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Bizarre: Krauthammer Claims it’s Bachmann’s "Turn" to Run

I’m not making this up. Most of what I’ve read concerning last night’s comments from the "Fox All-Stars" panel involved the continuing insistence by all of those employed by Fox News that Governor Palin is not running, which Sheya discussed extensively yesterday.  I missed Special Report last night so this morning I watched.  While it’s true that they all basically claimed to have divine knowledge that she’s not running, the most noteworthy nugget from the panel, in my mind, was an inexplicable comment Krauthammer made at about the 1:05 mark in the video below:

"It’s Michele’s turn this time around"? Leaving aside the idiocy of the Republican tendency to nominate the loser from the previous primary cycle (see Bob Dole or John McCain, for example), what the hell is Krauthammer talking about?  If you subscribe to the "next in line" theory (I do not), by what metric is Bachmann next in line?  How is it her turn?  Governor Palin is a former governor and, oh yeah, vice-presidential nominee.  Bachmann is at the beginning of her third term in the House and has never even run a state-wide election, much less a national campaign.  How in Krauthammer’s mind is it Bachmann’s turn and not Palin’s?  Is it just me or is this one of the dumbest things Krauthammer’s ever uttered?

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  • AmsterdamExpat

    What a fool. It’s his turn to leave the room. Without any supper.

    • tingale12

      Mornin Ams~~

      Awwww, not good… how bout. tell him to mind his manners, go sit in the corner facing the wall, enjoy some quiet time. You also will tell him you’ve got the timer set. When it’s time for him to come out for supper you’ll let him know. Sound better? I dont’ think doing it this way is  inhume or cruety to seniors.-:)

      Remember he gasps for air  intermittently, so he’ll be watch and will be monitored.God forbid, if he hyperventilates (constantly showing  recently…) no health care facility might admit him

  • Jean_A

    When stupid stuff like this comes out of their mouths you know they know that Gov. Palin can’t be stopped.

    • Amjean

      Hee Hee!  Its looking more and more that way! 

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Yes. And as a corollary, it’s as though these talking-heads realize that they’ve gone so far in the direction of making themselves ridiculous that they might as well finish the job.

    • John Norton

      Like a speeding train running down the tracks…

  • skponggol

    Charlie and his Daily Caller gang think that it’s Michelle Bachmann’s turn to be his Supreme Commander of MILFistan…..

  • Guest

    For those of you who do not like foul language, please skip this.

    Charles, F U!!!

    • PhillyCon

      Can I second that?  

      • PCR1

        Can I triple it?

    • PCR1


    • John Norton

      Some give idotcy a new meaning…

  • BricesCrossroads

    Is he slipping into dementia?

    How could it possibly be "Johnny come lately" opportunist, Mitt Romney puppet Bachmann’s turn? 

    Oh, I see.  Bachmann is no threat to his preferred candidate(s) so from Krauthammer’s perspective, it is her turn because it is convenient for HIM that it be her turn.

    Krauthammer is so egocentric that he sees everything in terms of how it affects his own world view.  He thinks that no one sees through his ruse.  We do.

    • Carmelo Junior

      The RomneyCare/Backstabmann coalition is officially in to stop Palin.

      • 36763

        I originally rejected such a notion because I think such devious planning is beyond the establishment’s capabilities.  Now I’m a believer because the spin has been repeated too ofter by establishment mouthpieces. 

      • PCR1

        Flip flop meets the gaffe machine.

        Or, Romney/Care and the Ignoramus.

    • Leroy Whitby

      There’s a blind spot with folks like Krauthammer regarding folks like Palin. 

      • PCR1

        She’s too much woman, way too much, for those misogynist  lib sissys.

  • PhillyCon

    CK needs to take 2 pills for PDS … clouding his judgement and making a fool out of him.  This guy used to have conservative street cred, and now he’s being exposed as just another beltway phony.

  • royroyo

    CK It’s We the People that will Decide

    So ST*U

  • Amjean

    A poster at Hot Air made the comment that perhaps the animosity towards Palin has
    something to do with "in their minds – the elite" think that when Palin was picked by
    McCain to run as VP, she butted in line.  It wasn’t her turn; she came out of nowhere.
    Alaska?  Is it even a state?  Noone goes to Alaska.

    It might also be – For all their expensive educations, Washington connections and intellectual
    capacity, "they" are only television commentators, newspaper reporters, bloggers, etc.
    Palin worked her way through college, in Idaho (where’s that? say they) and she was the
    VP candidate; now she thinks she can run for president?!

    Waaaaaaah!!!!   Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!  That’s not fair.

    • wisetrog

      You nailed it.

  • PCR1



    ….in his war on jobs!

    Unemployment up to 9.1%!

    Unemployment is soaring!

    Manufacturing jobs plunging!

    Stock market diving.

    30 million Americans out of work!

    …and Obama is off golfing, Michelle O. has a new $1,000 handbag, $7,000 dress!

    (How’s that for a wardrobe?)

    So cheer up, stop complaining all you guys and gals on mainstreet.

    Now another 800 billion dollars will be printed by Bernanke/Geithner to ensure Obamao’s reelection.

    The dollar will soon be worthless.

    Already foreigners are dumping it by the billions daily.

    God help us!

    Run Sarah run!

    Save this country, as clearly, if not you, then it’s nobody.

    And it’s all over.

    Goodbye, USA.


  • sccatina1974

    I’m afraid that next week her emails are going to hurt her badly.

    • johnfromcanada

      Not a chance.

    • ellebb

      I doubt it.

    • aafan

      Great hope! Gov Palin pulled up a member of the Oil & Gas commission for using his office PC for political purpose. It is difficult to assume she was not aware and used her official e mail for some grossly in appropriate purposes. Yea media will twist some things that is all. Nothing which the bump she got from this bus tour cannot absorb.

    • Jean_A

      I think you are wrong.

      • PCR1

        No, you are wrong!

    • PCR1

      Not unless thay are all placed in a lead container and dropped on her head!

      Translation: Don’t be silly!

    • xthred

      Shannyn Moore, is that you?

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Thanks, Scat.:)

      Scat is our rabbit’s foot. ;)

    • John Norton

      No thing in them,that could harm wishful thinking on somes parts…

    • pgroup

      You’ve seen them already?

      If not, then take your fear somewhere else. 

  • sccatina1974

    Sarah will get trash next week.

    • xthred

      Hey Shannyn, how’s Mudflats!?

    • Nancy6

      That would be totally out of the ordinary.

    • John Norton

      Hey S what side of the fence are you on ?…

    • PCR1


      You said yor trolly piece.

      Now get lost!

  • bedr1

    Krauthammer is getting old and can’t tie his own shoes anymore.

    • FredHeadBill

      uh that’s loooooow
      Oh, I sorry you were having a Biden moment! "Stand up Chuck!"

  • 36763

    Yesterday Rush and American Thinker buried Dr. K once and for all.  Pissy ant misogynistic Mondale speech writers have a limited shelf life and  Chuck did well to last as long as he did.  

  • gahanson

    Krauthammer has said so many dumb things, it’s really hard to say whether or not this is the dumbest, but it at least ranks right up there.

  • danielvito

    I think it’s time for Krauthammer to change his depends and retire!

  • WEL2

    Charlie just keeps making himself more and more irrelevant — like much of Fox News.

  • CVA9

    We know there is corruption on both sides and the elitist are part of this corruption. They know she fights corruption where ever it is. Is there ever any difference in the number of lobbyist regardless of who holds office, I think not, with Sarah there maybe some drawing unemployment.

  • Guest

    I’m stunned.  Don’t know why I should be, but I am.  He also stated Palin was jealous of Bachmann.

    Is that not sexist?  Is Cain jealous of Romney, is that why he is running, for attention?  Are they two years old with a new baby on the way?  Bret answers with……..?  Nina answers with…..?

    Forget Palin, did he just tell woman to get to the back of the bus?

    Wish Rush would take another shot at him today over this.  This is one reason of many why there is a backlash against old white men.

  • aafan

    Enough is enough. This guy should retire now. I think he has lost it.

  • ellebb

    I am speechless.

    Where do they get this stuff?

    • Betsey_Ross

      They make it up. 

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