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We are Wisconsin

As Doug noted earlier, "Governor Palin is showing a tremendous amount of courage and leadership by literally traveling to the "lion’s den.'" This is not just lofty rhetoric. The threats are mounting, and they should be taken seriously. When the powerful left and union bosses begin talk of throwing things and drowning out free speech, you can be assured they are not acting with care and concern for any hard working Wisconsinite. They are reaching out with greedy hands to strangle the liberties of anyone standing in the way of their money and power.

As has become so common with Gov. Palin, she has stepped up when no one else would and has put herself on the front line. And no, for anyone wondering, she isn’t getting paid to do it either, nor is she the "puppet of big corporations", as Greta has reported some are saying. Tomorrow, there will be more than just a meet up of political sides; there will be a battle for American freedom at stake: The freedom to assemble and discuss the issues our country faces. The freedom to stand up and be heard without fear of being physically hurt. It must be asked, what kind of country would this be if these liberties ceased to exist?

If someone really wants to see what "winning the future" really looks like, take a trip to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow. Gov. Palin will be there winning the future for all Americans, making a stand against those who would seek to destroy America’s future freedoms by strong arming and bullying others. The left and union bosses are infuriated that she is going. So much so that they are working overtime to manipulate and confuse good Americans, brainwashing them into thinking Gov. Palin and other conservative voices are evil and to be smashed, pelted with cheese of all things. What monsters encourage normally sane individuals to do such things?

So the question is: Will you go? Will you get in your car and make that drive? It will be something to remember and tell your kids and grandkids about: The day you faced the hordes in the heartland of America with Sarah Palin and other freedom fighters and won the future, for them. Please, if at all possible, make last minute plans to go.

Remember, Joan of Arc doesn’t sit quietly at Court. She marches to besieged Orleans.




Any one that can go, contact the Organize4Palin Wisconsin coordinator, Bill Lichter, and let him know you are coming. He could use your eyes among the crowds and your boots on the ground.


Be sure to look for these when you get there. There will be 5,000 handed out by Organize4Palin volunteers. GRRRR!

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  • Whitney Pitcher

    Thanks, Karen!! Yes, if you can come, please do! :)

    I look forward to the road trip up to Madison to be there myself! It’ll be great!

    This is a great opportunity to be boots on the ground instead of fingers on a keyboard.

    Governor Palin has our back, and we have the chance to be there in support of her and her commonsense conservative message!

    • midwestprincesse

      Good luck driving in the rain. I’ll be picking someone up in the Milwaukee area and then heading over so I hope the Madison rain is over by noon. The whole state is going through a rain weekend! Dress in layers! :)

      • Kay

        And windy! Hope the Gov’s hair doesn’t get too mussed up. ;)

    • bestbud4Palin

      God bless Whitney…
      and everyone else going to Madison,
      wish I could be there, will be in heart though.

      Prayers for all

      Heartfelt thanks Gov Palin, Gods grace and love and hand of protection to you and family, Amen.

      • inde4sarah

        Hey Bud… how are you and Gina doing, fine I hope… looking forward to I’ll next meet-up… that, next beer is on me…. God Bless

        sarah 2012

        aka indemind

  • unseen1

    Prayers for her safety.

  • Ceejay

    Hmmm, campaign points on that ticket?

    Sarah 2012!

  • royroyo

    God Bless you Sarah Palin

  • cuttingboardblues

    I know she gets compared to a lot of iconic females like Joan of Arc. But when I read the quotes of Elizabeth I that’s who she really reminds me of. Except for the no husband or kids LOL.

    There is nothing about which I am more anxious than my country, and for its sake I am willing to die ten deaths, if that be possible.
    Elizabeth I

    • conservativemama

      And as Cate Blanchett says in "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", "I have a hurricane in me!" How sad that the left is missing out on a truly courageous figure because they are so blinded by the tyranny of their tired, useless, ignorant ideology. If we lose our country then this experiment, this United States, will have been a blip in the history of man. This moment of freedom for the individual will once again be extinguised from the earth and man, the common man that the left claims to love, but in reality loathes, will once again exist at the whim of the few.

      But let’s be hopeful and hold to our belief that when we need it, the right person emerges. The Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, or Reagan takes to the stage and speaks a truth that cannot be ignored.

    • Norcalo

      Elizabeth Tudor !

      Here is another quote; it is from a collection of prayers written by herself:

      "Thou has set me on high, my flesh is frail and weak. If I therefore at any time forget Thee, touch my heart, O Lord, that I may again remember Thee."

      (from the book "Elizabeth the Great" by Elizabeth Jenkens, 1958)

  • cookboy

    Thanks to ya, prayers for ya! Here comes the Express!

  • section9

    Well, God bless her then.

  • latinchic

    Everyone will be in my prayers, including the other side. I’ll be watching for tweets.

  • c4pfan

    Love the O4P cards!

  • Rebecca A. Mansour

    Go to Madison, guys! Be there!!

  • Ceejay

    Shout out to Green Bay Packers, will win points for the Gov in WI.

    Sarah 2012!

  • Sapwolf

    My plan was to drive from Council Bluffs to Des Moines, IA for the Tea Party there, but if you need me, I can drive to Madison. 435 miles, 7 hours

    So what’s everybody think? Des Moines (130 miles, 2 hours) or on to Madison,WI

    • elkonv

      Madison Safwolf–Sarah needs you.

    • Abby4


    • Kjanlady

      Sapwolf…..leave now………and take one of your really big Sarah pictures…’ll have the looney leftists foaming at the mouth……be careful…….you might want to borrow Sarah’s nightstick.

    • inde4sarah

      Jesus Sapwolf…Cool man…Wish I was with you….

      sarah 2012

      aka indemind

    • JLAdevelop

      Sapwolf you are always there for Sarah. Go and represent us who live on the west coast with our prayers for you and Sarah.

    • Ceejay

      Sapwolf, leave now, take a C4P poster, and let Sarah know, we support and stand with her!

      Sarah 2012!

    • Sapwolf

      "How all occasions do inform against me,
      And spur my dull revenge! What is a man,
      If his chief good and market of his time
      Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more.
      Sure he that made us with such large discourse,
      Looking before and after, gave us not
      That capability and godlike reason
      To fust in us unused. Now, whether it be
      Bestial oblivion, or some craven scruple
      Of thinking too precisely on th’ event–
      A thought which, quartered, hath but one part wisdom
      And ever three parts coward–I do not know
      Why yet I live to say ‘This thing’s to do,’
      Sith I have cause, and will, and strength, and means,
      To do’t. Examples gross as earth exhort me:
      Witness this army of such mass and charge,
      Led by a delicate and tender prince(ss),
      Whose spirit, with divine ambition puffed,
      Makes mouths at the invisible event,
      Exposing what is mortal and unsure
      To all that fortune, death, and danger dare,
      Even for an eggshell. Rightly to be great
      Is not to stir without great argument,
      But greatly to find quarrel in a straw
      When honor’s at the stake."

      St. Peter denied Christ three times.

      But I cannot deny the Cuda (via her loyal servant Rebecca) three times.

      The Sapwolf saddles up and RIDES for Cubs, Country & Constitution!!! To the Cuda’s side to stand with my Reaganite sister together in her finest hour!

      Do not pray for me C4P.

      Pray that my valiant steed, my Honda Accord EX, does not fail me.

      Now I get a last sleep before I journey to….Hell on Earth! If I do not return, please let my 8-yr old son Johnny know his father loves him and his mother very much, and that he apologizes for missing his First Communion in May at a school that fostered a great fighter we all know.

      Sleep well. It is a lllllloonnngggg day coming. Let the Siege of Madison commence.

      (love this overly dramatic stuff)

    • N.A.C.

      Madison. It’s history in the making.

    • heshtesh

      I’ll be looking for you in Madison, best to you Sapwolf.

  • RedDaveR

    Gov. Palin is once again showing her incredible courage in going to this lefty/union stronghold. Prayers for her safety and that of everyone there.

  • joshpainter

    Pray the left will not be violent, but if you’re going, take cameras, cell phones, etc. to document any that, God forbid, may occur.

    – JP

    • blueniner

      You guys that are at the rally watch for nasty signage that the media will pin on Tea Party Patriots.Also keep Sarah safe and dont let anybody throw things on the stage, just protect her as I know you all will. She is showing alot of courage, but we all knew that Sarah has courage.

    • JDCampbell

      The Wisconsin Wave requesting a noon permit is intentional. They are going to do everything they can to disrupt the Tea Party. Expect violence so be prepared and most of all don’t be drawn in.

  • Adrienne Ross

    The bottom line, as always, is we need to cover the Governor in prayer. Prayer above all else.

    • Emily Baxter


    • Whitney Pitcher

      Yes, prayer!

      My favorite Gov. Palin quote: "It is in God we trust, not in big government that we trust".

    • Polarbearpapa

      Father, we come before you on behalf of Sarah and the people of WI who will be in attendance.

      We ask that no weapon formed against her shall prosper, that you will make even her enemies to be at peace with her.

      We pray eyes are opened to the truth and that your Holy Spirit will bring forth a new spirit of unity in WI. Let the scales fall from the eyes of those who are blinded by deceit, by an enemy they cannot see.

      We ask that you would post your angels round and about Sarah and the Tea Party patriots, and we ask in your precious Son’s name, the name of Jesus….amen

      (borrowing Polarbearpapa’s sign in as I don’t have mine working yet)


      • Adrienne Ross

        I agree! Amen!

  • Emily Baxter

    Let’s go kick some honey-buns! ~~ Mushu from Mulan, 1997

    I’m so excited. This will be one for the books. Bring it on libs! Bring. It. On.

  • JDCampbell

    Well if ya’ll haven’t made a bus reservation yet…forget about it.
    They are all sold out and filled to the brim. :)

    • latinchic


  • crunchingk

    I’ve read rams posts something is coming tommorow!tecno,if your one day off I’ll give you credit for a perfect prediction!!

  • blerch

    Looking forward to making the drive up from Chicago. Hope to see a bunch of you there.

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