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Trump Appears to Have Taken Over 50% of Governor Palin’s Support

Honestly, it’s tough to draw any other conclusion when you look at the numbers. In January, she held a 28-19 lead over Romney among Tea Party members. Today, Trump leads Romney by a 22-15 margin among Tea Party members with the Governor’s support falling to 12% among such voters.

In January, she held a 25-24 over Mike Huckabee, who has decided not to run, among evangelical Christians. Since January, Huckabee has stayed stable with evangelical Christians at 23% while the chump came in second with this group at 18%. You can pretty much guess whose evangelical support Trump is eating into as the Governor’s evangelical support has fallen to 10%.

Trump only takes a marginal percentage of Romney’s support while apparently significantly eating into the Governor’s support among evangelical Christians and Tea Party members, two groups that the Governor will need to do very well with in order to win. While it’s clear that Trump has hurt Bachmann the most, it doesn’t strike me as a good trade-off considering that Bachmann was unlikely to ever gain any real momentum.

The numbers are pretty much the same among Nevada Republican primary voters as Trump appears to be pretty good at turning the minority of Republicans who have a favorable opinion of him into votes and taking Palin’s vote.

The good news is that like Huckabee, Trump is not really considering getting into the race. She’ll need to absolutely clean Romney and Pawlenty’s clocks among Trump/Huckabee voters once both Trump and Huckabee end the charades that they’ve been perpetrating on Republican primary voters. At a minimum, she’ll need to win the Trump/Huckabee bloc by a 2-to-1 margin over Romney/Pawlenty.

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  • Guest

    I do not put much stock into polls this early. However, I think it is wishful thinking to state with such certainty that Trump is not running. We need to be careful not to say something is true just because we want it to be. From his perspective, things are going better than he could have hoped for. I think alot of people are dispirited by Sarah hanging back. Hopefully, that changes when she announces.

    • unseen1

      Yes lots of things have happened since Jan. the STOP PALIN campaign has been ongoing for 3 months, Tuson shooting, Bachmann, Trump, Palin not announcing yet. To credit all of the drop in the polls to Trump is nuts. Now You can credit most of Mitt’s drop to Trump since they align on the isses more closely. And Trump has taken about 30% of Mitt’s support.

    • tingale12

      As the previous pres GB said on a latest interview on ABC with Stephanopolous, not everything you say is true. I think I’ll buy that response coming from a ‘horses’ mouth.

    • Amjean

      The polls are pretty much skewed in my opinion.

      When Palin announces, after she tours the country giving speeches, letting Americans know
      what her viewpoint is as to how she can lead us out of the mess we are in, then take a poll.
      Take a poll of people who actually have heard her vision.

      Until then, the polls are just another way to discourage Palin from running and voters from
      backing her because 1) they think she isn’t running or 2) they think she has no chance to win.

  • DestroyMoralRelativism

    I cannot even believe we are discussing him. Is America truly that deluded by the "grip" of "Reality TV"?

    A casino-owning, real estate developing, prank-playing, cornball TV huckster who has voted for less things than BO? Obama is a narcissist, but he is nothing compared to this opportunistic P.T. Barnum reincarnation, in that particular department. Trump is part of the problem for many reasons, cultural, moral, economic, etc.

    Are fellow conservatives truly that easily duped? What in the name of G-d?

    I am speechless. Conservative people, wake UP.

    • PhillyCon

      I was asking the same questions myself.

      • DestroyMoralRelativism

        I hear you and, though I understand the ephemeral and tenuous nature of the freakin’ polls, this sort of "pop groundswell" support for a stunt-puller like Trump is very discouraging when I identify myself as a conservative, which I do, and which is very difficult to do in California. We need steely spines, here, anyhow.

        Trump is a lifelong cheezy and dubious businessman, current TV "captain" of a "team" that features bright lights like Meatloaf and LaToya Jackson. He is an adulterer, and fairweather supporter of conservatives, at best. Frequent Democrat contributor and supporter.

        He is more "Hollywood" than Hollywood itself.

        Plus he has failed numerous times in his "business empire" (no crime there). Too bad Meg Whitman didn’t have her own degrading TV show wherein she had people catfighting and pulling each other’s weaves out of their heads and insulting each other. She should have had a "show" like that; it would have prevented the Nineteenth Coming of Jerry Brown, for us.


        I understand that he is a Tee Vee Star and Hee Haz Writtun Sum Books ’bout How TOO Git Rich and He GITS RICH on the gullibility of the masses.

        G-d bless him. It’s America. Do your thing. But I am dismayed that this hair-challenged loudmouth was not immediately rejected by conservative masses as an insult to our national discourse at a time of extraordinary strife in our drama-addicted, voyeuristic, Falling-Like-Rome nation.

        There isn’t much time left for people –liberal and conservative– to put abject stupidity aside. I’mnot saying Trump is a disgrace — he is simply a clown. Literally, a clown.

        We know our population is pathetically saturated with obsession for Tee Vee idiots, but I guess I expected a little more prudence at this crossroads, from conservatives.

        Rush Limbaugh (Trump golf buddy) has a great deal to do with this. I have been a champion of Rush in the past, but he is not infallible, and he needs to box a lot more clever than this, given his influence.

        Bottom line: anyone (conservative or liberal) with even a teleprompter would be able to unfold a litany of Trump’s years of tomfoolery and shrivel him like the gawdy wisps of his deplorably tinted combover. I’m just disappointed that our wonderful nation is even entertaining the mere notion on such a large scale.

        Sarah must be shaking her head and truly wondering what to make of the Lower 48. We aren’t doing well. Not well at ALL.

        • AFinch

          You had me right up to your implication of Limbaugh in these poll results. Trump is being criticized on the same bases upon which Plain has been criticized and by the same people–he’s a reality star, a celebrity, a publicity whore, "not serious"–and Rush responds to those blanket criticisms and brings them back to Obama. If you listen to Rush regularly, you’ve heard him say repeatedly that we cannot compromise with the left. They must be defeated. When he had Trump on a few weeks back, Trump talked about compromise. When he came back from commercial, Rush pointed that out. He didn’t make a judgment, didn’t argue against Trump, but it was clear to any ditto head worth her dittos what he meant. Rush knows that Trump is not a conservative, but he is not about to use a minute of his three hours to criticise Trump when he can be criticizing Obama instead. If it comes down to Trump and Palin, all those arguments listed above go out the window and we’re left with a policy debate. Who do you think that helps?

          • DestroyMoralRelativism

            Respectfully, Rush needs to leave his man-crush golf-buddies OUT of the equation when it comes to airtime. The entire system in D.C. is stacked with "golf buddies". Has been for years. That’s a big part of the problem. I love Rush and have loved him for years, but again I say: He is not infallible, and there comes a time when he also needs to be called-out. The problems of our nation are much bigger than any commentator (no matter how beloved).

            I would prefer Rush as a presidential candidate. He is demonstrably and passionately conservative, he has a glorious working-knowledge of American history, and he is richer than Donald "Cotton Candy Hair LaToya Jackson-Friendly" Trump.

            Yes. Rush has been the better business-man, all things considered. Trump needs to get in bed with Hollywood to pay his bills. Rush doesn’t. I dare anyone to defy me on this.

            All the same, Rush lapsed in judgment merely by including his golf-booby.

            There’s going to be a reckoning, people, and conservatives who worship ANY celebrity are going to get the Sh%%y end of the asteroid.

            Sarah cannot be compared with a braying jackass like Trump. She is a woman of decency, dignity, and fierce political instincts and proven political success. She is a human being unaffected by the excrement of the "Hollywood" culture that we, as lazy-ass conservatives, continue to pump into our lives, our kids, our neighborhoods, our states, our NATION.

            There is nothing that repels me more than a moonbeam dingbat fruitfly twit-faced lib.

            Except a turd-brained, blind conservative who secretly laughs at the same Hollywood social-disease that the libs adore. And it’s happening.

        • lanahi

          I think we are doing fine.
          Everyone sees Trump as a kind of joker, but they are polling for him because he is bringing it on! People are standing up and cheering for him and saying, "It’s about time!" People are so frustrated and hurting…they need someone to stand up and fight. No one except Trump and Sarah are putting their hearts into a real fight, but people haven’t heard it much from Sarah yet because the media is ignoring her. She’s going to have to wait until Trump is wearing off and isn’t getting as much of the press. Then she’ll go to work.
          All in good time. I think Trump is just helping to pave the way.

          • DestroyMoralRelativism

            Then the joke is on us. In a time of such grave consequence, people of good sense should take umbrage at a clown like Trump … not react to him with happy little light-hearted laughs, much less serious consideration.

            Sadly, given this corroded mentality, I believe that even a creature like the one called "Snooki" could rally some impressive poll numbers.

            We’ve lost the program, friends — conservatives as well as the zombified liberals.

            Moment of Truth, America.

            Are you wheat or are you chaff?

            • lanahi

              ANYONE with a backbone right now would poll well because we are waiting for a fighter who will turn our country around, someone both with courage and inspiration. Trump, of course, isn’t that one, and neither are the others…Sarah is. But until she announces, people are going to flail around trying to fit anyone at all into being that possibility. People are willing to consider among the poorer choices because they’ve been led to believe Sarah isn’t running, so they try to fit the others on for size, and they all come up wanting. So these past weeks, it was Trump’s turn, next week it may be someone else, but conservatives know it still doesn’t feel right.

              When Sarah announces, I predict it will be an overwhelming relief and considerable joy to know the right one has come forward to give us real hope. That will be the same kind of moment like in her acceptance speech in 2008 where she electrified and overjoyed the nation…it will be that beautiful! Yes, she will do it again, because people sense something in her that is in no one of the others, and this time it will be very apparent how much we need her, literally the life of our country is at stake. She is here for such a time as this, and people will feel it again.

              Maybe this is a good time for the voters to test out the others and experience that feeling that they still arn’t right. Remember Christie being the darling for awhile? An election held then would have gotten him elected, if he ran. Huckabee for a while, Bachmann who is weak but says the right stuff, the others nowhere near right. It will be good for voters to look hard at the others to compare with her so they will know, when it is time, that Sarah is the only one.

    • KeeleyH

      That’s because Obama is THAT BAD. People are willing to consider Trump. They just want someone with b***s to take on the fraud.

      • Amjean

        I, too, think that is what is happening. Every conservative I know despises Obama and wants him taken to the woodshed. I don’t think people are really keen on Trump as president; however, they love seeing him take it to Obama.

    • Carmelo Junior

      Conservatives: Stop pimping Trump. This man’s goal is to destoy us all!

    • puma_for_life

      I personally do not believe these polls. This is a set-up to make Trump look more p opular than he is because the press would love to have him be the GOP candidate so they can trash him to the hilt and Obama will win easily…no competition. These polls are all phony.

      • Carmelo Junior

        Trump will not win a single primary. If he make it to Iowa he might be fighting with Cain for 5th place LOL

        • puma_for_life

          Yeah, if he even gets that far.

  • MarkRNY

    "The good news is that like Huckabee, Trump is not really considering getting into the race."

    No, the good news is that, as she said, the election’s 19 months away. These are numbers reflecting today–a news cycle. They’re meaningless. We’re letting them produce a result–FEAR and demoralization.

    I’m leaning towards both Huck AND Trump running (given their egos), and it doesn’t worry me for a second.

    Nice headline though. It should really help with SarahPac donations when browsers see it. Good job.

    Polls kill. They’re the Beltway’s best friend.

    • bestbud4Palin

      Mark, true as true can be, timing is everything in Politics and War and The Distinguished Gov Palin has, is and will always be the superior judge of that timing; ask those whom she’s used her skills to defeat if Sarah doesn’t know when Sarah knows, Sarah knows!

      Governor Palin is to be TRUSTED, she’s PROVEN so!

      Happy Trails and Sarah Palin Smiles

    • barracuda43

      I agree with you.Let them run.Sarah can prove herself to be the right choice.Let them all run.

    • Sapwolf

      I agree. I believe Sarah has the potential to reach critical mass and pull up and away from the pack, even in Iowa IF she announces before July.

    • puma_for_life

      Mark, I agree with you. Why keep saying Huck and Trump are not running…what are you gonna say when they do? Way too early to know what these guys, or anyone, is thinking. Things change very quickly in campaigns.

  • Harrison Woodard

    I honestly cannot imagine a scenario where Trump would give up his business/media empire to be President. My only concern would be a 3rd party run like Perot. I don’t see him winning the GOP nomination if Palin enters the race.

    • Carmelo Junior

      America as Trump’s ultimate trophy. NO! Conservatives at arms!

  • Dan C

    People have no idea what Chump’s record is. If push comes to shove in a primary, Sarah will make sure they do! As will all of us.

  • unseen1

    Ian you fell for the spin.

    Notice that Rasmuseen used the Jan poll and not the Fed or Mar polls. what happened in Jan? Oh yeah that’s right the Tuson shootings and the blood libel. Trump took 7 pts form Mitt, he took 2pts from Newt and 2pts from Huck. While I’m sure Trump is taking some support form Palin. He is not taking 50% of her support.

    • Ianlazaran


      The reason why Ras didn’t compare it to a poll in February and March is because he didn’t poll in February and March.

      I think you are trying to rationalize a way to argue that Trump is good for Palin. I respect the argument but frankly, I don’t see it.

      While it’s true that Trump is pretty much Romney on the issues, that’s not the way he has presented himself. He has presented himself as someone willing to take on the media and the community organizer Barack Obama. He has raised questions about Obama’s love for this country.

      What’s drawing people to Trump is his confrontational/take-no-prisoners approach with obama and the media. The conservative media, including people like Rush and Hannity, are covering up and ignoring Trump’s liberalism.

      So the only thing Republicans hear about Trump is how he’s taking on Obama and the media without hearing about his donations to Democrats and his flip-flops. The blame falls on much of the conservative media for propping up Trump.

      • unseen1

        I am telling you that Palin’s support has dropped since Jan and the Tuson shooting. MB has taken some of Palin support also. Palin’s numbers at this stage has less to do about Trump than it has to do about the Tucson shooting, MB and her playing footises with running. Trump is taking major support away from Mitt. All of Mitt’s and huck’s drop can be directly tied to Trump. Trump is taking the "elecablity" voters. . Cnn and other polls have showed this same correlation.

        wha tis drawing people to Trump is the 24/7 coverage of him by Fox. and his confidence.

        • unseen1

          One final thought. I surf the web a lot. I have yet to see ONE long time Palin supporter go over to Trump. I have seen many antipalin people fully embrace Trump. I have seen former Mitt supporters embrace Trump. I have not seen one Palin supporter/poster embrace Trump.

          I have yet to hear one talk show host that is in Palin’s corner embrace Trump instead. Even Rush has qualified his statements. I have not seen one propalin site switch to trump.

          The facts on the ground as well as the polls just do not supporter your contention that Trump is taking support form Palin. It does support the thought that Trump is taking support from Mitt supporters and other rinoish candidates.

          • PCR1

            Praisworthy sentiment, but you’re wrong.

            Trump has taken away about half of the Governor’s supporters, mainly those who no longer think that she will run, or have been persuaded that she will not, and those who favor a harsher attack mode against obama.

            And so-called birthers.

            • unseen1

              k name one Palin suppoter that has switched to trump. Both the polls and the facts on the ground say you are wrong. Palin’s support is about the same as it was in Mar. Palin is being hurt more by MB than by Trump. The facts and polls show this.

              • FrankinOhio

                I agree with unseen1.
                How could Trump be taking support away from Sarah? Sarah’s supporters are knowledgeable about what is happening to our country. They are committed to integrity in government and they will not compromise their moral standards.

        • Amjean

          People think she is not running.

      • PCR1

        Ah, the media!

        But don’t forget, the "media" is why we have a street punk, a thug by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, presently defiling the White House.

      • Amjean

        Its the same thing when the media and bloggers started talking about Christie for president.
        All we knew is that he was "taking it to the teachers unions". Everyone liked that. Noone
        knew about the "other" stuff yet. And when we did, where is he now?

      • Patriot Games

        I agree with your analysis as far as it goes, Ian. But it doesn’t factor in Palin. Palin is always
        slammed by Liberals and Rinos as confrontational. So why are they not slamming Trump for the same behavior? Could be one or both of two reasons. The person they fear, both before Trump flared up and after he flames out, is Palin, so they give him a pass so he can steal Palin’s thunder. The other, related reason is that Palin has not declared herself in yet. When she does, Trump flames out much faster. Another indicator of how much influence Palin has is the current flood of stories from Obama-loving media pushing their wishful thinking that Palin is not running. Many are even declaring it as fact. This is their biggest hope, so lying when they have no basis for it doesn’t bother them at all.

  • Guest

    While Sarah was running all over the country being effective for the tea party Trump was giving money to Reid, Schumer and Rahm. Yet, the tea party people favor him? That is sheer stupidity. Trump has taken the opposite position of the tea party his entire life. Yet, he attacks Obama but puts up no ideas of his own and that is enough for people? Wow. Sarah must have known that hanging back would cause these sorts of issues. It will be interesting to learn how she responds. If this continues she will have to peel the bark off of Trump. She is quicker witted than he is and tougher and has the facts on her side. It may work to her advantage to kick the ass of the guy who is seen as the toughest of the bunch.

    • exodus2011

      GOP voters are reacting to ONE thing and one thing only – Trumps no-nonsense confrontational style against The Destroyer-in-Chief

      they like that right now, but they don’t know much else about Trump except he is a great money-maker and has a TV reality show

      a Primary season will reveal all for the voters

  • Guest

    Who says Huck is not running? Some blogger working for Gingrich? Not sure why everyone on this board is so afraid of this guy.

    I don’t know if he will run, and neither does anyone else. You can guess he is not, speculate that he is not, hope he is not, but until he says he is OUT, he is a maybe….just like everyone else who has not said one way or the other (Trump, Palin, Daniels etc).

    • Dan C

      Huck is a liberal. His record proves it.

      • Guest

        That does not inform his decision on running, or the need for this site to state as a fact that he is not.

        It does inform how well he will do if he does run – not very.

    • MarkRNY

      His running seems to produe terror in some here and that baffles the hell out of me. Her winning doesn’t depend on who the hell gets in or stays out. If it did, it’s over. Start a DC4P site–DisgruntledConservative4Palin.

      If/when Huck or the gameshow host run, she’ll clean their clocks.

      I’ve also noticed that almost all of the peeps here who fixate on polls, Huck, MB or Trump running or not running, etc are GUYS! Geez…Fight like a girl for God’s sake!

      • Iowa4Palin

        I agree. Just assume they’re all running and whip their sorry behinds. Consider this. Huckabee could take a 6 month ‘leave of absence’ from Labor Day to Mar. 1. If he flounders, return to the Fox show. If he’s in it, he goes for it. Debt service on his house for 6 months is $100 K. Bottom line — nobody knows what he’s going to do yet, not even him.

        Sarah runs against Obama like the other guys don’t matter, ’cause they don’t. If they attack her, she retaliates hard. But never ASSUME they’re out until they are out for sure. When you ‘assume’………

      • puma_for_life

        I agree with you again, Mark.

    • sc4GOP

      The blogger you may be referring to, Donehue in SC, is not working for Newt.

      • puma_for_life

        Who is he working for?

  • celestiallady

    I think it is this way because Sarah has not announced her running so people are picking Trump over the others. I still have this feeling he is doing this for her benifit and because it is still way early. I may be wrong but I’m throwing my 2 cents in like everyone else. I have faith that something is working under the radar that we don’t know about so as not to upset the apple cart. Don’t be so hard on Trump at this point. He couldn’t be any worse than what we have and does have some positives. He does love his country – thats way more than Obama and he does not need to be in it for the money.

    • Dan C

      If Trump was working to help Sarah, why was Chump supporting liberals in 2010?

      Chump is for Chump. There is no conspiracy.

      • heypiasano

        As a business owner working throughout the country and the world, he has to grease the skids of liberals that may be in charge in the areas that he wants to build.

        Yes, Trump is for Trump! This go around he has realized that the liberals are on the verge of screwing up the entire sand box where everything becomes worthless. So he is doing his part to make sure that doesn’t happen. When Sarah finally announces Trump will endorse her and she will take over the attacks and the dismantling of the Obama agenda.

        It’s not far fetched and it is very plausible because it keeps the Obama campaign not focused.

        So celestiallady keep the faith, you are not off base!

        • celestiallady

          Hey thanks, its just a gut feeling and I do agree with what you think as well.

    • fb274

      Trump is making noise–his ego thrives on the attention he is now getting. And, NO, Trump is not doing this to aid and assist Gov. Palin as much as he is helping Zero. Look how rapidly Trump took credit for the release of the fake Certificate of Live Birth which already has shown how it was manipulated by a semi-crafty computer tech. Trump is boasting how he accomplished getting Zero to release the BC. He is lapping up the attention being paid to him now. SURE, Trump does not want the US to lose its status, devalue the dollar more—–his holdings, investments would take a huge hit and he would not be much better off financially than the rest of us. That is his concern.

      • Carmelo Junior

        Once again, Trump is working for the Obama/Clinton White House 2013! The only person on earth that can prevent that is Sarah Palin

  • KJack

    Well, guess why? Everyone is being told that Sarah ISN’T going to run! So if you ask someone who they will vote for, they will go to the tough guy that’s standing up for conservative values even though no one really believes he is a conservative.

    THIS is the time for Sarah to step up and say she’s really running and start making campaign speeches. If we don’t see a real conservative soon, Trump will have a real shot of buying the election because he will have all the money (even though it will mostly be his own.)

  • KJack

    Well, guess why? Everyone is being told that Sarah ISN’T going to run! So if you ask someone who they will vote for, they will go to the tough guy that’s standing up for conservative values even though no one really believes he is a conservative.

    THIS is the time for Sarah to step up and say she’s really running and start making campaign speeches. If we don’t see a real conservative soon, Trump will have a real shot of buying the election because he will have all the money (even though it will mostly be his own.)

  • dow daytrader

    re: Trump Appears to Have Taken Over 50% of Governor Palin’s Support

    Facebook strategy is not working Sarah. ya gotta come down to the Lower 48 and be engaged in the current political process. After Bachmann and Karl Rove/Mitch Daniels declare in June it will be sliced up even smaller. Plus, the entire Federal system is poised to defeat Obama’s oppoonent (link below)

    The Fed Will Make Sure Obama Wins in 2012:

    How about taking on the unconstitutional TSA searches and speak up for the past Miss America that was sexually violated by a TSA agent? Guaranteed to "swing" the independent vote!

    • Carmelo Junior

      dow daytrader,

      many said radio and tv addresses were useless in 1979. And you know who was doing that? No, GHWBush was pimpin Iowa, New Hamphire and South Carolina. That would be Ronald Reagan!

  • c4pfan

    Please, 11% undecided? That’s a lot of ‘undecided’ people. Plus, no Bachmann or Cain? Tells me that they should get real and drop out and back Sarah.

  • TeflonWarrior

    REALLY? Is this a joke? The last of April Fool’s or something? Is this REALLY what this website has come to? I’m starting to think I need to find another site

  • Guest

    STOP IT! These polls mean NOTHING! If polls this far out meant something, we would have President Guiliani right now and would have had President Perot instead of Clinton. And Reagan would have been nothing but a former governor and actor. Remember, McCain was last in most of these stupid polls and Obama was polling behind Clinton and Edwards. Oh, and let’s not forget Dean.

    If Palin gets in, she will win. I have been right every election since Reagan and I often knew it was going to be a person that I did not support, like Dole and McCain. You must look at the past voting history of the regular GOP voter and then add in the new Tea Party dynamic. No matter how you cut it, Sarah has the best chance to get the nomination at this time. She is a fiscal and social conservative yet she has some libertarian leanings. And she can rally her supporters like none of the others. She is absolutely perfect for the electorate at this time.

    • Steven

      God bless you RightMom, speaking Commonsense! Which is lacking it seems with some of the poll chasing bloggers at C4P.

      Palin will win when she gets in, period. They all know it and that’s why they are trying their hardest to stop her from running. She gets the evangelicals, the Tea Party Movement, and she will pull in her healthy share of Mama Grizzly independents. She has cultivated these coalitions over the past two years and she will reap the benefits of her work when the time comes.

      Trump helps Palin, notwithstanding this poll, because he is killing Obama’s ratings, he is disrupting the Establishment primary plans, and he has taken the oxygen away from upstart candidates like Barbour (out), Gingrich (going to be out), Bachmann (going to be out), Pawlenty (don’t got a prayer), Daniels (was thinking about it, but will pass). Trump even made Romney’s announcement a footnote. It didn’t move the needle as you see in many polls, because of Trump.

      This is good for Palin. She hasn’t even started her campaign and her opponents are in disarray across the board because of Trump who can’t win the nomination. So you can site these polls and claim Trump hurts Palin, but does anyone think Trump will win the nomination? And yet he has caused so much damage to Obama and the rest of the field that its obvious who benefits at the end of the day, especially if Huckabee as many are saying here doesn’t run. So use some commonsense like RIghtMom and bide your time like the Mamma Grizzly in AK. She’ll get in and lap the field when its all said and done.

      • Guest

        The battlefield looks magnificent for Palin.

    • dow daytrader

      re: "STOP IT! These polls mean NOTHING! I"

      don’t you dare read, think or write an opinion that is different from RightMom

      Why? because "If Palin gets in, she will win. I have been right every election since Reagan"

      ummm….NOT! Wait for the 3 hit piece books that are anti-Palin come out, then when she announces,all she will be asked by the press is to reply to Levy saying that "are you mean to your kids???"

      Get in front of the media Sarah and redefine your persona b4 the Press does.

      • Carmelo Junior

        Do you want to bet these things? Trump not winning a single primary…Cain droping out after Iowa..Michelle Bachmann endorsing Sarah Palin, Romney second in New Hamphire and Palin blow out in South Carolina. Get that money ready for me to pick up!

        One more bet: It is going to be Palin/Rubio against Obama/Clinton. You can put that in the bag!

        • puma_for_life

          You are right about that ticket countering the racist charge…Obama would lose all of the Latino vote.

        • Amjean

          Perhaps Palin/West – otherwise I pretty much agree with you!

    • Sapwolf

      Yep. Her upbringing, record, experience, convictions, charisma and courage almost perfectly match the needs of the country coming in 2013.

      She was meant for this opportunity. You can really see this one miles away like a huge but distant fire with smoke on the horizon.

      The prairie fire is coming to Iowa. (cue the music from "The Natural")

  • PCR1

    Good post Ian.

    I have been saying this for the last week or so.

    Palin supporters who have given up on her running, or don’t think that she’ll run, have shifted to Trump.

    Also those who favor a harsh, personal attack on obama have been attracted to Trump’s aggressive style.

    Those who say that once the voters know more about Trump they’ll abandon him, are not being realistic.

    Some will, but bear in mind that more than half of those who had voted for Obama in 2008 had no idea what he had stood for.

    Huckabee is now out.

    I don’t believe that Trump will actually run.

    Governor Palin must then campaign most aggressively to inherit Huck’s supporters, and Trump’s too, if in fact he does not run.

    And go after independents as well.

    Expect great unpleasantness and underhandidness from Romney himself, and from his gang.

    Fortunately, Rand Paul will be there to tear into RomneyCare with gusto.

    That will help Governor Palin.

    • jeffo1

      Most of your post makes decent sense excluding this:
      "Palin supporters who have given up on her running, or don’t think that she’ll run, have shifted to Trump."

      Are you serious? We are 19 months out! There is simply no way a True Palin supporter would ever go to Trump!!!! Real PALIN supporters will give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a bit more time to announce one way or the other.


      • PCR1

        I completely agree with you that true, i.e., and ardent supporters of the Governor, as all who take the trouble to comment or post here surely are, would never shift their support to someone else!

        But you must surely agree that there are degrees of support, and that not all supporters are as hard and fast in their support as you and I are and others here on this website.

        These are the ones who, at least to ther pollsters, professed support for Trump.

        I firmly believe that she should announce in June, and start campaigning hard, right away.

        And Trump did show us something, and this the Governor I am sure knew already, namely, that a tough take-no-prisoners approach in dealiing with Obama works!

        Governor Palin has been hard on Obama, and rightly so.

        But I believe that she should be merciless!

        Remember Truman?

        A democrfat sure – and he had the temerity to fire MacArthur, the little runt! – but! – he sure knew how to campaign!

        And the voters had responded, cheering him on, callin out, "Give ‘em hell, Harry!"

        Governor Palin must make every day after she announces a living hell for Obama!

        • jeffo1

          I see what your saying…..
          First and foremost you would need to believe these early & suspect polls to make some of your conclusions…..This far out it is really tough for me to put much stock in them…
          It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if most pollsters were owned by BO…There is NOTHING beneath this evil American Hating Thug!


        • Carmelo Junior

          Truman fired McCarthur after he won the elections. If he would have fired Mac before, he would have never won against Good looking and charismatic Dewey.
          The farmer lost all his mojo after he fired Mac and allowed N. Korea to be what is today: a nuclear threat.

      • puma_for_life

        Or, they will switch right back to Palin once she announces.

  • PhillyCon

    If this poll has any truth to it …

    Its pretty sad that a liberal supporting celebrity using the BC as an issue with no credentials whatsoever makes inroads with conservatives and "takes away" support from the number one conservative who’s been doing the heavy lifting since 08.

  • ellebb

    Steady guys. It’s early. The males are puffing up their chests to lure votes and pump up their … egos.

    We have a long, long ways to go. Let’s save our panic mode for, well, say about Oct. 2012. All of this means nothing right now.

  • Guest

    Good. Our Sarah loves a good fight. I’m with Rush that Trump isn’t running. Plus, Sarah doesn’t want a coronation but a victory.

  • footballchik1

    Over on the Hot Air headline section it says a Dem official says Obama released his BC because Trump was starting to make the rest of the GOP rivals look good. Which I think means Sarah ah ha. Well atleast it is out of the way early long before the 2012 elections when I’m sure that’s when BO wanted to release his BC for max benefit. Looks like the only loony conspiracy will be the Trig truthers which will help Sarah politically. It’s starting to shape up nicely.

    • Carmelo Junior

      Trump looked like a fool in that press conference. Only an idiot would think this clown won anything out of that show. The left will still push him up but conservative voters in Iowa, NH and SC already dumped him.

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