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A ‘President’ Palin Would Govern In The Same Way ‘Governor’ Palin Did

It’s ironic that Joshua Green’s article The Tragedy of Sarah Palin came out just a few short days after the capture and killing of the 9/11 mastermind, Osama Bin Laden. While it is not obvious at first sight, the similarities between the 9/11 tragedies vs the American people and Sarah Palin vs the 2008 election, are quite mind boggling.

Green begins his post on how great Governor Palin was and how well she governed. He then goes off rambling in multiple posts on how Palin changed and became this manipulating extremist, vengeance-seeker, thin skined cry baby. Of course most of Greens’ sources are those who went out to destroy her and uses the book by Palin deranged ethicly challenged Frank Baily who Green fails to point out was produced by a bunch of Palin haters who used him to go after Palin.

In this post, I won’t go into Green’s entire article. This has already been well covered by others, hereherehere, and here. In this post, I’ll focus on this paragraph:

What if history had written a different ending? What if she had tried to do for the nation what she did for Alaska? The possibility is tantalizing and not hard to imagine. The week after the Republican convention, Lehman Brothers collapsed, and the whole economy suddenly seemed poised to go down with it. Palin might have been the torchbearer of reform, a role that would have come naturally. Everything about her—the aggressiveness, the gift for articulating resentments, her record and even her old allies in Alaska—would once more have been channeled against a foe worth pursuing. Palin, not Obama, might ultimately have come to represent “Change We Can Believe In.” What had he done that could possibly compare with how she had faced down special interests in Alaska?

And this one from John Podhoretz in commentary:

Palin came almost immediately to inhabit a different role in the American body politic—not the “maverick” she was chosen to be by the self-proclaimed maverick McCain, but rather as a populist villain-victim (depending on which side you were on). The fault here lay not with her attackers but within her. She embarrassed herself in two interviews, and decided the blame lay not with her own ill-preparedness but with the media that had come after her. Understandably enraged by the misogynistic and practically psychotic attacks on her, she came to embrace her status as a kind of martyr for the social-conservative views that had not been the truly distinguishing features of her meteoric political career up to that moment

First of all, both Green and Podhoretz (and of course Jennifer Rubin who couldn’t resist taking another shot at Palin) make it sound as if Palin just woke up one morning and changed. As if the media had nothing to do with it. They make it appear that the attacks were just minor issues that every politician has to go through. In her convention speech that Green uses as the point of her change, Governor Palin noted that she learnt this week what the media can do. Palin was on the stage for less than 5 minutes and already her motherhood, kids, family and record were attacked. 150 lawyers were sent to Alaska just to dig dirt and when they couldn’t find anything, they just made things up.

So what did happen? To understand this, we need to put it in context with something everyone can digest: The September 11 2001 terrorist attacks.

September 10 2001.

Americans in general were happy. We had just came off a heavily contested election and the peaceful transition of power took place. A new president was in office, democrats and republicans came together to put their differences behind them and passed major legislation. Massive tax cuts and no child left behind passed in bi-partisan votes. The economy was recovering, there were no wars and in the eyes of most, the fear of terrorism was practically nil.

President Bush’s agenda was largely focused on domestic issues. In fact in 2000, Bush ran as a isolationist and stuck mostly to domestic issues as foreign policy was not on Bush’s short list of priorities.

Travel was pretty simple. Travellers headed for the airport, checked in, and boarded the plane. Shoes didn’t have to be taken off, full body scans didn’t exist, and cosmetics and bottle water were allowed on board. Video of that morning show President Bush jogging and in general Americans were happy and in good nature.

Then came Bin Laden and changed America for ever. With a mega terrorist attack everything changed: the course of America, the course of a nation and the course of a presidency. In a short few hours, 3000 people died and thousands upon thousands of peoples’ lives were destroyed. America came together, but hate and resentment slowly began to kick in against the group who was behind it and the leader who ran it: Al Qaeda and Bin Laden.

Since that horrific day, pretty much everything that happened in America was put into context with those attacks. 9/11 and terrorism became the ultimate excuse for pretty much everything.

August 28 2008

Sarah Palin had just come away from the birth of a special needs child, the family came together to face the challnges such a child would bring.  Governor Palin had just passed bi-partisan massive legislation, she took on big oil and beat the establishment. With approval ratings in the high eighties, her future looked bright and her career prospects promising. On the day McCain called her to ask her to join the ticket she was out and about at the state fair.

Then came August 29. With one word her entire life changed: Yes! By saying yes to John McCain, Governor Palin had hoped she would be able to bring to the entire nation the success she delivered in Alaska.

From the moment she set foot on the national stage, there was a coordinated attempt by the media and the left to destroy her. As Yuval Levin writes:

Her views on matters of cultural and social controversy very quickly became the chief focus of media attention, liberal criticism, and pundit analysis. Palin was assigned every view and position the Left considered unenlightened, and the response to her brought into the light all manner of implicit liberal assumptions about cultural conservatives. We were told that Palin was opposed to contraception, advocated teaching creationism in schools, and was inclined to ban books she disagreed with. She was described as a religious zealot, an anti-abortion extremist, a blind champion of abstinence-only sex education. She was said to have sought to make rape victims pay for their own medical exams, to have Alaska secede from the Union, and to get Pat Buchanan elected President. She was reported to believe that the Iraq war was mandated by God, that the end-times prophesied in the Book of Revelation were nearing and only Alaska would survive, and that global warming was purely a myth. None of this was true.

Her personal life came under withering assault as well. Palin’s capacity to function as a senior elected official while raising five children was repeatedly questioned by liberal pundits who would never dare to express such views about a female candidate whose opinions were more congenial to them. Her teenage daughter’s pregnancy was splattered all over the front pages (garnering three New York Times stories in a single day on September 2). Some bloggers even suggested her youngest child had not issued from her, but from her daughter instead, and that she had participated in a bizarre cover-up. I attended a gathering in Washington at which a prominent columnist wondered aloud how Palin could pursue her career when her religious beliefs denied women the right to work outside the home.

Palin became the embodiment of every dark fantasy the Left had ever held about the views of evangelical Christians and women who do not associate themselves with contemporary feminism, and all concern for clarity and truthfulness was left at the door.

Green asks:

WHAT HAPPENED TO Sarah Palin? How did someone who so effectively dealt with the two great issues vexing Alaska fall from grace so quickly? Anyone looking back at her record can’t help but wonder: How did a popular, reformist governor beloved by Democrats come to embody right-wing resentment?

It’s the media terrorist attacks that happened. Led by no other than Barack Obama and his media allies. That is what happened. I would ask Green. What did you expect would happen? When you take a successful women, mother and who Green admits was a pragmatic Governor and go out of your way to destroy her, it changes a person. No matter how thick someone’s skin is, if you beat it long enough it cracks.

When your trusted advisors and friends stab you in the back simply to make a quick buck, why would you trust anyone again in the future? Sure resentment sinks in as it’s human nature. I would ask anyone who questions Governor Palin’s "resentment" how you would handle it if your life had been turned upside down by people who were downright out to destroy you and your family?

While everything changed after the 9/11 attacks, it was just a one-day event. The attacks were atrocious but the actual attacks only lasted a couple of hours. The aftermath was terrible but the healing began the next day. On the other hand, the attacks on Governor Palin never ended. It is still ongoing. Even when the candidate the media wanted to elect won, they were not satisfied and will not be until Governor Palin is completely destroyed. The 2008 campaign is still going on to this day. Books are still being written, movies are being made, and every little mistake Governor Palin made during the campaign is still used against her and the punches keep coming.  Is it a wonder that Palin changed? We need go no further than Green’s article itself as he uses the 2008 campaign to hammer her. And the recent release of her emails are also a result of an FOIA from back in the campaign.

Green wonders how Palin would Govern would she ever reach the White House:

The discrepancy between her record and her image make it nearly impossible to predict what Palin would do in national office.

Actually it’s not impossible to predict, it’s quite simple. A President Palin would govern in the same way Governor Palin did.

While Osama Bin Laden didn’t actually carry out the 9/11 attacks himself, it is Bin Laden who is held responsible for them because it is he who led the organization that carried out the attacks and it is he who led the charge.  For Governor Palin, the 2008 campaign is her personal 9/11. And while Barack Obama didn’t personally carry out the attacks on Palin, it is he, willingly or unwillingly, who is leading the charge. In Governor Palin’s mind, Barack Obama is her Bin Laden. Palin’s conflict with Obama goes much deeper than just policy differences, it’s personal in the same way the victims of the 9/11 attacks felt a personal conflict with Bin Laden.

Of course I’m not suggesting that Barack Obama is a terrorist like Bin Laden. Far from it. I disagree with Obama on pretty much everything but I wouldn’t accuse him of being capable of murder, a benefit Obama and team did not apply to Governor Palin when she was accused of a murder she had nothing to do with.

When Osama Bin Laden was killed, many were wondering why Americans were celebrating. Why the excitement? why the emotion? In reality, nothing really changed. America will still be fighting terrorism, we’re still at war. The economy is still in shambles, oil prices are sky rocketing, and and the debt is still climbing.  So what are we celebrating?

In one word: Closure.

Friends and relatives of those who died felt a sigh of relief. They had their revenge. True, their loved ones didn’t come back. But for all the hurt and suffering, the source of that suffering has now been taken out. People are now willing and ready to move on.

From the moment Palin joined the ticket, the campaign shifted from Obama vs. McCain to Obama vs. Palin. Palin was now considered the main target even though she wasn’t the one running the show. It was not her campaign so the campaign wasn’t a fair game. While the Obama campaign went one on one against Palin, Palin never got that chance to go one on one with Obama. All the punches from within the ring went her way and yet she never got to get into the ring.

When the election ended, it ended with Obama beating McCain and as a result Governor Palin never got to end her one on one fight with Obama. For better or for worse, Governor Palin to this day doesn’t know how her one on one against Obama would have ended. And while people insist Governor Palin move on from the 2008 campaign, as we noted above, the 2008 campaign has never ended and it is still ongoing. Governor Palin needs the closure of knowing who wins and who loses in that battle.

If Governor Palin runs for president in 2012, she’ll be entering the ring, it will be her fight. Whether Palin wins or loses, she’ll have won and lost it on her grounds. For Palin to be Palin, whether it’s her or some other republican beating Obama, Governor Palin will breath a sigh of relief.  Governor Palin needs closure and two things need to happen: A)  She needs to finish the fight that began in 2008; B) Obama needs to be defeated.  When that happens, Sarah Palin will have closure and will be Sarah Palin once again. If she ultimately defeats Obama, President Palin will mirror the pre-campaign Governor Palin Green well describes.

For Governor Palin and her supporters, the 2012 race will be more than just wining an election; it’ll be closure.



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  • WEL2

    At Fox Nation:"Splashy Sarah Palin Movie Premiere Shuts Out Hollywood, Turns Away Journalists"

    and "Palin Has Made a Decision on a Presidential bid…"

    Please support her there. At least "Fire Up" both.

  • ayamo

    What do you all make of Bristol’s comment? Will she announce her intention to run, soon, now that Bristol has "somewhat" spilled the beans that her mother has made a decision?

    • 1momofsoldier1

      I saw the interview and I must have selective hearing because all I really heard her say was that "yes, they’ve talked about it and no, she wouldn’t be telling Hannity because that stuff stays at the family table." But I haven’t listened to it since, so of course, I could be wrong.

      • Sheya
        • 1momofsoldier1

          Thanks, that’s why I didn’t understand because I only saw Hannity last night and was at work this morning  so didn’t see her on F&F. Thanks for clearing that up. lol

    • stevethird

      The comment about staying in the cabin, and how they’ll be talked about anyway, so they might as well do something good…that is it, right there. I’m not sure she spilled the beans by accident. She was awesome on Fox this morning. I watched only because she was on. She’s like her mother. She gets better and better. Oh yeah…SHE"S RUNNIN"!!!

    • excopconservative

      Of course she’s made up her mind that she wants to run.  And she knows she can get the nomination.  What she is still considering is the end game, can she defeat Obama given that he is the one who shuffles the deck, controls the bank,  and deals the cards?  So far he hasn’t given himself a very good hand.  Can she repair the damage to her reputation done by lies and distortions?

      Today she will learn much more by seeing the film and the reaction of an audience and the reactions of Iowans to her arrival in the state vs. the arrival of Obama.  We are probably into our last month of waiting.

    • HuntingMoose

      Bristol did not spill the beans since for any careful observer there have been many beans spilled intentionally already.

      All these carefully laid out intentionally spilled beans have been discussed here at c4p so just dive in the archives if you missed them

      Bottomline she is running since she stepped down as governer "to reload not to retreat" but the only unknown is when she will formally announce.

  • ellebb

    Bristol coming up on Ingraham

  • CVA9

    From Bristol, Yes Sarah (she) has made up her mind. Yes I want her to run. Regardless where we go they (MSM) will still come after us. So why not do something good? Any more questions and answers needed.

  • Guest

    Sheya, you hit that one outside the park. Out-flippin’-standing!

  • PhilipJames

    It sounds like Sarah is on the bus and driving through Iowa on the way to movie premiere.

    Tweet from her just a few minutes ago…

    Beautiful drive from MN yesterday, breathtaking scenic run along Des
    Moines Rvr, coffee w/great Iowans, head to Pella for "The Undefeated"!

    • CVA9

      Please do what you can to allow us to share the event with you. I’m not a tweeter.

    • ellebb

      Where do you see "bus" in that tweet?  (psss – stop making things up)

  • Mrl Tav

    Great post. While I said that if Sarah Palin runs for president she will be doing so partly to get revenge on the media and Obama.  I agree that Obama and his team were clearly behind the attacks on her. Remember JournOList. A group of media figures from all genres TV, print, internet coming together online during the 2008 campaign to take down ANY republican who were to challenge Obama. In August the Lions in the den found their gazelle and there’s proof in print that they were involved with a conspiracy to take her down at any cost, including going after her family.  In my world and where I come from, such an act against you warrants revenge.  However, I agree with your wording as it more appropriately fits Palin’s character.  Even though all of them deserve the full wrath of God to come down on them, as a God fearing and forgiving soul, Palin would prefer to seek closure– not revenge. 
    During the few months that Palin was added to the ticket, I had felt she was being mismanaged by the McCain people. McCain is a moderate, get along go along civility worshiper and by surrounding himself with likeminded "No Labels" strategists, his campaign was doomed from the beginning.  I believe that Palin is a woman with strong political instincts and is someone who knows how to win. I believe those instincts were being suppressed and chastised by the McCain team.  She’s also an amazing retail politician, something we’ve seen in the first leg of the bus tour.  She’s demonstrated this ability in past elections and her ability to connect with regular people is the reason she’s risen in popularity in the past few months. 
    I have a sense that Obama & co. knows that she’s coming for them.   Recall that it was suspected that Romney would be chosen as McCain’s VP.  It was reported that Obama had built a huge opposition research mission against him in anticipation.  The pick of Palin threw them off. They’d much rather gone up against Mitt Romney.  I’m sure that they feel that way today. I’m sure the opposition file on Romney sits in a file room somewhere just waiting.  The file on Palin has gone dry.  While Obama was in Puerto Rico pandering to Latinos a couple of weeks ago and he said ""In these challenging times, people on this island don’t quit," Obama
    said in his speech. "We don’t turn back. People in America don’t quit."  It’s not the first time he’s said something like this.  I feel it’s a direct shot at Palin and if this is all they got, they’re in trouble. –Mr.L

    • Guest

      Great post!

    • Dan C

      I hope Obama pulls that during a debate. 

      Palin will say "I wish you would QUIT adding trillions in new debt to this country. I wish you would quit with economic policies that make unemployment go up and stay up. I wish you would quit sending 100’s of billions of dollars overseas for energy, we have have energy right here in America. I wish you would quit running trillion dollar deficits every single year. I wish you would quit burying our children and grand children in debt!"

      "Mr Obama does not want to talk about any of those things because they are a disaster for this country and they are happening on his watch."

    • Sue Lynn

      Mrl You are a n American Patriot!!!!!! I love your thinking…like so many of the Great Unwashed…according to Harry Reid. We the People will not let LIBERTY slip away !!!!! Liberty will not slip away under President Palin’s watch. One thing we know for SURE is we can TRUST SARAH PALIN….Just ask TRIG!!!!!!!!!!!! A challenge to anyone…anyone have the GUTS to see "THE UNDEFEATED"…Then we will talk about solutions for our country that work…Just ask Alaska’s 12,000,000 surplus…what other state can say that and forward funded education 1,000,000 with praises from ALL teachers …so they could plan and not cut!!!!! GAME ON!!!!

  • palinadmirer

    Here the link to KCCI Tv station from Pella 

  • Mrl Tav

    I think the deal is done. She’s going to do it.  If you listen to Bristol’s comment "even if we were in a cabin out in the boonies people would still talk bad about us, so we might as well be doing something good while they’re doing it."  Yeah, it’s on.

  • ellebb

    Bristol is backtracking her statement on Sarah’s decision.

    • Dan C

      To me even the original statement was her opinion, so really no need to backtrack, but hey whatever. Does not really matter anyway. Sarah will do what she will do!

      • ellebb

        She said "Mom has DEFINATELY decided". Doesn’t sound like an opinion.

    • wodiej

      what was the statement?

  • rightConcept

    I certainly hope she has decided to run.

    The country needs her. It’s a lot to ask of one person, especially after all of the attacks and insults on her personally and her family, that she has had to deal with,

    But I really don’t see anyone else out there that has the drive and toughness needed to deal with the problems we currently face, without caving.

    I guess we are going to know one way or the other by the end of July.

  • Sue Lynn

    Sarah is running I know for Sure!!!!!! Sarah will go to work for WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah does what she knows is right. Sarah Palin will give America back to WE THE PEOPLE just like she gave the state of Alaska back to the PEOPLE…….One thing we know for SURE we can TRUST SARAH PALIN….Just ask Trig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PCR1

    For Sarah Palin to succeed as president, for her to turn this country around, to go from inevitable ruin to a resurgent, reinvigorated America, she has to not merely govern, she has to lead a veritable revolution!

    Entire departments must – MUST! – be eliminated. I mean shut down, employees fired, sent home, offices padlocked by the FBI, premises put on e-bay and sold with all equipment!

    I’m talking EPA, Education Dept., the Madoff coddling SEC,the (anti-)Energy Department, the anti-business NLRB, etc., etc.!

    There are so many of them and all must go to break the chains that bind the American economy like a straightjacket.

    President Palin must reverse, and put end  to, but  permanently, some 80 years of creeping socialism and anti-constitutionalism that had begun with Woodrow Wilson, went on fast track with FDR, then Clinton, and now onto the steep slope to bankruptcy with the marxist Obama.

    America must return to free market capitalism, with absolutely minimal government intervention, maximum private personal and entrepreneural freedom;that is the system that made America the richest and most powerful nation on Earth, and that is the system that will enrich anew and reindustrialize America, and bring her back to prosperity and greatness!

    It is a monumental task that she will face – truly Herculean!

    And eight years later, when she is through, I know someone who wants to pay all of whatever it costs to put her beautiful visage right next to that of the  Great Gipper’s, on that shining hill known as Mount Rushmore.

    So that for as long as there is an American nation, be it hundreds or thousands of years from now, Americans will know of Sarah Palin, and what she sacrificed and accomplished on their behalf!

    • Dave Dowler

      double like your comments

    • BellaSiena

      Fire ALL U.S. Attorneys the day she is inaugurated. The place is a cesspool of corruption and anti-constitutional pricks.  I know, I have relatives working there.  I triple like all of your suggestions PCR1.

      • PCR1

        Here’s another one:

        Presidential  edict – hey, we can play that game too! – denying standing to any party that is not directly involved – i.e., is not engaged directly in the same line of business and is not commercially effected – from having standing in court to challenge the exploration, development, and distribution of energy resources, in any and all states, on land and at sea!

        That will put an end to endless harassing  litigation by so-called environmental lobbyists seeking to obtstruct the exploration and development of oil, gas, and other energy resources, or any other commercial mineral enterprise.  

        • BellaSiena

          I like that one too. Here’s another one. Any and ALL legislation in either the Senate or House CANNOT be longer than the original U.S. Constitution. The reason we have so many problems is because of all the hidden crap that lawyers place in bills, ie., 3,000 page Obamascare.

  • ramorywebb

    Just ran through the MSM’s and Palin has been dumped in favor of Bachmann, at least today. 

    The MSM’s now have a legit reason to drop coverage of Palin, as they will for the rest of the candidates. The coverage will be on Romney and Bachamann as the rest of the announced slowly suffocate for lack of oxygen. 

    • ripcurl2121

      what are you talking about. you’re a delusional troll.  go back under the bridge with the rest of the vermin.  your not fooling anyone

  • Dave Dowler

    Sheya….OUTSTANDING !!

  • Quiet_Righty

    With all due respect, the article’s title is misleading. There really isn’t much about how President Palin would govern. I expected the article to review the powers and responsibilities of Governor of Alaska, and then maybe discuss how Sarah might bring her experience and management style to confront the nation’s biggest problems. 

    From Sheya’s piece:

    In Governor Palin’s mind, Barack Obama is her Bin Laden. Palin’s conflict with Obama goes much deeper than just policy differences, it’s personal in the same way the victims of the 9/11 attacks felt a personal conflict with Bin Laden.

    Let’s try to remember one thing. Sarah Palin always says "It’s not about me." While it may be true that she’d enjoy a measure of vindication (or dare I say it, revenge) by beating Obama in 2012, I doubt that this would make her Top 10 list of Reasons to Run. She’ll want to run primarily to save her country from collapse brought on by Obama, the Democrats and irresponsible Republicans. That’s her motivation as I see it.

    • wodiej

      The title is not misleading.  It’s about how the media is trying to say she is a different person now than what she was as governor-that’s all.

      • Quiet_Righty

        Do you also think the title has anything to do with Palin’s Revenge? That consumes more than half the article. 

        Clearly, the title Sheya used is more appropriate for a different article, perhaps one like writer Amanda Carpenter’s 2008 cover story in Townhall Magazine. There, Carpenter described how Palin would shake up Washington as Vice President.

  • Min Max

    lol….just by reading the first few posts…lemme guess, you guys are gonna spend the whole of today debating about whether Bristol’s comments indicate Sarah’s running or not…

    To paraphrase Obelix, you Americans are crazy :)

    SHE’S RUNNING!!!! Can’t wait to wake up to read what’s happening in Pella!


  • Min Max

    And no, I don’t think Sarah’s changed at all. Just wiser…

    Lefties are capable of incredible mental gymnastics. It’s just amazing what they can believe.

  • wodiej

    Well the thing is, nothing happened.  Gov. Palin is still going strong.  She addressed all of the attacks on her, and yes, that is what they were, ATTACKS….with either humor or a simple rebuttal. 

    What happened was to the media whose pitiful, pathetic, disgusting, unethical and dishonest reporting was to take down an honest, ethical, accomplished woman for no other reason than that they did not want her to defeat their "messiah", Barack Obama.  It’s DISGUSTING.  All I can say is…….PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH.

  • Rob Sylvia

    Wow. Closure. You are right. Thanks.

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