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Book Excerpt: ‘Bring Her Down’: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin

Conservative writer and Palinista Gina Dalfonzo has published an intriguing new book that offers a well-researched (250-page) commentary on continued media efforts to annihilate Sarah Palin. She has provided us with a sneak peak below. We at C4P applaud Gina on her efforts to document media corruption and wish her all the best success with the book. You can purchase the paperback version on Amazon here or order it digitally instantly for your Kindle by clicking here.

Enjoy …

No one would deny that the media have a right, indeed a duty, to inquire into and report extensively on the lives of political candidates. But it was unprecedented that the media would focus with laserlike intensity on one vice presidential candidate, almost to the exclusion of the other three candidates in the election, including the two running for the presidency.

It is arguable that the media’s obsession with every detail of Sarah Palin’s life and career—and many details that existed only in the imaginations of her detractors—led directly to their neglecting to pay attention on any significant level to crucial details of then-Senator Barack Obama’s life and career.

If that assertion seems unfair, consider these excerpts from a conversation between NBC’s Tom Brokaw and PBS’s Charlie Rose on Rose’s show, five days before the presidential election:

Rose: Barack Obama . . . is principally known through his autobiography and through very aspirational speeches.
Brokaw: Two of them.
Rose: Exactly, two books. . . .
Brokaw: He’s a very smart guy. I love this phrase postmodern, even though I don’t know what it means.
Rose: I know what it means in architecture but not in politics.
Brokaw: Right. Exactly. And he may be our first postmodern presidential candidate. . . .
Brokaw: We don’t know a lot about Barack Obama and the universe of his thinking about foreign policy. China has been not examined at all, which is astonishing. . . .
Rose: I don’t know what Barack Obama’s worldview is. Really don’t know.
Brokaw: No, no, I don’t either.
Rose: I don’t know how he really sees where China is and where it wants to go and how smart he is about that, or India, or the whole global structure. Or John McCain either.

We did know, however, exactly how much Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe cost (or we thought we did). Brokaw’s own network had been chasing that vital story all along.

And in that light, two veteran journalists’ ignorance of the leading presidential candidate’s views on some of the most fundamental issues any president has to face—during a war, no less—reveals a truly unnerving erosion of journalistic standards. If, instead of covering the most critical issues of our time during the 2008 election, our most respected and trusted reporters were busy jockeying to be the next Liz Smith or Hedda Hopper, where exactly does that leave the American electorate?

There are those, as we’ll see, who blame this one-sided obsession with the trivial on the continuing decentralization of the media through the blogosphere, or the blurring of the lines between the news and entertainment media. It’s true that both elements played their part in the election—to put it exceedingly mildly. You don’t even have to have seen an election-related episode of Saturday Night Live, or followed high-profile journalist/blogger Andrew Sullivan’s increasingly unhinged pursuit of the secrets of Palin’s infant son, to know just how big a part they played.

In fact, one could even argue that the ground had been prepared for them by the mainstream news media itself, which for years had been losing viewer trust to the point where statements like “I get all my news from Jon Stewart” had become a point of pride with young adults. (As PBS’s Bill Moyers once remarked to Stewart in a 2003 interview, “When I report the news on this broadcast, people say I’m making it up. When you make it up, they say you’re telling the truth.”) This was a situation that the news media didn’t usually relish.

Nonetheless, when the media as a whole discovered a new favorite whipping girl, the various branches of the industry discovered an unprecedented interest in working together— and suddenly the blogs and the comedians weren’t just providers of commentary on the news; they were the news. The proverbial Martian arriving here in the middle of the 2008 election and taking a good look around could have been pardoned for thinking, at least at first, that Barack Obama was running for president against Tina Fey.

But the purpose of this book is not to make Sarah Palin out to be some sort of hapless victim of the political press, entertainment media, and bloggers. Nor is it to portray the media as a collective Snidely Whiplash. Although the coverage took a particularly ugly tone in Palin’s case, she is hardly the first politician to be treated badly by the press. And like any candidate, she made mistakes—although unlike many candidates, she handled brutal treatment from the press with both toughness and grace.

Nor is my purpose to blame the nastiness on conspiracy theories. There was a time when I would have said that accusations of vast conspiracies, made by the left or the right, are rarely credible, and for good reason. That was before the correspondence among the members of JournoList, the left-leaning e-mail list for high-profile media figures, was published, with all its revelations about various anti-Palin members egging each other on to greater levels of hostility. And yet that kind of deliberate cooperation was hardly even necessary, given that so many of the press’s reactions to the candidate were so strikingly similar.

As journalist Mika Brzezinski—no right-winger—would later recall on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Members of the network media elite as well as members and people who worked for the New York Times, when Sarah Palin first came on the scene and this is what they knew about her: She was a woman, she was pro-life, and she had some very, very conservative views on other issues. And all I could hear from my friends in the network media elite was, “Let’s bring her down. I hope these rumors bring her down.” And at a party where there were people from the New York Times, all they would talk about is the rumors that they hoped would bring her down. They did not know her. They didn’t know anything about her. But they wanted to bring her down.

The question that this sort of monolithic reaction raised for many observers was, simply: Why? Why did the majority of the members of the press respond to Palin with such visceral dislike, and act on that dislike to an extent unprecedented in recent history? Why was it that, as a report from the Culture and Media Institute noted in October, “ABC, NBC and CBS news shows . . . are running 18 negative stories [on Palin] for every positive one?” It’s doubtful that Saddam Hussein ever found himself on the receiving end of that much negativity from the American press. Was it truly the candidate’s flaws that brought out reporters’ bloodlust, as they would have us believe—or was it something in themselves and their own worldview? As Brzezinski hinted, it’s far more likely to have been the latter.

Though Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose professed to know nothing about postmodernism in theory, they and their fellow journalists—along with their counterparts in the entertainment industry and the amateurs who joined in the coverage from the blogosphere—may have understood it better than they realized. For one tenet of postmodernism is that history is made up largely of battles over who gets to control the narrative of events, and in this election the journalists of America showed an instinctive grasp of that idea. More than with any other presidential election in living memory, the members of the press seized control of the narrative of the 2008 election and held onto it.
At first, in their minds, the story of the election was supposed to be the story of Barack Obama, who for many reasons had become their candidate of choice early in the process. But when Sarah Palin, coming out of nowhere with (in their eyes) inexplicable popularity, threatened their vision of Obama’s triumphal march to the White House, she had to be stopped, plain and simple. If the story now had to include her, they would simply have to ensure that her part of the story was told on their terms—and that it was the ugliest, most vicious, most damning story they could possibly dream up.

The purpose of this book is to show why and how they created that story—and why so much of America, on so little evidence, was ready to believe it.

From ‘Bring Her Down’: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin by Gina Dalfonzo. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Gina Dalfonzo is editor of and Dickensblog. Her work has appeared in National Review, the Weekly Standard, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, Guideposts, and various journals and newspapers. She lives in Springfield, Virginia.

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  • John_Frank

    Nicole, thanks for bringing this new book to our attention.

  • celestiallady

    This is a post I just saw on Politico  These kinda people are sick.

    CrankyYankee Party: N/A
    Reply #10 Jun. 1, 2011 – 6:18 AM ESTWhat good are SEIU, Code Pink and the MoveOn activists if they can’t shout her down at every stop on her so-called "bus tour"? Palin needs to be silenced so that Progressive voices can be heard! Come on sheeple, wake up and shout her down!Read more:

    • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      Sure that’s not sarcasm??? It actually kinda made me chuckle. Maybe it was just unintended irony.

      • unseen1

        RealClearScott Scott Conroy Let’s dial down the antagonism, just a notch, when it comes to words like "stalking." She happily talked for 20 min at her hotel last night9 minutes ago
        » RealClearScott Scott Conroy Hey @C4Palin your post on how "the media is literally stalking her" is a pretty loaded claim considering she’s a potential WH contender, no?

        not sure which post he is talking about here. do you?

        • Argus_C4P

          Do you suppose he’s a little uncomfortable with what he sees in the mirror?

          • unseen1

            maybe….Scot  has been pretty  good  so far.  not sure why he is  taking it personal  I  don’t think the comment was  directed at him.   but  those that were complaining abouot not getting  advance notice.  Not sure that was why I wanted to see the comment  he is talkign about in context…

            • puma_for_life

              Adrienne used it in the first paragraph of her post ‘It’s impossible to chase someone who isn’t running."

              • unseen1

                oh  ok.   thanks. let me go reread it.

        • Dan C

          That was not directed at Conroy. The stalking is directed at those reporters who complain about covering her, and then stalk her every move. Sarah is not making any of them follow her. That is their choice. To my knowledge, Conroy is not complaining. He is following her and asking her questions etc.

      • celestiallady

        Sorry Nicole I am at work and sneaking – just saw your comment – it could be that but you know the commenters there – most are hateful.

    • Guest

      Typical Socialist modus operandi: refuse to hear the other side and make sure no one else does.

  • Guest

    great. can’t wait to read it.

  • WEL2

    Please see this!
    "HURT: Sarah of Alaska fits Joan of Arc role as 2012 possibility"

  • unseen1

    looks  good.  

  • heypiasano

    Day four and the media has no answers to Sarah Palin. They are are forcing themselves to say

     "Sarah Palin is not who we thought she was"

    American Thinker has an article that ties in exactly to this post

    To Charles Krauthammer- Sarah Palin has spent the past two and half years home schooling herself in the art of politics. She happens to see want the people want more than anyone in Washington ever will.

    • Guest

      Sarah has spent 20 years schooling herself in the art of politics and the substantial and related issues. She didn’t need Kraut’s condescension to start studying.

      • Argus_C4P

        Exactly. Well said.

    • FredHeadBill

      The comments at American Thinker are inspiring! Some bring tears to my eyes as I realize that the Palin Revolution has started!
      "In one word she’s a rebel"
      So were Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, Paine, Hamilton, and Henry.

      • Argus_C4P

        Yes, she is a rebel. Which is why I laugh every time Rove opens is mouth and yammers about Sarah not following his mythical rules.
        Does the man ( or the republican old guard ) not understand that there would be no America if the founding fathers had blindly obeyed the rules?
        Sarah is a "one of a kind" entity, something that none of them have any expeience with and it baffles the hell out of them.

  • polarfan

    The so-called media is the propaganda arm of the liberal wing of the democratic party!  It’s really that simple….

    Sarah and not McCain was standing in the way of BO’s election that’s why they all-out attacked her!

    Today, Sarah is on an all-out attack on the media and the clowns know it….

    • Guest

      Yep, she’s hell bent on changing them.

  • Mary Beth House

    OT:  Oh this is rich.  So… Per Scott Conroy at RCP, Palin’s emails are about to be released:

    ".RT @thegarance Alaska "about to release more than 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s emails from her time as governor""

    If you go to the article, you’ll see this tidbit:

    "Each of those who requested the documents
    will be required to pay $725.97 in copying fees. They’ll also have to
    pay hundreds of dollars more for the state to ship them what’s expected
    to be about five boxes of copied emails, the boxes weighing about 55
    pounds apiece.

    McLeod also said she’s not sure how
    she’s going to pay for her copies of the records, and is calling for the
    state to make them available in Anchorage so she doesn’t have to pay to
    have her copies of the emails shipped from Juneau."
    Read more:

    That’s right folks.  She doesn’t wanna pay.  She wants Alaska to make it available for free.

    • gahanson

      AP went through about 12,000 pages of Palin emails last year, and came up with less than pocket lint.  They tried to make a big deal out of the fact that Palin asked her husband his opinon on pending legislation, but that is all they came up with.  They’ll comb through these 26,000 pages, and come up with nothing new.  There’s nothing to worry about.

      • Mary Beth House

        I’m truly not worried.  I was at one time sure because I figured they’d twist innocuous things into something horrific.  But then I saw Bailey come forward with diddly bupkiss … regardless of how hard he’s trying to sell his angle.

        Now watching Palin, and seeing how she’s going to NH, IA and SOUTH CAROLINA, it tells me she’s not worried about it either.

        Oh also funny… we can be certain that we’ll get more entertainment from McLeod.  She’s certain that since certain portions will be redacted for privacy or security issues, "I don’t hold out much hope that all of these emails haven’t been scrubbed of any incriminating information," she laments.

        No doubt we’ll hear more from her in the months to come about AK covering up Palin’s crimes against humanity.  Or something.

        • gahanson

          McLeod will be around for as long as Palin remains in politics, or until the DNC decides she is no longer useful.  My bet is she will be around for years to come.  An interesting story may be to find out who funds McLeod, she has no job that I know of.  Even people without jobs have to eat, have shelter, transportation, etc., someone’s providing that for her.  Of course, the media is not interested in that story, so we’ll never know.

          You’re right, Palin sure doesn’t look like she’s worried about any old emails.

        • Gina

          ""I don’t hold out much hope that all of these emails haven’t been scrubbed of any incriminating information."

          She’s really into grammar, I see. :-)

    • fb274

      If she was responsible for placing the order for them, The Alaska government should be able to collect the funds from her whether or not she accepts them.  I have not read anywhere these last 3 yrs where a refund offer was in the works.  Let the government file a lien against her for the cost incurred.

      I posted on the ADN site.  Wish more would.

      Update: Go post, please, it drives them wonkers–already tons of responses on my post. Anything to make their heads explode.

      • excopconservative

        They could always deduct the cost from her ACES share.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      They don’t seem to be very interested in the emails between Obama and Bill Ayers, or Jeremiah Wright, or Tony Rezko, or Blago. How about emails between Nancy Pelosi and all those upper crust businesses in SF that got a waiver from Obamacare? 

      You could probably make a list that was longer than 24,000 pages of emails that would be more relevant than Sarah’s from Alaska.

      Those people jumped the shark long ago when it comes to Sarah, and they have been totally derelict in their obligation to investigate the guy who bailed out Goldman Sachs, the SEIU, UAW, ad nauseum, and who now expects to raise $1 bn from those same cronies for his 2012 campaign.

      You cannot make up a scenario more morally corrupt than this one. The Joan of Arc imagery is apt. At least the Roman Catholic Church finally exonerated Joan, even though it took them 500 years to get around to doing it.  

    • MaMcGriz

      So not surprising.

      Are there any state laws in Alaska that deal with vexatious litigants?  I know there were some changes made to better protect the state governors from what Governor Palin endured, but I don’t know the particulars of the law or whether or how it might apply to vexatious litigation.

  • gahanson

    For many, if not most, in the msm, it was merely the fact that 0bama was black.  Remember when Colin Powell announced that he was toying with the idea of running for president as a republican?  The media were all over it, touting him as what the country needed, a black man who wasn’t too black.  It didn’t matter to them whether he was a dem or rep, just as long as he was black, but not too black.  The media, are for the most part, all about making America atone for its sins, that is why reports of alleged "hate crimes" become national news, even when the crime turns out to be a hoax, the media routinely fails to report that aspect of the story.  That is why to the media, all American history is is a long line of racial injustice, and nothing more.
    When Palin burst upon the scene, they saw her as a threat to their quest to make America atone for its racial sins, so they turned on her like a cornered animal.  The reason why they contine their crusade to destroy Palin is because to truly atone for its sins America must not only elect a black man, but reelect him as well.  To that end, they will continue to wage war against Palin while providing 0bama with all the props they can give him.
    Because Palin is a conservative woman, the media will not tolerate the honor of being the first woman nominated by a national party to be bestowed upon her.  As they see it, a liberal woman, and a liberal woman only, deserves that honor.  To this end, they have joined forces with anyone opposed to Palin for any reason, including old fashioned mysogynistic reasons, it makes absolutely no difference to them. 

    • Hyman Roth

      This comment should be LIKED about 20,000 times.

    • excopconservative

      This is exactly the reason that Palin was immediately hated.  She was an obstacle to their objective of electing a black President and massaging their racial guilt.  After she gave McCain’s campaign a boost and actually put him in the lead for a time, her destruction was necessary.  They had already sacrificed Hillary, one of their most beloved heroines, even going so far as to suggest that racism was involved in her campaign and that Geraldine Ferraro, the first female VP candidate had made racist statements on Hillary’s behalf. 

      Rather than getting the black President they had wanted, they got a President who plays golf every other weekend and has done nothing to ease race relations.   It remains to be seen how far the media will go for his reelection.  Will there be a desire by some in the media to elect our first female President, even if she is a Republican?  Will they double down on Obama even though his tenure has been unsatisfactory? 

      Gov. Palin’s bus trip has actually opened the discussion about her between those media members following her and the rest of the media.  It’s a starting point to having her more fairly evaluated by a media that is admittedly 90% democrat.  Just asking the question, "Is she really what we thought she was?", is a beginning. 

      Remember that she got 46% of people to vote for her in 2008 with McCain leading the ticket.  It only takes 5% more to be elected President.

  • Noel A


    If this were the revolutionary war, today’s media would be tried for treason.  They’ve gone BEYOND abusing their freedom of the press–they purposely destroy anyone that advances the cause of freedom, and push a pro-tyranny agenda.

    here’s a GREAT illustration of media bias:

    • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      That is so great, Noel.

  • Mary Beth House

    The problem with putting it on my Kindle is obvious.

    How could I get my copy autographed??


    • Gina

      I’ll sign a Post-It note and you can stick it on the Kindle! ;-)

      Many thanks to Nicole and C4P for running this excerpt.

      • Mary Beth House

        LOL The back of my Kindle would get full pretty quickly!

        Would it be possible to order directly from you for a signed copy?  I can shoot a PayPal over…

        • Gina

          Sure. Let’s see, I think you’d need my e-mail address for PayPal, right? Gdalfonzo AT verizon DOT net.

          • Mary Beth House

            Awesome.  So $14.99 plus S/H plus cost to personalize… (To Mary Beth btw) :D

            Hit me with my Grand Total please. :D

            • Gina

              According to my calculations, that should come to $19.94.

              • Mary Beth House

                Pay Pal sent! My address is included.

                Thank you!

  • ramorywebb

    From CNN, Palin’s response to a question: "We talked about specific candidates and potential candidates, and kind of just what our perception was of each of these folks," the former Alaska governor said without getting into specifics. "It was interesting. We’re kind of on the same page there."

    I have also been noticing Piper’s face in the pics and I would sum it up by saying that Piper does not appear to be a happy camper. Taking Palin’s clarity that she is considering the impact of a prsidential run on her family, and the above, I forecast the following.

    Palin will not run. The question is who will Governor Palin get behind. At this point Governor Rick Perry seems to be a contender, and who else is there that Palin could get behind? 
    Of course my view is just that, and a best quess at best as to the thinking and considerations by Palin.

    • Steven

      Rick Perry is not going to run or win for that matter. Rick Perry is exactly who the White House would love to run against. Think about it, they’ve blame Bush for everything. Bush is there crutch and their out for all the problems we have today (as far as Obama is concerned). They will turn Rick Perry into George Bush whether Perry likes it or not.

      Look, after this e-mail dump that Palin is waiting out, Sarah will be the most vetted politician in American history. Its actually a plus as there will be no real October surprises (manufactured maybe, but a given). You can’t say that about the rest of the field. Palin’s family is onboard as they’ve been since she rose from the city council. She is doing a trial run and frankly disrupting the GOP primary process. While Romney and company do the boring, traditional campaign, Palin will be going unconventional and before long people will be begging her to run. She is going to wait those last minute candidates out and not allow anyone to steal her thunder when she announces. Look for her to announce between August and October (Sept?). By then, the field will be set and no one can say she hasn’t been out there testing the waters! Have faith, she will run, Palin 2012! Game on!

      • ramorywebb

        OK….then maybe Herman Cain. Townhall’s May Straw Poll results are out and Cain waxed everyone. A poll that Palin was the favorite for several months…

        Anyway, I can no more get into the mind of Sarah Palin than you or the "pundits" so we are just blowing smoke.

        Love what is going on right now though!

        • Steven

          Herman Cain is another Alan Keyes. Keyes supported the fair tax, Keyes was a great debater, Keyes was an eloquent, black conservative with no political experience and Keyes ultimately withered under glare when he was actually chosen to be the GOP nominee for Senate in Illinois against Obama. Where did that get us?

    • PCR1


    • blerch

      I’m sorry, but that might be one of the craziest theories I have ever heard.  Because her 10 year old daughter may appear to be unhappy in a few photos, which are just a one second snapshot, she is not going to run for POTUS?  I’ve heard some nutty speculation before, but this comes close to taking the cake.

      • ramorywebb

        Then you have not been listenng to the person you say you champion, or maybe you do not take her at her word. 

        Lets add to the equation what Erik Erickson points out today, that FOX pressured Newt, Rick, and Mike to make a decision. There is not a breath out of FOX regarding Palin having to make up her mind. Erickson thinks Palin has.

        Theres some iciing for your cake.

        • blerch

          So you are telling me that you are basing your entire theories on your extraordinary abilities to read the mind of a 10 year old girl in a few photos and a Palin detractor who has never spoken with her? Whatever makes you happy, I guess. By the way, Piper has travelled with her mom extensively on her book tours, speaking engagements, and ’08 campaign, and all accounts are that she was a happy camper.

          • ramorywebb

            Piper was with her mom in 2008 and saw a man with a sign with vulgar references to her mom which prompted Piper to ask, " Why is he sayign those things, he doesn’t even know you." And yes I have been connected to Palin even before she was chosen by McCain, but that is another story.

            If you have children then you know they are an open book. Since I have raised 4 I do feel I have a sense for what I experience. Of course the best approach would be to aks Piper how she feels about wht she is experiencing. And there are shots of her having a good time.

            And I think we would agree that one term of Obama has been one term to many. We are taking a fight to the wrong target so lets re-focus.

            • Laddie_Blah_Blah

              Sarah has said, repeatedly, on the current bus tour, that she is still undecided as to whether she will run, and every time she is asked what the major factor would be, she has said her family. I cannot understand why people here refuse to believe that.

              Trump said this morning on F&F that he may run as an independent in 2012. He was also quoted as saying that Sarah encouraged him to get back in the race at last night’s get-together in NYC.

              I don’t know about Trump’s reliability, but I take Sarah at her word. It must be a very tough call for her.

              • ramorywebb

                From Andy Barr @ Politico:  "The former Alaska governor also took some time to do some public parenting, making her daughter Piper offer an apology for pushing a cameraman during a previous stop. Palin had Piper hand out two flowers to cameramen and apologize. "Read more:

                As " Laddie…" points out, Palin has always been clear about family. It would seem there are famlily issues at play we are not even aware of. Palin is fully aware there are other ways to make a difference than being the actual candidate. 

                And after a meeting with FOX for 1 1/2 hours a FOX exec. said there is no change in Palin’s status. Not running is how I define that. 

                Maybe that will change…this is the first quarter. 

                • Gina

                  Piper’s a cutie and always has been. I hope she’s okay.

    • puma_for_life

      Actually , I had the same concerns about Piper. She looks very unhappy.  Other than that, I know nothing.

      • MaMcGriz

        What you’re seeing is a tired ten year old Alaskan kid in sweltering heat surrounded by a swarm of crushing, predatory news media who are totally indifferent to her well being. And she has a cough, which is not surprising, under the circumstances.

        All in all, I give her high scores in all categories. 

  • IsraeliCojones

    Sounds like a must-read.

    I hope this book also goes through what happened during the years after the 2008 campaign until Tucson. If not, it will be redundant, I’m afraid.

    • Gina

      There is a section on what’s been going on since the 2008 campaign.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Thank you so much for answering me, Gina. Here hoping huge success for your book :)

  • Andrew Davis

    C4Pers, need some help here. This link from ML Hill interview on FOX has been reported as abusive or "Spammy" by Facebook. It is a liberal ploy to keep Sarah off FB. Try to post on FB to see what I am talking about. FB won’t let you post it. Here is the link:

    • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      Hey Andy … Great interview. Say, this brings up a point I’ve been making a LONG time. Many of Sarah’s most ardent supporters have been booted off her FB page after having been reported as abusive by liberal trolls. There are THOUSANDS of us who can no longer post or participate on Governor Palin’s FB page. I’ve spoken to RAM about this, and she is aware of the problem, especially since one of the Guv’s posts awhile back wound up being reported as abusive and deleted from the page.

      Is there any way someone on the Palin team could talk to FB tech people to prevent this from happening and create a way to restore folks who have been wrongly banned? 

      • freeperjim

        As a strong supporter of PALIN/West 2012 (Bolton SoS), I also have been booted from Sarah’s FB page.

        As Jack Nicholson said in one of his early movies, "Well, dem’s the breaks!" (a western with Mary Steenbergen though I can’t recall the title)

        We just move on and move forward – bigger things in life to be concerned with during these very trying times.

        • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

          Yes, but the problem is that some of these supporters thing SARAH is banning them when her people have no clue what’s going on. Oh well … you’re right it’s not a biggie, but it’s annoying.

      • MaMcGriz

        Have you seen Pamela Geller’s story on Drudge today? It tells how FB is in the  process of dismantling their political opponents’ followings under the guise of ‘system upgrades.’ By invitation only, of course.

        It’s a chilling move. 

  • angeleno

    Gina Dalfonzo is a patriot, Bill O’Reilly is a pinhead. Speaking of pinheads, have you folks heard about British expatriate commie Martin Bashir, one of the vampires hiding from the sunlight at MSNBC?  His latest raving from insanity-land is that Palin has violated important rules about the use of the American flag–as if he knows those rules by heart. Martin the Palin-Bashir says she is using the flag to advertise herself by posing next to it. I guess left-wing Brits aren’t aware that Palin was a governor of one of our 50 states, she’s expected to pose with flags, and that every American is entitled to pose with, to revere, and to drape the flag over himself or herself 24 hours a day.  Being an MSNBC commie liberal, bashir also pretends not to know that Obama doesn’t give a crap about
    our flag yet he poses all the time in front of a wall of flags 50 feet wide.
    Is there a special casting agency for lunatics who impersonate journalists where MSNBC hires its staff? 

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Bashir has only succeeded in making a fool of himself. He would have lowered MSNBC’s reputation even further, save for the fact that they reached rock bottom long ago.

  • PCR1

    The history of the media assault on Governor Sarah Palin, and her family,  over the last two and one half years, is both a compendium of evil, of inhuman malice, but also the story of the ultimate triumph of the human spirit, of good  over evil.

    Because the left has thrown absolutely everything at her, every conceivable falsehood, every insult, every injury, every profanity and obscenity, even.

    They have offended her both professionally and as a wife, a mother and a  human being, and her children – even the youngest in his defenseless innocence – have been publicly and cruelly maligned.

    All to no avail.

    Governor Sarah Palin has only gone from strength to strength, her influence today is greater than it has ever been, witness her astonishing ability to steer the course of the midterm elections last year.

    She has prospered beyond the wildest dreams of her base adversaries.

    They have defintiely not destroyed her, and they have not stopped her.

    Governor Palin is possessed of a truly indomitable spirit; but more than that:she has more brains under her fingernails that all those leftwing media losers together have between their ears.

    Governor Sarah Palin, will easily obtain the Republican presidential nomination if she chooses to run in 2012, and she will just as easily defeat – in a landslide  – Barack Hussein Obama.

    The media had been able  to conceal from Americans his utter lack of qualifications for the   nation’s highest office  in 2008, as author Gina Delfonzo details so well in her book.

    But now that he has had the run of the country, and has displayed his glaring incompetence for the American people to see – and to feel – for themselves, they will not be able to repeat their  coup of 2008.

    For the American people, it is a case of once bitten, twice shy.

    • FrankinOhio

      PCR1 I think you have very eloquently explained why we are all here at conservatives4Palin. This is what has stirred the passion in those of us who, in the past, sat on the sidelines.  She has emboldened those of us (without titles) to rise up and to come out of hiding and to fight for someone who is fearless in defense our freedoms and our beliefs. Thank you PCR1. In 2008 FrankinOhio would have been to timid to post his support of any political being. I am now one of you.  

  • tingale12

    Drum roll please:

    The governor has not even announce her intentions, another  vulture is once again out of the cave hoping and wishing to rattle the narrative.

    This idiot apparently is just following the band of deaks, stuck in their thinking that people will be silenced, lay low, not call out this false and frivolous accusations. Just following their dear leader whose brain is stuck in the year 2008  arrograntly displayed while signing the Queen Mother guest book.

    Dillusions ran rampant obviouisly in  Obambo’s camp.

  • Hyman Roth

    How the media "tried" to destroy Sarah Palin?

    Or how Fox is "TRYING" to destroy Sarah Palin?

    • Guest

      The next time one of our liberal buddies claims that Fox is in the tank for republicans….point out Sarah Palin!

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I’m halfway through the book and it is a good and easy read.

    BTW, if you haven’t read Nicole’s book, why not?

    • Guest

      I read Nicole’s book and just loved it. I also just purchased this one from Amazon. Can’t wait to read it. I just love shutting up Øppressives. I had a great time this Memorial weekend shutting down the sheeple. If you can do it without raising your voice, keeping a smile on your face, and laughing at their delusional answers, it drives them bat$sit crazy when you have all the facts. Several house guests had some severe hangovers this weekend. YESSSSSSSSS!

      It’s a fact, we do Alinsky better then them. You betcha! 

  • jhva99

    Just made my purchase from Amazon.

    1 "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!"Andrew Breitbart; HardcoverIn StockSold by:, LLC 
    2 "Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative"Jedediah Bila; Paperback;In StockSold by:, LLC 
    3 "Advice to Sarah Palin From the Know-It-Alls: A Satirical Journey"Nicole O. Coulter; Paperback;In StockSold by:, LLC 
    4 "‘Bring Her Down': How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin"Gina Dalfonzo; Paperback;In StockSold by:, LLC 

    • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      Well, God Bless Your Heart, JHVA! Thank you. :)

    • wodiej

      thanks for the list.

    • Gina

      I’m honored to be in that august company! Thank you!

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