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Governor Palin Film to get Nationwide Release

Andy Barr reports:

After debuts in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina later this month, the pro-Sarah Palin film “The Undefeated” is headed for nationwide release.

But first it will need to be scaled back: the current version contains so much profanity — mostly from comedians and pundits cursing about Palin – as well as violent file footage of war used to portray the attacks against Palin as particularly savage, that it does not yet have a rating. At a press screening in Washington on Thursday, director Steve Bannon said he’ll aim for a PG-13 final cut, though he hopes to release the film as it currently stands via pay-per-view and video to give Palin diehards fans the original.

Bannon doesn’t skirt the fact that he’s one of those diehard fans himself — a Palin admirer who wants her to run for president and made his movie to help the cause.

“This film comes from a strong point of view, like Michael Moore,” he said. “I think this primary needs a full representation from the tea party,” said the self-identified “conservative populist.”

Bannon says his goal was not to create a definitive or unbiased account of the governor’s shortened term. His film is about providing a “balance” to the negative narratives that swirl around Palin and her potential presidential candidacy. “I made it for a media that I think on the whole can be fair and very even-handed when presented with a certain set of facts,” he said.

Bannon has only briefly met Palin — her voice is heard throughout the film, but he got it by purchasing the audio rights to her book “Going Rogue.” And after being pitched the idea of filming Palin for a series of YouTube videos by her advisors, SarahPAC has backed away from the production of the movie. Palin’s aides did, however, put the director in touch with former Palin staffer Meg Stapleton – who Bannon says provided him and introduction into Palin’s circle of friends and supporters who are rarely willing to sit for interviews.

In addition to Stapleton, Bannon spoke with longtime Palin friend Kristan Cole and Thomas Van Flein, Palin’s former attorney who now works for Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.). Sympathetic media personalities Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart also boast of Palin’s abilities in the film, along with tea party activists Jamie Radtke – now running for Senate in Virginia – and Sonnie Johnson.

Bannon and his public relations firm plan to release full details on the movie’s roll out late Thursday, but said they may push back their announcement so it is not lost in coverage of the Anthony Weiner scandal.

The film highlights parts of Palin’s resume that made her a compelling choice for John McCain’s presidential campaign. The movie’s theme is her improbable rise from Wasilla mom to governor of the state – and the out of nowhere nature is what has always made Palin such an intriguing political figure. And though Bannon acknowledged that Palin in fact had a several losses on her political career, he said the film’s title reflects that “the values are what is undefeated.”

Though the context is sometimes lacking, Bannon’s portrait is accurate, with glowing comments attached.

“Like a marine, she runs toward danger,” the friendly conservative radio host Tammy Bruce says of Palin. Breitbart meanwhile portrays men in the Republican establishment as “eunuchs” for failing to defend Palin from criticism.

In addition to the theatrical release, Bannon is also hoping to take “The Undefeated” to retail – he’s eying Wal-Mart as a major distributor. “If you look at the Wal-Mart customer, she’s relatable,” Bannon said.

Palin does not stand to make any money from the film, but Bannon believe it will prove profitable for his investors. Asked if he intended to make a profit with the film, Bannon responded: “Absolutely, we’re capitalists.”

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  • Anonymous

    We all know the media filth. Why include that in a move abt her reecord?

    • PatrickinOH

      A lot of peope don’t really know because the media didn’t give any attention to the nasty things that were said about her and her family.

    • Anonymous

      Many people do not know.

      And the record needs to be set straight in its entirety.  Americans need to know what the
      media and Obama thugs tried to do to this conservative woman.  They never heard about
      her record.  Now they will.

      We as Americans should take a good look at this film and make sure that we do not
      allow this to happen to her or to anyone else in the future.  All we have to do
      is boycott their products (television, radio shows, books, newspapers, blogs, etc.) as
      well as  advertisers, if any.

    • Lipstick

      I believe most of this is in the opening. It makes a point that the media ans celebs hate her, then they see a movie outlining all she has done and see they were not told about that and then remember the hate from the beginning of the film.

      When the news of the film first came out the fact the movie opens up with this filth was reported.

      It is also good for people like me. I pay little attention to hollywood culture and have no real idea of how hateful the stuff is that was said. This will bring it to people like me’s attention.

      From this article…

      "To convey Bannon’s view of the pathology behind Palin-hatred, the film
      begins with a fast-paced sequence of clips showing some of the prominent
      celebrities who have used sexist, derogatory and generally vicious
      language to describe her."

      • Karl Rogue

        It is a pathology, and it has to be exposed.  Its part of the Palin story; and unfortunately, its a mirror on where the left has taken the USA.  People need to see the ugly, and think about it.

      • colint

        No one would take young children to see this film as they would be bored. It is not SPAK.
        Not many 17 year olds would go to it or sit through it. Leave the obscene language in. It is an important part of the movie. For home movie DVD, put a warning "Obscene language in first 5 mins".

    • Mrl Tav

      it is about her record.

    • generictrainee

      It think it’s good to show the attacks against her.

  • Anonymous

    When does it come out in IA?????

    • teledude

      It will open on July 15th

      • unseen1

        that is the national release date I think

  • Hefmier

    I can’t wait to see it.  There are not too many movies that I desire to see in the theaters anymore, but I will be looking forward to see it.

  • Jasmine Clark

    i wish they’d announce a date…

    • RedBrightandTrue

      Hey I *think* I saw July 15th…lemme check. :-)

    • RedBrightandTrue

       Ok. Found this Slate article . I think the July 15th refers to the release dates in ‘some’ states not national, but not sure. Oh well. We’ll know soon. :-)

  • Anonymous

    "But first it will need to be scaled back: the current version contains so much profanity — mostly from comedians and pundits cursing about Palin "

    this is the most hilarious thing I read today, specifically since I read earlier some basement Kozzer commenting that the movie was horrible. It was X-rated!.

    yes indeed. X-rated because of the profanities coming from critters like him!

  • Anonymous

    I would think that they could Burn two versions on one disc.   Side a and Side B Or a two disc set.

    With the PG-13 rating you may not need to make your (convince people) home movie night a double feature i.e. "The Undefeated" and  "Media Malpracitce"

  • Anonymous

    Will it be released in Canada, either in theaters or for purchase?

    Most people I know, and certainly all of the mainstream Canadian media could use the information in this film to update their entrenched notions about who Governor Palin really is.

    • ellebb

      I’m sure it will be available for purchase.  Do you have WalMart in Canada?  If not, I’m certain Amazon will carry it.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have any idea how many dual citizens live in Canada?

      • Hefmier

        Especially in Calgary. Alberta is considered "The Texas of Canada". It is mostly Conservative politically, they have oil fields, and it is in a dry part of the country.

        • Guest

          lots of US workers in Calgary…nice place to curl too  ;)

  • Anonymous

    Since Gov. Palin has nothing to do with this movie, I assume she can officially enter the Presidential race even if the movie is playing in theaters at the same time. Correct?

  • Anonymous

    Ironic, the article says they have to scale back the profanity by the pundits and comedians for a national release of the movie, but it’s ok for the pudits and comedians to use profanity about Gov. Palin in the general public. Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous

      The film would have to be R-Rated in that case. I would like to see it released as a educational film but personally I don’t see why a national release of this film would be warranted. I don’t think its the right approach for a film of this nature. This is a film that should not be exploited.

      • lanahi

        It should be seen by everyone, everywhere possible, not limited in scope.  It will be on DVDs.  I want EVERYONE to see it!

        • JDCampbell

          No objection to it being released but how its released. A nation wide theater release would be a huge mistake in my opinion. Now if I was going to put out a new film to be released nationally then I could see no other then the comedy team of Clinton and Weiner. That would be the cash hit of the summer. Have you ever heard of over-saturation?

          • lanahi

            Why? It’s just another avenue to get it out to people, and many WILL
            pay to see it. You give no reasons for being against it, just that
            you are. You want to limit it to classroom venues? What’s your
            interest in limiting it?

            Bannon spent $1 million of his own money on this because he believes
            in Sarah…he’s going to make sure the maximum number of people see

            He also thinks he can make money off it, and I’d say his interests and
            ours are the same, so why not let him make his profit from it too
            through theaters and DVDs and any way else he can?

            Your being against it in theaters is puzzling, especially since that
            is only one of the venues he will be using.

            • JDCampbell

              There are appropriate venues for a film like this. I am not interested in how much money Bannon spent on the film and I am not interested in how much money he is going to make or how much money his investors are going to make. It is an assumption that many people will pay to see the film in a theater. There is a fine line between respect and exploitation. This is actually a book on DVD. Your talking about someones life and someone who just might throw her hat into the ring for one of the most important jobs in the world. When the film became knowledge a week ago a old friend of mine said is this going to be as popular as the ’72 Disney VD film. I thought I’d fall over. My opinion is that this should be released like you would release a book and allow it to mature. Remember if this film is released properly, it will be all over the internet and the world within six months. It doesn’t require a flash in the pan release. In fact if you do the Bannon hot to trot marketing approach it will do more damage than good.                    

              • juju341

                Are you crazy….he needs for it to be seen by as many people as possible as quick as he can because there is an election going on in case you didn’t know.  What would be the advantage
                in a slow release….like…after the election, after people have made up their minds to vote for someone else.  The public needs to know the real story on Palin so when she campaigns they can believe that she is presidential.   OR….maybe you are not a Palin supporter.  I am serious I would like to know your logic in a slow show.

                • JDCampbell

                  Maybe not as crazy as you. I like eating my soup one spoonful at a time, not have it thrown in my face. This is not a Terminator movie. I wouldn’t worry about speed or access prior to the election because things get around really fast these days. Everyone will know the real story of Sarah Palin if they wish to. Remember the creator of the film is looking for a high return on his investment. You can lose your objectivity along the way if your not careful. So, I’m going to be frank again, not Weiner and say because of Sarah Palins history of being a genuine, incredibly honest and a forthright American that in many respects the film is really not necessary but evolved because of unwarranted social media abuse. I hope that the film was done tastefully for all to see because of her history of service to Alaska and our county.    

                  From Tennessee:

                  • lanahi

                    Obviously it was done well, judging from the acclaim it’s getting, even from liberals.
                    But, okay, how would YOU release it so that the most people see it as quickly as possible?  That was, after all, the reason the film was made in the first place.
                    A high return for his investment means that it has sold well, which means more people have seen it.  More people have seen the movie and DVDs, so he makes a lot of money…they go together in a win-win manner.
                    "There is a fine line between respect and exploitation. Your talking about someones life and someone who just
                    might throw her hat into the ring…." Who has been exploited ?  They asked him to help, and he went far beyond what they asked.  Yes, it’s about someone’s life, and that story needs to be told to as many as possible, NOW when it is most needed.
                    It is only ONE tool, but it sure is an important tool in the mission to tell voters what she is like and what she has done.  We don’t have time to let it "mature", whatever that means.

  • PW4SP?


  • Anonymous

    I understand there are some right lovely theatres in merry olde England (pardon me, the UK, I guess it is) that could use a dose of Palin truth serum as well.

  • Anonymous

    She really needs to f***in announce. All this Perry speculation is driving me bonkers. Every flavor of the month has.

    • Karl Rogue

      I know. there perry thing makes me nervous.  she likes him

      • quidam65

        And Perry could split the Tea Party and social conservative vote, since he has extensive experience as an executive (20 years between Ag Commish, Lt. Gov, and Gov).

        But I’ve checked Fox News and there is NO official announcement of such.

      • ellebb

        Perry will be painted by Obama as a Bush clone.  They would be right.

        I don’t think Sarah runs if Perry does and I will be depressed.  I will not support him ($$) or work for him but I would have to vote for him.

  • Anonymous

    When I see it, I’ll be checking out the crowd. I wonder if there will be very many attendees in their early- to mid-20’s.

    • Dave Dowler

      my 20 and 18 year old daughters will be first in line

      • Anonymous

        Great! Sarah may need young voters if she’s going to win.

        • lanahi

          She’s popular with that age group.

    • AusPalinFan

      Im 18, but from Australia so i cant help out with the voting, but if Sarah gets in me and Wisetrog are looking at helping the repubs abroad to vote and steer them in the direction of Sarah hehe.

    • UKwildcat4Palin

      I’m 22 and I will absolutely go to see it!!

      For me it’s Sarah or nothing!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a student of military history, in particular, Naval Military history.   I recall reading many accounts of the heroic actions of our sailors who stayed at their guns until the barrels were ready to melt, and still kept firing.  That’s what it’s going to take to save our country from the abyss which the Obamunists desire for it. 

    We have a leader in Gov. Palin who is showing us the way by taking the best shots that her ever increasing irrational hysterical opponents fire at her, and responding with a ferocity that makes what the Obamunists are trying to do to her pale in comparison.  And I’m seeing this on the part of all of her supporters on this site, patriots all, who are not about to concede the field to the diabolic treachery of Obama, his handlers, and minions who want us all to go to hell with them. 

    I’m fighting mad, and I’m glad to be on the same ship with a crew the likes of which are on this site. 

    God bless and keep you all, and God bless America, and all those who are fighting for it so as to not render the sacrifices of our military, who gave their all so that we might be free, not subjects to the tyrannical dictates of a group of bottom feeders who are not going to be given any quarter in our commentary taking no prisoners, PERIOD, to have been in vain!

    We’re in a war for everything, for the very future of our country, and, with the help of God Almighty, we’re not about to lose it!

    • Dave Dowler


    • Anonymous

      I will not fail to credit Almighty God if Sarah wins in 2012.

    • Karl Rogue

      what you said

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it’s nice to be on the right side in this battle.   Then again, why would I want to be on the side of the creeps who are trying to destroy a very good and decent person?  I’m fighting mad too, it’s gone too far. 

    • Hyman Roth

      RIGHT ON! 

      The RINOs and the libs have been trying to discourage us, but we need to STAY STRONG and HOLD OUR GROUND!

    • Freempg

      Thanks stlouisix for the inspiring call to arms.

      Let me remind the uninitiated to win we must attack the most vile on their home turf, like MSNBC, Puff Ho, et al. We will not persuade them, that is a suicide mission to even try, or at least an impossible one. They do not respond to truth, logic or reason. Our goal is to weaken their resolve, drain their energy, keep the propagandists from influencing the weak-minded, usually the kids, make them waste time defending their own turf.

      Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to inflict psychological damage to exceed what their trolls inflict upon us. You must follow them down their wormholes to Hell and slither and slop in the muck there. Show them you are not afraid to engage on their own turf. Let them insult you, defame you, lie about you, no matter, just keep up the fight and sling right back the garbage they sling at you. They will cower and withdraw, never admitting defeat, but like a schoolyard bully I assure you they are weak .

      It will be no picnic, nor will you relish the fight, as you knock one down there seem ten more. I am barely recovered from 2010. But make no mistake, I am locked and loaded for 2012. See you in Hell!

  • Karl Rogue

    We need another ‘Sarah shouldn’t run poll, stat’
    –Karl Toad, GOP genius

  • Anonymous

    announce sarah. announce

  • Anonymous

    Sarah has to announce now.

  • PhilipJames

    I posted this on another thread earlier…

    Since all of the senior staff that quit Gingerich were the senior staff of Perry’s campaign, has anyone considered the possibility that Perry is not running and that this is all a dodge to hide the fact that these people would be joing Sarah Palin’s campaign?

    • Anonymous

      If anything, this is strongly supporting the fact Perry is running.


      • tingale12

        Hi fp,. do you think he is a threat? Does he matter?

      • Anonymous

        IMO, Perry is the #1 obstacle to Sarah.

        Texas has been doing quite well during these tough times – so a strong economic feather he can play.

        However, the Gov of Tex has little power esp compared to Alaska Gov. In addition, Perry is more in the mold of the Bush43 – definitely lots of RINO tendacies including open borders, et al.

        PALIN/West 2012
        Bolton SoS

        • Firelight

          I like Perry but he is going to have a HUGE special interest money problem. Perry is a good ole boy and very know for squeezing money out of special interest groups with quid pro quo.

        • tingale12

          Many tx fp. appreciate your response.

        • Hyman Roth

          Didn’t Perry used to be a Democrat?

          Uh oh.

    • Firelight


      A few announced that they were joining T-paw’s campaign and one is joining Huntsman. How many quit?

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same thing.  But, I must confess I am often wrong.

    • momandem

      Wouldn’t that be great !

  • tingale12

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to buy it now. I will forgo my vacation money and  get copies to give as gifts for new college grads.

  •!/Emily_Awesome13 Emily

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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