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Tuesday Open Thread

More from Brianus.

The myth of Palin’s stupidity.

And they call us violent.

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  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!
    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • cookboy

      Good morning Jean!

  • Kay

    Would everyone quit freaking out about the DC piece please? Everything is under control.

    • c4pfan

      I haven’t!  LOL

      I wish that you guys had an open thread last night on Bibi’s speech, etc. 

    • amaze830

      I agree with you.  The DC piece is all about nothing.  People, please move on.

    • cookboy

      I ain’t freakin’ out.

    • JeannieBinVA

      What DC piece?

      Never mind. Found it, read it, no big deal.

  • generictrainee

    moose or lose.

  • JD777
    • imo123

      Being a Michigander all my life I find this so sad.  I’ve been in that station when it was up and running, so sad now :-(

  • amaze830

    Good morning C4Pers.

    You go Tammy!. 

  • sarahpalinrocks2

    Some of my Rino Twittermates are trying to make a big deal out of the DC hit pieces but here’s Erickson’s take on it –

    Erick Erickson took note of RAM’s comments and said he is not personally offended:

    • Kay

      People talk smack and call people "douchebags" and worse all the time, especially when they’re just blowing off steam to their friends. Gotta get it off your chest. BFD.

      • IsraeliCojones

        I wish some here would have your judgment’s clarity. Kudos.

        • cookboy

          Uffda is a highly evolved life form.

          • IsraeliCojones

            LOL. I know. :D

          • Kay


    • fb274

      To whomever the Ram;s back and forth conversations were held apparently is a friend to someone on the loony blog of immoral as they were forwarded to a commenter of that blog.  It is easy to imagine once it appeared there, they started with the twittering and sent it to all of the lefty MSM on their contact list.  Those type of people are all consumed with their efforts to (as they say) ‘bring down Sarah".  

  • panchita

    sad day at C4P. our own RAM showing a major lapse in judgment. Ir reflects badly on Sarah. Given her class and devotion to Sarah i suspect she will resign voluntarily.

    pat buchanan aldo discounting Sarah as a candidate. Says she doesn’t have the candlepower she did a year ago. hello!!!!!!!! Wisconsin speech.

    when it seems most bleak I know the sun will shine brighter.

    Sarah 2012

    • c4pfan

      She wouldn’t know. 

      I base it on what I think is best for this country, not talking heads!

    • PEC111

      ?.  What lapse of judgement?  What did she say that many of us were not thinking at the time in regard to the Bristol-Levi stuff?  Heck what she should do is release the name of the person she was writing to.  Also release the other half of the DM.  She asks the person if she could trust them not to tell anybody.  W have no tweets form the other side.  What did they say.  Release the other half RAM.

      • sarahpalinrocks2

        Lapse of judgment is trusting an unknown online person. Even RAM acknowledges that in her messages. No escaping but RAM screwed up. The damage is not that bad but she will have to beg the Palins for forgiveness for ripping on Bristol. Sarah and Todd love their daughter and it was a mistake to attack Bristol no matter what RAM’s intentions were.

        • excopconservative

          I’m not sure that what RAM said about Bristol was what it appeared from the email.  She wasn’t comparing Bristol to Patty Davis or Ron Reagan Jr.  Obviously, Bristol is not a liberal.  She supports her mother’s candidacy.  She was saying that all families have a black sheep and Bristol was that by being an unwed mother. 

          There is an issue about how close a candidate can be to a family black sheep.  I had a lady approach me at a TEA Party event where I had a Palin table and tell me that Sarah wasn’t qualified to be President.  I started telling her about Sarah’s record in Alaska.. She said that I didn’t understand.  What Sarah had done to be unqualified was to bring her unwed pregnant daughter on stage and introduce her to polite society like she was an honest person.  She thought if the daughter is a putana, the mother is too.  This was a socially conservative woman who honestly believes that Sarah Palin is not morally fit to be President.  I don’t know how many people hold these kind of feelings but some do.  This woman was holding Gov. Palin to a higher standard than she would any male candidate.  So it is a valid issue that Palin and her aides would be concerned about.

          Now, sharing these concerns that are basically family concerns with outsiders, even strong supporters, was naive.  RAM should have known that loyalties change in a campaign, especially if your candidate is hesitating to get in the race.  People choose another horse and take whatever "inside" information they have with them.  I hope RAM is able to mend the wounds and remain a very effective aide.

    • Mary Beth House

      I think that would be an over-reaction.

      And I don’t think it’s all that sad a day at C4P…other than to be upset that RAM was betrayed and the DC has shown itself to be a tabloid.

      That makes me angrier than sad.

      As for anything else, unless or until the DC produces something genuinely confidential…and I don’t mean random smacktalk, I mean insider secrets of Palin’s plans…then I suggest we treat this story as the nothing burger that it is.

      • IsraeliCojones

        So spot-on.

      • sarahpalinrocks2

        You wouldn’t like it if someone said the stuff about your child that RAM said about Bristol. No getting around those hurtful statements. Sarah and Todd are owed an apology big time by RAM.

        I don’t know what she was thinking at the time. I think this person had her completely fooled. I would never write such critiques about the family members of one of my bosses – maybe that’s just me.

        • generictrainee

          I dont think it’s that hurtful against Bristol. Everyone does dumb things, and people will talk about it. Just dont give it to outsiders. Trusting outsiders is a dumb thing , btw..

        • IsraeliCojones

          What is it with this obsession with Bristol? She’s not above criticism and Sarah and Todd must have felt exactly the same way as RAM, only 10 times more. Let’s face it: the kid notably screwed up at that time.

          And btw, can you imagine the twerp within the close circle while Sarah would be campaigning? Steve Schmidt would have been an angel, compared to him!

          Recipe for major disaster.

          • AmsterdamExpat

            Yes, that extreme solicitude is a bit strange. Especially considering that on this site no one is above criticism — including SP herself — rightly or wrongly. And often on points that in my view are really quite absurd or positively insulting, such as putative lapses in her demeanour or the supposed offensiveness of the pitch of her voice.

            • Carmelo Junior

              Obama is paying big bucks to make Sarah’s staff look bad. Stay on course! The Left is paying money to make clowns like Bachmann and Cain look better than Sarah.

              I’m conservative and anti Obama way before Sarah was picked as McCain VP. I hated Obama’s policies way before C4P.

          • senator20526

            I thought we were not going to talk about the kids on C4P anymore? If we talk about them, how can we expect other site not to talk about them.?

    • section9

      Sarah would be a fool to accept it. RAM is a valuable addition to the team. 

      • latinchic

        I’m pissed RAM was betrayed and I want to know who this loser is.

        Daily Caller: you suck too. It’s 2008 all over again.

    • Kay

      Again with the don’t freak out.

    • IsraeliCojones

      On "lapse in judgment" (repost)

      There is no guarantee against betrayal. None.

      Do you think that Sarah was surprised when she saw Joe Miller campaigning the way he did after the primary she made him win? Oh yes, she was! Both families had been friends for decades!

      Do I question Sarah’s judgment for trusting JM? No! Life is like that: you trust, or you live in a bunker, ie: you don’t have any relationships whatsoever!

      So I never question people of good faith, never, for they do what they do because they are GOOD.

      On the other hand, I will question the backstabbers until I can see them go back to their Creator to be judged on their deeds.

      • sarahpalinrocks2

        Yeah but Joe didn’t attack Bristol. That’s my main problem here. RAM had done it before in the past and been called out by C4Pers where RAM had to retract. I think she is too hard on Bristol – not sure why.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Well I disagree, as I said before.

          It’s not a matter of judging what Bristol does. It’s measuring Sarah’s pain here. Bristol, like it or not, has hurt her family very deeply with this nonsense. This is RAM’s point.

          We all have to thank G-d that after a week, all was back to normal. Which was a miracle, imo.

          • generictrainee

            The problem is RAM yapping about it with people she doesnt need to trust it with.If there’s a problem she need to solve with help of outside people , then you need to give them that info else it only creates problem.  

        • kbbookgirl

          RAM did not attack Bristol! I read that hit piece. She said that Bristol was a sweet girl and was not dumb at all but was making a stupid decision to go back to that sleezbag. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if sarah and Todd said that to Bristols face.

          • Betsey_Ross

            I have to say I thought the same thing when I heard that L and B were engaged again and I am not even her mother.  I was heartsick.  However Sarah’s assessment of the situation was right on.  Later we find out Bristol doesn’t like living alone.  Who can blame her considering the threats to her during her pregnancy and after?  Poor kid.  She has had to endure a lot since 2008.  How many of us would have been able to put up with all of that at her age?  She has come out of it and is doing quite well.  She has learned independence and matured right before our very eyes.  God bless her.
            As far as RAM goes–who hasn’t said the same about Erikson and Romney.  I know I have said far worse.  RAM had doubts about Nikki.  So what!  I have too.  NH is infinitely better than what was running and also the scum that was harrassing her, too.  I have not been particularly happy with the non-support that many of the folks that Sarah pushed up the ladder have shown, but it’s politics.  They have their jobs to do.  Hopefully they are focused on that for now.  They don’t have to be fawning over Sarah right this second. 

            To the DC:  Is this all you got?  You’re kidding, right? 

            If all of this upsets you more and you think Sarah is in the dumper because of it, then relieve your angst and send SarahPAC more money. 

        • Guest

          It’s likely because Bristol’s actions, at times, can be perceived of as attacks on her mother.

      • Guest

        Think about how Sarah felt when Bristol told the media that she was engaged to Levi (when he was scamming her for a reality show or some such junk) and her mom would have a fit when she found out. Now, THAT’s betrayal! RAM sounding off on Bristol? Not so much.

  • Bill589

    With relatively few exceptions, how many times has the ‘right’ LSM turned it’s back on Sarah? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised they ignore her now. I used to get upset with some of these people, but now it is starting to get a little funny to me.

    The media, like BOR last night, doesn’t even mention Sarah. The establishments are so desperate. It speaks volumes to their character. Liars by omission. And BOR smiles with that twinkle in his "most trusted" eyes.

    Two things:
    1. SP has the capability to make the LSM, both right and left, play an elementary school game.
    2. The LSM thinks she can win, the right and the left, else they wouldn’t be playing this game.
    3. If right and left think she can win, I betcha she can win.

    Sarah is the one presidential hopeful that was on the front-line of the battle for over two years, and the fact that she can now even stand with the other candidates is amazing.

    The fact that she stands taller, is unflippinbelievable.
    Go Barracudas Maximus!

  • cookboy
    • hrh40

      Palin winning despite the steady drumbeat that "she’s not running" and the lack of support of all the bloggers over there.

      But not by much. So please vote! :)

  • Stoneyjack

    What did RAM say that wasn’t true? RedState Erikson is a self-promoting stuffed shirt. Mittens is a RINO. Bristol has made some bad choices. Tucker Carlson is PeeWee Herman’s clone. Oh, right…she left out that last part.

    • generictrainee

      Some of it she shouldn’t vent to outsiders, RAM herself wrote she didn’t want it leaked.So it was a mistake of her .

      • cookboy


      • IsraeliCojones

        No one want anything said in private leaked to anyone. Have you ever got frustrated to hear that somebody you trusted had repeated words supposed to be heard only by them? Happens all the time.

        Now for the venting, as I said on the other thread, no one can expect RAM to talk 1) only to her beloved boss and/or 2) only about the weather with others. That is just unrealistic. Add to this the enormous amount of pressure this job involves, talking about your work (and rather innocuously as far as I can see) is what normal people do.

        • generictrainee

          I expect her not to leak senisitive stuff to anyone about Palins family, especially online "friends", this is the highest level, do you realise you want Palin to run for president?

        • WilliamShipley

          The best piece of advice I ever got was from my fifth grade English teacher.  She intercepted a note between two girls and posted it on the bulletin board — to their embarassment.  She said "Never put anything in writing you don’t want posted on the bulletin board".  I’ve tried to live by that advice, it serves me pretty well.

      • teledude

        Actually, she thought it was a friend. People can’t live in isolation and everyone vents on Twitter. I hold RAM blameless in this.

        Heck I agree with everything she said.

        • sarahpalinrocks2

          Including the Bristol comments? Those were beyond the pale. Who says any of us have the right to throw stones at Bristol? RAM was wrong as far as those comments went.

          • Guest

            Bristol did need to have a few stones thrown at her. Think of the stupidity of hooking up with Levi and announcing it to the media with a slap at her mother thrown in. We all have discernment and judgment; on that basis, we can assert that someone’s actions were wrong, etc.

          • PhilipJames

            oh, really? when you read the comments, she does not say anything that is coming from Sarah but from a supporter who is now really disappointed.
            as for comments, maybe you should go back to that time on this site and see what a lot of the posters said here…   there was some pretty ugly stuff from people on here who supposedly support Sarah…  a lot of it way worse than what RAM said.
            this is a ginned up controversy….   RAM tweeted someone she thought she could communicate with… now she has learned that everyone is a potential turncoat and that if she wants to continue with Sarah she had better learn it is a very cloistered and lonely life being in the spotlight as you never know really who your friends are….   why do you think Sarah’s best friends are people she has known for a long long time..
            A lesson learned by RAM…. nothing more serious than that.

        • Guest

          The trick is to vent verbally only with recorders off. Then it becomes a matter of he said-she said. 

    • PhillyCon

      I’m more peeved at that "Romney advisor" calling Palin a "crazy woman."  

      Morning all.

      • Guest

        Don’t be peeved, Philly. Mittens is paranoid.

        After what Sucker Carlson said about Palin, DC exposed it’s bias and became nothing more than National Enquirer, a stupidmarket tabloid, not ready for for prime time.

        Looks like Mittens beta males are afraid of a Mamma Grizzly big time, good. 

        • PhillyCon

          Yeah, I know.  The Mittens "advisor" coupled with the WH story of "only Gingrich and Palin" are easily beatable … it becomes obvious to the most causal political observer of what’s going on. 

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      You don’t go after Sarah’s kids. They are her heart even if they are not perfect. No excuses, just beg for forgiveness from the Palins. The end.

      • IsraeliCojones

        She didn’t go after anybody. She was channeling what Sarah HERSELF felt at the time. What part of this don’t you understand?

        • generictrainee

          Who knows what sarah felt , that’s why people should’nt leak stuff to feed speculation.

        • sarahpalinrocks2

          Read RAM’s comments about Bristol. Not cool is what I’m saying. If I was Sarah, I’d be pretty ticked off. Bristol too. Water under the bridge at this point and not worth commenting on anymore.

      • Guest

        No. Even if they are her heart, they are not perfect and need to know how their actions are received by others.

      • Palin_Patriot

        Trust me this site is about to get disowned by Sarah. This site is proving to be too much of a negative that far outweighs any positive it brings to the table.

        Techno I think you are a class act. Take my advice and run as quickly as possible from this site and bring your talent for numbers elsewhere. Being associated with C4P is only going to bring your name down in the mud.

        This site has gone after one of the Mama Grizzlies cubs. By defending someone like RAM that attacked not only Bristol but others in the Palin Family (just wait till DC releases the other emails) this site has just alienated itself from Sarah.

        • NYJeremy


  • PEC111

    We need to cool our heels guys.  At the time RAM was tweeting about Bristol, Sarah was not very happy either.
    Now RAM does terrific work.  Would hire her for my staff immediately.  That said Sarah does need a new conduit with the media.

    • generictrainee

      Most of us understand RAM’s thinking , she did a mistake yapping about it.

      I think both RAM and Palin knows what to do with this.

      • JeannieBinVA

        The only thing I find disturbing at all is RAM communicating with someone she didn’t know and trusting them not to reveal all. Obviously she’s learned her lesson. Time to move on.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      Commenting about Bristol….No! She will learn not to do that again. Sarah said family is most important to her.

      • PEC111

        It is a timing issue.  At the time of those tweets Sarah herself was none too pleased with Bristol getting back with Levi.

        • IsraeliCojones

          If I read the tweets correctly, "none too pleased" is a mighty understatement ;)

        • generictrainee

          Mabye , but if Palin would like to tell the whole world about that , she can do it herself, not someone else leaking it. That’s the problem.

  • Guest

    Please vote for Sarah in the straw poll at Ace of Spades.

  • Right_Wingnut

    What RAM did is unacceptable, but the ramifications of letting RAM go over this could be worse than smoothing over a few ruffled feathers. Think about it.

    This will all blow over in a day or two.

    • panchita

      who knows how many "friends" RAM has tweeted over the past year. best for her to bow out gracefully now. bow wow.

      this campaign will be brutal as it is. RAM acted like a teenager.

      I take it as a positive. RAM leaves, the ship tightens up.

      rough seas ahead.

      seaworthy chihuahuas for Palin 2012

      • Right_Wingnut

        We don’t need any disgruntled ex-aides, if you know what I mean. I’m not sure that she would betray Sarah in that manner, but I wouldn’t take the chance. We don’t know the whole story, but I don’t think the reported comments constitute fireable offenses.

        • IsraeliCojones

          I can’t believe you are throwing her under the bus like that. My goodness, reading you both, she’s just committed the crime of the century!

          Without her, not only C4P wouldn’t exist (which is a minor point), but Sarah has said herself that she would have "retreated" (without reloading at all) without this site’s constant support at the time of her persecution in Alaska.

          Do you realize what we owe to RAM?

          May G-d judge you as mercifully as you judge the others harshly.

          I just can’t believe this.

          • Right_Wingnut

            Yes, I appreciate everything she has done. I also said she should NOT be let go. Having said that, she needs to learn that loose lips sink ships, but this isn’t as big a deal as it’s being made out to be.

            • IsraeliCojones

              Well, I prefer this kind of nuanced position :)

              What she has done: she has done everything, if you ask me.

              Isolated in AK, surrounded with monsters who wanted her destruction, Sarah would have had NO IDEA of the support she still enjoyed without this site, and RAM’s constant and legendary smackdowns.

              That is why she told her that, without it, yes, she would have retreated, she would have abandoned ship. Sarah is made of flesh and blood: when you are harassed and NOBODY comes to your defense, you just give up, because "all this" isn’t worthing the pain.

              But when you know that there are people out there who haven’t forgotten you, who still love and support you, it changes the entire landscape, because you don’t lose hope.

              That is our debt to RAM: we are asking ourselves when Sarah will announce ONLY because this standup gal was there when it mattered.

              So when I see some people here – on this site – bury her as if nothing has ever happened, it makes my heart bleed endlessly.

              The greatest poetic justice I could see today would be this: Sarah Palin inflicting a mighty smackdown on the DC, and his boss, while fiercely defending her faithful aide in a FB post.

              The posts from the gravediggers would be something to behold then.

      • PhilipJames

        that is a stupid comment…. why should RAM leave?

      • Quiet_Righty

        who knows how many "friends" RAM has tweeted over the past year. best for her to bow out gracefully now. bow wow.
        this campaign will be brutal as it is. RAM acted like a teenager.
        I take it as a positive. RAM leaves, the ship tightens up.
        rough seas ahead.

        Hysterical overreaction. I should award you Concern Troll points.

    • teledude

      RAM did nothing wrong. For personal Tweets, those are very mild. Everyone vents on twitter, and she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true or completely understandable while confiding in a friend.

      You should see what shows up on my twitter feed sometimes.

      It must be hell being in the Palin camp and being unable to trust ANYONE.  Very isolating…I hope RAM lets us know the name of the cretin that did this.

      The reality is this is a non-story about nothing. Pure gossip B.S. that makes the DC look foolish.

      • sarahpalinrocks2

        She trusted someone she didn’t know. She even wrote in her messages that she could get in trouble for this. That person leaked her messages.

        They have to run a tight ship and be careful who they share information with. It’s not rocket science. RAM was played as Section9 said.

      • Gina

        Everyone vents, that’s true . . . but in this game you HAVE to learn not to vent in print. Or pixels.

    • GeraldGoff

      Nobody is irreplaceable.

      • Guest

        Horse shit.  Sarah is.

    • LostinLA1

      Totally agree with you.  Bruised egos are one thing.  Letting go someone who is such a valuable asset is another.  RAM is entitled to her opinions. This doesn’t make her a disloyal employee. The high crime would be releasing sensitive secrets about Gov. Palin’s operations. Everyone needs to move on because there is a campaign to prepare for.  This is just more inside the Beltway chatter to stop Gov. Palin from running.

  • Jean_A

    They claim they have other stuff. If they won’t print it somebody else will someday.  It is sad that you can’t trust anybody.

  • cookboy
  • ramorywebb

    Monsour is not very savvy. Let me help here here..never ever put in writing anything you do not want the world to know.

    The context though is clearly an expression of personal views held by "RAM" and as we know, anything Palin, especially if it is negative, is used to gain notoriety. 

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Let’s see.  We had at least two threads last night that discussed the RAM thing.  This thread has started out the same way.  I think we need at least two more threads to discuss this.  We MUST continue to flog this until there is nothing left to be repeated a dozen times. 

    • cookboy

      I missed it. Now I’m done. Next.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      Dude, you have to have a staff that is prudent and trustworthy or Sarah’s campaign will be doomed. Let’s be thankful this happened now and not after Sarah jumped in. Sarah’s team has to perform or they will fail.

      • RefudiateGOPe

        And it being beaten to death here at C4P doesn’t change things, now does it?

        • sarahpalinrocks2

          Ok. You’re right. Let’s not talk about this again and move on. I’ve vented and am done. :)

        • cookboy

          Were it not for beating dead horses, some folks would get no exercise whatsoever.

  • citizenG100

    Ok I see the Daily Caller are being their usual scummy selves.

    Three groups come out of this episode poorly: Daily Caller, the "friend" who betrayed RAM, and RAM.

    One person who doesn’t come out badly: Governor Palin.

    Regarding RAM I think she made a big error of judgment and breached some of Sarah’s trust. But it wasn’t a breach motiviated by malice (as was Bailey’s for instance). RAM should have known better. "Loose lips sink ships". Given her position she should never have put in print anything she wasn’t prepared to be made public. Always, always remember that our written words can potentially be read by anyone in the future. It was a surprising lapse in judgement by RAM.

    I don’t know what Gov Palin will do. I would guess she will not fire RAM but move her out of her inner circle, at least for a while. The problem is that trust is difficult to build up and easy to destroy. RAM’s misjudgement will have destroyed some of the Gov’s trust in her. Hopefully she can regain her trust, but it will take time.

    The good news is that there is no damage to Sarah herself.

    More good news is that this will rain on Bailey’s book launch. And anything that can cost that scumbag money is great news.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Everyone today seems worried about a tempest in a teapot. I’m relatively new here. I don’t know who RAM is. I don’t know what she said. It wasn’t on the news last night or Drudge this morning or in Human Events. My wife didn’t see it on the Christian links, or Facebook, or get an e-mail, so the female smoke signal network that she is part of hasn’t picked it up. I don’t think "it" is a big deal, whatever "it" is.

    • Gelston

      RAM is Rebecca A Mansour, who cofounded this site, C4P.
      She graduated from the C4P Institue of Palin Studies to work for SarahPac.
      Raised in the Detroit, MI, area, she was a screenwriter in CA before going to work for SarahPac.

      • NHConservative0221

        What other experience in politics does RAM have?

        I’m not implying anything, I’m just curious. 

    • cookboy

      And you are correct, sir!

  • Guest

    I wonder if AP took notice of aides to gov. Palin speaking with Politico while not giving AP a response. It is a classic put down.

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