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Rush Limbaugh: GOP and Dems Both Fear Palin

Last night Rush Limbaugh went On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.  Among the topics discussed were Governor Palin and the fear she instills in both the Democrat Party and GOP establishment.  Via Hiram Reisner at Newsmax:

Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh says if he were President Barack Obama he would not want to face a staunch conservative like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin because she carries a frightening message — that he is beatable. Limbaugh also said on Fox News Thursday night that the GOP establishment fears Palin as well.

Fox News’ Greta van Susteren asked Limbaugh whether Palin’s announced bus trip was the beginning of her presidential campaign.

“I think this bus trip — it’s certainly designed to get people speculating that she’s in,” Limbaugh said. “The thing about Sarah Palin to me is that she has now learned to relish and to profit from all the attention — negative or positive — and she certainly knows negative attention.

“She has suffered slings and arrows — she’s had the media …exam — unlike any other Republican candidate,” he said. “And I think she has now come to grips with the fact that that’s part and parcel of the process. And I think one of the things that she enjoys is just rubbing it right back in their face. She knows that they are trying to intimidate her into silence.

Limbaugh said Palin is mastering the things she will have to master if indeed she decides to run. He also said results of the most recent Gallup Poll that showed her only two points behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “shocked me” — especially since she still hasn’t made a decision.

“That was startling,” Limbaugh said. “Greta you’ve asked the question of the day — you’ve asked the question of the campaign: The Republican Party is really royal right now, ‘Inside the Beltway’ intelligentsia, power base is not oriented towards conservatism.

“Conservative Republicans make them nervous,” he added. “’The Inside the Beltway’ ruling class — the elite — they’re more oriented toward candidates they can attach the word ‘serious’ to — which is another way of saying someone who is boring, who doesn’t ruffle feathers, someone who exudes an air of formal education and sophistication — she doesn’t exude that, and I think it’s going to shake a lot of people up.

“You know the effect that she has on establishment Republican people,” Limbaugh continued. “They’re just as frightened in their own way as the Democrats are of Palin and one thing I think is inescapable — particularly in looking at the Democrats — the Democrats and the media will always tell you who they are afraid of by virtue of who they spend time trying to destroy.”

More here. While we’re on the topic of establishment Republicans, one of Mandate Mitt’s gutless army of anonymous staffers launched another misogynist attack against Governor Palin yesterday, basically calling her an "entertainer".  Not that misogynistic attacks from Mitt are anything new.  Via Byron York:

"The bottom line is Sarah Palin is not going to run for  president," says a Republican adviser close to front-runner Mitt Romney. "She’s  making money, she’s moved on, she’s kind of an entertainer rather than a  politician. She still has some sway with the grass roots, but she is not going  to run."

This is hilarious.  "Some sway with the grass roots", eh, Mandate Mitt? Not going to run?  And you know this how?  One of T-Paw’s boys joined in:

"I don’t think she’s going to run," says a Republican  close to Tim Pawlenty. "She has faded a lot in the last few months.

Faded a lot in the last few months?  Where he got that (yes, I’m assuming it’s a "he") I have no idea.  He likely pulled it from the data base in his lower intestine.  There’s certainly no empirical evidence to back it up.  While polls this far out are essentially meaningless, I haven’t seen any that indicate T-Paw surging ahead of the Governor.  Quite the opposite.  When you read such nonsense from these fools, you’re left with the impression that they’re chasing white rabbits in Alice’s Wonderland. Either that or their benefactors are paying them quite well to be willfully ignorant.  If these Republican insiders are so convinced the Governor isn’t running, why all the sudden commotion yesterday?

That was fast.

Hours after Sarah Palin announced a "national tour" that will point her towards still to-be-announced destinations in New England, several other Republican presidential hopefuls revealed plans for making their intentions known:

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., told Iowa reporters in an evening conference call that she’ll be making an announcement, sometime next month, in Waterloo — the Iowa town where she was born;

Presumed Republican 2012 front runner Mitt Romney let it be known that his long-awaited official announcement will take place on June 2 in New Hampshire;

Former Sen. Rick Santorum has also set his announcement date for June 6.

Hmmmm.  She makes a couple moves toward running for the nomination and they jump with more alacrity than cockroaches when a light comes on.  Just a coincidence, I’m sure.  York does flirt, momentarily, with lucidity in his piece:

Maybe these representatives of rival campaigns are just spinning.

Gee, Byron, ya think? Paging Captain Renault!

Rush is right: Establishment Republicans are just as afraid of Governor Palin as are the Democrats, and their spinning is becoming increasingly implausible.  Denial.

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  • Guest

    Good afternoon here :)

  • palinhb

    Rush and Mark Levin are ahead of the curve. Palin will run rings around anyone against her.

    I have hope now, Sarah will run.

  • lorenzini

    No she’s not running…she’s faded….really??? Morning Joe just spent about 20 mins talking about her. And every other morning program was talking about her….faded?????? Um, yeah. 

    • ripcurl2121

      i have no idea how you can watch liberal hack "morning blow".  i’d rather be waterboarded while chewing on tin foil

    • Pete Petretich

      Most candidates would happily pay good money for that kind of attention.

      • ripcurl2121

        im sure he spends 95% of his time trashing her.  so no, i dont think anyone would pay good money for that kind of attention

  • Rogue2012andbeyond

    PALIN 2012!!!!!   Also wishing everyone a safe Memorial Weekend!!  God Bless America and God Bless our Armed Services always!!!!

    PALIN 2012!!!!!

  • danielvito

    Rush guarenteed right, 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of the time!

  • DMalcolmCarson

    She basically let all of the dunces in the MSM and inside the Beltway show how ignorant and out of touch they are. The "conventional wisdom" that "she’s not running" had just started to solidify itself to the point that they were starting to do summaries of the Republican field that did not even include her. Now, all of the sudden, it looks like she’s running, and it looks like Mitt "RomneyCare" is the only thing standing between her and the nomination. Next up: the myth that the other candidates will expose her as a dummy in the debates.

  • Leroy Whitby

    The left in the media train all their fire on the true conservatives. They try to marginalize them and generally lie to do it. When only one conservative at a time runs it’s easy for them to train all their fire on the conservative. But if we run 100’s . . . as we did in 2010 . . . they are overwhelmed. And when you get that special politician that connects with his base . . . like Reagan . . . there is nothing they can do . . .

    Palin is unique. She’s better than them. They won a single victory with Couric and their editing of that. Palin learned and I don’t think she’ll lose to them again.

    • conservativemama

      That’s what they haven’t learned about Palin.  She learns fast.  She’s not one to repeat her mistakes.

  • Defending Sarah Palin

    Mr. Limbaugh is right on the money.  They fear the change she would bring.  Although she has remained faithful to the Republican Party, they have, many times, not done the same for her.  She does not owe anything to either party.
    Join us on Facebook!  Answer our latest poll question, "Who do you think would best serve as Vice President in a Palin Administration?"  While you’re there, "like" us!  The chorus is growing.

    • Pete Petretich

      I certainly agree that she doesn’t owe the GOP or the Dems any favors after the way she’s been treated. This fact only makes her more politically powerful.

  • ayamo

    It is so – forgive me – stupid from the establishment to fear her/work against her. Let’s say it like it is: Sarah Palin is the best thing that has happened to the GOP since Ronald Reagan.
    She has the smarts, the ability to connect with people like no one else, she can raise money, she’s down to earth, has a great record (yeah, I got the memo that she has no record at all, torn it apart) and has been right on every issue.

    • txpappy

      She WOULD be the darling of the establishment Republican party if the aforementioned was conservative – which they ain’t.

      Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

  • fb274

    The negative comments re:  Gov. Pallin have been condensed basically to two now:  quitter and dumb and every once in a while complaints about how much money she has earned

    Resigning from the governorship did not diminish her popularity.  Dumb, how is that title given credence as she strongly backed the most conservative movement started by the T.E.A people, has garnered more attention with her  twitter remarks and facebook articles and had the intelligence to author 2 books, accomplish all of the speaking engagements (necessary to add that she is in high demand), filmed a documentary/travel promotion for the state of  Alaska–a commitment she made the day she resigned from the Alaska Governor’s office, commentator for top rated FNC cable network and now has the two hour movie of her accomplishments from her public office experiences and topping all, now the grand tour of the U.S. to reacquaint all the people and to remind them of what a great country we have (with bikers, no less) showing the difference of one who found it necessary to travel the globe to denounce and apologize for the United States of America.

    Looking forward to the 4th of July, 2011 at which time we will know what restoring AMERICA is all about.


    Sarah Palin for President, 2012!

    • Carmelo Junior

      Take names of the "Republicans" and pundits that are bashing Palin now and bring the list after she clinches the nomination. See how the tone will change.

  • pgroup

    What’s with Laura Ingraham? Not only is she failing to support Sarah but she is letting concern troll astroturfers on the air ("I’m not calling Palin a buffoon but that’s what people say about her.").

    I was so outraged I turned her off. No, I’m not saying where I went other than it wasn’t Alex Jones. :)

    • Guest

      She’s a beltway Republican. And this is what that crowd does.
      If Ingraham thought the only way to swing the election from Sarah to Mitt was to let people on her show to call sarah a "slu*t," she’d do it in a minute, her own recent smearing notwithstanding.  thats how Republicans do things.

      • pgroup

        Now I’m embarassed for listening to her. Well, not really but I am surprised at how blind I was to that reality. As I think about it, I can see little things I overlooked. On a related note, I can’t wait to hear what Monica Crowley has to say on her weekend show. 

        • FlAli

          Well, Laura Ingraham used to date Keith Olbernann, so that could tell a lot.

          • Guest

            that’s almost as bad as Annie Coulter dating Bill the Evil Troll Maher.
            What is it with Republican pundits.  Anything to be accepted by the left.

          • pgroup

            Wow. How many drinks does it take to put up with Bathtub Boy for an evening? 

      • stevethird

        There’s a poll at It’s 50/50.right now. I emailed her, and put a long post on her FB wall. It was ridiculous on her show today. I listen because this is where the battle will be fought. On the battlefield of public opinion. Ingraham’s Ivy League roots will never let her fully support the Governor. It’s that simple.

        • John Norton

          I beleive Laura is simply putting out a adverse impression so to take media pressure off SP did you consider that possibility..?.

          • Guest

            except joining the media pigpile doesn’t take the pressure off. I’m not sure it bugs Palin much, but it is not helpful.

        • Guest

          And note…
          the Poll is not ‘who do you prefer for the GOP nomination?
          Rather, it is, should Sarah Palin Run?
          Wha??? Tell you what, Laura the Conservative Ingraham wouldn’t dream of running a poll that asked:  Should Mitt Romney run? (even though there is a good argument that, merely by the selfish act of running, which is bound to fail, Romney is making it all but impossible for conservatives to ever throw off Obamacare).

          How about this Poll:  Should Laura Ingraham have a radio show?
          Not "Whose show do you prefer?" but rather " Should Laura even have a show?"  I vote No.
          Hows that grab you?

        • pgroup

          That’s just nuts. What is so great about Ivy League?

      • John Norton

        Laura is about to have her confusion Tweaked !!…

    • Anno76

      Laura Ingraham is not a Palin supporter.

      • pgroup

        I got that. I’m talking about the enemy creeps she was allowing on her show this AM. You do not have to be a Palin supporter to recognize these people as the same ones who demonize the tea parties. 

  • John_Frank

    Doug, excellent post.

    The delusional thinking of the beltway boyz is truly astounding.

    Instead of forming an exploratory committee, going on the Sunday talk shows, getting the approval of the talking heads and parading around the early primary States, Governor Palin launches a "One Nation" tour that will go across the country, forcing the media to chase her, while she pushes her message, "Restoring America" as she meets the people. A documentary about her is set to premiere in Iowa in June that will reintroduce her to voters, which the media will have to cover, and that can be used in the campaign to help get out her message.

    She has launched an unofficial campaign, generating huge buzz, while keeping her "gig" with FOX News. Then when she is ready, at the time of her choosing, she can formally launch her campaign.

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    And what is the response from her erstwhile opponents and some of the political pundits? She has faded, not relevant, not going to run, blah, blah, blah. Truly pathetic.

    "Game On"
    Sarah Palin – 2012

    • ayamo

      Naaaah, didn’t you hear?? She’s not in the early primary states, she’s not shaking hands, she’s doing absolutely nothing(!) to boost her candidacy!!! The truth is, at this point, she just doesn’t have to shake everyone’s hands, because there are O4Ps in the vast majorities of states, already on the ground and working for her. It will be her task to connect and organize with all these groups when formally launching her campaign, but her ground game is advancing. Ya think Mitt could claim the same?

  • latinchic

    David vs Goliath

    They want her to wear the typical warrior armor, when she can work quite well with a little faith, a slingshot and a stone.

    • pgroup

      One of the little known facts about David is that he had five stones. The other four were waiting but the fall of Goliath was sufficient to end the battle. David was ready to do it more than once just in case someone thought he just got lucky. 

  • Ted Belman

    After Sarah wins the nomination, her campaign slogan will be "We the People".

    In one of her recent interviews, eith with Judge Jeanine or Greta she described the fight as she saw it. She would be a voice for the little guy against the establishment on both sides.

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Yes, and though the candidate of the GOP she’ll be running as the Tea Party nominee — or even more accurately, on the Country Party ticket, in Angelo Codevilla’s sense of the term.

      And in the campaign she could even make use of the term "ruling class" much as Codevilla does.

  • heypiasano

    By the time Sarah officially files her paperwork to run, all the air in the room will be gone. She knows how to get the spotlight. Here in Phoenix, reports that helicopters are flying around the Palin Property to get any glimpses of activity. Last night Fox 10 news had a video of Sarah walking in the grounds. Then there were reports of her buying lawn furniture.

    Mit recently bought a house and does any body have any idea where and what it is?

    The media is desperate to prove that they are right, but they are making themselves look foolish trying to prove it.

    • conservativemama

      Exactly.  Honestly, they really seem to think that if they wish hard enough it will happen, she will not run.  Or they think that they can psych her out and keep her from running.

      Here’s what I think about this.  I think after ’08 Sarah realized that the loss had much to do with how badly the McCain people ran their campaign.  It wasn’t the only reason, but it was one of the reasons.  Plus, I think she had to be angry, I would be, that her reputation was so badly tarnished, that the media was allowed to lie about her.  I think she thought, there’s no way that I will let that story be my legacy, that I will allow what they say to be the final word about me.

      Palin is motivated by love of country and her own self-respect.  I think what was done to her was so grossly unfair that she absolutely deserves to reclaim her name.  And those of us who’ve always believed in her deserve to have our candidate of choice on the national scene.

      And RINOs, please stop.  Our last landslide victory was with a true conservative, Reagan.  You’ve had control of the party since 1988 and it’s been downhill ever since.  Get out of the way because you don’t know what  you’re doing.  Your incompetence is not a secret.

    • BostonBruin

      It should be illegal for the helicopters to be stalking the Palin’s like this.

      • teledude

        helicopters are stalking her?

  • Pete Petretich

    Time is on her side.

    This "one step at a time" approach is saving a lot of campaign cash for later on!

  • conservativemama

    Again, Palin has played them so well.  By waiting it out she let the early contenders, Newt and company, make their mistakes.  She let the Mitch Daniels types bow out.  She let the pundits and insiders spew nonsense about her.  She set a trap.  They are now on the record with their complete misreading of who she is and what she would do.

    Now we are witnessing all kinds of backtracking.  Laura Ingraham, Karl Rove all trying to speak as if they always knew she might run.  Dick Morris still hangs in there defiantly stating that she’s not running.  I saw some Republican insider yesterday on Cavuto’s show pushing the "she’s a cheerleader and great fundraiser" liine, and she looked so uncomfortable doing it.  I watched her and thought lady, you’re wishing that’s the case but you know she’ll be running.  Cavuto kept asking the right question, why would Sarah do all that for someone else, if she really can accomplish all that, why not run herself?

    As for the "she’s making money and she won’t run" line, they don’t know her or people like her.  She’s a true public servant.  They are the ones protecting their bank accounts.  It’s why they don’t want her.  She’s not good for their bottom line. 

    • OldGuyAZ

      She can make as much money as she wants writing best sellers. I also think there will be a restoring America documentary from the bus tour….. released prior to all the election hoopla next year.

      • teledude

         I hadn’ t thought of that, but I need to remember…she is always working on several levels. It seems like she never just does ‘one’ thing. Always lots of ‘irons in the fire.’

        After reading Going Rogue I was so impressed with everything she is able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time…she’s very productive and capable of doing several things at once.

        This may be one of the secrets to her success. She is just outworking everyone else.

    • BostonBruin

      Plus, these major announcements this week have perhaps stymied the plans for MB (I have doubts she’s running) and others like Gov’s Perry and Christie.

      I also think the bus tour will take attention away from the announcements for Romney and Santorum. Too bad, so sad.

      • ripcurl2121

        lol.  there actually has to be attention paid to have it taken away

    • techo555

      Make money?  The best way to make money is to run for President. If she looses, she has another best selling book right there. If she wins, think how much she’ll make off her Presidential memoirs.  Not to mention, speeches, etc, after leaving the Presidency.

      I’d be curious to know how much money both George Bush (the last Bush president) and Bill Clinton have made since leaving the Presidency. I doubt either is in the finanical poor house.

      So the idea the only way to make money is to give speeches now and not run for President doesn’t hold water. 

      • heypiasano

        The Clintons are now worth over 100 million, not bad for a guy that never made more than 30,000.

        Bush, has already earned over 30 million.

        After, Sarah’s 8 years as President, The Palins will be in the Hundreds of Milions range in wealth.

        • pgroup

          Doubtful. Oh, she’ll earn it but she won’t keep it. She’ll either seed a few new foundations or funnel a lot into charities. I think the Palins have all the money they will ever need right now.

      • BoxHead1

        Yeah. Also, how does not running improve her $$ prospects. She’s not going to become a new Oprah  or do perfume commercials (Palin by D’or). She made her name by taking on the corrupt hypocrites that ran a racket in AK. She’ll keep her name by taking on the  corrupt hypocrites that run a racket in DC. All the speaking, new media and book writing are important but the Governing part of the Palin phenomenon  is the most important part.


    • John Norton

      Its a very old cy-ops game the spooks play to throw the oppisition off it very well could be that all these people giving SP the cold shoulder is intentional…

  • WEL2

    O’Riley still says he believes Governor Palin will not run.  He is setting himself up to have his tatterd credibility shredded even more.  LOL

    • OldGuyAZ

      I’m starting to watch reruns of Pawn Stars instead of BOR.

      • jhva99

        You can at least occasionally learn something of historical significance from Pawn Stars.

    • conservativemama

      Exactly.  And that shows how ignorant he is.  How could you set yourself up like that?  Only by allowing yourself to be sucked into the Pavlovian response that Palin is an idiot do you set yourself up like this.

    • John Norton

      It could be BOR is Purposefully saying that so fox dosnt let her go to soon…

  • Guest

    The thing that most inside the beltway people don’t understand is that Palin is not a Republican, she is a conservative populist.

    They can’t comprehend a politician who makes her own rules and refuses to play by theirs.

    They can’t comprehend anyone from a middle class background, caring more for their country than for monetary gain.

    They dismiss her degree in journalism which has made her a great writer and communicator.

    They can not comprehend the herculean task that Palin undertook when she took on BIG Oil and the corrupt Republicans in Alaska.  That she won against these denisens of corruption is totally beyond their comprehension.

    Palin is blazing the trail for campaigning in the 21st century, using new media and new assumptions.

    Sarah Palin:  Fearless, Trailblazer, Madam President.

    • ripcurl2121

      its semantics and doesnt really matter, but even palin says she is a republican.  a conservative reublican, but a republican nonetheless. she’s said it many times

  • FlAli

    My husband asked this morning if she was going to go up to New York and declare her candidacy in front of the Statue of Liberty.  That would certainly get heads exploding right and left.

    • ayamo

      Wow! That would be a powerful picture! And thousands of supporters listening to her speech …

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