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Governor Palin Talks to Hannity and Bolling Tonight/Open Thread

She talks to Hannity tonight at 9 PM EST on Fox News and Bolling at 10 PM EST on the Fox Business Network. Her advisers have allegedly told the National Journal off-the-record that there won’t be any huge announcement.

Matt Lewis gets it mostly right about the Governor’s presidential prospects here.

Here’s a look based on pre-Huckabee/Trump polling as to where the Governor’s strengths lie with demographic community types:

Sarah Palin: She has yet to even announce she is running, but with Huckabee out of the race, Palin’s appeal to cultural conservatives may help her immensely. Even with Huckabee in, Palin was the leader in the Evangelical Epicenters and in the Service Worker Centers. But she now may also rise to a "front-runner" position in the Emptying Nests, where there is a strong vein of cultural conservatism.

It should be noted that the "Service Worker Centers" and the "Growing Boom Towns" are where we’ll need to do well in to beat Obama in 2012 and the Governor does relatively well in both areas.

Do Northeastern Republicans and socially moderate Republicans have the guts to note that Christie’s negatives among Republicans in his home state of New Jersey are the same or higher than the Governor’s negatives nationally even though she has received far tougher press than he has received?

What else is going on today


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  • Rogue2012andbeyond

     Raining here in NY…

    PALIN 2012!!!!!    Please pretty please…..PALIN 2012!!!!!

    • Rogue2012andbeyond

      Just heard that Peter King (R) from Long Island, NY might run in the pres. race.  He is waiting t see what happens.

      PALIN 2012!!!!!

      • Massachusettspalinsupporter

        I have always thought that a Palin – King ticket would well Many things in common both prolife both working class and Pro union Different too Palin rural evangelical ing urban ethnic Catholic 

  • unseen1

    not looking for a huge announcment  just looking for Palin to move the ball up the court. 


      yep…just a little taste would be fine by me. 

    • Eagles8

      Right, she won’t go all-in tonight and she doesn’t need to, but it’d be nice if she looked down at her stack of chips and picked up a couple.

      • bradkarr

        Reminds me of a brawl.  One guy ( gal ) wins in the brawl and is worn down, then someone
        on the sidelines ( fresh as a daisy ) walks up and knocks out the winner of the brawl. 

        Sounds like stra-te-gery ( sic ) to me, lol.    Remind you of anyone?

  • David

    When is her next appearance on the bob and mark show? I know that she won’t go back on her word regarding announcing her run on their show first.

    All i’m looking for tonight is a good indication that she hasn’t seen anyone else she could get behind 100%, thus leaving herself to fill that spot to run.

    I am waiting to campaign my butt off for her.

    PALIN 2012 

    • NY4P

      David, why do you need to hear Sarah say that which you know already? You know her opinion that she is not satisfied with any in the current field. Patience, grasshopper, patience…

      • David

         i am the least patient person i know!

        • exodus2011


    • bradkarr

      Yep, the Bob and Mark show is the one to watch. I heard her say on the show that she would announce on their show. 

      • excopconservative

         One thing she could do on Fox is to say a date by which she would announce her decision. 

        • 70skids

           She said it was still very early to announce.  She is absolutely right.  This is not the old Palin new to the show she is hitting home runs with every move she makes.  I trust her judgement hear.  The other candidates are very scared to face her in a debate because she has a straight conservative history and most of them don’t.  The debates are were she will win the republican nomination.

          • 70skids

             I also think from listening to her she would announce in August or September.

  • sarahpalinrocks2

    OT – Delicious bit of Karma here:

    More Bad News… IMF Leader’s Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim Lives in AIDS House via gatewaypundit (link right below)

  • palin45potus

     I wonder why there is such an attempt to draft a "conservative" to run by the GOP insiders?  Maybe they have at least a couple of things going on.

    #1.  They really think there is one who is another Reagan, who they can follow and believe in. (IMO, that’s highly unlikely, as they obviously know all about Sarah, they just know that she ain’t under their control.  All you need to do is read the piece from a couple of months ago on Rove in the NY Times Sunday Magazine to see the way these guys think.)


    #2.  They KNOW that Mitt, Mitch, Timmy, Whoever will be playing to empty pizza-joint while "She who’s name shall not be mentioned" is selling out stadiums.  They know that she can win any one on one matchup.  This is the internal polling that they don’t DARE show us.  Team Obama knows this as well, and in their little clandestine strategy pow-wows, this has to be "Problem #1″.

    BTW, I think Sarah has a finger on the pulse and knows where she stands with The American People as well.

    Watch tonight for new clues!!

    Sarah 2012!!

    • aaron66krohn

      "Watch tonight for new clues!!"
      What is this, some game we’re playing at a party??  Or like in those romantic comedy movies…..where the guy leaves clues for his girlfriend to follow when she gets home…….until she comes to the dresser drawer….where she discovers the diamond engagement ring he hid there!! 
      I remember all the "clues" hidden in the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover as to whether Paul was dead or not!!  (The VW license plate was "28IF"….meaning he’d be 28 IF he were still living!!!)
      No, I’ll be more interested in her take on bin Laden’s death and the political games Obama played in the days following….or her take on the IMF head being accused of rape……or the fact our debt limit has been reached……or her views on what to do about Syria, if anything…..and on and on!!!
      The only "clue" I’ll pay attention to is any announcement of her next appearance on the Bob and Mark Show….where she’s promised at least FOUR times she’d make her announcement!!!

      • Jasmine Clark

        no one is expecting her to go HEY I’M RUNNING!!!! but i still think she needs to leave a new clue tonight.

      • palin45potus

        To tell the truth, when I wrote that little throwaway line, I was just having a little fun!  I mean, I’ve watched threads reach almost a thousand comments based on that sort of thing.

        I’m in the camp that thinks Sarah has very sound reasons for waiting until July 28th or so.  It’s called "lawfare", and the Democrat party works with the media in order to create a constitutional crisis mentality when a GOP administration is in the White House.  It works, it’s one of the malignancies that the constitution has grown that is badly hurting us.

        Case in point, the whole "Bush Lied" yellowcake thing with Joe Wison and Valerie Plame.  You might have noticed the love that the media has for tagging the GOP as "liars".  To them, you are a liar if you don’t agree with them, and basically let them do whatever they want.

        It took years, and lots of taxpayer money, but they did end up finally getting "justice".  Lewis "Scooter" Libby went to jail because of a discrepancy in his memory of a conversation from months earlier compared to the memory of a journalist.  The ironic part is, he wasn’t the one who "leaked" Plame’s name to the press anyways, that was none other than Colin Powell’s good buddy Richard Armitage.  But hey, it made Bush look bad, and besides, Powell’s one of the "in" crowd.

        This is just an example of what Sarah will face, and why she can’t give anything away if she doesn’t have to.

        • aaron66krohn

          Funny that you mention the Plame case!!  Just last night, I watched the movie based on that case, "Nothing But the Truth".  Excellent movie…with a twist ending that’s a shocker!!   

    • bradkarr

      WELCOME BACK DAD!…………..Michael Reagan

  • ramorywebb

     A lot of buzz going on because of Huckabee’s decision. Lets say that there is a building consensus that IF Palin runs she can win the nomination. As Matt Lewis says in the linked story, " Sarah Palin Can Still Win the GOP Nomination."

    • John Norton

      thats the thing about words its not "If" she runs its When she runs and she Will win the nomination… 

      • ramorywebb

        Palin was going to offer "insight" as to who might lead the GOP in 2012 on Hannity tonight. I have not seen the interview nor found any press on it.

        So for me it is still an IF.

  • Nancy6

    Wouldn’t it be just our luck, that in her interview tonight with Hannity, just as she sweeps her hair back from her shoulders, in an obvious signal to us that she is running, Bigfoot ambles in front of the camera, blocking our view?

    FYI, for those of you not familiar with the lunacy that emanates from the Palin Haters, Sarah and Bigfoot are an item, so it is not odd that he would be there.

    • Roxanne

      ; ) 

  • exodus2011

    I’ve been thinking about Newt’s latest WOEFUL JUDGEMENT episode …..

    He is trapped in the ‘conventional pol thinking’ paradigm …. he thought that he could nuance a position on the Ryan Budget Plan, and set himself up as ‘not so right wing’ and so attract the ‘moderates’ before say, Romney or Huntsman or Daniels could make a pitch for them ….

    This is an example of contrivance, not acting from core values or principle ….. Newt doesn’t realise that the GOP electorate is now HEAVILY in the TP conservative mindset, but the absolute OUTRAGE in response to his stupidity surely now leaves him in no doubt! I think that there just aren’t that many true ‘moderates’ or libs left in the GOP electorate …..

    It makes me realise again the REFRESHMENT that Gov Palin brings to the GOP electorate …… she always acts from core PRINCIPLE …. there is seldom nuance …. it is like being offered a drink of fresh clean water after years of trying to swallow stuff that is slightly polluted ….. (eewwwwww *__*)

    But only a STRONG LEADER, one who trusted, one who is authentic, one who has a clear vision, one who can communicate that vision, can then SHAPE public opinion and bring more people to embrace the direction for the country that is being presented. 

    We have that kind of leader, Providentially in Governor Sarah Palin.

    General Palin, your Troops remain in training …. watching, listening, waiting for your command to launch the Campaign to Restore America.

    • Nancy6

      Did you hear Rush revealing yesterday, that Gingrich, just a few months ago, was so sure of getting the nomination, he was discussing who he would put in his cabinet?
      Please, correct me, anyone, if I am wrong in what I heard from Rush. 
      I know we toss stuff around here about who Palin would put in her cabinet, but, that is simply supporters of hers, messing around.
      I was surprised Gingrich would be bringing up that sort of thing with Rush, maybe I am just naive, and that happens all the time. I don’t know.

      • exodus2011

         no, I didn’t hear that Nancy, but if it is true, I have a one word response that I learned recently



        • Nancy6

           LOL! That’s perfect exodus!:)

          • exodus2011


      • senator20526

        I heard Rush say that he had dinner with Newt and that Newt was sure he was going to get the nomination and was already planning his campaign against Obummer. 

      • Anno76

        I heard that too Nancy. It is unbelievable that these people are so self absorbent that they do not care about anything but themselves!!!

      • Betsey_Ross

        I did hear that.  I am sure he is so delusional that he thinks he is the savior of the Republican Party.  Sorry Newt.  Not so.  But as Rush said yesterday all of them think they can win.  Otherwise they wouldn’t run.   

        • John Norton

          With all due or undue respect to newt let him keep thinking that. But if one wants a snapshot of a rino hes the one that comes to memory.What used to be  time to move on… 

    • bradkarr

      ATTEN-HUT  Fall in 

      • exodus2011

        Ma’am YES Ma’am! (executing smart ‘textbook’ salute)


        (that salute was addressedto Gen Palin, and not you brad, whom I judge to be a ‘Sir YES Sir!"


  • bamleader

    The following is a comment from Politico.  I was impressed with the fulness of it, so I thought you might also enjoy.

    Governor Palin has been prescient on every major political issue. In foreign policy, Governor Palin has been fully cognizant of the threats of Iran, has warned of the problems of signing the START treaty with Russia, and has being rightfully skeptical of the uprising in Egypt and our involvement in Libya. She is the only potential candidate to lay out a foreign policy vision for the appropriate use of force in engaging the US military. On economic issues, she has predicted the inflation that was bound to follow QE2 by the Fed and was a consistent and early critic of Obamacare. Of course, there is no doubt that no other potential candidate can match her when it comes to energy issues, and her governorship was nothing short of remarkable, as is outlined in this month’s article about her in The Atlantic.
    Governor Palin’s "political education" did not retroactively involve her receiving a degree from an Ivy League school, and her recent change in foreign policy advisers now has her ties from the political Establishment essentially severed. These are the defining characteristics of true intellectual curiosity, according to the likes of the very intellectual elites who otherwise impugn her. Governor Palin always takes a different route. She has written books which highlight her political achievements and delineate the principles that guide her personal and political decision-making. She has criss-crossed the United States speaking to business, trade, pro-life, college, and Christian groups. She has traveled abroad speaking to groups in Hong Kong and India, and engaged in humanitarian efforts in Haiti. She has met with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and saw first-hand the struggle Israel faces being surrounded by hostile forces on all fronts.
    Sarah Palin, the most popular governor in American history, is an electrifying, charismatic personality with a history of take-no-prisoners government reform, budgetary acumen and team management know-how, who left her state with a cash surplus, cleaned-up of corruption, and poised to provide clean, domestic energy to the United States for decades to come. It would be difficult to find a more capable, effective person to serve as president of the United States, and that includes our current Commander-in-Chief.

    Hope you enjoy!!!
    Palin 2012

    • RefudiateGOPe
    • bradkarr

      My suggestion.

      Copy this post  bamleader and save it on your PC. ( I just did )  Then copy it into as many e-mails as possible.  The average voter has NO CLUE as to Sarah Palins accomplishments.


    • senator20526

      Someone needs to send that to CK and Kristol. 

    • John Norton

      There Is without a doubt nothing like the truth 

  • technopeasant

    The Econ/yougov poll is now out:

    First on the issues in respect to Obama’s approval/disapproval:

                                    JA                 JD
    ECONOMY           34 (37)          55 (57)

    HEALTHCARE    37 (39)          52 (54)

    BUDGET DEF     30 (33)         57 (59)

    TAXES                 32 (35)         56 (57)

    Brackets last week

    These numbers don’t look good especially dropping 3 points in approval in his handling of the economy

    • heypiasano


      To give you a heads up, I’m on the You Gov mailing list. This was rather unusual, they sent the same exact survey three times in a row. Looks like they were trying to get a result that they didn’t get.

    • technopeasant

      Now the full poll of Obama’s approval/disapproval comparing it to last week and the net difference:

                                             LAST WEEK            THIS WEEK       NET DIFF
      OVERALL                      45/48                        44/46                 +1
      18-29                              55/38                        54/26                 +11
      30-64                              44/50                       43/49                    0
      65+                                 43/54                       32/62                  -41
      WHITES                        40/55                       39/52                  +3
      BLACKS                       83/10                       75/7                    -5
      HISPANICS                 61/34                       54/35                  -8
      MALES                        45/51                       43/50                  -1
      FEMALES                  47/45                        45/43                 0
      HIGH SCHOOL          44/49                       34/50                 -11
      SOME COLL             42/51                        53/41                +21
      COLL GRAD             54/43                        53/46               -4
      DEMS                        80/15                        80/15                 0
      GOP                          10/85                        8/88                  -5
      INDIES                     44/50                       43/52                -3
      LIBS                         88/11                       87/10                 0
      MODERATES         57/37                      56/38                  -2
      CONSERV             13/84                       16/80                 +7
      NORTHEAST        47/42                       45/49                 -9
      MIDWEST             53/43                       46/46                -10
      SOUTH                  44/50                       40/51                -5
      WEST                   42/53                       49/45               +15
      <$40000/YR         46/45                      43/45               -3
      40-100                  46/48                      44/52               -6                     
      100000+               42/56                     53/46               +21


      • excopconservative

        Deleted -

        • technopeasant

          Are you sure you are interpreting the poll results correctly? 

      • technopeasant

        Analysis and conclusions:

        1) Again Econ/yougov is an interactive poll of 1000 adults.

        2) This is two weeks in a row where there is clear evidence that Obama’s Bin Laden bounce has subsided.

        3) And based on this poll and Obama’s losing 3 points in his approval on his handling of the economy I would say that the economy and fiscal matters has taken center stage again.

        4) And to prove that let’s look at Obama’s approval/disapproval among the middle class/young family categories:

        30/64:                       43/49

        $40000-100000/yr:  44/52 

        These were the kinds of numbers Obama was polling pre-Bin Laden

        5) Obama is starting to slip back incrementally among WHITES and has again fallen back again among Hispanics after going up with the latter to 68/31 just after word got out about BL (18 point net dropoff).

        6) The Gallup weekly summary showed a dropoff among female approval from the past week; so does Econ. Right after BL it was 53/39 (12 point net dropoff)

        7) But if there is one group that tailed off big time it was seniors. Next week we will see if this dropoff among 65+ was an outlier.

        8) For the second straight week we find that Obama basically held his base but lost ground with the GOP and INDEPENDENT voters on an incremental basis. Translated: We were willing to give you kudos for killing Bin Laden, but you still haven’t fixed the economy.  What have you done for me lately, the sports analysts would say?

        9) The Midwest and the South, always fertile ground for GOP presidential contenders again fell back to pre-BL days after giving Obama high marks for BL.

        10) So in conclusion Econ has determined that Obama’s BL mini-surge is probably over with one caveat–the undecided vote in many categories did go up in several categories. Could more people have become ambivalent to Obama now also because of BL?

  • midwestprincesse

    I’ll miss her talks live, due to a night class I attend, but I’m excited to see her when I get home.

    Thanks for all your work C4P! :)

  • TheTotalConservative

    I am getting annoyed by the Cult of Herman Cain. These folks try to run down Palin in favor of this Unqualified Zero that ran a Gas Station Pizza Company so well that now he is a Radio Host. Seriously I think these people are undermining Palin’s chances. 

    • Jasmine Clark

      that annoys me so much. how in the world is cain, who has never been elected to office, and has low name recognition, a better choice than palin?????? it makes no sense… sigh…

      • John Norton

        People pushing their own private agendas 

    • excopconservative

       Did worry about Cain.  Gallop had him at less than 0.5% in the survey they released yesterday.

  • Pete Petretich

    These Christie people are all talking about 2016, assuming that someone like Mitt will lose 2012. 

    • aafan

       Good build him up for 2016 no problems. We will see when 2016 comes.

    • NW_Smith

      Right … maybe he can make the keynote speech at the 2016 Republican Convention as President Palin kicks off her re-election campaign. If he’s been a good boy.

  • John_Frank

    Good afternoon,

    Kelsey posted a link to the following video in this morning’s open thread which people need to listen too:

    I’m waiting for Sarah Palin.

    "Game On"
    Sarah Palin – 2012

  • grizzlyrising

    Keep ‘em all guessing Governor Palin, I’m loving it! 

  • NYJeremy

    Remember, Sarah: Hair up, you’re running; hair in any other style, you have decided not to.:)

    • bradkarr


  • Nancy6

    Do we have a signal flipchart yet on her wardrobe, hairdo, choice of glasses, and body/hand movements, and what each item means, for tonight’s interviews?

    • Jasmine Clark

      if she winks while talking about her plans for 2012, it means she’s running. left eye wink means she anounces in may/june. right eye wink means she announces in july/august. although, wink or not, running jacket means she’s running. if there’s no running jacket, watch her hair touch. pay close attention to the direction she moves her hair, and movement of her hand and if she flashes any sign language, that will indicate the day of the week she announces…
      lol i’m just rambling… XD

      • Nancy6

         LOL! I like your rambling, it makes me laugh!:)

      • NYJeremy

         Let’s just keep it simple. :)

      • senator20526

        I still like the third base coach signals….touch your nose, then wink, then tap your arm, etc…. 

      • SFP2012

        If she has "Hi Mom" written on the palm of her hand, that’s a definite sign that she’s running! 

    • aaron66krohn

      Yep!!  I got it right here!!
      1. Wears her Israeli/USA Flag pin: Means she supports Israel and the USA!!
      2. Wears her huge Polar Bear pin: Means Mama Grizzlies like their Polar Bears…..raw!!
      3. Has hair in updo: Means she had only seconds to get hair in place!!  Zip, zip, pin it, done!!
      4. Wears clothes: Means she’s NOT a Nudist!!
      5. Smiles at the camera: Means Todd probably is making funny faces or sending kisses to her.
      6. Lots of hand movements: Means she’s spent way too much time in New York City!!

      Does that help ya, Nancy6?? 

      • Anno76

        Just LOVE number 5

  • palinsupporter1

     Palin tweeted this!!!! She never tweets when she’s going on fox?!? SarahPalinUSA Sarah Palin 
    FOX Biz "Follow the Money" = amazing job getting truth on airwaves re: America’s energy potential! Eric Bolling allowed me on tonight’s show

  • exodus2011

    If Gov Palin and Todd have met with John Yoo in AK (speculation after noticing that he was in AK of all places recently), perhaps considering him for hire on the recommendation of Michael Glassner, that will really put the cat among the pigeons in a couple of ways I can think of:

    Firstly, he is a W man, and was a key legal adviser giving the green light for enhanced interrogation techniques to be used on Terrorists, and

    Secondly, this could put Gov Palin hard up against John McCain, who is trying to argue the case AGAINST the use of these techniques, and that they didn’t really contribute to the final dispatch of OBL.

    • palinsupporter1

      Do you have a link of the meeting. 

      • exodus2011

         no …. I picked it up from something posted by an observor in AK on Ace’s blog

        at this point there is only speculation concerning WHY someone like John Yoo would BE in AK in the first place

    • heypiasano

      She knows that she has to separate herself from McCain’s campaign policies. Though she respects McCain’s service to the country, there are many policies that she does not agree with Senator McCain.

      Great Move!

      Palin 2012- Game On!

    • $8196935

      John’s name is

      John Yoo 

      • exodus2011

         Thanks for the correction Yankee – EDIT coming up!


    • Abby4

      He was in Alaska speaking at a gathering of the Alaska Bar Association.

      • exodus2011

        thanks for the link abby

        I am inclined to wonder whether there was more than one objective in his mind when John Yoo travelled to AK 

  • RefudiateGOPe

    It sounds like Sarah may not be on Hannity tonight.  He tweeted this earlier:!/seanhannity/status/70935525716017152

    (no mention of Sarah even though they’ve been promo’ing it heavily all day.)

    Then Sarah tweeted this about her appearance with Eric:!/SarahPalinUSA/status/70939406701309952

    (notice Sarah’s use of the word "allowed")

    • IsraeliCojones

      Is someone listening to his radio show? He usually announces who will be on his TV show…

      • N.A.C.

        Yep, the 3 hours of the Hannity radio show is nearly filled with paid commercials,  announcing what’s coming up next in the radio show and tonight’s show, uninteresting random callers, and Sean repeating ad infinitum things he has said 5 minutes, an hour or days before.

        Sean may be a "great American" but there is a limit to how much boredom one can take!

        In the east coast, he comes on for 3 hours during the commute home. Thank goodness for internet podcast.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Well, I hear ya, that’s why I was asking :)

          I can’t listen to him anymore: I feel brainwashed. But maybe there’s a masochist out there, one never knows…

    • Jasmine Clark

      is he talking about radio guests or TV guests? i don’t know…

    • Jasmine Clark oh wait, she will be on hannity! it says on the site. although it is strange how short notice it is, i don’t remember hannity mentioning it last night…

      • midwestprincesse

        I did see her name mentioned in the right corner of his show, I believe.

      • aafan

         Hope he does not ask yes no question on politically sensitive issues where she is not ready to answer at present.

    • Roberta Williams

      I went to Fox News/Hannity, and, her picture is there for tonight’s TV program.

    • Right_Wingnut

      Never mind. Deleted

    • aafan

       Good i do not like her going on Hannity. From the day he cornered her to endorse COD and spend political capital, I always worry when she is on Hannity.

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