A Future President Walks Down Memory Lane

Imagine you’re Sarah Palin browsing through several thousand pages of your 2007-2008 staff communications so thoughtfully publicized in advance of a presidential run by a doting press corps.

Can you say … “nostalgic trip down memory lane”?

I can picture her sitting there drinking her Diet Dr. Pepper, perusing these eternally preserved testaments of public service, on her Blackberry.

She’s probably thinking to herself … (Note to Politico, these are not actual Palin quotes, just imagined possibilities):

“Oh yes, I remember that … we fought so hard to reduce government waste and over-reach, to lighten the load borne by Alaskan taxpayers, especially mom and pop business owners, and to use state and federal resources wisely.”

As well as …

“Oh, how much I loved serving the great people of the state of Alaska, always striving to help them regain trust in their state government officials again.”

Maybe she’s feeling pangs of sadness, missing her dedicated staff members and cabinet officials, reflecting on the great victories won in the legislature, regretting what might have been, had there been even more time left to make a difference.

And maybe, in the deep recesses of her mind she starts thinking ahead … to a future Palin administration, committed to the same principles and values, dedicated to fair dealing and transparency, bringing the same rigor and work ethic to another capital … the nation’s capital.

Truth be told, the “mainstream” media has unexpectedly provided Americans with a great service. (Granted, David Kernell is wondering why he’s sitting in a federal prison when he tried so “kindly” to perform the same great service three years earlier.) But these bastions of democracy have finally (unwittingly and inspite of themselves) revealed the real Palin, the one who won the support of nearly 9 out of 10 Alaskans 19 months into her governship, the one many of us believe will restore honor to a nation riven by pettiness and deceit.

Someday all these Palin administration emails will be part of a valuable collection. So, thanks media … in addition to providing Governor Palin with every motive  to run for president since you’ve left no hard-drive unturned, and alerting Americans to Palin’s deft executive skill and good character, you’ve also done the work that presidential historians won’t have to do in the future.

Again, well done!

And if “Future President” Palin is reading this … Enjoy your trip down memory lane, Governor. Soak up all the glorious memories you need right now. Remember well the difference you and your team made in Alaska. Gear up for the battle ahead.

You and your trusted team have America’s future in your hands, now.

And we’re with ya all the way.

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