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As you all are probably aware by now, the leftist publication known as Wonkette attacked Trig Palin on his birthday. They didn’t stop there… they attacked Governor Palin, Todd Palin, and other members of the family by the end of the day. The "writer" released what he called an "apology," but anyone with half a brain knows that it wasn’t. We’ll have full coverage tomorrow, but for now the governor sent this message to all of the people who stood up on Twitter today, in defense of the special needs community and basic human decency:

Now, Wonkette’s advertisers are dropping left and right. This proves that when good people come together to fight the good fight, we can make a difference. Feel free to give your business to and commend the companies who are doing the right thing here. Also, here is a list of all of Wonkette’s advertisers. Companies who drop their ads will be removed from that list.

Enough is enough. This is a time when all good, decent people should agree that wrong is wrong. Some on the left (very few) have spoken out against this attack yet used the opportunity to attack Governor Palin for being a mom anyway. That is also unacceptable. We will not tolerate the use of Trig Palin as a political weapon by anyone!

Note to the left: children are off-limits, period.


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  • blueniner

    This story of Trig has legs, it is getting picked up all over. On Red Eye tonight Greg Gutfeld did a brief monlougue on the story and showed a photo of the turd that started the attack on Trig. Tammy Bruce was talking about it on her tonights Podcast. Tammy Bruce is pissed, she went off on a rant and she asked.’Where is Michelle Bachman,and Nilli Haley" two Conservative women whom Sarah helped, they werent there for Sarah with the Tucson incident, e-mail or Twitter them,.

    • kcnut

      Well let not worry about nikki or michele they working. We have to defend sarah cause we are the voice of america. politician can help but it must be the will of the people to right the wrong. We will be there for sarah and trig because in the end money talk and bs walk. When we hit them in pocket then they will do the right thing.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      That turd looks like a hateful prick! F him!

      • Guest

        How does your language help the situation or the cause?

        • unseen1

          I don’t know. how does calling people evil who are evil help the cause?

  • kcnut

    Yep you mess with trig you mess with the Conservative army known as Trigs crew. I wrote about it. also please check out red eye from tonight they tore into this crap weasel.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      Thank you so much, my friend! Will retweet! I follow you on Twitter as derised1 :)

  • PCR1

    The left shall reap that which they are sowing.

    It will be a rich, and an ample harvest.

    Ah, yes my friends, the time shall come – and come it shall, as surely as night follows day – when we
    conservatives shall settle scores with the left.

    In American coin – if you get my drift.

    And settlement in full it shall be.

  • Firelight

    The left is revealing just how vile they really are and the so-called "right" is proving the same. There was silence when Sarah was accused of the Tucson tragedy and there is silence from the same people when Trig is attacked. Have they no shame?

    Grassroots and talk radio are the only people to defend the Palins, where is the leadership from Romney, Bachmann, Newt, Huck, Trump, Santorum, Cain, Daniels, Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Barbour, God forbid a Bush(ie) or any lead figure on Fox News? Hmmmmmm? These people want to lead me? Where? to moral bankruptcy? No thanks.

    I’m waiting for some of these people to have some decency and honor to stand up for the Trig Palins of the world. Honor still matters.

    • sodakhic

      You are so right, Firelight. Where are these people? Haley should be at the front of the line because Sarah stuck her neck out bigtime to save Haleys, you know what. My gosh, none of these fakes have the cajones to say Sarah’s family is off limits, no ifs and or buts. The whole political system sucks.Well its Sarah against the world, that’s what makes her legendary.

      • blueniner

        If Sarah had heard that this happened to another Conservative, or anyone in the public eye, she would be out with a statement so fast it would make our head swim. Sarah is not afraid to stick up for others.

    • Ceejay

      We do not have anyone to stand up against hostile nations but Sarah! Putin, Achmdijad (sp) and the rest of them, who but Sarah will stand for no nonsense!

      The people you named above, I can not see them being a strong leader, JMO, it is Sarah who has the steel spine, and those that did not stand behind an innocent child-shame!

      Sarah 2012!

    • conservativemama

      Firelight, I couldn’t have said it any better. To the rest of us commenting here, I love that we’re fighting back. Sarah is so right. Keep calling out the left and the weak right. There’s nothing to be gained in sitting back and hoping the other side will play nice. They will NEVER play nice with conservatives. RINOs are incapable of grasping that simple truth.

      We can be firm and stand our ground without giving in to the hate that consumes the left. "Honor still matters." I love that thought.

    • Norcalo

      No, they have no shame. The political types, be they Left or Right, have no shame.

      & Palin is fundamentally different from them all.

      "And yeah, I’ll take on the GOP establishment. What more can they say about us, you know?"

      I’m behind her 100%

  • michaelgingerly

    Don’t retreat, reload!

  • sarahpalinrocks2

    Thank you so much for this post! I so love Trig! He is a cutie and a blessing from G-d to the Palins! May G-d bless him, Sarah, & the Palin family always!

  • Ceejay

    This attack on the Palins and Trig were not acceptable, it was good to rise up against this injustice as we called it like we "saw it", you do this to an innocent child and a good family, the people will rise up!

    The ones that dropped their ads will get my business and the ones that have not, I have a choice where I spend my dollars, you betcha!

    Sarah 2012!

    Good to see the traffic on twitter who rallied!

  • aaron66krohn

    Any attack on a child……and especially our favorite Little Guy, Trig Paxson Van Palin……is an attack on humanity’s very soul!!! I’d always heard Dems and Libs had a heart. What they’ve done here is as heartLESS as it gets!!!

    • GrmaTX

      Years ago I was privileged to work with special needs children. I came to understand that they require a compassion from us that we might not otherwise have. I wondered at the time, if we as humans would have such compassion if special need folks (including the elderly) did not exist. With abortion and the ability to chose to eliminate special needs children in the womb (and "death panels" on the horizon) we are dangerously near to losing our compassion. Would it be too much to say…with loss of compassion comes loss of our humanity?

      • aaron66krohn

        I too worked with, as "they" were called then, "MR/DD’s". I was a live-in caregiver to one adult guy (age 31), and part-time caregiver to 8-10 other adult "MR/DD’s". As a writer, I cherish the memories of my 9 years as a bookstore clerk. But my 16 months as a caregiver for "the folks" (as WE called "them"!!) were the best 16 months of employment I’ve EVER experienced!! I’ll never forget any of them. I still talk fondly and enthusiastically about those 16 months, and every one of "the folks"!! (I did this between Nov 1996 and April/May 1998.) That’s one big reason I love Trig so much!! But how could I, or anyone, NOT love him?? The ONLY problems I had with Sarah Palin’s Alaska was that there weren’t more episodes, and that Trig wasn’t featured even more than he was!!!

    • pool_dog

      Winston’s Churchill’s remarks notwithstanding, the left has neither brains nor heart. They are simply EVIL.

  • exodus2011

    Could everyone tweet Bachmann, Haley, Ayotte, for starters …. ask them if they know what transpired with Trig, and will they make a public tweet condemning this vile bullying …. give them #trigscrew

    then monitor what they do

    Are all these GOPers so controlled by the likes of Tokyo Rove that their common decency can be suppressed?

    If they don’t respond, ask them "are you so ‘controlled’ by your GOP overseers that even your common decency is for sale???"

    • section9


      It is important to monitor what they do spontaneously. Do NOT force these people to act.

      Palin has to find out how decent these people are when they act on their own.

      • exodus2011

        they may not have heard the story section9

      • Firelight

        Both Haley and Bachmann got massive tweets demanding they stand up for Sarah during Tucson.

        They did not. They refused. Even force didn’t get them to do the right thing.

        I do agree with S9, don’t waste your time trying to get someone to do the right thing. If they can’t do it on their own, it isn’t sincere.

      • unseen1

        seems they are not doing anything at all. cowards.

  • Chris Of Rights

    "Children are off-limits, period."

    I think they may be starting to understand that now. They’ll need some more reminders, of course. :)

    • RUexperienced

      Conservatives need to remember that rule also.

      In 2009, Free Republic had these comments on its website about Obama’s daughters:

      "A typical street whore." "A bunch of ghetto thugs." "Ghetto street trash." "Wonder when she will get her first abortion."

      Civility is a foundation stone of civilization.

      • Curt Hennig

        Those were no comments made by Free Republic. Those comments, if they are real, are made by individuals, just like the comments here. If they were real, what was the context in which they were made?

        • RUexperienced

          What context???? You honestly need to know the context for these remarks?

          In your mind, what kind of context would make it appropriate to call the
          president’s young daughter "ghetto street trash" or a "ghetto thug"?

          • navak

            No, it is not appropriate in any context.

      • Firelight

        I remember that thread and it got pulled quickly. A harsh warning was given by Jim R. himself and an apology.

        That NEVER happens on the left so this isn’t a comparable situation. They still have not pulled article, no REAL apology has been given and there certainly has been no warning from Wonkette Admins to commenters that the Palin children are off limits.

        The post regarding the Obama girls was wrong but the right can self-moderate. We have proven a few fringe lunatics can be reigned in by the conscious mass. The left has proven that the vile hatred comes from the masses and a small fringe has a conscious.

        • RUexperienced

          There is still a 400 reply thread on Free Republic about this.

          Although some posters condemn those remarks, most posters do not.

          • Firelight

            No, MOST almost 95% of those posters condemn the remarks. Glad to see you have the 400 comments to reference so you can prove yourself wrong.

            Show me ONE hate filled article about a Palin on a leftist site that has 95% of the commenters telling the nasty few to knock it off? Show me ONE.

            You can’t and you know it.

            Besides, you seem to have issues with that particular post. Of ALL the blogosphere, that is your one post to wave in our face. This is C4P, not FR. Take it up with them, we have no guilt, no responsibility. You will NOT find attacks on politicians children on this site. You typed the wrong URL into your search bar. You need

            • RUexperienced

              I agree that certain websites on the left are as nasty as ‘certain’ ones on
              the right.

              I would also agree that Maher/Griffin/Letterman/etc are more nasty than any
              such people on the right. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc are MUCH more civil
              than the Whoopie Golbergs, Joy Behars, etc on the left.

              I also agree that Free Republic needs to answer for their own deeds. IMO
              the website has turned into a cess pool in the last 3-5 years. But I also
              think that the whole political discourse has become pretty trashy also.

              My point in bringing up the Obama children reference was to check ourselves
              before we start casting stones. I live in an area of the country near a
              wealthy conservative philanthropist. He has a saying, "Before you try and
              change the country, first you should clean up your bedroom."

              I think that is a good lesson here. That’s all.

              • Firelight

                but no one was throwing stones on this site so the "lesson" was irrelevant. One poster got heated and called an ADULT a prick. However, the liberal adult’s behavior is consistent with what most people would consider being a prick. That is very different than picking on a child simply for the way in which God made him. Trig did NOTHING wrong.

                We have freedom of speech in this country and I am thankful but I always tell my kids that does not mean we have freedom from the consequences that come with what we say or do.

                The Wonkette used their freedom to publish some opinions that should never have seen the light of day. Now they are suffering the consequences, loss of sponsors, loss of respect, loss of credibility and yes, people see the author of the article as a vile, hate-filled, prick.

                • RUexperienced

                  I don’t understand why you don’t think it is hateful to call the Wonkette
                  author a "(male body part)."

                  Wasn’t it hateful when Maher twice called Sarah Palin a "(female body

                  I have a hard time believing that ANY Christian pastor in America would
                  agree that the story of Jesus turning over the tables justifies calling
                  political opponents a "pr!ck." What denomination of church do you go to?
                  just curious…

                  • Firelight

                    Here you go again, you just keep unraveling.

                    First, the word prick has many different meanings. The dictionary gives this option which is the one I choose and have always chosen:

                    – an obnoxious or contemptible person.

                    In other words, a JERK and yes, my church clearly knows that Jesus called the Pharisees worse things than obnoxious and contemptible and accused them of far worse. So if you want a theological argument, I’m totally up for that.

                    Now you better scat because you are quickly earning yourself the same title (notice I said "earning" as in you have no one to blame but yourself :)

                    • RUexperienced

                      For the record, Firelight, this is the quote we are talking about:

                      *"That turd looks like a hateful prick! F him! "*

                      And it is your contention the "turd" does not mean "turd," "pr!ck" does not
                      mean "pr!ck" and "F him!" does not mean "F him!"

                      If Maher uses your standard, I guess there was nothing wrong with the names
                      he called Sarah Palin. Correct?

                      (my point, btw, is that it is wrong when EITHER side does it.)

                      Tell me again what denomination church you go to? I would be interested to
                      see what their thoughts are on this subject.

                  • Stacy Drake

                    Save your little Alinsky tricks for someone who cares…
                    Bottom-line: Obama’s children are OFF-LIMITS, just as Governor Palin’s, end of story.
                    You, Bill Maher, and Obama himself, are not.

                    Got that?

                  • Firelight

                    Now your just being silly in your response below.

                    I got the definition from No making up any meanings or words but nice pretzel logic.

                    Seems like now you need to add to websites you have issues with. Take it up with them if you don’t like their definitions. You are clearly on the wrong website. Your issues are with Free republic and

                    • RUexperienced

                      I realize that the names of male and female body parts have slang

                      Do you also realize that the website you directed me to offers this
                      definition for the name that Bill Maher used against Sarah Palin?

                      –noun Slang: Vulgar .
                      1. the vulva or vagina.
                      2. (Disparaging and offensive)
                      a woman, contemptible person.

                      So to be clear, you have no problem with Maher’s vulgar name calling since
                      according to the word he used simply means "contemptible

                      This is the best you can do?

                      And what about "turd" and "F him!" ????

                      Instead of excusing the behavior with an illogical argument that even lets
                      Maher off the hook for what he said, why don’t you simply state that it is
                      WRONG no matter who does it?

                  • Firelight

                    Now you are delusional. Are you even reading your own posts. You accused me of twisting the meaning of the word and I prove you wrong by providing the exact definition in Now you don’t like my definition because it doesn’t fit your narrative well, too bad. I have used that definition for prick since highschool. It is how I know the word and agrees with me.

                    As for Maher, you are making a fool of yourself. He is irrelevant to this conversation, free to choose his own words and is using those words against another adult. He’s a non-issue. You assume that I whined about his name calling since you are trying to insert him into this issue. Never happened. I could care less what word he used or his definition of it. He is a non-issue to this.

                    I’m done debating with you. I am confident in my positions and I sleep very well at night. Take care.

                    • RUexperienced

                      Yes, we do understand each other.

                      You claim that vulgar name calling by one side is allowed but should be
                      condemned when the other side does the same thing.

                      I get it.

                      (I realize the left is MUCH worse. But I still would like to see BOTH sides

              • PCR1

                Oh, get lost!

        • RUexperienced

          Not to disparage your memory, but this is how the Vancouver Sun reported this story.

          Moderators of the blog left the comments – and commenters – in place until a complaint was lodged by a writer doing research on the conservative movement, almost a full day later.

          So, no.

          It did NOT get pulled quickly.

          • Firelight

            Any thread that gets pulled and locked in a 24 hour window is fast.

            If you don’t believe me than just go to anyone of your regular site, dailykos, DU, daily beast, NYT, Huffpo, The Atlantic, the anklebiters in AK and your lovely Wonkette, they NEVER pull the threads. They don’t lock them, they don’t apologize, nothing.

            Jim R at FR did lock the thread and pull it from active rotation. He also issued an admonishment and apology. Any of your sites do that? Hmmmmm, nope I hear crickets…

          • unseen1

            And yet 4 days later Trig post still up and the Editor flatly telling reporters he has no intention of taking it down nor saying he is sorry for it.

            Sorry your argument does not fly.

      • blueniner

        R U a Jimi fan?

        • RUexperienced

          He was personally a disaster. But he had some good music.

  • PCR1

    Not wanting to cut spending, indeed, determined to baloon it further still, ad infinitum, and as if that were not enough, to "tax the rich", i.e., the upper middle class who are the owners of the small businesses that provide some 85% of the jobs in America, and hence to increase unemployment – Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow communists, aided and abetted by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, are instead resorting to the massive and sustained printing of dollars – "quantitative easing", as they call it.

    What this means is that Barack Hussein Obama spends, and Tim Geithener then issues bonds to pay for the spending, which bonds are then "bought" by Ben Bernanke by means of a check drawn on an overdrawn bank account.

    This is no different then any of us walking into a store and buying goods then giving the store a bad check.

    If we did that we’d end up in jail.

    We cannot do that.

    But Ben Bernanke can.


    Because unlike us, Ben Bernanke can print money!

    There is no limit to how much money Ben Bernanke can print. Nobody controls Ben Bernanke.

    Ben Bernanke has total control of Ben Bernanke and Ben Bernanke has total control of the money printing presses!

    That’s our money, that green stuff in our wallets, that we’re talking about here.

    And each time that Ben Bernanke prints more money, that money – our money – is worth less, buys less, and less, and less.

    Thats right, Ben Bernanke has the power to reduce the value of our hard earned dollars to zero, if he so pleases, and there is nobody who can stop him, or fire him, or tell him to stop the money printing presses.

    The process is called inflation. And inflation, when not controlled, when it continues unabated, as when it is the policy of the govrnment to create it and to sustain it, to advance its political agenda, the destruction of free market capitalism in America, the ultimate objective of the communist regime of Barack Hussein Obama, said inflation morphs into what economists call, "hyperinflation".

    That is when the money in our wallets is not worth the piece of paper that it is printed on.

    When the dollar is worthless, just a small piece of paper.

    When do we get there?

    Suddenly, very suddenly.

    I am sure that everyone reading this has heard of the experiment in which a frog was put into a vessel filled with water which was then slowly, very slowly, heated till it boiled.

    The frog seemed to take it all in stride. Then suddenly, and without exhibiting any warning signs, it died!

    That is how it is with hyperinflation.

    Small, almost unnoticeable, and incremental increases in the price of everything, with momentum building with each rise in prices, then suddenly, like a jet nearing the end of the runway – take off!

    That is what happened in the Weimar period in Germany in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.

    One could not buy a cup of coffee or a small loaf of bread even with a sackful of Deutschmarks!

    Nor even a truckload.

    Because the country had gone off money and turned to a barter – exchange – economy.

    And unemployment shot up to 75%!

    That’s right, 75%.

    And we all know the rest of that story.

    That is why I say, and I’ll keep on saying, that if Governor Sarah Palin is not this nation’s chief executive come January 20, 2013, this country has had it!


    As in kaput.

    • section9

      Ah. You figured out what Obama and his partner in crime, the Chairsatan, are up to?

      Their dodge was always how to find a way to monetize the debt without actually "monetizing" the debt. One of their biggest lenders, the Chicoms, aren’t fooled for an instant.

      They saw the Guomindang under Chiang do this at the end of the Civil War when the Nationalists were printing worthless Chinese pounds (iirc) in an attempt to pay their army as it dissolved in the face of Mao’s advance on the Chinese capitol

      They know what’s going on. That’s why they are dumping Treasuries. Chinese are buying gold bullion.

      To the Chinese, Obama is little more than a latter-day Chiang Kai-Shek.

    • PCR1

      It is not only that Governor Sarah Palin is the only one who has, in its totality, the proper vision of what needs to be done to save this country from impending ruin, that well thought out combination of things that need to be done, and others undone, the ability to judge what is essential to the task, and what is not – that practical frame of mind, that commonsense approach for which the Govenor is rightly famous.

      It is all that, but more, something more.

      Because many a time throughout history, at times of crisis in many nations, there had been individuals who had known full well what had needed to be done to rectify matters, and in some cases, these individuals had even held positions of power that would have enabled them to do all that had needed to be done.

      But they had not done any of it.

      They had failed their country.

      Sometimes because thay sold out, other times, because thay had compromised and ultimately abandoned the course that had needed to be taken.

      And sometimes, as we would say, they had simply lacked the "cohones", the courage, the plain guts, to fight to get done what had needed to be done, what they had known and believed with all their heart needed to be done.

      They were afraid.

      That – THAT! – above all else, is why it has to be Sarah Palin!

      Nobody else.

      That is why she had stood alone in that cold, windy, afternoon on that platform in Madison ,Wisconsin.

      That is why only she had gone to stand by Governor Walker, to talk sense to Americans, even those who hated and shouted abuse at her – indeed, especially them.

      For they, working Americans, would benefit the most from her sacrifices for America.

  • MJosephSheppard

    In his so called apology the editor of Wonkette just dropped himself in it further. he said that Sarah
    "encourages the sleaziest behaviour in her older children". This on Track’s birthday-apparently being an Iraq war vet is considered "sleazy" in Wonkette liberal world.
    Link at:

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      That editor can just go and shut up! He has shown no remorse with his "apologies". Despicable sleaze ball he is!

      There – edited! :)

      • Guest

        Your language makes your comment really ironic.

        • sarahpalinrocks2

          Sorry but I got real worked up over this story. No excuse for what Wonkette did.

          • Firelight

            That was handled nicely! I completely understand the getting worked up part.

          • unseen1

            screw it. I for one am done being a nice guy. these are scum sucking leftists. they ar eSatan’s useful idiots. And they need to be called out.

        • blerch

          Strong language is warranted in this case. Because of how awful the people are at Wonkette, these are not insults, but descriptive terms.

          • Guest

            Really? So hauling off and cussing should be the accepted norm when we get worked up? Interesting.

            • sarahpalinrocks2

              Sarah uses WTF. So do I!

              I wasn’t cussing. That’s blogosphere vernacular for shut up. I was referring to the site’s editor unapologetic "apology." The term I used originally has been posted here before, at Freepers, at Hot Air, etc.

    • excopconservative

      The stupidity of these people is amazing. They post garbage mocking Trig Palin because they hate Sarah Palin. If you want 90% of people to feel an identification with the Palins, mocking their Down Syndrome child is a good way to get started. Then when people complain to their advertisers and advertisers start canceling, calling them homophobes and recommending a boycott of their advertiser’s products is a great way to get more sponsors.

      They not only don’t understand human nature, they don’t understand anything about business.

      As we go forward, more of these idiots will make themselves known for who they are and each time will be a net positive for Sarah Palin. Trying to hurt her, they will help her every time.

      • PCR1

        It is much more than stupidity, it is pure unmitigated malice, it is evil.

  • JeannieBinVA

    Thank you so much for the list of advertisers. I’m not on Twitter, but I’ve e-mailed 8 of them that I actively use and told them in no uncertain terms that they are out of my life and my family’s/friends’ lives unless they withdraw their advertising support of that disgusting website.

    Wouldn’t it be great to shut that site down (and send a strong message to the others).

    Trig the Warrior!! (we’ve got your back, sweetie)

  • exodus2011

    WOW, I just read the story on Papa John’s advertising withdrawal over at NRO

    The comments section is full of folks deciding to eat PJ Pizzas for their evening meal tonight

    One ex-NYer from FL gave a wonderful description of the PJ pizza he had just enjoyed, I think it was his first PJ pizza …. LOL

    Fight those vile Leftists America! … GO GO GO!

    We have your back Trig Palin! (and yours too Mama Grizzly! *__*)

    • JeannieBinVA

      I’ve never eaten Papa John’s pizza, but I just found that they have 5 pizza stores within a 30-mile radius of where I live, work and shop — so they will definitely be getting my business from here on out!

  • Guest

    And Palin without even doing anything other than being a gracious mother, captures the essence of Easter all over America, innocence, sacrifice for hope, decency, the good faith, love for life in one beautiful little soul that is Trig.

    Say, what was it about that "Sarah is not influential anymore" meme again? ;)

  • Gina

    Proud member of TrigsCrew here! It’s been a great and glorious Twitter battle, and it ain’t over! We’ve got your back, Trig!

  • OneTruLuv

    People rising up, LEFT and RIGHT!

  • RUexperienced

    Although I have not been supportive of a Palin candidacy, I truly am happy that the Palin forces were strong enough to get the Wonkette website to cave.


    • Firelight

      You ain’t seen nothin yet :)

    • unseen1

      ROFL….someone that thinks he is funny.

      You think because Wonkette hasn’t caved the forces aren’t strong? the 9 companies that pulled thier ads tend to disagree with you. But continue on with your trolling and snark. Oh and you showing up to visit upon us your highly refined snark also makes your point silly.

      I really hate people that think they are smarter than others and use snark to try to show their supposed higher intelligence.

  • BostonBruin

    Hopefully this will make others think twice before they launch an attack like this in the future.

  • Kay

    I would go a step further. Children are off limits, and motherhood is off limits. That goes for both sides. I am sick and tired of this whole "using her children" crap. I didn’t like it when Michelle Malkin (I think that’s who it was) jumped on Michelle Obama for using her daughter as an illustration in a speech. Who is Malkin to feel offended by something like that? It’s a private family issue. How does she know what goes on behind closed doors and whether or not the kid had a problem with it? She doesn’t. So leave it alone.

    • narciso

      First of all, her daughter’s look ok, it is her insistance on being ‘national nanny, which has policy implications, remember her statements during the campaign ‘Obama will not let you,
      be uninvolved, we need new ways, new history’

      • Kay

        I wasn’t talking about Michelle’s program, but rather how conservatives jumped on her for using her kid in an illustration. Jump on the program, not a stupid illustration.

        • Firelight

          I didn’t jump on Michelle O. I just felt sorry for her girls. They are at such a tender age when looks, weight, hair etc… all start to matter and most girls that age are already self-concious. I know I was. I felt sorry for them because here they are at that stage of life and they are being called fat in front of the entire nation. I would have rather died.

          However, I do "get" what Michelle was saying and her attempt to relate to the situation understandable. I just felt sorry for the girls.

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