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Greta Van Susteren: Is Gov. Palin Getting a Media Colonoscopy?

Greta Van Susteren chimes in on The New York Times and The Washington Post‘s requests for people to help them dig through Governor Palin’s emails, covered here.

Via Greta Wire:

A few hours ago, I started getting emails from bloggers and viewers of ON THE RECORD at 10pm about the New York Times and the Washington Post hiring help to go through Governor Sarah Palin’s emails. Apparently neither news organization has the resources or the drive to do the labor intensive “heavy lifting” of sorting through the Palin emails themselves so they are looking for help. My guess is that if this were the Pentagon papers, neither news organization would be outsourcing to others which might give you a bit of a hint as to whether they think themselves this is serious journalism or not.

At first I just read the emails from viewers and went on with my other work for tonight’s news show…but, as time marched on, the emails got more passionate. I was asked, for instance, whether the New York Times and the Washington Post were doing good journalism or on some non journalism mission (an agenda?) I was asked if the Post and the Times scoured as carefully the 2800 page health care reform bill (which is very important) for redundancy, wasted money, or even to see if it was written clearly so we could all understand it? It was also pointed out to me that AP assigned a team of fact checkers to go through Palin’s book — and I was asked if the AP had done that for the health care bill or even other politicians’ books? I don’t know.

Of course Governor Palin was a public servant (Governor), so she, as a public servant, should be subjected to scrutiny and to the same rules and vigorous scrutiny as other politicians. We need to know about our public servants and all of them. That includes Governor Palin. No one – including Govenor Palin – should get a pass. It makes sense to spend resources to report about her – including reviewing her work – but of course it should be commensurate with how other public servants are reported and commensurate with its importance. It should be good, smart aggressive and thorough journalism – not more, not less. One question you might ask, is she getting about the same treatment as other politicians under about the same circumstances? If not, why not?

If however a news organization is seen as having a bad motive – ie on a mission to destroy someone rather than trying to assemble noteworthy information and report – it is not journalism but something else. Palin should not get “special treatment” or a “media colonoscopy” simply because the media can’t get enough of her …doesn’t like her…or thinks it will spike readership or viewers to cover her. If the foregoing are the reasons for hiring the extra help to go through her emails (the outsourcing) the public is better served by the Post and the Times (and others) using their resources chasing down other stories….for instance pouring over documents showing exactly where the dollars are going that are being spent on defense contractors in Afghanistan.

If there is some reason to believe there is something newsworthy in her emails, the media should go through Governor Palin’s emails. You might think, how do we know until we go through them? That is a very good point…but my guess, and only a guess, is that the outsourcing by the Post and the Times is a tip of what the news editors really think. Why would a news organization not use its own people to go through the emails and instead risk some unknown freelance blogger getting the coveted Pulitzer for finding the prize email?

But let me ask you this, do you think Palin is getting the “media colonoscopy” or is this good investigative journalism?

Go to Greta Wire to answer the question and view the results.

(h/t Missy)

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  • Stephanie

    "Lead me, LORD, in your righteousness
    because of my enemies—
    make your way straight before me. 
    Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;
    their heart is filled with malice.
    Their throat is an open grave;
    with their tongues they tell lies. 
    Declare them guilty, O God!
    Let their intrigues be their downfall.
    Banish them for their many sins,
    for they have rebelled against you.
    But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
    let them ever sing for joy.
    Spread your protection over them,
    that those who love your name may rejoice in you.  
    Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous;
    you surround them with your favor as with a shield." (Psalm 5:8-12)

    • Hyman Roth

      I think at this point, just about every Psalm applies to Sarah.

  • palin45potus

    Yay Greta, the one Fox News Person she knows has her back!  (I’ll give Hannity, Judge Jeanine, David Asman and Eric Bolling cudos as well as Judge Nap on occasion)

    Thanks, Greta.. Someone has to stick up for her, this is insane.

    PS I just Voted!! Let’s drive the number sky-high!!

    • socon

      Greta is a good friend to Sarah.

  • pipam12

    yes i believe she is and then some

  • danielvito

    Sarah is being treated to a double standard that no other politican in the country has to deal with. Where are the NYT & Washington post looking into Mitt romney’s or pawlenty’s e-mails. How about Cain’s godfather pizza e-mails. none of these three guys are in office. To me it’s a disgrace!

    • Dave Dowler

      total double standard and no one is helping her.

      • exodus2011

        yes on the double std

        but no on the ‘help’ …… Gov Palin’s Heavenly Father is surely helping her

        where does she get the moral and spiritual strength to endure ?

        she is a walking testimony for the evangelical community, and the believing Jewish community also ….. they see her strength – her character speaks so loudly through all this

        a primary reason that she is receiving this persecution is her open faith ….. this will galvanise the Believing community and bring them to her side … .that big Oct event where her testimony is broadcast ‘live’ to 1000+ churches will have a huge impact

        I can see a monstrous spirtual wave being set in motion at that event, carrying Gov Palin and her family through the whole election season

        the fools who are trying to destroy her do not realise they are spiritually strengthening the rod that will break them

        Father, may it be so.


      • danielvito

        Agreed, dave! Total double standard!

  • aaron66krohn

    Just voted!!! As of now, 95.62% believe it’s a "media colonoscopy"……and 4.38% think it’s "good journalism"!!!  437 votes to 20!!!  But who the heck are those 20…..and why aren’t THEIR e-mails being given a media colonoscopy?????

  • Nancy6


    • cuttingboardblues

      Were you drunk when you were posting?  LOL

  • Guest

    Is the LSM going to through Mitt’s, Newt’s, Bachmann’s, T-Paws, Santorum’s, Rudy’s, Perry’s, Cain’s, Paul’s or Johnson’s emails?   And how about Obama’s?  The LSM hasn’t seemed interested in anything about Obama. 

    You know, I am getting so fed up with all of this.  

    Sarah, please run and announce now.  If not, these Alinsky degenerates have won and we have lost our nation.  I am begging you on behalf of my children and grandchildren.  Don’t let them get away with this.  We will have your back.  Just lead, PLEASE!  The time is now.

    • Guest

      Agree with everything you said except, she should DEFINITELY not announce now. Please cheer up,her strategy of  delaying her announcement, while at same time conducting a very public non-campaign campaign, as her potential political adversaries (Romney,T-Paw, Bachmann,Newt,Cain etc.) are self-destructing,is working out beautifully. Please be patient.

      • exodus2011


        what he said


    • pgroup

      Sarah has to wait until the others are done killing each other. Or committing suicide.

      Q. What did one vulture say to the other vulture?
      A. Patience be d@mned – I’m gonna kill sumthin. 

  • Flapjackmaka

    perry thread

    • ripcurl2121

      whats with you and the perry thread obsession? are you a perry troll?. its getting mighty annoying.

      here’s your perry thread:

      A May poll by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune put Mr Perry’s job approval rating at 41 per cent and revealed only 4 per cent of Texas Republicans would vote for him for president.

      Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report says entering so late would be a disadvantage and puts Mr Perry’s chances at slim: “The window is narrowing for unknown candidates to get into this race and have any chance of success. He’s pretty polarizing, even in the Republican party in Texas.”

      did you read that flapjack? 4% of texans would vote for him as president  4%. this guy wouldnt even win the primary in his own state

      there is your perry thread HAPPY NOW?

      • V

        In the era of  televised speeches and 15 second sound bites, Perry will remind people of an animated George Bush.  As dumb as that may sound, without even discussing any substantive issues,  it probably isn’t going to sell in ’12.

      • TexS2012

        If anything, Perry would like Sarah to pick him as VP. Sarah’s VP choice is going to be awesome.
        The media will go crazy and give that person some personal hell.

  • wisetrog wt

    "media colonoscopy" is a abd word. it paints sarah as the victim and as if she’s complaining about it. the problem here is double standards. if these papers refuse to scrutinize obama and others as thoroughly, then yes, they are using a different standard. if these papers are following the techniques of tpm n daily kos, then they are to be called just as that? unhinged lefty bloggers, not respectable msm.

  • wisetrog wt

    and once this is done, i am confident they won’t find anything, we should demand that they give obama the same treatment. fair is fair. we want all his records to be released from senator on down. we want la times to release khalidi tapes.

    • Pete Petretich

      AND release his syllabi from when he was a "teacher." I’ve heard it was all seminar stuff about Saul Alinsky, but it’s being covered up.

  • latinchic

    Genesis 50:20 "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives."

    Psalm 23:4-6 "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

  • Guest

    When I see the same thing happening to Barack Hussein Obama, I’ll be willing to consider that it is "good investigative journalism." Until then, it is MS, PhD from the media which want to foist an incompetent Communist on us for four more years. 

  • spotted reptile

    I think this is already backfiring. NYT tried to walk back their original request, then realized they couldn’t without looking like Rep Weiner. The mere fact they tried to walk it back shows how big the backlash has been.

    If anything it may engender more support for Sarah than otherwise. The law of unintended consequences does not preclude the media.

    • Pete Petretich

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the NYT went out of business during a Palin presidency. They already had to mortgage their fancy new HQ building and they keep raising their cover price (thus losing subscribers). Also, that Mexican billionaire invested a lot of money just to keep them alive a while back.

      Quite literally, our Sarah may preside over the final demise of the New York Times.

      Wouldn’t that be ironic?

      • exodus2011

        ironic Pete

        and welcome also


      • AmsterdamExpat

        I’d like that; the 43rd Street headquarters could turned into a museum or refurnished as a residence for Democrats who have outlived their usefulness to the Party — a glorified house of ill repute, in other words.

        Or it could be given to The Donald.

  • technopeasant

    From the midterm election on Nov. 2/2010, the mainstream media with the encouragement of the WH made a conscious decision to destroy the potential presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin and to do so before she ready was ready to declare.

    Now the media realizes with Palin surging in the polls against Romney that it now has a narrower window of opportunity to administer the coup de grace to Palin and that window is gradually closing.

    And I think the media sees the release of the e-mails as one of its last great opportunities to uncover damaging information on Palin and hopefully find something of a salacious or scandalous nature that it can figuratively hang Palin out to dry with and stop her from running for President.

    I don’t think they are going to find anything that should have been classified to do with the missile shield or state secrets but I do expect some inter-office communication between the governor’s office and perhaps members’ office on legislation and how it was proceeding.

    I don’t think Palin will use salty or vulgar language in her e-mails but who knows? All of us do occasionally go off the reservation when we get pissed off.

    If anything I think the e-mails will show the world that Sarah Palin is a conservative, has a core belief and is a strong advocate of those beliefs. If liberals don’t like that about Sarah Palin , they can all go to hell as far as I am concerned.

    • juju341

      I think you are correct and the fact that her attorney didn’t ask for any redactions indicates to me that there is nothing there worth much.  In fact, as I have said often today, this may help others to understand why she had to resign…the person in charge of the committee that requested these e-mails is one of the main persons who filed complaints against her.

  • Gelston

    all doctors know a colonoscope is the only tube with an A**hole on either end. To do this correctly, it would have the media on one end and Rep Weiner on the other.
    At least with a colonoscopy, they let you sleep through it.
    Everyone knows the stuff they ask you to drink is 4 liters. That converts from metric to 38 gallons. Maybe the people in Congress will drink that stuff.

  • pipam12

     all fox keeps saying is she is not running ,her negatives are too high ,then why would she be going to the states that count first and producing a movie ??  and why is she polling above Romney , I feel like I’m on  another planet looking in ?

    • technopeasant

      All one needs to do is to use a little common sense.

      Suppose you had spent 2 years getting your ducks in a row, physically and mentally prepared yourself for the presidential marathon ahead and began to surge in the polls to where it became obvious if you did not run your main opponent would win the nomination, would you really not run?

      Bottom line: And this cannot be emphasized enough. If Sarah Palin does NOT run, Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and he will face President Obama in the general election next year. And that will mean Obama will get another 4 years in office because the conservative vote in the South and battleground states will be suppressed enough for Obama to squeak out a narrow victory despite his poll re-elect number being in the mid 40’s. Or they will vote 3rd party.

      Sarah Palin is NOT stupid. She knows this as well. Imho, she has no other choice. For the sake of the nation she has to run.

      • ripcurl2121

        your being generous saying maobama’s re-elect numbers are in the mid 40’s

    • juju341

      I just posted this on the other thread about the film.  Sorry it is OT…but it will make you feel so good.  I was just at Politico and under the article  in the comment sestion about the film, there is a review of the film posted  byAmy Siskind of New Agenda.  Amy founded the New Agenda which is a woman’s lib site and they helped Sarah alot on the David Letterman thing.  She is a supporter of Hillary but very fair in her review.  GREAT REVIEW.

      I couldn’t cut/paste or link to her review of the film…but it is the best I have read and it should be posted here without a doubt.  If someone can go there and get it linked to here it would be greatly appreciated. 

    • Dave Dowler

      me too

  • TedTorgerson

    I was in the federal courthouse today in downtown Chicago, and the cameras filled the halls waiting for the closing arguments to end in the Rod Blagojevich corruption trial. And I’m thinking to myself, here is a guy that has extorted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash, even from a children’s hospital, whose principal fundraiser Tony Rezko is already in prison and who helped finance Barry Sotero’s campaigns for state senate, and the press does nothing to investigate Obama’s connection to Rezko: no FOIA requests, no emails, nothing. There is even film of Obama at a going away party for Rashid Khalidi that the LA Times will not release because they don’t want the people to know the truth of Obama against Israel. And here is an honest public servant, Sarah Palin, against whom the press is soliciting an online mob to do a wilding, like she is some Central Park jogger. How did we reach this point? I don’t understand what has become of us.


      Being a fellow Illinoisian…..I feel your pain.
      I’m so glad this trial is over. Didn’t get the same notoriety  as the first one did, but it’s no less important. How do you think it will turn out?

      • TedTorgerson

        I really don’t know. I heard the defense attorneys talking to the press and they sounded pretty confident, not that that means anything. What does it matter? We are bankrupt, and Quinn is making it worse. There is no future here. We are just California with bad weather.

      • Amjean

        I would like to throw my two cents in on the Blago trial and ask a couple of questions.

        I haven’t followed the trial so don’t know the in/outs of the prosecution’s case.
        Is it the law that you can’t talk about getting a favor in return for a political appointment?
        The impression with many is that one has to actually do the deed, not just
        talk about it.  Did money or an appointment change hands?


    • technopeasant

      Nazi Germany updated for the 21st century without the megalomaniacal desire for world conquest, but by the same token to establish an authoritarian regime that brooks no individual resistance to its will, laws and regulations. 

      In the words of Chinese philsopher Han Feizl, you are NOT allowed to have any private opinions or private standards. "No one after the law is established should be allowed to question the law or have private opinions."

      • serfer62

        Techno…you forgot that that law had be be established for years…I believe a decade or so…before "no contest"

    • Hyman Roth

      America gets the president (and the 2012 election) they deserve if this garbage is not done away with.

      If Sarah doesn’t win the nomination, and if I hear anyone in 2012 who wasn’t involved in what we’re doing right now, complaining about "We have no choice, both parties are the same, etc.", either blood will shoot out of my eyes (as Glenn likes to say), or I will shake my head and finally resign myself to this nation’s decline.

      • Dave Dowler

        the GOP Machine is quite disappointing……..   So they dont want sarah, fine. Keep the mouth shut and let it play out. a fair fight is all I ask. Winner take all.

        I really am getting it on the 3rd party talk……  that day very well might come sooner than later

      • ripcurl2121

        beck is one of them who says both parties are the same

    • pipam12

       i think the last 15 years we have gone down hill , no respect ,no morals , lame media etc etc etc

    • Amjean

      My take is that its a result of the "me" generation.  We can rant at the media and politicians all we want.  We citizens do not make them accountable.  We citizens have a habit of voting
      for those that can benefit us most.  Which politician brings home the bacon?

      We get the elected officials we deserve.

      By the way I live in the Chicago area; Illinois is the most corrupt state.

  • heypiasano

    Last week they couldn’t get enough of Sarah Palin, even though they were maid to look wind up dolls chasing a bus. This week they assume that they are going to get even and knock Sarah down a few pegs. But everyone knows when you assume anything , your made to look like an ass yourself.

    Desperation is getting at fever pitch, for everywhere you click on the net they are desperately trying to justify that Sarah has lost her magic. AllPundit at Hot Air is trying to make the case that Sarah is at the bottom of the second tier of candidates, even though she has won every hot air poll by double digits.

    This latest attempt by the Washington Post and The New York Times to imply that these emails hold the smoking gun as to Sarah Palin’s governance, is simply smoke and mirrors.

  • wandrako

    About the emails.  They don’t have to find anything.   They will have them totally out of context, not knowing the situation at the time or the history and string things together to make up more lies.  That is why the Post and NYT are doing this.  They don’t have enough people to spend all their time on it so have all the Palin haters out there doing there "job" of misrepresenting her and tearing her down as usual.

    What crappy so-called news papers!!

    • Guest

      If only they had this kind of zeal for the healthcare bill !!!!

  • CBDenver

    Off topic, but here is a story that Romney is skipping the Iowa straw poll

    • technopeasant

      The decision was the right one and the one he should have made in 2008.

      But unfortunately for Mitt, it won’t be perceived that way.

      But the question was asked, why did Mitt come out in support of ethanol subsidies when he knew he wasn’t competing seriously in Iowa anyway? That made no sense.

      • wisetrog wt

        I think he decided to opt out of Iowa only recently. That ethanol thing was the last gamble. Looks like it didn’t work. Looks like somebody else is still leading the pack down tehre. I mean why forsake Ioaw if you the frontrunner there.

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