What Governor Palin May…Or May Not Be Thinking

I just wanted to post this great comment from commentator Colint that may (or may not) be a good assessment of Governor Palin’s feelings on the 2012 race:

To drive supporters away from me by improving the poll numbers of other potential Republican candidates who Obama can more easily defeat, many in the media are asserting that I will not run for president.

I have not made a decision not to run. I am well aware that I have many supporters who are counting on me to run. If I had decided not to run, I would certainly have informed my supporters. If I thought it was doubtful that I would run, there are some actions I would not have taken in the last few months.

One reason candidates announce early is to become better known nationwide. This reason does not apply to me. Apart from Barack Obama, for good or bad, I may be the next most nationally well-known politician or at least in the top ten.

At this point, for me to decide not to run, would require something of great significance to happen. I do not know what that could be.

I have children in school until June. I expect to travel abroad for a week or more. I will not make any announcement until after these events. Campaign Finance laws also dictate the announcement timing.

Some candidates currently have a political or other office to which much of their time is obligated. Other than my family, some of whom will accompany me, after my announcement I can commit full time to campaigning. I love meeting people and if or when I start campaigning in Iowa and NH, I will probably talk one on one to more people than any other candidate.

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