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Governor Palin: I Can Beat Obama / Open Thread – UPDATED

CBS reports:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was met by a gaggle of reporters outside of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall Tuesday, on day three of her "One Nation" bus tour.

The question du jour: Will she or won’t she run for president?

The would-be-candidate once again refused to "put a timetable" on when she will announce her decision, but when asked by CBS affiliate WKYW if she could beat President Obama, Palin replied, "To put it concisely – yes."

She’ll be on Greta tonight

Credit where credit is due, Shushannah Walshe is covering her well on twitter

You can follow her tour on a single twitter feed here

She’ll reportedly be meeting Donlad Trump tonight. Some photos of her eating pizza with him here

Vote in this poll, it’s unscientific but let’s show O’Reilly what we’re made of.

SarahPAC put up some of your Memorial Day Photos

In case you missed it: Photo Gallery: One Nation Tour Day Two


Contrary to what Foxnews reported and what Charles Krauthammer repeated on O’Reilly tonight, Michele Bachmann did NOT win the Special Report online poll:

With friends like Foxnews, who needs enemies? Inside source: Foxnews is deliberately out to sabotage Governor Palin. I’ll have more on this tomorrow on my personal blog.

UPDATED: Governor Palin in NY:


Some more quotes and pictures here

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  • tomlyn

    I only watch a couple of shows on Fox anymore such as Greta and Hannity.  The rest are falling in line with the rest of the lame stream media.

  • ellebb

    Sean just had a GREAT panel on Sarah!

    • Jasmine Clark

      kinda. i like what hannity and kate said but andrea? she said some good things but she also said things about high negatives and lack of gravitas. (and she is too orange!! lol)

      at one point, andrea said she needs to speak on more issues with gravitas and substance or whatever and kate pointed it out that she HAS been doing that already. another point, kate mentioned something from her record as gov. thanks kate!!

      • tingale12

        This AT woman’s brain has been conditioned to repeat the same garbage. What a shame, she needs to study before she considers herself with credible ‘analyst.’

        • IsraeliCojones

          I heard through the grapevine that Andrea has been "bought" by Romney over a year ago. Since then, she’s pushing the Oprah meme.

  • Jasmine Clark

    kate obenshain!! i love you!!

    andrea tantaros!! why are you orange!!


      LOL.  Jasmine–you always make me laugh; thanks!

      • Jasmine Clark

        lol i’m serious! did you see her?

    • Dan C

      What did they say Jasmine?

      • Jasmine Clark

        they both think palin has a great control of the media and they’re acting as paparazzi and they’re silly, following her around. but kate thinks she’s leaning toward running, andrea isn’t so sure. she said palin needs to have more substance and gravitas. kate responded that it’s not true she doesn’t speak with substance. kate also mentioned a lot of people don’t know about her record. as gov in alaska she cut the budget during a surplus!! so good for kate for strongly defending palin! andrea… not so sure about you.

        • MarkRNY

          "kate also mentioned a lot of people don’t know about her record. as gov in alaska she cut the budget during a surplus!!"

          That’s where C4P comes in! Check out Whitney (the Intrepid) for example.

          Spreading her record around should be a big priority for this site and everyone here imo.

          Thanks Jasmine…and it takes real devotion to watch Hannity btw. You’re a trooper. 

        • DefCon66

          If you listen closely Andrea contradicted herself in almost the same breath.

          • tingale12

            How could she not when she regurgitate what has been fed into her brain. No independent thought to say the least. Another reason why I refuse to continue to listen to this so called ‘analyst.’ Nothing informative much more substantive argument. This woman spews same crap everytime she gets the microphone..

            Beside she does not have coherent answers. She only listens to her voice. So most of the time she contradicts herself too. 

    • celestiallady

      They were very refreshing – need more like that!

    • blueniner

      Kate Obenshain was the Master of Ceremonies when Sarah spoke in Santa Barbara at the Reagan Center in Feburary.

  • Greg Legakis

    ALERT Palin Fans!!!!!
    Biggest Online Poll of the Year.  O’Reilly’s ratings are #1 on cable.
    Palin vs. Bachmann

    This is huge boys and girls.  We need to rock this one like never before. 
    It’ll run for 4 days at least.  Maybe even until next Monday.  Let’s stick it to
    O’Reilly, Hume and Krauthammer.

    • c4pfan

      I already did.

      • Roberta Williams

        Me, too.

    • Jasmine Clark

      we’re voting =)

      • Guest

        Rock it! I voted! 

    • cuttingboardblues

      I know it’s huge and I voted…but it’s a good example of the underlying sexism that is out there.  Like there could possibly be only room for one female candidate.  This isn’t support for Michelle but it’s a hint of what is still out there and still to come her way.  There seems to be a lot of room for boring, spineless males but two women?  OMG what if they show some ankle on the campaign trail…


      I voted but I don’t trust BOR to post the accurate results.  Gees, look at the other poll–Sarah wins by a landslide and they report that she lost!?!? 

      I guess I’ll only watch Fox when Sarah is on and even at that, I’ll watch her on PalinTV.  Although I love Fox & Friends in the morning–I don’t think I can give that up.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      We need a freep on this!

  • ReneePA

    If they want to keep her on they basically have to say she isn’t running.  They are between a rock and a hard place.  That does not make what they are doing right though.

    • Dan C

      They could say "They don’t know" which is the truth.

      THEY DO NOT KNOW either way. News media is supposed to be fact based. Even opinions should be based on available facts. The fact is, she has said she is thinking about running and will decide in the near future.

      Unless she has told them she is running or not, which she obviously hasn’t, then how would they know either way? It just their own biased opinion due to their own agendas. Yes there is more than one agenda. One is wanting her for ratings. Two, they support Romney/Bush for starters.

    • wodiej

      that’s a good point but they don’t have to insult her.

    • John_Frank

      But they do not have to lie, like Krauthammer did this evening on O’Reilly.

      FOX News is playing with fire.

      • Hyman Roth

        Playing with fire?  I straight out REFUSE TO WATCH THEM AGAIN!  I don’t give a damn if it’s Hannity OR Greta! 

        Fox News gets NO MORE of my attention, PERIOD.

        • CBDenver

          So basically, they are dead to you?

          • Hyman Roth

            I don’t want to see them at the casinos.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Even if Sarah’s on? ;)

    • Guest

      Look, the media is all about ratings. Fox is no different. They will never say they don’t know. Instead, they’ll speculate and put out all kind of wild theories designed to drive ratings. So, I wouldn’t get jacked up about anything anyone at Fox says. The bottom line is not politics; it’s the dollar.

      • ripcurl2121

        its not that. its obvious they are intentionally trying to bury her with lies and misinformation. you dont see that?

  • NYJeremy

    Whoa. Sheya, I hope you have a very credible source.

  • AmsterdamExpat

    Yes she can!

    What a thrill for this New Yorker abroad to see her there. Tomorrow’s itinerary will be interesting, too — Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are said to be on the agenda, but it shouldn’t be surprising if one or two other points of interest get paid a visit as well.

    In case people didn’t see them (and apologies to those who did), on the other open thread I posted links to Victor Davis Hanson’s and Caroline Glick’s latest. Here they are again, with a side of Melanie Phillips:

    The last of these deals with the plans for the Gaza flotilla. I know the Israelis will attempt to handle things with their customary restraint, but thinking about it right now three words keep occuring to me: Davy Jones’ locker …

    • IsraeliCojones

      Thanks again for the links.

      If the Defenseless Minister had cojones, he just would sink them.

      And if Disqus had signatures, mine would be:

      "Just clone Palin and send the clone over here!"

      • AmsterdamExpat

        Yes, Ehud Barak (while not on the level of Peres, let alone Livni or Olmert, obviously) is a huge disappointment. I wish Bibi could slip a spinach pill into his lunch every now and then.

        • IsraeliCojones

          He can’t be cured. It’s been a while since he lost it.

          He’s one of our "fallen heroes" I was talking about the other day: you couldn’t find a more courageous officer when he wore the uniform (he was a commando of Sayeret Matkal, the elite of the elite, those we send far behind the enemy lines to accomplish impossible missions).

          Then he embraced the political career and it was over. Here, we call him Ehud Barach ("Ehud has fled").

  • Jasmine Clark

    argh i am dying to hear more about this fox news thing you found sheya… please post more info as soon as you can!

  • cookboy

    Fox schmox. Disconnect your cable. That’s real money every year.

    • c4pfan

      I agree.  People need to stop acting like these shows control anything.  Stop watching BO’s show, for one.

      • LostinLA1

        I stopped watching BOR ages ago.  His attitude during interviews irked me to the point that I couldn’t watch him with out getting angry.  I rarely watch FoxNews any more, and I used to be a very regular viewer.

      • ReneePA

        I also have tuned Bill out.  His misogyny was the nail in the coffin. 

    • Roberta Williams

      I’ve been seriously thinking about that. The internet has all the information I need, anyway.

    • GrmaTX

      Stopped watching FOX a year ago…moved a year ago and haven’t gotten cable…don’t plan on it either…don’t miss TV at all.  FOX has too much editorializing and gossip in their "news."  I agree with Gov. Palin…whatever happened to the who what, when, and where?


    Why would Fox try to sabotage Sarah?  I’m certainly not saying they aren’t but I just don’t get it.  I understand why BOR doesn’t like her–because she doesn’t kow tow to him.  CK, Rove and others, because as Sarah said, she’s not hoity toity enough for them.  To sabotage her–they’re killing themselves–I would guess a vast amount of their viewers support Sarah.  Let’s see, Gretchen, Steve, and Brian are fair to her, Sean and Greta…is that it?  Megan Kelly was always fair to her; I wonder what she’d be saying now–I think she’d be on her side. 

    Looking forward to your report Sheya; very interesting.  In the meantime, would someone please enlighten me as to why they want to shoot themselves in the foot. 

    And, where’s Danielvito with their recent ratings?  After this stuff hits the fan, if in fact true, their ratings will plummet even more.

    • Dan C

      There is more to it than just the talent people on air, a few of which are quite good. There are producers and suits behind the scenes that dictate alot of what is covered and how it is covered. Fox overall clearly supports Romney/Bush types if you ask me. 

    • Guest

      I can’t buy into the sabotage theory. Rating games? Definitely. Sabotage? Nah. BOR might be his nasty spiteful self, but the bottom line is ratings, and ratings = $$$. Sarah Palin is good for Fox’s ratings = Sarah Palin makes money for Fox. So, they’ll do a lot of stuff, but sabotaging her ain’t one of them cuz Fox’ll be cutting off it’s nose. Ailes and Murdoch don’t make those kinds of mistakes.

      • ripcurl2121

        then what would you call blatantly lying about a a poll where palin destroyed bachmann?

        • StacyDrake


  • c4pfan

    Sarah is so down to earth.  I wonder what she and Donald talked about?  I hope she was telling him that he needs to get off his butt and start supporting Conservatives.  Well, if he had a brain, he would at least support Sarah.

    • larrygeary

      I hope he didn’t drop any F bombs in front of the kids and her parents.

    • cuttingboardblues

      His crush on her has been evident for a long time LOL. 

  • cuttingboardblues

    She’s going to be in NYC guess who’s gonna try for a picture!!!!!!  May be futile but I wouldn’t be a Palinista worth my salts if I didn’t try…..wish me luck….it would probably be tacky to pray for it with all else that is going on in the world.   but I walk by a church on my way to work every day…so I’ll stop in and light a candle for her safety!!!

    • NYJeremy

      I saw on twitter that she’s now in Jersey City.

      • ripcurl2121

        oh man….WHY????.  thats like the armpit of the state

    • Vicki

      I thought you were going to say Anthony Weiner.

    • Guest

      Bummer, and I just came back from NY yesterday!

    • Roberta Williams

      OK! Good luck!

  • TheTotalConservative

    Charles Krauthammer is piece of garbag and a man that looks as disgusting as he is on the inside. He is a Liar and now you can prove it. Thank you for what you do Sheya. Krauthammer is a Damn Liar and you proved it. Fox News is the Republican Establishment’s Propoganda. It is clear they are out to destroy Palin and this proves it.

  • Vicki

    I can’t believe it. Dana Perino finally said something nice about Gov Palin.

    • John B. Hefmier

      "I don’t know" is better than "no".

    • Hyman Roth

      I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!  Fox can go to hell after tonight, as far as I’m concerned.

  • midwestprincesse

    O’Reilly had both Hume AND Kraut on his show and they talked about their dislike/disdain for her.

    I really don’t see the long-term or even short-term gain that she gets from both Hannity & Greta. She could come back on their shows after the fact like other candidates have done.

    • NYJeremy

      Yeah, it’s time to end her exclusivity there.

  • c4pfan

    Don’t forget Sarah’s interview with Greta!

  • wisetrog wt

    waiting for your post tomorrow, sheya. it better be good. if this is true,  there’ll be a revolt against fox. how about palin fans portesting before fox studios?

    • Jasmine Clark

      i don’t think that’s necessary but definitely, if this is true, lots of INTERNET protests in the form of blog posts, twitter, etc

      • ripcurl2121

        i dont need any more proof.  its obvious

  • JLAdevelop

    Well it has been quite a ride the past four days. Very exciting, but what have we learned about whether Sarah will run for president? The following is a list of the takeaways I have so far:

    She will run:
    1.Todd said the family is supportive of her decision to run if she so decides.
    2. She continues to make policy statements that a candidate would be doing: energy subsidies and concern about Afghanistan’s opposition to NATO bombing of terrorists.
    3. She seems to be enjoying out in the public in a campaign like environment. 

    She will not run:
    1. The Republican commentators across the spectrum from RINOs to conservative, including almost all of the Fox people, say she will not run. Fox has not terminated her contract (and she hasn’t either). Even people who she has been allies with such as Michael Steele say she is not running. Do these people know something we don’t? If they do we will be sorely disappointed and a bit miffed.
    2. She is not raising any money that can be used for a presidential run
    3. She apparently is not reaching out to local or state republican party leaders in the states she is visiting. 
    4. She is not announcing the hiring of any new campaign staff including a press spokesperson (I really want her to hire Jedidiah B.).

    Conclusion: I don’t think anyone knows for sure other than Sarah and Todd. I start to worry that maybe all of the experts know something I don’t know about her decision but then I realize we should continue to put our faith in her and support her. We will find out sometime this summer.

    • BostonBruin

      I would add to the "She will run" list that she seemed to be positively received by the people that she came in contact with.

      • narciso

        Have they really proved they’ve known anything.

        • JLAdevelop

          No they haven’t and it is unlikely that they have any inside information. It just surprising to me how uniform the view is that she is not running. 

      • JLAdevelop

        I agree that is a positive sign for a run. Scott Conroy just tweeted (after he is hearing all of his colleagues in the media say she is not running) that she may ultimately decide not to run but he believes she is seriously considering it. He has had better access and information than the rest of the press so I give his views some credibility – but not definitive. 

    • ellebb

      If she doesn’t, I’m sorry but, I WILL BE PISTSED.  Reaaly, really, really angry.

      I’ve sent her buckets of money… more than I should have.  If she does NOT run, she will have used all of us and we will not be happy.  She will be nothing more than a game-player – just like all the rest.

      Just my opinion.  That being said,  SHE IS SO RUNNING.

      • cuttingboardblues

        I don’t care if you sent her a million dollars ….she never used you.  Nor anyone else.  Self ban yourself for a week. 

        • ellebb

          You wouldn’t be disappointed?  Seriously?

          • cuttingboardblues

            I’d cry like a baby but she never used me.

      • Don B

        She has spent money, YOUR money, MY money, on helping to get true conservatives elected all across this great nation of ours.  None of that money was ever contributed for a presidential run, and you know it. If you thought otherwise, that’s on you, not her.

        For me, she has spent SarahPAC money very wisely.  And I’ll send her more as time goes on.

      • ripcurl2121

        thats a pathetic comment. did she force you to give her your money? no, she didnt. she never told you she was running. 

        not that you deserve it but, she’s running

    • Jasmine Clark

      you have doubts she’s running? i mean it’s your own opinion but it seems pretty clear to me that she’s running. the only reason i think she wouldn’t run is if there was a family emergency or something. but i think there are big signs that she is. she’s just runing a non-conventional campaign.

      • Journeymen

        When they approached Steve Brannon after the 2010 election to commission him to do you tube video on her record as governor should convince most people and of course RAM telling people to join Organize4Palin…. she’s just being coy until the very last moments to surprise he political enemies

    • GrmaTX

      Governor Palin has my support no matter what she decides.  She has my support as a human being.  She has put herself out there for nearly 3 years for this country…and before that she served in Alaska.  All this while raising a family.  This woman has my respect for her record in Alaska and all she has said and done that has countered the ideology and corruption of the Left.  Even if she never runs for political office again…she has my respect and gratitude.  Our wanting her to run for President and our disappointment if she doesn’t is our problem.  She has done so much already.  We should be appreciative of that.  Asking her to run for President is asking her to dedicate herself to us and to our country at the expense of her time, energy, and passion.  We are asking a lot of her.  We owe her our support regardless of the decision she makes.  In my heart of hearts I believe she will make a great President and be a leader like we haven’t had since President Reagan.  She will need "we the people" and the Congress to work with her, not against her.  The "fundamental restoration" of this country will take all of us.  We are all responsible for the pit this country is in politically, morally, and every other way.  It will take all of us to get out of the pit.  We can’t expect her to do it by herself.

    • Guest

      Is this is all one big tease, then a lot of people are gonna be ticked, disappointed and not come back to the Palin camp.  If this was just to pump up her PR for moneymaking and "kingmaking" then I dare think that a lot of hard core fans (me included) will scratch our collective heads and think "WTF???"

      Bus Tour
      Organize for Palin
      Future visits to IA, SC, VT

      • Guest

        Just to be clear, I believe she is running.  She’s in too deep now….she could of backed out of this a long time ago but she isn’t.   I’m just posting a possible outcome of what her fan base would feel is she said "no".

    • John_Frank

      Speaking of policy statements:

      @KatrinaTrinko Katrina Trinko

      Palin says she and trump share desire for balanced trade agreements w/ other countries for the sake of having jobs in the u.s.

      2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone!/KatrinaTrinko/status/75705700084494337

      Trinko is with the National Review.

      • John_Frank

        Here is an example of what a Palin administration would work to stop:

        The Korea Free Trade Agreement would Enable Korean Mercantilism

        The article closes with this quote:
        "Hasn’t anybody in the United States government yet figured out how
        modern mercantilism works? Trade agreements should require balanced
        trade, not prevent the United States from responding to mercantilism."

        "Game On"
        Sarah Palin – 2012

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Kate Obershain knocked it out of the park tonight.  If you didn’t get to see that segment of Hannity, you really missed something.  She is solidly in the Palin2012 corner, and btw, she has seen The Undefeated.  Hopefully Sheya will get the clip.

    • Jasmine Clark

      i saw that hannity segment, and plus i remember her giving an intro to a palin speech!! she rocks!!

    • Greg Legakis

      FYI – Hannity repeats at 12am e.s.t. for Kate Obershain clip

    • wisetrog wt

      Isn’t she with Young Republicans? I thought she gave a terrific introduction to the governor when she spoke there. She’s good addition to the governor’s media team besides dana loesch. the fact she’s seen the movie means she’s got the inside track. Good choice.

    • Sheya

      Working on it now

    • Roberta Williams

      Ok. That does it. I will watch it later, since I record it.

  • Patrocles

    Sheya, your source better be credible on this one.  Because if its not, you will become a laughingstock.

    • Dan C

      The media already is a laughingstock. Sheya knows the deal.

      If there was a memo and it got out, that could be a big deal.

      • cookboy

        "The media already is a laughingstock." Truer words were never spoken.

    • Sheya

      My source is credible. Unfortunately, I can’t name them but I have all the facts to back it up. Not worried about being a laughingstock, because I wont. You don’t have to be to smart to notice the game they are playing, with or without my post.

      I’ll try my best to have it up for tomorrow. Still putting some pieces together.

      • SusanWo4p

        Don’t worry about your sources, Sheya.  CNN was quoting the "anonymous" source who said that Ailes "thinks Sarah in an idiot" tonight.   Obviously this whole "anonymous source thing" is a completely credible and legitimate way to uncover facts now.

        • Amjean

          Ailes might have his nose out of joint because he can’t control Sarah either.

      • Right_Wingnut

        Will this help or hurt Sarah? Since I don’t know your source or the content of your info, I can’t answer that question,  but I hope you’ve given that some thought.

        • senator20526

          Think carefully about what effect this disclosure will have on Sarah……

      • Patrocles

        Trust me, I see the game they are playing.  But I don’t have evidence to say its true.  However, I think you are credible and your response indicates that you’re not being haphazard about this.  I look forward to seeing what you have.

      • illegalpointofview

        If you know what’s going on so does Sarah. Thank God for that

        • IsraeliCojones

          Right on. I cannot imagine Sarah ignored whatever Sheya has to tell us (I’ve got no doubts that she’s got friends there).

          She nevertheless continued to  work with them. I hope this tells something to everyone here.

    • Jasmine Clark

      yeah i don’t mean to insult sheya but i am wary of trusting anoymous "inside sources." i hope he makes sure it’s accurate. although i’m interested in hearing more.

    • militantfeather

      Yeah, but more importantly this could have unintended and possibly long-term consequences for Sarah. Maybe check with RAM first?

      Edit: Scrub that. I’m worried, but if you have info Sheya, then others will dig it up eventually as well. But maybe a heads up to Team Palin?

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