ABC Piece Calls Governor Palin “Sideshow”, Doesn’t Mention Her Main Source is Mitt Romney’s “Wonderful Friend”

Unbelievable. Late yesterday ABC’s Huma Khan wrote a piece on the Republican race in which she essentially called Governor Palin a “sideshow candidate”. No, she didn’t say that directly, but given the large picture of Governor Palin right beneath the words “sideshow candidate”, the intent is clear. That ABC would do a hit-piece on Governor Palin is not exactly “unbelievable”, of course. Far from it. But here’s what I found noteworthy. The main source for Huma’s article is Ron Kaufman, whom Khan describes as a:

Republican strategist who worked on George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan’s campaigns.

OK, fair enough.  Kaufman’s a Republican strategist who once worked for Bush and Reagan. At least the guy goes on the record.  But, unfortunately,  that’s not the whole story, not by a long shot.  Just out of curiosity, I Googled Kaufman and, for no particular reason, I included Mitt Romney’s name in the search (perhaps it was my suspicious nature, or maybe the fact that the article mentioned that more serious candidates, like Mitt, had laid out a “vision” or something).  At any rate, the results of the search were fascinating, to say the least.

In March, Cape Cod Today suggested that Kaufman is “Mitt’s new main man”. A quick look at Kaufman’s Twitter indicates he’s got a fever, and the only cure is Mitt Romney.  Lest you think Kaufman has only recently worked for Romney, click here to see video of “Romney Sr. Advisor Ron Kaufman” discussing Mitt’s performance in the New Hampshire Primary in 2008. Here’s video of Romney campaign spokesman Ron Kaufman on MSNBC in 2007, claiming that Romney is an economic conservative.  And finally, we present video of “Romney Senior Advisor” Ron Kaufman, whom Mitt calls his “wonderful friend” extolling Mitt Romney’s pro-choice bonafides in 2007:

The Google search contained plenty more links connecting Romney and Kaufman, about 351,000 to be precise, but you get the picture: Kaufman is and has been working for Mitt Romney.  To be clear, I have no issue with Kaufman.  This is America and Republican “strategists” are free to support whomever they want, even flip-flopping phonies who support the Obama Administration on cap and trade, ethanol subsidieshealth care mandates, and the man-made global warming hoax.

But what about Khan?  Shouldn’t she have…oh, I don’t know…disclosed the fact that her main source for a Palin hit-piece works for Mitt Romney?  Or was it enough to only mention that he once worked for Bush and Reagan 20 years or so in the past, and what he’s been up to lately is immaterial? Or am I being overly critical here and it was all just an innocent mistake, and she simply didn’t notice those 351,000 links connecting Romney and Kaufman? I’m skeptical.

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