Governor Palin Receives the Same Amount of Scrutiny That a Presidential Candidate Receives Without Any of the Benefits That Come With Being a Candidate

I’m probably minimizing what is going on right now with Governor Palin as the level of scrutiny she is receiving is probably closer to that of the President than a presidential candidate. One of the most ridiculous things that I have read recently is the following from Jonathan Weisman of the Wall Street Journal:

the confidant of Ms. Palin said she doesn’t want the negative scrutiny that would come from a run

If Weisman is proven wrong, he should name the purported Palin “confidante” who duped him. I wonder why Weisman would accept this “source’s” reasoning when you consider that the Governor already clearly receives more scrutiny than any of the people who have declared that they are running for the presidency. Why would Palin be dissuaded from running because of the scrutiny that she’d receive from becoming a candidate when she already receives the same level of scrutiny right now as an unofficial candidate?

In any event, there are benefits and drawbacks from being a candidate. The drawbacks are that every aspect of your political and personal life gets scrutinized. The benefits are that the press is forced to cover your policy/political statements and will be forced to treat you as part of the policy and political debate. It’s pretty clear from recent events that the Governor is receiving only the drawbacks that come with being a candidate without receiving any of the benefits that come with being a candidate.

At the very least, Governor Palin will be able to say in a Republican debate that she has been the most vetted presidential candidate in recent political history.

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