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Trump is Out!

Will Michele Bachmann do the right thing and join Trump and Huckabee on the sidelines?

This tweet nails it: "If I’m Sarah Palin, I’m looking at the door, and I think it’s a bit more than a little ajar for her to try to ‘plow’ through."

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  • pool_dog

    Not unexpected, but welcome nonetheless.
    Another one bites the dust. 

  • LostinLA1

     Wooo Hooo! It’s been a good last week!!!   

    • VeganPalinista

       Indeed! And Trump finally admitting what everyone already knew (that he isn’t running) made my birthday even better! What an excellent gift, God!

      • free4now

        Happy Birthday! 

  • palinsupporter1

     I love how Larry Sabato is saying that Mitch Daniels is going to best gain from Huckabee and Trump getting out.  How Pathetic.

    • Carmelo Junior

      I thought it was Cain who benefts more. Oh wait…Cain is Black and Palin is a woman…These pundits always go for the white man even when the white man is a boring ugly non conservative like Danniels.

      • lanahi

         Still on the race kick, Junior?

    • citizenG100

      Larry Sabato. lol

      • blueniner

        Aanother pundit with a bad rug…… 

    • VeganPalinista

       Can you find me that quote? I’m subscribed to his twitter and haven’t seen a darn thing about that. What he did say was this, and as far as I can tell, this is all he said:

      There is NO "Huckabee bloc" that moves en masse to some other R candidate. Ridiculous. Most Rs will gain a point or 2 or 3.

  • AmsterdamExpat

    Will Newt be next?

    Right now, most likely Mitt is in a snit.

    • Pete Petretich

      Newt has an uncanny ability to offend people, no matter what their party or background. Maybe that’s a healthy attribute in some professions but not for a POTUS.

  • MarkRNY


  • aafan

    Yes some one told on this site some time back Gov Palin will have get the votes from Trump Huckabee and MB. Rightly said two out one to go. 

    • Vicki

      don’t forget Santorum. She’s likely to pick up his little handfull of jokes 

  • ayamo

    "Will Michele Bachmann do the right thing and join Trump and Huckabee on the sidelines?" Well, I should hope so.

    • IsraeliCojones

      When MB will see the turnouts for Sarah in IA, SC and NH, she’ll smell the coffee and will crawl back to her Congressional seat as if nothing has happened…

      • Vicki

        or think Huckabee and Trump getting out gives her a chance 

        • IsraeliCojones

          Well, Vicki, she can think whatever she wants: reality trumps everything.

          When the Pink Elephant’s crowds will squash everything around, while she’ll be renting 2 pizza parlors at a maximum, then we’ll see. Huck was wise enough to understand what he could expect from a campaign (ie nothing). If she’s stupid, that’s her loss. ;)

          • Vicki

            Anybody that is considering a run has to think Huckabee and Trump getting out improves their chances. If 10 people are running, and two of them, who have been polling in the top four or five, pull out, the remaining 8 all benefit. And as long as Gov Palin doesn’t announce, it has to be encouraging to folks like Pawlenty and Daniels and Bachman, when they see these other big names folks pull out. I hope Ms Bachman stays in, because if Gov Palin doesn’t run, I would support her way over any of the others. 

            • IsraeliCojones

              Thanks for replying again, Vicki. I understood your point (in both posts), which is completely sensible. I’m just saying: when she runs (and they all know she’s running), the difference in turnouts and enthusiasm will be so stunning that her contenders will drop like flies.

              And MB will be one of the 1st to do so, because she competes with her on exactly the same field, and thus will probably be driven in running a (slightly?) anti-Palin campaign, just to find oxygen. Which will be political suicide for her.

              That’s why I think that she will be one of the first to drop when Sarah runs: she’s smart enough not to commit seppuku. Even for the Establishment.

            • ThePaganTemple

              Santorum probably benefits more from Huckabee leaving than anybody running now.

        • Carmelo Junior


          Bachmann, if she does not drops out will be the female Ron Paul!!! Guarantee!

          • Vicki

            I will support Gov Palin a hundred times over MBachman. But there is a chance that Gov Palin will choose not to run, and if she doesn’t Bachman would be my next choice, and then Cain maybe, depending on how he wears on the trail. With every fiber of my heart, I hope she runs, but I could understand a decision not to put her family through all it entails.I don’t want to see all the conservatives drop out and leave us with nothing but RINOs. Plus, there is a certain value to people like Cain and Bachman starting a campaign and then throwing their endorsement to Palin. I would say it’s a net positive. 

            • Bill589

              Bachmann is my second choice too. Yet as much as I like her, it is a distant second choice.
              Sarah Palin 2012 

    • ThePaganTemple

       Why would you hope that? Sarah hasn’t announced so far. So far Michelle is arguably the best one in there, next to Cain, and she might be better than him for the long haul. If Sarah ever decides to run that would be a different story, but until then-

  • Izzyf3


    PALIN 2012 

  • Amjean

    Well, the one good thing that Trump accomplished is that he got the birth certificate from Obama
    off the table as a nagging issue.

    Either that was his only objective all along, or he was threatened by the thugs in the Obama administration.  Now, don’t go all crazy on me; I live in the Chicago area where we are used
    to threats!  Wouldn’t you like to be a "fly on the wall" and hear the details? 

    • PhilipJames

       No matter what you think of Trump…   I agree…. he got that stupid birth certificate crap out of the way as it was a distraction that only the left could use to attack Republicans. We all knew he would not get far anyway, so thanks at least for that.
      As for Newt….  can he be getting senile? does he really think peeing off the Conservative base, Tea Party people, etc. is going to get him anywhere? I just don’t get why he said that about Ryan and "right wing social engineering". Is he running as an independent? Did some genius advisor tell him that this is how you get around the Medicare/Medicaid scare tactics of the left re Ryan…. which by the way are total lies as Ryan idea does not affect current recipients. Doesn’t make any sense to me why he is saying something like that. Strange stuff.

      • Vicki

        I thought Newt was right when he said the approach should be to let people migrate over to a privatized version of medicare and/or social security.  

      • Amjean

        I think Newt was using an outrageous statement as an attention getter; however, the
        words used may backfire on him as he is getting the wrong attention.  Newt sitting on
        a bench with Nancy Pelosi is difficult to get over by itself.  Add this, three marriages,
        cheating on wife with cancer; and something else noone is discussing – Newt talks down
        to people.  That is annoying.  I think he is toast.

        I heard him on the radio tonight discussing all the repub candidates; named everyone
        with the exception of Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last man standing.

        You know, I always thought that people who stay home or vote third party
        rather than vote for the last jerk standing were hurting the repub party or the country.
        However, I must tell you I am getting there.  If Palin doesn’t get in, I am not sure I
        can hold my nose and vote for the idiot that is left.

    • Iowa4Palin

      He could see the root canal treatment coming.   But the main thing here is that Obama unnecessarily made a serious enemy.  IMHO Trump may launch a few biting salvos at BO during the election.    Could leave a nasty mark or two.

  • latinchic

    All of these boys keep self-destructing. They can’t say Palin didn’t give them a chance to shine.

    • Pete Petretich

      This saves us Palinistas some campaign cash down the road, too. Cash to use toward the General Election! 

  • Jim R

    Mike Huckabee out, now Trump

    As Tammy Bruce tweeted Saturday:

    "If I may, @SarahPalinUSA, there is every reason in the world for you to run, it’s time to accept the truth of it. We all wait for you"

    Palin 2012!

  • IsraeliCojones

    Very predictable outcome. From Day One.

  • ayamo

    Look at this: Apparently, SarahPac sent a letter to SC. and not just only SC:!/TheFix/status/70164162201919488

    • aafan

      So the criticism of mailing list is being addressed. If I remember in the last filing there were 25000 donors for her. The new staff has ramped up operation.

      Also timing of all the news cannot be coincidence. Some thing is going on behind the scene. Next announcement is from Daniel ! (Which way cannot say if his running is good or bad for her)

  • usajingoist

     Let’s see…Daniels, who admittedly wanted a truce on social issues, who just said he wasn’t ready to debate Obama on foreign policy, and is backed by the Rep establishment and the Bush machine will benefit from Huckabee who didn’t want a truce on social issues, but is a RINO in every other way?  

    Huckabee is a fraud.  He won Iowa and was really a distant 3rd in 2008 and only was the “runner-up” because Romney dropped out after Florida and Huck stayed in for the glory of being runner-up.  He wouldn’t stand up to the scrutiny of his poor Arkansas record and weak character this time.  Daniels is simply, one step better than T-Paw, and two better than Mittens. 

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Pull out your copies of Going Rogue and turn to pages  79-80. In her race for her second mayoral term, Governor Palin’s opponent levies sexist attacks against her, and she quotes Napoleon, " Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake".

    Just food for thought with recent decisions and gaffes by her potential rivals and as we wait for her announcement. :)

    • ayamo

       You are right. Everything’s falling into place right now and it looks like she and SarahPAC are gearing up.

    • midwestprincesse

       Sooo many interpretations. So little time. :)

    • Iowa4Palin

      Whitney Pitcher
      This takes a lot of self – discipline.  Many GOP candidates don’t have message discipline – Newt is a case in point.    Letting things play out is hard, witness the understandable impatience of people on this site, myself included.    But allowing these opponents their opportunity to be skewered by the press was an effective strategy by the CUDA.    When she gets in she will receive a more informed second look by GOP Primary voters, as they compare her with the alternatives and all their exposed flaws. 

  • citizenG100

    So do the events of the past couple of days mean Sarah can win now? ;-)

    • ayamo

       Certainly not if you listen to the pundits. If you listen to the people: Absolutely! ;)

  • Carmelo Junior

    Never saw it coming! The guy sent the signal months ago. Let’s make his predictions a reality:

    • pipam12

       I remember that too

      • Carmelo Junior

        Huckabee was more afraid of Sarah than Sarah’s supportes of Huckabee LOL

  • TexMex817

    It is jarring to hear from pundits that although Daniels has no ground game in Iowa, official or unofficial (perhaps but too small to be significant) & has made no recent visits to the state; he somehow is a viable candidate to the 2012 GOP nomination. If this is the criteria they use for Daniels, it would follow that based on Palin’s moves, coupled w O4P presence nationally & definitely in Iowa, she would be considered a candidate for 2012.

    Wilfull blindness on the part of pundits and strategy for other candidates who are trading on this theme.

    One does not massively upgrade her PAC website, hire a highly credentialed foreign policy adviser, & lay out in a speech a defined fopo doctrine; all to go quietly into 2012.

    • PhillyCon

        Willful blindness


  • Eagles8

    Huck drops out, Trump flames out (then drops out), and Mitt and Newt self-immolate.  I admit I’d been getting antsy waiting for Sarah to announce, but she has definitely made the right call in waiting things out.  Her opponents are imploding all around her and she’s putting herself in prime position to shoot to the front of the pack when the dust settles and she jumps in.

    • IsraeliCojones

      She’s so smart and wise.

      • citizenG100

        Yes she is. But the decisions are so pitch perfect that I can’t help but see Divine assistance.

        • IsraeliCojones

          I’m totally with you on this. This woman is protected, it’s clear as day.

          But I may add: some ’round here should have trusted her a little bit more. There were times on these boards when the angst was a little too much to bear. At least for me :)

          • citizenG100

            I agree. I think some just find patience hard to come by ;-).

            Btw, how are things where you are? I gather there was some sort of mini-uprising, is that right?

            • IsraeliCojones

              Thanks for asking. :)

              It was their Naqba day or somethin’. They always do that. Pure propaganda operation, pure world attention seeking. I’m glad that our Govt made it clear that you don’t invade Israel like that, even while marching. What did they expect anyway?

              I suppose we have to praise G-d for their stupidity. If they were smart, we would have been defeated a while ago.

              • citizenG100

                Glad you’re ok.

                • IsraeliCojones

                  Thanks, citizen ;)

                  But, you know, life is quite calm and normal here. We never see what happens on frontiers or in military zones (except on TV, of course). We are protected.

                  I saw some comments recently here which made my jaw drop: some people saying that Sarah shouldn’t take the kids here on her second trip because "it’s a dangerous place". This is complete nonsense (and Sarah knows it): life is far more secure here than in many places in the world (including the US, imo). Saying that Israel is "at war" doesn’t mean we live in the trenches and eating beans at the light of a candle, if you get my drift :D

                  Remember always: TV is NOT reality, it’s just TV. It is true for Sarah Palin. And it is also true for Israel :D

                  • citizenG100

                    I fully understand IsraeliCojones. Didn’t mean to imply you were living in a warzone or anything!

                    I’m from Northern Ireland, and thankfully we seem to be past most of our problems, but when things were at their worst life still went on as normal. Things happened that shouldn’t have, but then violence happens in every country, it’s just usually due to the ‘normal’ reasons as opposed to political reasons. There were only a very few areas where most of the violence took place anyway, and if you avoided those areas you’d be fine. Kind of the same as any big city really.

                    The media always sensationalizes things and they can’t help but paint an inaccurate picture of things. That likely won’t ever change!

    • teledude

       I can’t stop smiling!

      What a bunch of developments all happening so close together.

      Just as I have envisioned it…but man, I thought I was being hopeful.

      • Eagles8

        It’s definitely been a good last few days for Palin fans.  I don’t think any of us could have imagined the field thinning out this much in the span of a week, 18 months before the election no less.

        With everyone else blowing up, bowing out, or looking bland and uninspiring, Sarah will swoop in and save the day.

      • Iowa4Palin

        Just that common sense Iowa judgment working for ya.   Can you imagine how bad Rove, the Bushies, and the White House feel right now  —  Rommel after D-Day, the inevitability is becoming apparent.

    • Guest

       Governor Palin is playing the (political) game like a chess grandmaster.

    • amaze830

      As I indicated a couple of weeks ago in my previous post at C4P, Gov. Palin is a genius.  Her opponents are falling like dominoes without her even firing a shot.   

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Remember when Sarah said, "He’s my buddy"?  No bridges burned.

    • IsraeliCojones

      She’s so smart and wise.

    • citizenG100

      Reading the last paragraph of his statement it sounds like he’s looking for a candidate to endorse. Sarah never attacked him and his critique of her was much more muted than that of the others. I wonder if Trump will endorse Sarah sometime down the road?

      • cuatrocinco45

        What about Palin/Trump?

        He’d be a huge help money-wise and instantly erase Obama’s financial edge 

        • Guest

          Umm. Please, no.  Plus I don’t think the Veep would use his own money.  

        • Carmelo Junior

          I still don’t trust Trump…He needs to convince me that he is a Republican.   

        • Jasmine Clark

          no no no no 

        • citizenG100

          I don’t see it. Don’t confuse Sarah’s being unconventional with being nuts! No way would she pick Trump. Besides since he won’t run for President due to his financial interests he wouldn’t become VP either.

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