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Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Governor Palin Has Cut Obama’s Ohio Lead By 38% and Palin Leads the GOP Field in Texas

Even the Daily Kos pollster finds that Governor Palin has cut the lead that Obama held over her in Ohio by 38%, even though the sample includes ten percent more Democrats than Republicans. She pretty much wins the same percentage of the vote as Republican Party hack Mitt "peacetime" Romney. Her net favorable rating among Ohio Republicans is up 5 points while her net favorable rating among moderates is up 21 points since the last Ohio poll that the Kos pollster conducted. She had trailed Obama by 17 among independents and now she leads Obama by one among indies in Ohio.

She also leads the GOP field in Texas even when you include the trio of Trump/Huckabee/Bachmann in the poll. It’s tough to see how Rick Perry can get into this race when he’s losing so soundly in his home state. As for the argument that Perry’s numbers would improve once he’s actually seen as a candidate, that argument would also help Palin’s numbers considering that the media continues to claim she’ll not run. Since Palin is already starting from a larger base of support than Perry, she’d benefit more from being seen as a candidate once she’s officially as a candidate.

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