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Governor Palin Talks to Hannity and Bolling Tonight/Open Thread

She talks to Hannity tonight at 9 PM EST on Fox News and Bolling at 10 PM EST on the Fox Business Network. Her advisers have allegedly told the National Journal off-the-record that there won’t be any huge announcement.

Matt Lewis gets it mostly right about the Governor’s presidential prospects here.

Here’s a look based on pre-Huckabee/Trump polling as to where the Governor’s strengths lie with demographic community types:

Sarah Palin: She has yet to even announce she is running, but with Huckabee out of the race, Palin’s appeal to cultural conservatives may help her immensely. Even with Huckabee in, Palin was the leader in the Evangelical Epicenters and in the Service Worker Centers. But she now may also rise to a "front-runner" position in the Emptying Nests, where there is a strong vein of cultural conservatism.

It should be noted that the "Service Worker Centers" and the "Growing Boom Towns" are where we’ll need to do well in to beat Obama in 2012 and the Governor does relatively well in both areas.

Do Northeastern Republicans and socially moderate Republicans have the guts to note that Christie’s negatives among Republicans in his home state of New Jersey are the same or higher than the Governor’s negatives nationally even though she has received far tougher press than he has received?

What else is going on today


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