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Monday Open Thread

Alaska ACES win the Kelly Cup.

The latest from the eloquent Brianus.

Palin is "Barracudas Maximus."

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  • M_Minnesota

     Good Morning C4P!

    The greatest thing evah to happen in MN was the RNC coming
    out of Gov. Palin in St. Paul.   
    Recently there has been a story that has 
    made us see  what people
    (politicians)really think about things.  
    We haven’t had this much fun since Gov. Jesse Ventura said that  “Following Jesus is a crutch”


    Bradlee Dean said a prayer in the MN state legislature that
    has  respectable Republicans running for
    the hills; and denouncing Dean.  The
    Republican Majority speaker apologized and asked the House  Chaplin to say a different prayer.  Dean said the reason he dissed  the temporary President’s  faith; is because Obama has said “We no
    longer consider ourselves to be a Christian country.”   You can judge for yourself whether it was
    appropriate or not  and listen to the
    prayer below.   (after clicking on the
    link, scroll down for the fox9 report)



    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Minnesota!! 

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Happy Monday to you all!!
    Here are three favorite moments that I have selected from her interview with Judge Jeanine on Saturday, though in very truth I could have selected a dozen or more such spots.  I thought she was splendid!!
    First: Re barack obama, “…I’m going to call him our temporary leader, because my goal is to make sure that president obama is not reelected in 2012.”  Straight, hard-hitting, succinct, to the point!  She is not afraid of this guy; she is not afraid of his millions and millions and millions of purloined dollars; she is not afraid of his hordes of allies in the media and in the professional political class; she is not afraid to state in the most limpid and eloquently laconic terms that she will see this guy ousted in 2012!!
    Second: The judge asked, “Could the media attacks persuade you not to run in 2012?”  Sarah’s response, “Nope, it’s not going to be the media…”  And she goes on to say that it would be the effect of a campaign on her family that could perhaps dissuade her.  However, it will certainly not be the media.  What so struck and moved me was that magnificent monosyllable, “NOPE.”  The way she said it, the tone, the timing, were quintessentially Sarah!  You listen to her voice, you look into her eyes, you are touched by her guts, her heart, her spirit, and you know we can win.  I am reminded of what the Oakland Raiders’ Hall-of-Fame left guard, #63 Gene Upshaw, once said about being in the huddle with the great QB Kenny Stabler: “You looked into his eyes, and knew he could do it!”  Why is this quality, this characteristic, so important?  Because the Left and their fellow travelers are playing psychological games with us right now, launching double-barreled missiles of misleading propaganda: That it will be well-nigh impossible for anyone to defeat obama next year, and that, in any case, Sarah certainly would have no chance against him.  They are trying to cover and smother us with a paralyzing miasma of despair and with dank, dark, dispiriting clouds of hopelessness…and then, in a moment, the sun comes out…the sun of Sarah!!
    They spend millions of dollars buying and bullying the professional manufacturers of mendacity to do their bidding…and Sarah comes, and with the bracing breath of a word and a smile scatters their lies like so many dry, rotted, putrid leaves!!!
    I would take one word, one smile, yes, one WINK from Sarah Palin over the reams and mountains of print and electronic monstrosities spewed forth by these shameless slaves.  Why?  Because Sarah’s every word and every gesture proceed and flow from a heart and a spirit that are true and brave and golden and free. 
    One free man or woman will always prevail over a thousand, ten thousand, mercenaries or bondsmen.  History and literature are replete with deathless examples of this timeless truth.
    Freedom begets freedom.
    Her life refutes their lies.
    The third moment, very briefly, was when Sarah cited Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” as a possible ring-tone for her phone.  I loved it…as did millions of her supporters!!
    Here is the commentary on the next page of Going Rogue.
    God bless you all always!!
    SARAH 2012!!!!!!
    On p. 53 of GR, Sarah is telling us about the marvelous and miraculous moments when her firstborn son, Track, was born.  She says, “The world went away, and in a crystallizing instant, I knew my purpose.
    “As the nurse laid my son gently in my arms, Todd and I laughed and cried together.  It was a profound moment, unexpected, overwhelming.  In the space of a few minutes, we’d gone from being two individuals to being a family.”
    What beautiful and profound words!!
    I could discourse at some length on the Trinitarian implications of Sarah’s final words in this citation.  The adding of a “TERTIUM QUID,” a third element, that binds two other elements to itself and to each other in love would provide material for fruitful reflections.  A child in its relations to father and mother bears a faint resemblance to the Holy Spirit in Relation to the Father and the Son.
    I could reflect on the ancient literary pedigree of laughter and tears commixed and commingled, going back to Hector’s wife, Andromache, in Book Six of Homer’s Iliad.  (Ah, glorious rainbow, when the sun of a smile greets the watery arc of tears, and generates a luminous iridescence of hope!!)
    However, I would like to focus instead on these words: “The world went away, and in a crystallizing instant, I knew my purpose.”
    I think that the soul of this sentence, and of its interpretation, hinges on the pivot of the term and image “crystallizing.”
    What does it mean for something to be “crystallized”?  It means that something assumes a definite and symmetrical and permanent form.  This form is like the definite and symmetrical internal structures of crystal.  Also, since crystal is clear and limpid, there is the connotation of clarity.
    Further, what does it mean for something to possess “symmetry”?  In the literal sense of the Greek word from which our word descends, it means for something to be “measured” “together with” something else.  Something can be in symmetry with itself, when its own parts bear a harmonious relationship to each other, like the two sides of a face; or something can stand in symmetry to something else, with which it stands in measured harmony.
    So, what happened to Sarah at that moment?  She became something that one can only be IN RELATION TO someone else.  She came to be measured together with or in relation to someone else.  She became a mom.  There are certain realities or modes of being that can exist only in relation to something/someone else.  There is no uncle without the nephew or niece.  There is no shepherd (at least “in actu”) without sheep.  And there is no mom without a kid!
    So the structure, the order, the “teleology” of Sarah’s life was set at this moment, and set with a limpid, crystal-like clearness of purpose.
    The QUID, the “what,” of her life has not changed, essentially, from that moment.
    However, the QUANTUM, the “how much,” has certainly changed!
    She became a mother for the second, third, and fourth times, with the birth of her three daughters.
    Then she became “mother” of the State of Alaska in becoming its governor.
    Then she became a mom for the fifth time with the glorious birth of her little Trig.
    Then, IMHO, she BEGAN to become Mother of all these United States the day Senator McCain chose her as his running mate.
    Were are witnesses right now, in these very days, to the agony of parturition, as Sarah, and all of us with her, suffer under the vicious and utterly savage and unprincipled attacks of the Left; we are witnesses to the “pains of labor” that the Lady of the North Country must endure in order to fulfill what we believe and hope will be the crown and summit of a calling and vocation that began on that far-off day in 1989.
    20 April, 1989: Sarah becomes Track’s mom.
    20 January, 2013: Sarah, God willing, becomes Mother of the United States of America.
    On both days, the Glory of Laughter and of Tears!!!

    • cookboy

      And a chipper good morning to you, Brian!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Good morning, cookboy! 

    • M_Minnesota

       Good Morning Brianus!

      Just wanted to say g morning to you all!  Have to rush off as usual!  

      Have a great Monday!

    • Kay

      Okay, so next to latest. :) 

      • BrianusBerkleianus


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      BTW, I corrected that typo in the text of my post: "I means that, etc." should, of course, have been "It means that, etc." 

  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I stand with Sarah Palin. 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Jean!

      I stand with Sarah Palin. 

      • Jean_A

        Good morning, Brianus! 

    • cookboy

      Good morning Jean!

  • Seabee

    Good morning to everyone from sunny central Florida. 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Seabee, from California…at dawn!! 

    • Leroy Whitby

      Morning from South Florida. : ) 

  • freeperjim

    Absolutely disappointing see so many leftists continue to support the anti-semite Mullah Ozero and his "1967″ attacks on Israel. It must be Stockholm syndrome or some other mental disorder…or just pure evil. 

    • pool_dog

      ‘Evil’ is the appropriate term. 

  • citizenG100

    Good morning all.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, citizen! 

      • citizenG100

        Good morning Brianus!

    • cookboy


      • citizenG100

        And to you!

  • c4pfan

    Good to see Ryan explaining to the American people his plan, but he really needs to go on conservative shows too. 

  • tingale12

    Might be old news but worth reading. 


    • c4pfan

       Sarah never said it was a plot.  She said it was a game that people like Gingrich didn’t have to play.  Seemed like the author didn’t bother watching the interview or reading the transcript, but went off some NBC report.  He needs to go.

  • technopeasant

    Reposted from the evening open thread:

    Two Democrats who may regret what they said about the 2012 election:

    1) Evan Bayh on Fox News Sunday yesterday:

    "The 2012 election will be a referendum on Obama and his record in office."

    If the media claims that 2012 election is about the challenger (ie Sarah Palin) all she needs to do is to run Bayh’s comments as a commercial.

    2) President Jimmy Carter Dec. 1, 2010

    "She (Sarah Palin) is one of the most dynamic and attractive speakers we’ve ever seen. She knows how to appeal to  a crowd. She’s extremely eloquent."

    "She’s going to be a formidable candidate if she decides to run in 2012. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the Republican nomination."

    Palin could run these words in an ad coupled with the nice things Willy Brown, the ex-mayor of SF has said about her in the past to counter the dumb meme, incoherent meme or that she is not electable.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, techno…yes, your post recalls to me some of what Willy (Willie?) Brown said!!  I remember being surprised and rather delighted at the time.

      • Carmelo Junior

        Brown are one of those "fair liberals" that have been sending the signal: Do not under estimate the Barracuda.

    • cookboy

      It’s amazing what some people will say before they realize that they’re supposed to wait for the script.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    BTW, for anyone who may be interested, commentary on previous pages of GR may be found at: 

  • Pete Petretich

    "If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a noise?"

    The reason I’m thinking of that famous philosophical quote is I can’t figure out if T-Pawz has declared or not! It seems like he has on some websites,  but on others it seems like he hasn’t.

    Maybe it just doesn’t matter…

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      LOL, Pete…and good morning! 

    • cookboy

       Maybe it doesn’t. One of my all time favorite movie scenes confirms it.

    • gahanson

      T-Paw can’t be compared to a tree, he’s a sapling at best.  So, if a sapling falls in the forest…

      A sapling falling anywhere would not make much noise, and few would notice its departure. 

  • technopeasant

    The 10 most underreported tidbits from the 2010 midterm election by the MSM or the GOP establishment (given orders to bury them if possible):

    1) Confirmation of Joel Mowbray’s premise after the 2008 election that CONSERVATIVE VOTERS (CV) provided the margin of victory for Obama and not the increased turnout of youth and minorities

                                   2008                2010
    % of electorate      34                    42

    party vote %

    DEMS (OBAMA)   20                    13

    GOP (MCCAIN)   79                     84

    As for increased turnout among conservatives in 2010 as opposed to 2008 that is harder to measure but clearly WHITE CONSERVATIVES who were not compelled to vote for McCain in 2008 were "inspired" to come out in droves in 2010 and vote GOP.

    2) The percentage of Palin endorsees that crossed the finish line as winners (over 70%) and the percentage of "the take back the 20 seats" that switched from the the Dems to the GOP (90%).

    3) That the GOP for the first time in the history of exit polling of midterm elections won a greater percentage of the FEMALE vote than the Democrats (49% to 48%) and linking that to the mama grizzly movement started by Sarah Palin

    4) 31% of gay voters voted for the GOP, the highest in history

    5) The gain in House and Senate seats together with the gains in state legislatures and governor chairs was the best since 1898 (got that from Erick Erickson on Monica Crowley’s program)

    6) Meg Whitman spend $100m + of her own money and lost her election by double digits

    7) The GOP won back in 2010 the majority of SUBURBAN districts it had lost in the last two election cycles and reclaimed all but 10 districts carried by McCain in 2008.

    8) A large numb of INDEPENDENT voters have shifted their self-identification from MODERATE to CONSERVATIVE

    9) From DP Kuhn: "White voters’ support for the Democrats in 2010 roughly matches the President’s standing with white voters prior to the Sept 2008 crash (financial meltdown)."

    Ergo if not for the financial meltdown and TARP 1 Obama may not have won the 2008 election.

    10) The polls for the most part were pretty accurate except those who polled Hispanic voters and polls that failed to account for the 11th hour efforts by Obama to bring out more of his base.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, techno, for those fascinating numbers.  We thus need to nominate for President in 2012 the same person who lit a fire of enthusiasm and patriotism up and down and all across this land of ours in 2010.

      I need not name her!! 

    • M_Minnesota

      Wow!!  Meggy spent 100 Million of her own bucks on her double digit loss???

      Wonder if someone could make a comparison on how Much Ronald Reagan spent (in constant dollars and state demographic comparisions; if possible ) on his race for the Govenor’s office? 

  • PCR1

    I have just been watching Steve Forbes on CNBC, the business  channel of MSNBC, and you have to marvel at how these people seem to be living in a world of their own.

    There is that RINO, Forbes, talking about  "2012 GOP hopefulls", and neither he nor anyone else on the show mentions Governor Palin, the one who will eventually get the GOP nomination.

    To these people, whether it be CNBC, or MSNBC, or ABC, it is as if the Governor does not even exist.

    Governor Palin is wise to ignore them:she can ignore them , but they cannot stop her, or change the reality of her eventual and inevitable triumph.

    The sheer dishonesty that is evident on these lamestream media programs is simply mindboggling!

    Nor is it limited to just MSM types: there is Dick Armey, whose "Freedom Works" claims to represent the Tea Party and which is nothing more than a RINO establishement Trojan Horse meant to hijack the the Tea Party and shut out Governor Palin – there is Dick Armey touting, of all people, PAWlenty as the ideal candidate to promote representative Paul Ryan’s budget plan!

    He is so utterly bereft of conscience, so dishonest, this has-been professional political hack, that he ommits to mention that Governor Palin is the only one who has right from the start supported Paul Ryan’s plan, and even stoutly defended him against Newt Gingrich’es attacks!

    Then they show the photos of the "2012 GOP contenders", and they include Hermann Cain, the pizzaman, but guess what?

    Surprise! – They again leave out Governor Sarah Palin!

    They think that if they do not mention her, if they just ignore her , that they can wish her away, and she will go away, disappear.

    But they are so wrong:History is on her side:Governor Palin is the future:they are the past.


    That is the reality, and they will have to learn to live with it.

    In fact, the one and only person on this planet who can stop Sarah Palin is – Sarah Palin!

    • cookboy

      I don’t think she’s ignoring them. More like watching them blunder obliviously into a trap from which there is no escape.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, PCR and cookboy! 

      • Seabee

        Much like a Venus flytrap do to its victims (pests) 

    • waterview

      Same with Fox & Friends.   Rove was on a few minutes ago and SP was never mentioned.  Trump followed him and – again – no mention of Sarah.   Trump said that he didn’t think any of the declared candidates had a chance.   He’s waiting to see if any viable candidate get in.  If not, he may jump back in.  (IMO this will never happen).    The panel mentioned Bachmann a couple of times.  So, there is NO DOUBT the media has made a deliberate effort not to mention Sarah Palin at all.   

      • grizzlyrising

        What a total maroon Trump is.  He should go into hiding after the lame stunt he pulled pretending to run for president. 

        • PCR1

          I think you meant moron? 

          • JeannieBinVA

            or a marooned moron.  

          • free4now

            Lol – Maroon it is and has been for months.  No sense in calling people nasty names now, is there?  ;+} 

        • Carmelo Junior


    • cardinalmike

      Wtaching these talking heads regarding Palin is beyond comical.  The obvious new strategy from all of them is to ignore her.  I’m sure they have all concluded that talking about her, albeit negatively, just increases her visibility and, of course, that is not good.

      They have tried, unsuccessfully, to tear her down for the past two years and that hasn’t worked.  Now, we are on the "ignore her" train.  That won’t work, either. 

      They just need to be realistic.  There is nothing that they can do to stop what is coming.  They can hissy fit, ignore, or condescend and it won’t matter a twitter.  Sarah Palin is who Sarah Palin is and she is going to do what she is going to do and that is run for president in 2012. 

      The fog around these talking heads won’t lift until she is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue instead of inside their heads.

    • ellebb

      What an earthquake it will be when she announces !

      They are so clueless ! 

  • Rogue2012andbeyond

    Goodmoring all:  Here is something to chuckle at: According to one of the authors of "Game Change" the Republicans have the three men that count in the race to the Republican nomination.  Romney, Pawlenty and Huntsman.  Romney is getting all the money so he will win; so this Mark H. says.  Huntsman has yet to say that he is running but once he does he will give Romney a challenge because Hunstman can speak Mandarian as he did at a townhall meeting to a bunch of Chinese Americans. And Pawlenty is going back to being a nice guy so he has a chance as well because the American people do not want someone to go up against Obama with hate spewing out of their mouths.  Palwenty will not be saying Obama’s middle name anymore. One of these three men will be going up against Obama, if and only if Chris Christy or Jeb Bush do not jump in.  

    That was basically my summary in a nutshell of what this Mark H. one of the co-authors of Game Change said on Morning Joke.

    PALIN 2012!!!!!!!!

    • WilliamShipley

      The left considers anyone disagreeing with thier positions as hate speech.  They really hate anyone who does and spare no effort to demonstrate this hate in any way they can.

      Seems they’re all about hate. 

  • Ralph Buttigieg


    I was highly amused by "Barrcudas Maximus". Here in Australia the conservative opposition leader is Tony Abbott. Sometimes referred to as Spartacus   Both are active sports people. Both have been journalists, both are devout Christians and both can shoot. The federal election should be in 2013, a few months after Palin’s inauguration. I really do hope to see Prime Minister Abbott standing next to President Palin in the Rose Garden.



    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Greetings, Ralph, and thanks for that portrait of a projected meeting between two world leaders!

    • AussieforSarah

      So do I.

    • AusPalinFan

      I can’t stand Abbott, I’m hoping for Bishop or Hockey, now that would be awesome haha lol

  • Jean_A

    Go over to  and click on the "Fired up" button for the two articles about Gov. Palin.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, Jean. 

    • cookboy


  • goethegirl

     This from Hugh Hewitt yesterday:
    It’s pretty appalling that a man that 90 percent of America has never heard of (Pawlenty) and another Republican insider (Romney) should have all the Republican money cornered. Is this what the Tea Party fought for? It sounds very undemocratic to me.

  • Pete Petretich

    New Nickname for the latest Wannabee:   Sleep-aw

    …because I start falling asleep every time I see him! (I’m being serious here)

    • AussieforSarah

      Yawnplenty. lol

    • M_Minnesota

      Pete Petretich
      Sleep-aw    LOL!!!!!! 

  • JPMewley

    Last night’s news has it that Putin want to retake the Russian presidency. If that is not reason enough to elect a pro American, pro military president, I don’t know what is.

    Palin 2012

    • waterview

      When Gov. Palin becomes President Palin, our relationship with Pres. Putin will change for the better.  He’ll probably invite her to go hunting.

      • Quiet_Righty

        She’ll probably receive 100 invitations from foreign nations during her first year in office. Everyone will want to host the beautiful new American President.

      • pool_dog

         Until she tells him we are building missile defense whether he likes it or not.

        • waterview

          Ha you’re right pool_dog.  But, she’ll say it with a smile.  Will he be strong enough to challenge her? 

      • Carmelo Junior

        Sarah will resurrect the "trust but verify" Reagan policy with Putin. Putin is a popular and likeable guy  but I don’t trust him too much.
        President Palin will put him on his place after she sends Obama back to Chicago.

    • Carmelo Junior

      Yes, Putin is headed for a landslide win in Russia and that is old news. The guy is popular among women that will go by the millions to vote for him. Besides he will do some tricks on the side.

      I have predicted the Palin vs Putin battle starting in 2013 for over 3 years now.

  • palin45potus

     17,000 to go for 3 Million!

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