure the world is cooling but I’m sure the Climate is doing what it always does as it circles the 3rd Rock, SOL , our solar system & of course our own Galaxy & Universe!

            • blueniner

              My son is moving to Florida from California, more opportunities there and housing affordabilty, than California. This state is falling apart. Our new Gov (Brown) is going to push it over the cliff.

          • blueniner

            Do they have anybody lined up to go against Wasserman-Ditz? That Yenta makes my blood curl. She needs to be removed ASAP.

          • pool_dog

            Do you really think Wasserman-Ditz can be unseated? I always heard her seat was a safe one for the Dims. Dare I hope that’s wrong?

    • John_Frank

      As Harry Truman famously once said, if you are looking for a friend in Washington, D.C. buy a dog.

      So Breitbart used the Madison event to enhance his status. Fine. Sarah Palin should use Breitbart to do a meet and greet in Hollywood as he said he would do on twitter.

      We should no longer be surprised of this sort of behavior. Instead, those people who seek to use Governor Palin, but otherwise have no loyalty must provide a quid pro quo for participation. Just a suggestion.

      "Game On"
      Sarah Palin – 2012

    • ellebb

      I heard that too. Again, very disappointed.

      However, if Sarah doesn’t run, I could easily support Cain/West.

      My fav is of course, SARAH. Palin/Cain, Palin/West, Palin/Rubio (if it would help with the hispanic vote) Palin/McCrystal, Palin/Petraes….

      • ellebb

        Oh, and Laura has a real "thing" (jealousy???) against Sarah, maybe she asked Breitbart to not "endorse" Sarah on her show??? Just a thought.

        Her hatred of Sarah is shameful.

        • stevethird

          You can take the girl out of Dartmouth, but you can’t take the Dartmouth out of the girl!! And, yes, Sarah is better lookin’ no doubt about it.

          • conservativemama

            I just can’t take Laura’s voice. Plus, she’s boring. For great talk radio, listen to Chris Plante on from Washington D.C. He’s on from 9am to noon. Just awesome.

      • Ric

        If Obummy uses an exec. order to backdoor ‘amnesty’ –

        We come back with Palin / Rubio – works for me.

    • blerch

      Since Breitbart comes from Hollywood, he believes that influence in pop culture is bigger than influence in politics. He thinks that Sarah would have more power if she were the next Oprah, rather than being POTUS. I’m a big fan of Breitbart, but I think he is dead wrong on this. However, he did say that he would vote for her in a heartbeat.

    • Ric

      Perhaps he feels we are best led by minorities?

    • myfairlady

      They all act like they are scared to say Sarah, so they always pick someone who has said that they are not running (the safe thing to do). I think they will support her once she announces and her poll numbers start going back up. But in the meantime, they are not willing to put their name out there in case she doesn’t run. At least I hope that’s all it is.

      • PhillyCon

        This is a good point. They do seem "scared" and say uncreative things like West for President or Chris Christie for President.

        It’s odd when they (Bill Kristol) push people like Paul Ryan who have vehemently said no to running for Prez. But Palin who has NOT ruled the Presidency and in fact, signals she might run is taken for a definite no.

        The conservative movement has gotten very strange lately. I’m not sure there is anyone I like now especially with Michelle Malkin’s latest. I just get the feeling they are all phonies.

    • Pete Petretich

      Herman Cain is underappreciated. I don’t think he can win the overall nomination, but his influence should certainly grow nonetheless.

      I’m curious if he would like to be Treasury Secretary or Secretary of Commerce in a Palin administration.

  • danielvito

    Thanks for the piece, Whitney! Some are concerned that certain pundits aren’t supporting Sarah, etc.. It’s really not important, once Sarah’s in and an actual candidate all this will change. Most of the "dissing" of sarah at the moment really is just talk.

  • Buddahfan

    There have been books written by psychologists detailing why people become Liberals and the emotional and psychological problems that they have.

    Almost all Liberals have a need for control. This usually stems from a childhood where they had not control.

    Obama fits this mold. A father who he never saw, which accounts for a number of psychological issues that Obama has. He was moved around without a father not only from city to city to country to country. His teenage mentor Frank Marshall Davis was an admitted pedophile, alcoholic, bi-sexual drug addict.

  • attydomsalv

    Trig will have the last laugh when he is living in the White House come January 2013!

    • Ryan

      No doubt about it.

      • tbogg

        I’m not sure Trig will be aware that he is living in the White House. Not that it will ever happen.

        You people live in a weird reality.

  • John_Frank

    Excellent post Whitney. Thank you!

    Slightly o/t:

    Obama Launches Sickening Class War Assault Against Republicans

    Right, but in reality:

    Steve Wynn: Obama policies are killing the middle class

    The battle for America’s soul has begun and the opposition is making it clear that this is going to be a fight to finish

    In that vein, one of the mistakes that Hillary Clinton made against Obama in the primaries was waiting too long before moving ahead with her campaign.

    With the speech in Madison and the unveiling of the new web site, Sarah Palin’s supporters received their marching orders and we need to continue to network and organize.

    At the same time, while Governor Palin said she wants to keep the focus on the GOP leadership in the upcoming deficit battle, hopefully we will see more appearances by her at political events in which she also keeps the focus on Obama. Just a suggestion.

    "Game On"
    Sarah Palin – 2012

  • conservativemama

    For Obama to talk about what will happen to children with Down Syndrome, as if he cares, is just beyond surreal. This from the man who would not sign a bill to save children who survive abortions. How he is not laughed or booed off the stage when he dares to talk about this issue is beyond me.

    • myfairlady

      I almost felt that he was trying to tweak Palin to see if she would respond when he included down syndrome in his comment. It was mean, nasty and thuggish!

      • conservativemama

        Good point. After she called out Rahm Emmanuel for his use of the word "retarded" he probably was trying to tweak Sarah. Fool. He’ll never be half as clever as she is.

      • M_Minnesota

        Almost Joker-like.

  • imo123

    Excellent! As discussed here before, there are so many excellent quotes from the Madison speech. The one where she addresses class warfare, the one you stated maybe my favorite. Obama keeps using the term "social compact" as he plays the class warfare card.

  • Hyman Roth

    Just be patient. Sarah is waiting until after the baptism. Then she will meet with Don Obama, and all the heads of the 5 Families.

    Honestly, let all the conservative pundits in the world diss Sarah. It will only make it that much sweeter when she does announce a run.

    • heypiasano

      Hyman Roth

      Are you sure your not Italian? Very good anology Piasano!

  • JDCampbell

    Notice how the media looks for ratings:

    Notice the cute photo.
    A nice family on initial observation but could be easily interpreted as disrespectful.

    The LSM today is 95% entertainment ( non factual ) and the other 5% of weather and sports.
    So, is it really worth getting upset about?

    • Norcalo

      The LSM is just garbage anymore. I hardly believe a word of it. I pay attention to it less and less. I’m in my 62nd year & there’s a bit of wisdom behind what I say too.

  • crunchingk

    this just sickings me !this poor child will read this when he grows dare these people stoop this low!remember also the silence from ingram,and beck so far almost as bad.after this sickining attack i will learn from my past mistakes of lashing out with not so good remarkes on sarahs dosent look good and i will stop it!altugh i will no dought get angry i will not post my anger as personal hurtful shots1i will vigrously defend but keep it on substance!shame on these sick ,sick people and god bless the palins!todd i dont know how you keep from absouluty crushing someone your a hell of a role model for men everywhere!!kudos to mike gallager who opened his show about this !!!!!!!hes the real deal!!!

    • celestiallady

      Not that I am making excuses for these people you speak about but – its like when we are growing up and taught not to lie – we believe everyone does not lie – haha. Well some people just do not read everything out there everyday – they have other things that may be more important to "them." even though we expect them to. Sometimes it takes a day or two for them to get it together to speak out – maybe not every case but sometimes.

  • Norcalo

    Thatcher looks a little bit like Elizabeth Tudor there in that video !

  • heypiasano

    Don’t retreat just Reload. The only way to defeat the left is to use their own words against them. The idea of turning the other cheek does not apply to the left, Obama or the GOP elites.

    • JDCampbell

      That just incites a riot. Promoting America is the answer.

      • ripcurl2121

        that alone wont do it. politics is a dirty blood sport. if your not willing to get bloody, she wont win

        • JDCampbell

          This is not about willing to getting bloody, it about promoting a positive message. Its how you fight that’s important.

      • heypiasano

        Promoting America means never haveing to say your sorry. America has done more good than any country on the globe yet they are blamed for all the ills of the world by its own President. This is a war and in a war you defeat your enemy. That is the only way victory can be achieved. Only then can the rebuilding occur.

        • JDCampbell

          Exactly. The battles in Wisconsin were won believing in America, not on the wave of liberal, leftist hate. If you fight their game you end up being just as hateful and bitter. Discipline and personal responsibility will always be a foreign concept to the left.

  • nala3325

    THE AUDACITY OF HYPOCRISY: The Left’s Manifesto

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