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Huckabee Is Out!

An absolute game-changer!

Video and official statement here

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  • VeganPalinista

    Huzzah! Hopefully this means we get a debate free of passive aggressiveness framed as "I’m just asking questions!" what Huck did to Romney by demagoguing his mormonism was obnoxious.

    Oh, and Palin 2012.

    • Carmelo Junior

      Romney’s Mormonism is is a no go. He needs to run on business because on religion, public policy and health care he is losing BIG. 

  • heypiasano

     Game on!

    Sarah Palin 2012- $12billion Surplus, Follow the money!

  • CBDenver

    What a surprise — not.

  • Jack777

    Run Sarah Run 


    Techno…Kudos to you buddy…you called it!

  • cudaforever

    You were right Ian. I was thinking for sure he would run — SARAH 2012 !!

  • Henry D’Andrea

    SARAH PALIN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M_Minnesota

     Praise God!!!

    Doin the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!

  • TSM_Admin

    What was that with Trump in as a "FOX New Alert", immediately after the
    announcement, talking about Huckabee?  How did he know what Huck would

    • Ron Brown

       That was wierd. I agree. How did he know? How did he secure that time on Huckabee’s show?

  • Reynolds88

    Bayonets!  Game ON!!!

  • aaron66krohn

    Can’t wait for the first post-Huckabee polls!!! 

    • FredHeadBill

       I believe they’ll be manipulated as well…but without huck.

  • CliffNZ

     Just finished reading this Ben Smith pollutico piece praising Mike Huckabee as "Loyal opposition" and promoting him as a reasonable opposition candidate to Obama. It is written in a very different tone from anything Ben Smith has ever written about Sarah Palin. 

    Guess he’ll (and a few others) will be a little disappointed.  GO SARAH!!!!!!

    • larrygeary

       "Loyal Opposition" = Some loyal Republican who’s willing to lose.

    • Dan C

       That is code for someone who will lose gracefully to Obama. That is what pullitco wants.

    • Carmelo Junior

      Huckabee can compete for the SOS, or any high raking position in the Palin administration or just become a millionaire show host! 

      • ripcurl2121

        ah…  that snake oil salesmnen gets nowhere near the palin adminstration.  the only table huckabee gets to sit at is the buffet table 

  • juju341

    Will Fox put pressure on Palin to make a decision sooner than later?????? 

    • sc4GOP

      Yes.  When she interviewed with Brett Baier a few weeks ago, he was really pushing her.  

      • cherich

         What is going on in SC? My daughters go to college in Greenville – saw some of the Fox folks there for the debate.

    • ripcurl2121

      who cares what faux news want?. palin doesnt go by their schedule.   

  • cherich

    Yes, thank you Lord for opening the door for Sarah Palin. Glad that Huckabee heard your voice. Pray for favor in the spiritual realm for her. "Let your will be done for our nation as it is in heaven!"

    • Joanne Mayo


  • Steven

    Everything it seems is falling into place for Palin. Barbour not running, Huckabee out, Trump sucking the oxygen away from Bachmann, Gingrich imploding, Romney being derided and essentially dumped by the Establishment, Huntsman running, Daniels running even though he has a major scandal in his closet, and Paul Ryan more likely to run for the Senate than the presidency. Everything is falling into place. Who else can they bring in? Christie? Please.

    Sarah the door is their open for you! Take your time, but know its your destiny to lead this nation. Run, baby run!!

    • Amjean

      On the radio programs they are talking up Cain. 

      • Jasmine Clark

        lol he desn’t have a chance though

        • ReneePA

           I’ll say it again.  He would make a great VP for her.

      • ripcurl2121

        to run a new pizza shop? 

    • unseen1

      God opens doors   

      • PW4SP ? ?

        Yes he does, 
        "I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no
        man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept my word,
        and have not denied my name." Revelation 3:8

    • Penny

      Steven, your’s is one of my all time favorite comments!!  

      Game on!

  • heypiasano

     Can anyone confirm that Sarah is obligated to waite 2 years after her resignation before she can be a candidate for any other office or be subject to more ethics complaints?

    Sarah 2012, $12billion Surplus, Follow the money

    • CBDenver

       What I heard was that there is a two year limit after she left the governorship on filing ethics complaints related to her years as governor.  In other words, after two years from her resignation, she if free from the ankle-biters.  Kind of like a "statute of limitations" of two years after which no ethics complaints can be filed.

       I have never heard any restriction on her running for any office after her resignation.

      • Carmelo Junior

        There are no restrictions. She just stepped down and put her LT Governor in charge. She was not impeached or anything duuuh! :) She could have announced presidential run the same day the stepped down! Sarah was still literally GOVERNOR of Alaska untill Pannell took office under his own elected term!

        This is where most idiots have it wrong. She did not quit or left office. She just STEPPED down and delegated duties like any EXECUTIVE can do. Off course, people like Bachmann, Ron Paul or Karl Rove and most "quitter meme" folks will never understand what an EXECUTIVE is.

      • ripcurl2121

        then if thats definately the case it would be stupid to annnounce before then.  so everyone who just cant wait – your gonna have to 

      • Guest

        It IS a statute of limitations.  But it has no legal or logical effect on her announcement.  

        The only things she can be waiting on that are not in her control now are Daniels’ {can’t imagine she cares if MB says yes no or maybe] and of course the email release May 31.  The field is set, the table is set.  And yes I think Fox is going to make her decide or suspend her "contract" until she does decide.There are no excuses or contingencies anymore.  Go time.

    • juju341

      She does not have to wait at all to announce/run because of her resignation.  However, the ankle biters can still file ethic complaints against her for two years after her resignation which would be
      sometime after the 20th of July.   Of course, she may not even be concerned about this…who knows.  But, you can bet the ankle biters are holding their fire until the last minute to file charges.

    • Guest

      I can confirm that that is utterly not true.

  • Guest

    Say hello to President Palin!

  • Steven

    Don’t doubt Techno! And kudos to Ian for his confident analysis. Still hate his headlines some of the time.

    Welcome all Huckabee supporters! The water is fine here!

    • Carmelo Junior

      techno and Ian please predict when Sarah will announce, I will believe you guys!!! :) 

  • redneckgal


  • Eddy

    The stars are aligning for Governor Palin. 

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