Rolling Thunder Confirms Palin Invite; Andrea Mitchell Demonstrates Journalistic Incompetence, Bias (Updated)

Remember when Andrea Mitchell attempted to interrupt Governor Palin’s Going Rogue tour in 2009 and got stopped cold by a security guard?

Well, Andrea Mitchell attempted to interrupt Governor Palin’s “One Nation” tour with a false report and has been stopped cold by the facts.

Yesterday, she falsely reported on Andrea Mitchell Reports that Governor Palin was not invited to participate in Rolling Thunder activities this weekend, relying on one disgruntled source to imply that Palin was using the veteran’s group for publicity without their approval. Mitchell’s story has been thoroughly refudiated. Mediaite reports the Hot Air scoop:

Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour appeared to have gotten off to a false start yesterday as a member of the pro-veterans organization Rolling Thunder went on NBC to denounce her presence at an upcoming event of theirs, claiming no one had invited her. Turns out, as per organization spokesperson Christine Colborne, Palin had been invited, but had RSVP’d too soon for the group to announce her arrival to all its members.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey called up the organization and got in touch with Colborne, who explained that the issue was one of “internal miscommunication” and that Palin had been invited by Michael DiPaolo, a retired board member. Ted Shpak, another organization spokesperson and veteran himself, hadn’t been notified of Palin’s appearance by the time he went on Andrea Mitchell Reports and was seriously concerned that Palin would be a “distraction”:

Colborne spoke with me on the phone in the middle of an all-night car ride to Washington DC, and explained that the last-minute RSVP didn’t get communicated through the echelons of Rolling Thunder. Everyone is either in transit or already in DC, and internal communication broke down as often happens before a major event. Shpak (and Colborne) were taken by surprise by Palin’s announcement. Shpak does have the authority to speak for the organization, Colborne says, but he had no idea that Palin was invited by DiPaolo, and Shpak worried that Palin’s arrival might be a “big distraction” from the issues on which Rolling Thunder wants people to focus.

Morrissey adds that, with groups like these, the communication error is particularly understandable because it subsists exclusively on volunteer work– none of the people involved in it get a paycheck, and veterans like Shpak are involved based only on their passion for the job. As for Shpak, he has yet to issue a statement on his appearance given the news that Palin is not, in fact, crashing his event.

In the onlline version of Mitchell’s report, she claims that SarahPAC confirmed the invite as well. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Mitchell or one of her lackeys had asked them to provide the name of someone who could confirm the invite. Moreover, it’s funny how Mitchell never thought to question the motives behind her source, Shpak, who was all-too-willing to bash Palin. Is he a Democrat? We’ll never know, though some are claiming he has appeared with Democrat politicians in the past.

Regardless, Andrea once again shows she wasn’t paying attention in journalism class. And her false report has reverberated throughout the blogosphere. Par for the course in how Palin is constantly smeared.

We’re waiting with baited breath for the retraction.

I’d imagine we’ll be waiting quite a while.

Update: At least ABC bothered to talk to more than one source about Palin’s participation. They have a nice report on the positive things Rolling Thunder members said about Sarah Palin.

Update II: Andrea Mitchell’s bias on display (h/t Whitney)

I hadn’t seen this before Whitney mentioned it. In an interview with Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, Mitchell asks her if Palin’s bus tour and presumed run would be “the best re-election news ever for Obama.”

Here’s the link.

Unbelieveable. And the smarmy smile on her face says it all.

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