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Palin’s Overall Gallup Favorable Rating Among Republican and Republican-Leaning Independents Hits a High Mark for the Year

Her overall Gallup favorable rating among Republican and Republican-leaning indies crossed 70% for the first time this year. After doing some math from the excel sheet that Gallup provided (you can view it by clicking on the link), here are the numbers from April 25-May 8 among 1664 Republican and Republican-leaning independents:

Palin: 71%
Huckabee: 65%
Romney: 60%
Gingrich: 57%
Trump: 53%
Paul: 49%
Bachmann: 43%
Pawlenty: 35%

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  • danielvito

    Sarah- Ain’t no stopping her now

    Sarah 2012!

  • gahanson

    Still can’t understand what republicans see in Trump. He was on TV yesterday saying that he won’t run as an independent, and that he would support Chris Christie, another northeastern RINO.

    • txpappy

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

      Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

    • ripcurl2121

      yeah, where are all those folks just SURE donald chump was helping palin and convinced he would back her.


      chumps a loser. period

  • technopeasant

    This is terrible news for the 6 enemies of Sarah Palin (6 headed monster) that I referred to in the open thread.

    • ellebb

      Rut Roh., They are going to go into DESPERATE-MUST-STOP-HER-AT-ANY-COST mode now.

    • Guest

      Well I don’t mean to be a contrarian….but the fact is this is just another poll. Like the other ones that we demean and discount daily on this site. so, it’s good news only in that context. Bottom line… you just gotta run and see what happens.

  • crunchingk

    hey msmedia you aint fooling us we know who the real conservative is and we love her!!!!!!

  • MarkRNY

    This is the only group that matters–and even THIS group is meant to be rigged against her! The group that should be polled–the energized, looking for a fight group–are Conservatives–NOT Republicans!. They’re also by far the biggest single self identified block of voters.

    I never doubted for a second that her Favs among them were AT LEAST this high (note how AT LEAST is capitalized). Didn’t need the horsey poll (Gallup) to tell me that either.

    Haven’t read the whole thing, but I’m sure they’ll spin her "unelectability" somehow, somewhere. Have to give the media (including Fox) a reason to pretend they’re not taking her seriously…listen to Hannity tonight! One of his parade of RINO Regulars will let you know what it is (unchallenged by him of course).

    • MarkRNY

      Btw, what does the Professional Lackey That’s Always Wrong (Morris) say about this?? How does he show his little self in public?? Hannity’ll keep trotting the little guy out though.

      • $8196935

        Morris is always twisting himself to a position to prove his opinions
        that he has turned himself into a cork screw

        • midwestprincesse

          I’d be interested in who you think Palin should consider as a VP choice? I know that you had said that two conservatives (Palin/West) wasn’t the ideal, but I was just wondering your thoughts. :)

          • RandLamberth

            She should choose Congressman Allen West.

            • $8196935

              Let it go, leave it to the people who have a clue.

              • RandLamberth

                I don’t agree with you that having two conservatives on the ticket would be a handicap. Rather the reverse. Having a center-left running mate (a la Rudolph Giuliani) would be a drag on the ticket, because it would cost Governor Palin support among hard-core conservatives. There is a substantial sector of the conservative/Tea Party/9.12 movement that’s just itching to bolt the GOP and form a third party; a short-sighted move that can only lead to disaster for America (read: four more years of Obonzo). And if Governor Palin were to choose a center-left running mate, this segment of the movement would construe that as a stab in their collective back, and it would be just the excuse they would need to split off and go third party; all consequences to our Nation be hanged.

                Governor Perry would be an excellent choice as a running mate for Governor Palin. So would Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal or Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell.

                The big advantage of having Congressman West on the ticket would be that it would take one of the left’s most shopworn, yet most effective, demagogic weapons–the race card–out of their arsenal; and this on top of Governor Palin having already deprived them of the gender card.

                Congressman West would also bring a large and rabid following with him. There’s already a movement afoot to draft Congressman West as a Presidential candidate, despite the fact that he’s repeatedly and emphatically said that he isn’t interested in running for President; although he has indicated that he would be open to serving as another candidate’s running mate, if he were to be approached.

                • excopconservative

                  The question will be, who can help the ticket the most (of those who are qualified to lead). If when we get to the place where she has to make her choice, she is down with Hispanics, a choice of Rubio might work (if she thinks he’s qualified). If she is losing in the Northeast she may choose Giuliani to be able to win NJ , NH, and ME.
                  Choosing a black running mate may not get many added votes. Conservative blacks usually win with white voters.

                  We know that she will choose someone who is qualified and who she can trust and who will be as energized and effective on the campaign trail as she is. She will also choose someone who she has confidence in and that will not make beginners’ errors.

                  • RandLamberth

                    I maintain that Governor Palin will have to choose a conservative as her running mate, for the simple reason that she needs to do that to keep the base in line.

                    This may come as a shock to some of you, but there is actually a small, but very vocal, element of the Tea Party/9.12 movement that, for some very arcane reason, is not sold on Governor Palin as a Presidential candidate. If you ever visit Web sites like Patriot Action Network, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots and others, you would see more than a few comments from people who are simply not convinced that Governor Palin is the real deal, and no amount of factual or rational argument can convince them that she is. They call her a "decepticon" and think she’s a RINO simply because she was John McCain’s running mate in 2008; which frankly is the most ridiculous application of "guilt by association" that I’ve ever seen, but it’s also very illustrative of the narrow way these people think. And naming a center-left running mate would hardly win these people over. If anything, it would only reinforce the horribly mistaken opinion they’ve formed about Governor Palin.

                    The Republican nominee, whether it’s Governor Palin or someone else, is going to depend on the Tea Party/9.12 vote to win the General Election. To be sure, defeat is possible even with Tea Party support. But victory without Tea Party backing will be impossible. The Republican road to the White House in 2012 goes through the Tea Party.

                    While I strongly believe Congressman West would be the best choice Governor Palin could make for her running mate, there are nevertheless other excellent candidates available who could help to broaden Governor Palin’s appeal and shore up any weaknesses in her regional strength in a general election campaign without alienating the conservative/Tea Party/9.12 base.

                    The most important thing, though, is that Governor Palin make the choice of a running mate herself. The last thing we want is for Governor Palin to be saddled with some lackluster and mediocre running mate–read: a center-left RINO–forced on her by the GOP establishment. Her political instincts have proven to be much better than the GOP establishment’s. Whomever Governor Palin ultimately chooses as her running mate, as long as the choice is hers, and hers alone, we can all be confident that she’ll choose the right candidate–from every conceivable standpoint–and that she’ll make her choice for the soundest of reasons.

                  • excopconservative

                    There are some TEA Party organizations that are being manipulated by the establishment Republican Party. In those you will find people who want nothing to do with Sarah Palin unless she can come and speak and bring in big crowds that they can convince to vote for their RINOs. Check out your organization carefully to determine that it is really grassroots driven, not party driven.

                • falling321

                  Please don’t take our governor! We love Bob McDonnell here in VA! Oh well, I guess if Palin calls we can do our part to help our country out!

                  • RandLamberth

                    Just a thought. Your Governor is doing very intelligent work, though. Ditto for your fine Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli.

                • $8196935

                  Nice try.

                  • RandLamberth

                    "Nice try"? And "Let it go, leave it to the people who have a clue"?

                    And just what are THOSE comments supposed to mean?

                    You seem to think you have all the answers. Please fill me in. Where am I mistaken, and why?

                    If you disagree with me, that’s fine. But there’s no need to be so condescending.

          • aaron66krohn

            Governor Rick Perry of Texas!! Why? 1) Texas is a must-win state for Sarah….probably the largest state she’ll win in 2012! 2) They’re good friends. They have a few years of history together. 3) Perry is a proven winner. 4) In most areas, they agree on policy and philosophy. 5) After 4 terms as Governor, Perry just might be ready to end his career as VP of the United States!!

            • txpappy

              Good choice Aaron, but I’m not so sure she wouldn’t win Texas without Rick. He’s a good man though, and I could live with that.

              Man could he toot his own tooter or what. Texas is goverend by adults thank God. He would have a great record to run on.

              Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

          • $8196935

            We went through this last night.
            Not only two conservatives can’t win but West is not the pure most
            think he is and not having the temperment for VP.

            Rudy Giuliani is strong on National Security, and support of the war.
            He has met and delt with many world leaders. Strong on law and order.

            He has a few social views perhaps not on Sarah’s page but she would be
            in the front seat driving.

            Rick Perry perhaps,

            • midwestprincesse

              I was thinking of Giuliani myself. They have both said kind things to each other and haven’t "attacked" one another and I think they both understand the political games out there. I also like Rudy because he’ll bring in the Moderate vote that could pull some Independents over. He also adds that East Coast edge that could put a Jersey, NH and Maine into play.

              It’s not my ideal, but I know that type of match-up could work in flyover country and would be intriguing/powerful for 2012.

              • Guest

                Is Rudy of Italian or Hispanic heritage? It matters for some people I think someone Hispanic strong and admired would be a good choice, someone outside politics as such but with huge credentials in other areas? And what about all the native populations? Todd is a draw for them, I think Palin should court them as she understand their plights and they are as America-loving as they come many of "them". Rudy defended Palin at all times, no snark from him that is a huuge plus for him securing him a high position in a Palin administration.


                • midwestprincesse

                  Per Wiki: Rudolph Giuliani was born in the New York City, borough of

                  Brooklyn, the only child of working class parents, Harold Angelo Giuliani (1908–1981) and Helen (née D’Avanzo; 1909–2002), both first-generation Americans, children of Ital

                  ian immigrants. He was raised a Roman Catholic.


                  I just think he brings a complementary dynamic. Since he was a Democrat in the past, I think he brings a dynamic of "I could work with the other side" and regardless, you need that type of mentality in politics. At the end of the day, you pass legislation that you believe in, but you still have to give that feeling of working together. Like I said, he’s not my ideal candidate, but I think it’s a strong team.

                  I’d rather have Rand and Allen West campaign for her and Rudy/whomever. But think of Rudy or Joe Manchin as a candidate. Those would be strong picks and could quell the independents and establishment R’s. We need to have a VP candidate that could walk into "less typical" R-domains. A West or Rudy/Manchin could do that.

            • lanahi

              I missed where it was discussed: why do you think two conservatives can’t win?

          • Terry Malpass

            Rand Paul would be interesting as VP.

            Has to be a pro-life candidate or else some Christians won’t vote for the ticket no matter how much they love Sarah.

          • drstanly1


            • Terry Malpass

              yes! Love the Hermanator!

              • Guest

                I was gonna say Rubio, but I don’t know his stance on Amnesty….

        • royroyo

          Morris is a Democrat

          • $8196935

            and has been from day one.

      • gahanson

        Morris is consistently wrong with his predictions. He’s just one of those democrats who discovered that he can make more money pretending to be a conservative. I don’t pay much attention to him, especially since he was proclaiming, as if he had some special knowledge, that republicans were going to win 100 house seats and as many as 10 or 12 senate seats. I really belive he did that to set up the meme that Palin caused the gop to lose when they actually won big. I’m sure you noticed that everyone saying that was using Morris’ inflated numbers. Why any republican would trust him is beyond me.

      • txpappy

        I’ve had it with Hannity. The guy bores the hell outta me. I haven’t listened to him on the radio for a year now, and today I flipped it over to his show. The first thing I heard was "…and so for the first time I’m now proud of my country…..

        Damn Hannity you still talking about Michelle after all this time. Then I remembered why I stopped listening a year ago. The guy is a broken record/

        Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

  • RichardNC


  • MarkRNY

    Anyone still wondering why she’s "taking her time"?? Can you imagine what her own, non-rigged internal polling’s telling her?…when she gives them a few seconds I mean.

    • txpappy

      I haven’t wondered for a long time now. Sarah said she would check the lay of the land and decide whether or not to get in. Well how can she check the lay of the land when the land ain’t laid out yet.

      IMHO when everyone gets in she will judge the COMMITTED candidates and decide then. I don’t know what month that will be, but it will be late. When all the usual candidates get in and she hasn’t committed, then I’ll start to wonder.

      Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

      • Guest

        Could it be that the two-year limit one can file an ethics complaint ends July 3rd, 2011. If she declared now, the "mudflats" pukes will file a ton of bogus complaints, sucking of the air/spotlight/message. Just my theory.

  • unseen1

    ian how are you doing the math?

    • Ianlazaran

      I’m multiplying the overall favorable number that the candidate scores with those "familiar with the candidate" by the percentage that "recognize the candidate." For example, 96% recognize the Governor. Of those familiar with her, she has a 74% favorable rating. So I multiplied 96 * .74 = 71. I did that for each candidate.

      • unseen1

        oh ok. I was simply adding the fav plus strong fav I was getting 74% for Palin. You way makes sense too. I would like to see how much money it costs to move the needle on "recognize the candidate" for example how much money would mitch have to spend to get his name out to the voters.

  • alammbrito2010

    Here is a Very Good comment from JLAdevelop about Sarah Palin….Enjoy it:


    Sarah is a person of principle and integrity. She is a strong straight forward common sense
    conservative. She is an expert on domestic energy production. She was the first to identify death
    panels in Obamacare, rising inflation in food and other goods from the Feds monetary policy and is
    eager to restore American Exceptionalism. I sure hope she runs for President.

  • nat4sarah

    All these talks about unelectability specially at this early is to influence mostly independent voters. Unfortunately, RINOs are joining the chorus because she is not their choice. The elites would rather prefer sure losers likeHuck, Mitch, Mitt, even Bachmann so as to pave way for another Bush candidacy come 2016. But,I still strongly believe Sarah will win the primary and the general election if she runs!

  • Ceejay

    Sarah leading the way, just get out of the way if the GOP is not helping!

    Sarah 2012!

    If I lose my job tomorrow, I would ask to work for Sarah 2012!

  • PhillyCon

    Wait. I thought Palin was losing support among her base. Specifically, that she was fading and the spotlight was on Trump in regards to media time.

    Plus, these folks probably think she isn’t running, right?

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Speaking of The Donald … in which of his many mansions has he been hiding lately?

      Though I see on this thread that he’s issued further statements about not running as an independent, and endorsing Christ Christie … not very much in the way of action. Why, I thought perhaps he might be doing something useful, such as attacking O …

    • Pete Petretich

      Trump no longer has novelty power and is fading fast. He has fired himself before he even got started for any number of reasons.

  • Steven

    Despite it all, there she is at the top. This is where she’ll be after Iowa and New Hampshire (let Huntsman, Romney and Daniels eat each other up). She’ll rap it up in South Carolina. To me all the polls out there don’t really measure what favorability measures and by this measure she has always been on top and that’s what keeps these guys, the Establishment, up at night. Because if you have high favorability, people will tend to give you a listen and that’s what they are afraid of with her.

    Sarah just start your campaign and everything else will fall into place. We know you are going dark right now to plan and strategize and to get ready. We know you want to see how the field shakes out. We know that you are talented enough to wait them out and still beat them. We just can’t wait! Because once you get in, its over.

  • SFP2012

    This is tremendous news! I wonder when she plans on announcing her candidacy — I am hoping by July at the latest — if she waits until Fall, I think it would be a mistake and give her opponents and advantage! The sooner the better as far as I am concerned. GO SARAH!

    • RandLamberth

      I don’t claim to have any special knowledge about this, but I believe that Governor Palin is going to announce her candidacy in early July; most likely on the Fourth of July, a day of historic significance for America (Independence Day) and a day of personal significance for her (the anniversary of her resignation as Governor of Alaska).

      There is, however, one advantage to delaying an announcement as long as possible: It would keep the media from zeroing in on her, because they would be too busy trying to figure out how they’re going to destroy whichever one of the other candidates already in the field appears to them to be the likeliest to win the nomination.

      If and when Governor Palin decides to throw her parka hood into the ring (I think she’s actually already decided that, and I think she’s going to do it), she’ll choose the right time to announce it. Her political instincts are generally very good.

      • JJinSarahSota

        July 4rth might be a bad day to announce, only because so many are busy with family outings that day & holiday weekend. I get the symbolism, and maybe she can find a huge Tea Party to announce, but I’d want her to get as much coverage as possible to really OWN the news cycle. But July 4rth falls on a Monday, so she could be Tuesday mornings headline.

        Just thinking out loud here…

        • RandLamberth

          As luck would have it, JJ, there is a very big Tea Party event (I believe it’s called the Taking Back America Rally) scheduled to take place on the Mall in Washington, DC on July 4th. Governor Palin has been invited, and she is expected to be there. That’s one reason the speculation that she will announce her candidacy on the Fourth of July is so widespread.

          • Carmelo Junior

            NO! Sarah will send the unofficial signal on the Bob and Mark show. Pay attention! She promised her friends they will be the first ones to know. These two have been her friends since she was governor candidate.

            Yes, the official announcement will be a rally, and watch for the video. This , I predict will happen in July and in an odd day. The fourth is even number, ain’t gonna happen. The big announcements and events happen on odd days, odd months and odd years.

            Though the 2012 is even year, 2013 is the most important year when a woman is being sworn on as President of the United States.

    • jeffo1

      My reason for her to announce sooner than later is to try and reach those on the fence.

      Even more than that would be to give BHO a proper thumping, I mean really humiliate him.


    • Pete Petretich

      I’m guessing nowadays that she will announce on the July 4th weekend. This would be approximately two years since she bravely resigned as Governor.

  • technopeasant

    Three different narratives:

    From PPP: "If Huckabee doesn’t run it’s between Romney and Gingrich right now."

    From Gallup: "Gingrich begins with high recognition, low positive intensity…in fact a below-average declining positive intensity score."

    (As Ian has noted Newt’s favorability with the GOP primary voters in the Gallup poll stands at 57%.)

    From Quinnpiac: Newt Gingrich is only supported by 5% of respondents (my words)

    You want to know the definition of hyperbole: Claiming that if Huckabee doesn’t run that Palin is NOT a player.

    • $8196935

      One person last night listing areas that give Newt problems,
      this one was the bottom line.
      He never has an unspoken thought.

    • Carmelo Junior

      The left polls are telling the GOP who they should vote for: a boring white man that will be crushed by the Obama racial campaign.

  • section9

    This is good news. Republicans are standing by our girl.

  • nkthgreek

    Sarah’s getting ready to Gallup all the way into the White House!

    • JP_AZ

      You’re so punny!! :-)

  • independents4palin

    I love polls like this, this seems like a real poll instead of the pure fake ones we have been seeing. Sarah Palin is the only one that can get this country back on track. This is a warning to the GOP elite, If they continue to undercut Sarah Palin, there are going to be millions of her supporters like myself that will be ticked off and there will be a big hunk of voters that will stay home in 2012. Gov.Palin is the only one that has put a foreign and domestic policy out there. Trump has fallen flat on his face.

    • N.A.C.

      What about the Jeb2016 card?

      There is only one way for us Palin troopers, that’s to help her capture the Republican nomination en route to the White House.

      No third party thinking!

  • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

    I sure wish all the Ellitist GOPers would join the Democratic/Progressive party and let We the People have the Republic’s party and see who runs this country for as long as the eye can see, It sure would be easier to vote now wouldn’t it….NO FEAR

  • Daniel Bruski

    This is awesome news!

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