Governor Palin: Republicans and Democrats Should Vote No On Raising The Debt Ceiling

Via CNS News

Former governor and GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) told that Congressional Democrats and Republicans should vote against raising the debt ceiling.
“I absolutely do think the Republicans and Democrats – any common sense fiscal conservatives who understand that we can’t just give another tool to big spenders – I think they should vote against the debt ceiling; take the 6-8 billion dollars a day that the federal government rakes in – use that to service the debt; pay highest priorities first then we don’t have to raise that debt ceiling,” Palin told during an interview on the red carpet at MSNBC’s White House Correspondents Dinner after party Saturday night.

“Otherwise, it’s just unlimited debt that we’re going to incur in this nation. Yeah, I’d vote against and I hope they do too.”


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Here is what she said about Paul Ryan’s roadmap:

Palin: I love Paul Ryan’s plan, this path for prosperity, because it’s the opposite of the Obama plan. It gets us at least on the road towards where we need to be to be fiscally solvent whereas Obama’s plan is just going to bankrupt this country. So yes, I appreciate his plan. There are aspects of the plan that I would certainly want to engage in debate in, some particulars, but the overall plan is very good. Also, we have to remember that his touching of Medicare, Medicaid, these other entitlement programs, it doesn’t affect those who are recipients today. We need to make sure that seniors especially know that they’re protected, that they are going to be ok, and that safety net is there for them. It’s for new enrollees into the program, those under 55, that will have to accept some reforms that we have to accept otherwise again, our nation will be bankrupt.

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