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Palin at Rolling Thunder video compilation – updated.

Jedidiah Bila gives a great interview about Palin.

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  • BikeRun

    The Fox news pole is still up if you have not voted go here

    I have hammered Bret with 3 emails about this front loaded poll. Will see if he says anything tonight about the way it was conducted

    • Betsey_Ross

      They will never admit that.  Doing polls gives them a way to prime the pump and skew their news stories.  If they have to lie, they do. 

    • JeannieBinVA

      I saw that bit on Special Report last night and wanted to throw something at the screen. ("Bachman came out on top in our poll" — even the most dishonest reporters usually say "in our unscientific audience poll"). 

      In what logical, honest, objective or reality-based universe would MB better Gov. Palin on ANYTHING? 

      The only good part of the panel was Tucker at least acknowledging that Fox and the rest of the LSM are trying to diminish Sarah by pairing her with Bachmann (and before now with Trump). The whole premise of the poll and much of the discussion — that Sarah and MB appeal to the same voters and are virtually indistinguishable — is not only sexist but so far off the mark as to be laughable.   

      • IsraeliCojones

        Tucker Carlson?

        • JeannieBinVA

          Yep, that Tucker. Not someone I respect (except for his views on Michael Vick), but last night he was surprisingly not as smarmy as usual.

          • IsraeliCojones

            To Carlson: don’t even try. You’re burned. Game over, punk.

            • MarkRNY

              Lol–Way to go IC!

      • MarkRNY

        The "Like" thingy isn’t working for me for some reason. I "Liked" both of you (you and IC).

        Since Tuck’s a smarm/coward by nature, I take it as a sign that even smarms are beginning to see which way the wind’s blowing. Aside from that, Tuck’s forever a piece…a bad guy in my book–someone who has to pay a price!

      • stevethird

        Oh wait. Sarah beat her severely by almost 3 to 1. What’s wrong with these people?

    • Babchie8

      Perhaps others have noted this before, however I noticed that once you vote, the current standing shows, then you can "return to poll".  If you vote a few times, Sarah’s and MB’s position in the question will flip!  (If SP’s name was on the top, after a couple of votes, MB’s name will be on the top.)  Be sure to pay attention or you might vote for the wrong person.

  • M_Minnesota

    Good Morning C4P!

    Thanks again Kelsey!  You are the commander of the clips!!  :-)

  • larrygeary

    Good morning all!

    Toward the end of the initial invasion of Iraq, American forces were gathered on the outskirts of Baghdad. They decided to perform what I believe is called a "Thunder Run", where they drove their tanks as far into the city as they could in order to gauge the level of resistance and see how far they could get before they turned back. As I recall, they reached almost to the center of the city on the first run, and the next day reached the main square and toppled a large statue of a guy named "Hussein".

    The One Nation tour is Sarah’s "Thunder Run".

  • unseen1

    Should Sarah Palin run for president?

    right now  Gov Palin is  at 35%  Yes.

    • Babchie8

      Now at 44% Yes; 49% No.

      • Will n Jill

        Now at 47% yes, 46% no, and 7% don’t care. Over 5k votes.

        • heshtesh

          Now at 50% yes 46% no at 10:30 am

          • NY59Giants

            Now up to 51%.

            Go Sarah Go

            • palin45potus

              I voted, but what a stupid poll, to think that a bunch of Paulbots and Rombots can help create a "Talking Point" for the msm against Sarah as a grenade to throw out during this tour shows the utter depravity of our "Friends" in the RINOsphere, doesn’t it?

              I really think we need to bombard the RNC, FNC, and anyone else with this threat/promise. Screw with Sarah’s chances at your peril. And I do mean for JEB’s chances in 2016 as well as whatever designated loser you have in mind this time around.

          • Carmelo Junior

            The poll I want to see is who wins Texas primary? Palin or Romney? Where is ObamaGallups at?

            • John Norton

              thats a no brainer jr. sarah by a large margin…

              • Carmelo Junior

                Gallup, PPP, Quinniupiac will never announce polls favorable to Palin. The last crap is saying Mormon Romney beats Evangelical Palin in Iowa,  Texas and South Carolina.

  • unseen1

    yeah Gov Palin might have a hard time  with this guy"

    samsteinhp Sam Stein Romney to NBC: "i like silly stuff too. i like the twilight series. i thought that was fun… i don’t like vampires personally."28 minutes ago

    • 1crappie2

      Have you met any…as you say…personally? 

      • unseen1

        Well it would  explain his wooden appearance.  He is one of those Vampire servants being mind controlled by the vamp.

  • Kjanlady

    Good morning fellow barbarians.

    It’s a new day and will all eyes still be on "THE BUS TOUR"…….she’s in Gettysburg and the local news station has the bus staked out already…………

    Heard that obummer was thinking of taking a campaign tour……..on his "bullet train to bankruptcy".

  • c4pfan

    Jedidiah needs to be on Sarah’s team already!:)

    • John Norton

      I agree shed make a great organizer not really tyed down by commitments i imagine shed accept the govs invite should she give one to her and i beleive she will  …

  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • cookboy

      Good morning Jean!

      I ride with Sarah Palin!

      • Jean_A

        Good morning cookboy!

  • john

    That was a great interview with Jedediah Bila!!!

    Two things stand out:

    1. She talked about Sarah being different than the typical "you do for me, I do for you" politician.
    2. Talked about the economic record and how that will be a plus.

    IMO, if this is where Sarah goes– talking about ending the culture of cronyism and talking about free markets and less government– then that’s how she appeals in the blue states.

    • Pete Petretich

      Cronyism is not popular unless you’re one of the cronies.

      • john

        But, it will be incumbent upon her to point out how they’re all cronies.  Something tells me she’s up to that task . . .

  • john

    Hey, unseen1, that sounds pretty personable to me.

  • john

    Side note:  I concur completely with the answer she gave yesterday about WHY she resigned.  I just hope at some point, when she gets the chance to amplify, she goes into a little more detail about the concept of public service and doing what is right for your state to allow it to progress even if it means sacrificing yourself politically and then ties it into her resignation from the oil and gas commission.

    I know last night wasn’t the time for it.  BUT, as a few people have pointed out, someone will ask her that question in a debate, and the answer needs to be better.  Again, I’m not disagreeing with the reasons, but if she ties it into a greater notion of public service and can turn it into a 45-60 second answer, then it would be the type of comeback in a debate that would bury every opponent.

    • RefudiateGOPe

      I’d like to see her monetize her answer, especially from her own personal cost to defend each of these bogus ethics charges.  When people hear how much it cost her to defend against holding a fish or wearing a jacket, they will look at it a different way.  Although Sarah’s concern about the state’s cost in time and dollars is noble, a lot of people can’t get their hands around it.  Even her most vocal critics can understand when she presents it in dollars and cents.  And, as I’ve said before, an answer that incorporates the question, "If you were in my shoes, what would you do?" would be effective also.

      • john

        That’s my thinking.  Talk about how Alaska has a very small state government.  With all of these frivolous ethics charges, the government was effectively brought to a standstill.  So, for the good of the people, so the state’s business could be done, she stepped aside.  And, that’s exactly what she did as oil and gas commissioner– for the good of the people, so corruption could be exposed, she stepped aside.  For her, it’s about public service, about doing what is right for all of the people.  That one ties in really nicely to a "she’s one of us" free market populist versus the cronyism of the establishment message, IMO.

        • BettyJoBialowski

          No, she shouldn’t say that the government even "effectively" came to a stand still because that isn’t true.   But it was consuming some of the state employee’s time and costing the state and her  a lot of money.

          • Sapwolf

            It was effectively shutting down the governor’s office of the executive branch of government.

      • waterview

        I’d like to see her monetize her answer, especially from her own personal cost to defend each of these bogus ethics charges – RefudiateObama2012

        I see it a little differently than you.   I would hope that she would focus more on what it cost the state in time and emphasize how much money was spent defending Alaska against these frivolous ehics charges.  I want people to start saying "are you kidding me"?   I would make sure that people knew how the laws were different (now have changed) than other states.  Lastly, I would hope to bring her personal costs into it because in the end people don’t really care.   They care what it costs them.

        • Vicki

          I think both is good. I think she could say it was bankrupting her family. "This was before my book deal, this was before Sarah Palin’s Alaska. We would have lost our home, we would have lost everything." People get that.

        • JeannieBinVA

          Someone commenting on the Atlantic article earlier this month added up her and Todd’s income at the time of all those frivolous complaints. Their personal legal fees came to more than twice their total income since she became governor, and three times what she had made as governor. What responsible person would or could continue in any job, anywhere, if it meant you had to pay back 2 or 3 times your salary?

          The state had to pay even more (I think the Palins’ total was around $600,000, the state around $1 million), not to mention wasting state employees’ time on stuff that was NOT serving the people or moving the state forward.   

    • BostonBruin

      One of the purposes of the documentatary "The Undefeated" is to go into detail about the ethics charges and how it was negatively affecting the state and her family.

      • john

        I just hope it emphasizes the negative impact on the state in terms of bringing government to a stand stillstill and preventing the people’s business from being done, not the $$$.

      • stevethird

        It would be nice to implicate Obama operatives in some way as the perpetrators.

    • Babchie8

      When people bring this up to me, my response is, "No, she didn’t do the politically expedient thing, she did the RIGHT thing, AND YOU KNOW IT!  Personally, I’d rather have a President that does the RIGHT thing instead of the politically correct thing ANY DAY!"

      The point is, if they know anything about the issue, they KNOW it was the right thing, so I call them on it.  If they don’t know the reasons for her decision, they will ask me to explain my statement.

      • pgroup

        I was a raging lib when President Ford pardoned Nixon and I was frothing outraged about it.

        Now I am much older and my friends tell me also much wiser and I see just how patriotic it was for him to do that. Yes, Nixon "got away" with whatever but the country began to heal.

        Ford ended his political career by doing the right thing. I hope he lives long enough for the country to acknowledge that. As a side note, libs were all okay with South Africa doing its reconciliation after the white government was replaced. But somehow that was different for Nixon even though Nixon never killed any of his political enemies.

        Maturity cures liberalism. 

        • larrygeary

          Ford passed away already.

          • pgroup

            Yep, my age is showing. In lots of ways. :) 

  • $3069072

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    This is beautiful to see–our family was right where Jimmy Stewart was, from the US Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, reading those same powerful words from Lincoln.

    Thanks for finding this gem and sharing it w/us!

  • Benthoven

    What’s amazing to me is how Sarah, not running, not even announced yet – has this massive media vortex swirling around her, covering her every move. 

    Imagine what it will be like when she DOES announce.   See why they are all so afraid of her?  A whole bunch of establishment politicians are busy making their early retirement plans as we speak.

  • Kjanlady

    Good article in American Thinker……..

    Ace of Spades still has ZERO coverage of Sarah which says more about him than it does about Sarah……I wonder if his mother knows that he’s intimidated by women.

    • unseen1

      Ace had a meltdown over Palin last week.   I think he is still "on the couch"  atm  irt  to  Gov Palin.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Ace on Palin’s forthcoming announcement:

        "But, but, but, it’s too late!!!11! Arghhh!!!"

      • John Norton

        Do what tammy suggests give Ace some soothing ointment maybe that will help…

    • john

      The money line:

      " That’s the new counter that
      Sarah Palin is placing on the board as she moves up the Northeast
      corridor: the "Fundamental Restoration of America."  It has quite a ring
      to it.  It is just the line you would want to take if you were running
      for president against Barack Obama and his czars, his crony green
      capitalists, his waivers-for-friends ObamaCare, his regulatory blizzard,
      his jobless recovery, and his 1967-borders foreign policy.  With
      "Restoration," Palin appeals to the patriotism of the white working
      class without getting into tricky economic details."

      If, when she launches, she speaks in these free market populist tones, then that is how she transcends.Everything with her has been a head feint.  This has been like the scene in Forrest Gump, where he just keeps running back and forth across the country and says nothing.  Everyone follows.  Then, he stops and has their undivided attention . . . Sarah is going to have a moment like that.  And, they will be fully expecting some social conservative heavy (with maybe some small comments on taxes and regulations) comment.But, they don’t realize that she doesn’t need to do that.  From her life story to all of those speeches in the last two years to the things social conservatives watch like DWS and SPA to their natural sympathy with the **** she dealt with in 2008, she doesn’t have to "appeal" to social conservatives.  Her very being appeals to them.So, here’s a quiz question:  She stops the magical mystery tour for a moment.  She has everyone’s attention.  And, what happens if everything she talks about revolves around the types of things that prompted Larry Kudlow to say "I want Sarah Palin to teach Romney economics"?

      • Vicki

        great analogy but I’m not sure I would compare her to Forest Gump.

        • pgroup

          Why not? She constantly finds new ways to say "stupid is as stupid does." 

    • Don B

      Ace is busy covering one of his favorite things, weiners.

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Well, if he’s holed up in her basement, it’s likely that she does suspect it.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Love the "Jefferson Smith One Nation Tour"  clip, Kelsey! :)

    • $3069072

      Whitney! g’morning–are you going to the IL4Palin meetup tonight? I can’t remember how far it is from you?

      • Whitney Pitcher

        Good morning! I, unfortunately, won’t be able to make the drive up on a work night since it’s about a 3 hour drive for me, but I’ll be at future meetings. Keep your eyes on your inbox about our June meetings! :)

        We’re getting thing going with Illinois O4P, which is exciting! :)

        • $3069072


          She continually blows me away. I’m listening to our local news here in Chicago, and he’s talking about how much the cost of everyday items keeps going up. It’s exactly what she said would happen if QE2 went through.

        • $3069072

          Super! I was not able to make it tonight–so i will be eagerly awaiting news for the June meetings. Thanks!

  • BostonBruin

    Good Morning! Here we go! By the looks of the Gov. in the interview outside the hotel last night, she better load up on the sunscreen today.

    • AndreaB

      Yeah, she was sporting the lobster look in that interview.  

      • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

        She had just gone for a run.

  • palinsupporter1

    I’m sorry but could anyone see Hollywood making that kind of montage today like the one above?  What a shame!

    • unseen1

      no but I could  see Gov Palin making one for a campaign  commerical

  • TedTorgerson

    Obama spent Memorial Day on the golf course. Unflippinbelievable. At least T Paw was in a Memorial Day Parade. Had paper meche and baseball cards clipped in the spokes of both his wheels.

  • 1crappie2

    Sarah is brilliant. After destroying her a thousand times over – a process of self-denigration -the media is now admiting to being "confused" as she is making her brilliant end run around the regular election process. She is, in fact, changing the very process (they control) itself, weakening the arrogant entrenched gatekeepers: the Washington media -the leftist pundits -the right, including Wills, Krauthammer, and that paid hack, Rove. They have become the very obstacles to our freedom to choose our own leaders. They have become the smoke-filled rooms of old. They have decided that the common man will never penetrate their force field and actually have a real say in chosing their leaders.But then, "Along came Sarah." 

    Sarah-the huntress – knows her craft well – she has her quarry in her sights and the Washington establishment predators are "confused" as she sneaks through their stunned offensive barriers.

    Things will never be the same. If Sarah doesn’t make it -I have little hope for a soft-bellied Godless America’s survival. If she does -the trash must be removed-the wrong investigated and prosecuted-the pits of communist propanda emasculated and mtrosexualized into neutrality.

    I pray for our nation.

    Go Sarah!

  • BricesCrossroads

    Sarah Palin: Laughing all the way into the End Zone

    | Brices Crossroads

    In the past week, we have witnessed Sarah Palin make the following moves, totally unanticipated by her detractors as well as those of us who are her ardent supporters: She announced the June rollout of a movie reintroducing her from the vantage point of her Alaska Record by a superb filmmaker, Stephen K. Bannon, who has already chronicled Ronald Reagan’s single-minded crusade against the Soviet Union in the stunning documentary, "In the Face of Evil; Reagan’s War in Word and Deed". She has announced a bus tour that will take her cross country,
    beginning on the eve of Memorial Day at the Rolling Thunder rally in Washington. Finally, she kept her itinerary private but the press, ever hungry to cover the most interesting and unconventional political figure in two lifetimes, found her in the midst of hundreds of thousands of bikers and followed her around like sheep. Yet the punditocracy continues to deny that she is serious and even goes so far as to raise the old canard, leveled at Reagan, that she is not to be
    trusted with "the bomb".

    While I normally resort to military analogies in describing Palin’s various and sundry maneuvers, over the weekend an analogy of a different sort–a sports analogy–came to mind, one that might not resonate with many of you. But here goes anyway.

    The year is 1969. An underdog team from Mississippi, which had already lost three games, is facing what may have been one of the great LSU teams of all time, 6-0, ranked third and headed for the Cotton Bowl to face number one Texas in a showdown for the national championship. LSU
    leads, and will continue to lead, the nation in rushing defense and sports not one, but two, All American linebackers, George Bevan and Mike Anderson, as well as All American Safety Tommy Casanova. The Mississippi team is undistinguished, except for its quarterback, Archie Manning (father of Peyton) who is known for his strong and accurate arm and very quick feet and moves.

    In its reporting on the game in Sports Illustrated the next week (a 26-23 Mississippi victory, with Manning accounting for every Ole Miss point), the writer observed that football was a team sport, and surely one man couldn’t beat a whole team, especially one as strong as LSU. Could he?
    The question was put to LSU’s "bone weary" senior linebacker George Bevan and he gave an answer that I think could be applied to the nimble Palin as well: "You wouldn’t think that, the way football is played today. But he is the one who beat us. I thought we had him every time. But he can turn a 15 yard loss into a 25 yard gain. I thought the quarterback from Auburn [1971 Heisman trophy winner Pat Sullivan] was good, but he has only one leg compared with Manning."

    The rest of the GOP field, far less talented than the All American Sullivan, must be adjudged as legless, compared with Palin who outshines, outdraws and flummoxes them at every turn.

    Palin’s audacity and strategic "quick feet" reminded me of an anecdote by someone who knew
    Bevan, and I cannot vouch for its accuracy, but having seen the game film of the particular play in question, it looks plausible. My acquaintance said that on a particular play (a third down, I believe) from about the LSU ten, Manning executed one of his patented sprintouts to the left. The lightning quick Bevan reacted and was in a position to cut him off, when Manning cocked his right arm. Bevan reacted byjumping to block the pass but immediately thought to himself, "Wait a minute. I am 5’10″;  this guy is 6’4″; There is no way I am going to block his pass." Too late, however, the speedy Manning tucked the ball and ran around Bevan’s left, over the flag and into the end zone. Out of the corner of his eye, Bevan saw Manning–who apparently realized the same thing at the same time–laughing as he darted past Bevan and into the end zone.

    The dwarfs in the GOP primary hardly compare with a great All American linebacker, nor is the Establishment nearly as formidable as the great LSU team of 1969. But Palin’s nimble,
    unexpected political moves compare quite favorably with the elusiveness and panache displayed by Archie Manning on the College Gridiron of 40 years ago.

    Next year, Palin will be the one laughing as she sprints into the End Zone.

    • cookboy

      Nice analogy. I thought of you this weekend as I walked Cold Harbor, Seven Days, Gaines Mill, Malvrn Hill, and Fort Harrison battlefields with my yankee brother in law. Hope your weekend was equally splendid.

      • BricesCrossroads

        Thanks, cookboy.   I have seem many of those battlefields myself.  Glad you had a good time.

        • Vicki

          I am amused that you refered to Archie Manning as "peyton manning’s father".

          • Vicki

            In Oxford there’s a street I drove on nearly every day for 15 years named after Archie and the speed limit is 18 mph. There’s not a street named after Peyton. Maybe Eli will get one one day.

            • Don B

              Well, Payton went to U of Tennessee.

    • john

      Awesome as usual BC.

      Just one question:  Once she’s done leading the jackals around and stops for a moment with their undivided attention and then announces, are we going to hear "I’m running against the cronyism of the establishment and for the small businesses, middle class, and poor people against whom the establishment has gamed the system" (which I think mirrors what you said a week ago to expect), or will it be something else?

      At this point, we all know something is up, which makes us smarter than the so-called geniuses who "analyze" politics for a living.  At the same time, part of the fun in this is that knowing something is up and knowing how that’s going to play out precisely are two different matters.

      • excopconservative

        I’d guess there would have to be a speech somewhere later in the tour.  All eyes will be focused on her  When she schedules an event in a large venue, the speculation will multiply.  If accompanied by a leave from Fox News, and leaking the date of an appearance on the Bob and Mark Show, she will evaporate her opposition. 

    • Vicki

      Hey BC, I went right by the real Brices Crossroads last week. My elderly aunt that lives right by there passed away and i went down to the old home place for the funeral. I see they’ve built a little park there, but they’re letting the old log cabin fall apart.

      • BricesCrossroads

        Haven’t been by there in years, Vicki. You know a lot about Archie, being
        an Ole Miss girl. In my humble opinion, he was one of the great all around
        athletes in SEC history. All American Baseball Player; Terrific basketball
        player, and Football…the most exciting college quarterback I have ever
        seen bar none.

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