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CNN Concedes Governor Palin Was a Hard-Working Governor/Open Thread

Courtesy of the Right Scoop:

Shushannah Walshe confirms the CNN reporter’s assessment.

If you want to keep up with the nuggets from the e-mails that the press isn’t covering, follow Kelsey on twitter.

Treat this thread as the open one for the evening.

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  • heshtesh

    Time to crank up the bus again, lets help CNN get thier butts in gear and do some actual work for a change.

  • nederlandbill


  • LuvAK

    From Governor Palin’s emails –

    "On August 29, 2008, the day Palin delivered her speech accepting the VP
    nomination, her director of communications Rosanne Hughes gushed about
    how proud Palin’s staff was of her and vowed to bring God on board with
    her candidacy:"I’m asking all my prayer partners to intercede for you,"
    Hughes wrote. Palin replied, "YES! Thank you- please pray for wisdom and
    favor and for HIS will only to be done. Thank you!!!" 

    (h/t Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin)


    • PW4SP ? ?

      Thanks for the h/t but I must give credit where credit is due.  I got it from Martha Cano so a h/t to Martha Cano.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you so much, LuvAK, for this beautiful citation.

      We have to trust HIS Providence…He HAS heard Sarah’s prayers and our prayers…Sarah "lost" in ’08, but only because the Lord has something far more important than VP in mind for her!!!

      God bless!!!!

  • excopconservative

    There’s a fellow with a good chance of getting an interview.

    • SaraPFan

      He seemed pretty objective. You sure he isn’t working with C4P?

  • spotted reptile

    Month of June: Sarah Palin 2, media 0. Both of those are own goals.

    • exodus2011


      I wonder if any LSMers might even watch ‘The Undefeated’ of their own volition, ie pay for a ticket, after seeing from her emails what kind of Governor Our Lady from Wasilla is? …… nah … I’m being too optimistic ….

      don’t turn your backs on these snakes for a SECOND

  • Nancy6

    Moments later, Drew Griffin is fired.

    • carolhaka

      He shocked the shit out of Anderson Cooper.  He told the truth.

      Must not of gotten the memo.

      • SaraPFan

        I am laughing so hard. They are so transparent and pathetic. It’s like their virgins waiting for their first time. They’ve waited for this for 3 YEARS:))

  • Bill589

    Yahoo has an article talking about what they found so far in Sarah’s e-mails. This was expected. What ‘wowed’ me was the comments.  They are usually very anti-Palin at this Leftist site, but concerning this they were all only anti-media!  (I read many, but not all of the two thousand comments.)

    Maybe the real Sarah will get through to more people than I imagined.
    The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways.

    • Nativevoice +

      And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28
      What the devil meant for evil, God will turn it around for good.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      "The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways."–AMEN, Bill!!  Thank you!

  • puma_for_life

    The more of these emails that are released, the more impressed I am….and I was already impressed. She knows how to be an executive.

  • heshtesh

    If this keeps up there will be riots to get in when the movie premiers

  • technopeasant

    Kelly Ayotte doesn’t think Sarah Palin will run.

    • crunchingk

      Rino talk she is running I’m 110%sure!!sorry mrs ayyote

      • stlouisix

        Absolutely!  Axiom:  Anyone who says Sarah Palin will not run harbors an irrational dislike for Palin, which you can take to the bank, that’s if any are left, post Obama’s destruction of our economy!

        The good thing about such talk is that you know very quickly who your friends really are, and aren’t!

        • PhillyCon

          Plus, as they say it, a shiver runs down their collective spines.  The fear is absolutely palpable.

          • exodus2011

             …. and the same shiver of fear will run down the spines of the International enemies of America TOO, when they see her announce for POTUS, then WIN the GOP nom, and then BEAT The 0 and takeover as C-in-C of the finest miltary forces in the world.

            Be verrry afraid IcantGetaJob, PuteyPute, that Venezuelan Nut (whose name escapes me) and JongIl or whatever your name is, and also assorted bloodthirsty evil terrorists

        • unseen1

          disagree.  Some people  simply  don’t know  and  lean on the side she isn’t going to run because that is what  the MSM /establishment is telling them.    

    • wisetrog

      looks like she didn’t request her for an endorsement n that is all that means in these people’s worlds.

    • JLAdevelop

      The drumbeat that she is not running is loud and consistent. Only one person can change this. Sarah should announce or make her intentions to run more clear. If she has decided not to run I hope she let’s us know before the next bus tour.

      • sarahpalinrocks2

        Patience my friend.

        Let some of these other events unfold first. We are done with the emails, candidates have imploded, her bus tour is still on, and her film is coming soon.


      Did Kelly say why?  Did they ask her why?  I bet not….they never ask why when someone says he/she doesn’t think Palin is running.  WHY??

      • stevethird

        In NH it is widely believed that she’s not running. There is a prominent republican who ran for the house in 2010 and lost in the primary. She’s alright actually but she has been pushing the not running  meme for a while now. No reason, just "I have a feeling she’s not running." It’s maddening because she influences a bunch of people..Ayotte may be one of them. I believe there is a subconscious jealousy at work here. Her politics is OK, but she is a moderate and an establishment NH repub. NH won’t be easy, but it will be possible to do OK here, but can’t do much until she says go.

      • SaraPFan

        I saw footage after Palin had lunch with her in NH. As they were separating, I heard Ayotte say, "Let me know if I can do anything for you." Sarah said, "Okay."

        Maybe she’s assuming since Sarah hasn’t asked for anything yet.

    • John_Frank

      I am not surprised Ayotte would say this. She is not part of the "inner circle."

      Governor Palin has been playing her cards close to her vest, while leaving obvious bird crumbs for those paying attention.

      When someone says they don’t think Sarah Palin will run, I am reminded
      of the line "those who know are not talking and those who do not know
      are talking."

      The only one who has came close to getting it right was Trump. He asked her the question directly. You may recall that he told Greta he thought she was 50/50. On Sunday, during the Wallace interview, Governor Palin said the same thing. Coincidence?

      To use the analogy that technopeasant has used in the past, while the Germans knew that the Allies were going to invade Europe, the Allies used subterfuge to confuse the Germans as to the time and place of the invasion to keep them off balance. The effort was so successful that even after the invasion, the Germans with held some of their reserves from the battlefield, continuing to believe the Normandy invasion was a feint, and that the real landings would take place at Calais, aiding the Allied breakout from the beaches.

      To a certain extent, Governor Palin is doing the same thing. It is clear to anyone paying attention that she is going to make a formal announcement that she is running at some point. The only question is when and where will she announce.

      But, in leaving the impression with Ayotte and others that she is not running, this keeps her opponents off balance, so that they think Palin is not running, when she is running and by the time the announcement comes ….

      Interesting that on the same day that Ayotte said this, the media embarked on the exercise of combing through her emails seeking to find something, anything they could use to stop her. Now why go to all that expense and effort if you don’t think she is running? It does not compute.

      "Game On"
      Sarah Palin – 2012

      • excopconservative

        She may have suspected that anything she said to Ayotte would make its way to the Romney camp.  When the time comes, only Glassner, Tim Crawford, and her lawyer will have had much notice.

    • Jules

      Ayotte is just preventing endorsment question so saying this take that away….  Why did Sarah request to meet her in the first place? After all, she endorsed her in 2010 without meeting her….Palin met her to lay the ground for an endorsment she won’t ask for (Sarah will NOT ASK endorsement from anyone. It will be up to them). Same thing with the Trump meeting…She will do the same with the Iowa and SC governors…
      Did anyone knew Sarah was going to resign until she did? Anyone knew about the bus tour until it happened? What about the movie? The few people that know Sarah is running won’t say anything until it happens and you bet John McCain will know before Ayotte. None of them knows nothing…

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      So? Sarah does things her way. Others are blind as a pal told me the other day.

  • Big_Rebel_Yell

    Well folks there is no there, there.  Nothing, zip, zilch, nada.  I wonder if we could say the same about obummers emails?  Harry Reid’s emails?   In cert the name of your flavor of leftist bed wetter.  Were they so interested in those emails because they know the content of their own email?  Just wondering.

    Go back and listen to the Wisconsin speech.   That was absolute fire in the heartland delivered in the belly of the beast.  Cheer that victory and look forward to others.  I have a feeling we gained a few more palinistas with today’s stunt. 

    Stop and ponder this. An international combing of an American citizen’s emails with no crime having been committed.  Wake up patriots!  This should be like pouring gas on a fire down deep in your core.  It’s just wrong. 

    Let me know  to which town square we are bringing the pitch forks.  I want to be there.

    I am Rebel yell!!!!!


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Loved your post, Reb!!!

      God bless the South; God bless America; God bless Sarah!!!

    • Benthoven

      You don’t suppose there’s a bunch of server-scrubbing going on in the demonrat halls of congress tonight?

      Yeah, I’m with you Reb, pitchfork and torches in hand – but of course, I AM from South Carolina!

  • DonnainNY

    This whole media dump is so going to BACKFIRE on the LS Media.  It is only going to show America what a hard working woman Sarah is, who loves her troops, is not into corruption, wants to take the criticism squarely on her shoulders and not her staff, etc.  I wonder if they keep finding positive information out if they will keep on reporting it like CNN did here.

    • suehimel

      Look at the whole situation as an economic stimulus for Alaska.  They collected $ for the documents.  Reporters had to fly there and spend money to eat and sleep.  Alaska comes out ahead.

    • jgrimes

      Rush said today that this was going to come back on the Media, He said mark my word.

  • Michael_from_Michigan

    Surprise, surprise–no smoking gun!  Those looking for an advantage against Sarah may want to stop before they find out how really qualified she is be president from these emails.  These individuals are waging a war that they cannot win!  It would be better to give up and change sides and support her bid for president when she announces that is what she is doing.

  • Michael

    I wonder how those words tasted coming from their mouths?

  • Jasmine Clark

    am i imagining this?

    they are actually talking POSITIVELY about this email thing? they are pointing out how hardworking and caring of others she is?

    i can’t believe i just watched that. there has to be some kind of catch, this seems too good to be true.

    • Polarbearpapa

      This is what it looks like, when you put your trust in the Lord, not in man….if only obama’s cult members could see that….

      What was meant for harm, God has turned for her good….

      TheresaAK (GP)

    • SaraPFan

      I know I had to watch TJ twice. It’s sooo funny. But you have to report what is staring you in the face. Someone obviously didn’t prep the reporter. I bet he gets a demotion:))  So funny. So funny.

  • Michael_from_Michigan

    These emails may cause the general public to be curious about the "real Sarah Palin" to see what is true about her by going and seeing the movie when it comes out.

    • Cotton Picker

      I see where AMC is also the distributor to lesser chains and independent theaters.  So the movie will be shown in a lot more theaters than I thought.

      • excopconservative

        They said limited release, which probably means 100 screens or less.  But since they are distributing, if the gross is good, they could easily and quickly expand to more screens.

  • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

    Good report but it GALLS me that they get so many facts wrong:

    The anchor asked, "What did the emails say about her ethics violations?"

    As I recall, there were NO ethics violations under Palin. All were dismissed. She settled on one claim for the travel money, but there was no finding of ethical violation. Even on Troopergate, there was NO ethical violation. There was an accusation, a biased "referral" of the case, and an exoneration by the personnel board. They never mention that.

    Then Drew Griffin, in commenting about the so-called "Troopergate" said the Palin’s brother-in-law, the trooper, was FIRED.

    These idiots demand that Palin be PERFECT in her job, but can’t even do theirs.

    Palin’s EX-brother-in-law, the trooper, was NEVER fired. In fact, he remains on the job.

    Palin fired Walt Monnegan, the public safety director.

    • John_Frank

      I suggest people send CNN a note. Also, you may want to do a post pointing out the errors. Just a thought :-)

      • $8196935

        Good thought, can I add that those posting  to CNN be polite and not snarky

        • John_Frank

          Yes, people, be polite. Here is the contact link:

          Also, here is Griffin’s twitter feed:


          • PhilipJames

            You have to realize…  good reporting is so strange to all these people and they will continue to make these mistakes until they are finally re-trained.
            Drew was at least half-way decent today…. he just doesn’t know a lot of the truth about these things and it is all new to him. Be gentle on him, but firm.

    • PhillyCon

      Can you imagine if doctors made these kinds of mistakes?

      • AmsterdamExpat

        Well, if O-Care stands (perish the thought) …

      • Jena Marie

        PhillyCon:  Guess what?  They do.

    • Sapwolf

      NO, she DID NOT fire Monegan.  She demoted him to another job that had great pay and benefits, and Monegan decided to quit.


      • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

        Whoops … my bad!!! Well at least I don’t work for CNN. ha!

    • Mr_Wednesday_Night

      Actually, I thought she demoted Monegan, and he quit. It has been reported ever since that she "fired" him. Maybe some Alaskan reader can put us some knowledge.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      "These idiots demand that Palin be PERFECT in her job, but can’t even do theirs."–Amen, Nicole.  God bless, friend!!

    • fb274

      If I recall correctly, Walt Monnegan  was not fired.  He was being transferred to another position which he did not like and QUIT.   All legit.

  • technopeasant

    The Best Man a movie about campaigning for President is on TCM now.

    • technopeasant

      Line from movie:

      "I don’t believe in polls."

      Sure, sure.

      • technopeasant

        "You rich boys have it all sued up." (referring to politics)

        "People think you’ve got so much money, that you won’t go and steal theirs."

        Pretty profound stuff in 1964.

        • aaron66krohn

          Great movie!!  Funny, but though I’d SEEN the movie many years ago, I just read the play script a few months ago!!!  I agree….several 21st century truisms….from 1964!!!  (Ironically, the year Reagan emerged, and Goldwater wrote "The Conscience of a Conservative"!!)

          • technopeasant

            Great line:

            "I don’t object to you being a bastard; it’s being such a stupid bastard that I object to." (Said by President to one of Presidential contenders)

            • technopeasant

              "You’re not decisive; At times you shoot from the hip; but at times you don’t shoot at all."

              (President to contender to why he wasn’t originally his first choice for his endorsement)

              • technopeasant

                Accusation of an opponent of being a homosexual.

                • technopeasant

                  "Power is not a toy to be used by children…power is a tool to be used as a weapon…"

                  • technopeasant

                    "Men without faces tend to get elected President. Then they let their character and honor to fill in the rest."

        • technopeasant

          "It’s par for the course when you try to fool the people but it’s a different matter when you fool yourself."

          • technopeasant

            One opponent has the "dirt" on his opponent and gives it to the President. 

            Mentally unstable, manic-depressive, unfaithful to wife

            • aaron66krohn

              I LOVE movies about politics…especially Presidential politics.  But my favorites are ones that speak to, or try to portray, a female President.  And I felt this way well before Sarah (or Hillary!!) came along as contenders.
              In 1992, on the Lifetime channel, was a movie called "Majority Rule", with Blair Brown as a General who has successfully fought a Middle East war, and she’s asked to run for President (Shades of Gen. Claudia Kennedy!!). She runs, and wins, and then the plot gets a bit silly.  But it’s overall a serious portrayal of how it could happen.
              Not a movie, but no one should miss watching all 18 episodes (on DVD) of the 2005-06 show called "Commander-in-Chief", starring Geena Davis as President Mackenzie "Mac" Allen, and Donald Sutherland as the Republican House Speaker, and major foe of the Independent Allen!!  Very interesting parallels to Sarah and today.  For example, she had 2 terms in the House (4 years), and was a University Chancellor when the Republican nominee for President asks her to be his running mate.  She tells him, "I’ve got 4 years……4 years!!!!!…….experience……the press will kill me over my lack of experience!"  He tells her she’ll "be a star!!".  She says he only wants her on the ticket to "secure the soccer mom vote"!!   Also, her husband of 20 or so years looks a bit like Todd….and they have 3 kids…twins, age 16 (one boy, one girl), and an impish 5 year old girl (Piper clone??).  Extremely good series!!!  (Even if it’s intent was to promote a Hillary candidacy!!!)
              One note: the show begins with her as VP about 2 years into their first term.  He dies suddenly of a stroke, and she becomes President!!

              • palintologist

                Rush has said that that show was specifically produced to lay the groundwork in the public’s mind for Hillary as prez. Guess that didn’t work out too well, huh?


    I’ve been out of touch all day and way too many threads/posts to go through so forgive me if this has been talked about today….what ‘s the word about Perry today?  Any news?


    • nederlandbill

      You did’nt miss anything –Nothing new on Perry ,and no news anywhere. hehe!

      • FLREPUB

        Thanks!  No news for us–we always knew The Gov was working hard!! :)

    • John_Frank

      Rumors.  The only hard news? Yesterday, Perry spokesperson slapped down story about his holding a conference call to run.

      Today Rush apparently said Perry has baggage, but his entry would be a game changer.

      Speculation as to why Palin would give shout out to Perry. Suggested that Palin wanting to keep race unsettled.

      Techno pointed out that based on his analysis of the polls, this is now a two person race between Palin and Romney.

      • FLREPUB

        Thank you!

    • Jena Marie

      oh, psshhh, you mean real news?  heh.

  • John_Frank

    Another epic tweet from John Nolte:
    John Nolte
    BREAKING: Emails prove Palin bought her home without any help from guy found guily of 16 felonies. #PalinEmails!/NolteNC/status/79314198072537088

    • suehimel

      Unlike the Messiah!

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