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If Rick Perry’s Aides Are Denying the Rumors About Negotiations Between Governor Palin and Perry, the Rumor is Probably Completely False

There are rumors that Governor Palin is in negotiations with Rick Perry with the end result of such negotiations leading to Palin’s endorsement of his candidacy for President.

And earlier this week, some of her staunchest supporters grew concerned about gossip suggesting that she had reached out to Texas Gov. Rick Perry about lending her support to his potential presidential run. But two Perry aides told RCP that they were not aware of any recent contact between Palin and the Texas governor.

As everyone has seen from the painful Newt Gingrich saga, Perry’s aides love to talk. If there was any truth to this rumor about Perry and Palin negotiating about an endorsement, Perry’s aides would be singing to every reporter about these negotiations. Perry’s aides have every reason in the world to claim that there are negotiations going on between Perry and Palin. The fact that no Perry aide can even suggest that such negotiations are taking place, despite the clear incentives that exist for Perry aides to claim that they are taking place, strongly suggests that such negotiations are not taking place.

Another piece of gossip that is circulating is that Governor Palin was leaning against a run because of the security concerns that her family has for her safety. The primary reason why this rumor is just as implausible as the Perry/Palin negotiations rumor is because the Governor could easily request Secret Service protection during the campaign. In 2008, Barack Obama received Secret Service protection even before he officially became the Democrat Party’s nominee for President. He received such protection at around the start of his campaign. Governor Palin would likely receive the same protection as Obama did if/when she announces a run for the presidency. Obama would grant her request for such protection.

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  • 01_Explorer_01

    Maybe the rumor being Perry won’t run if Palin does? Perry waiting on Palin.

    • pipam12

      based on the polls ,i would say so

    • Jasmine Clark

      perry has said that he won’t run if palin runs. i wish i had a link to that article, lol… i saw it on hotair. but that was a while ago.

      • ellebb

        From Politico:

        SIREN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who had played coy about a 2012 presidential run but did not seem to be seriously considering it, is now talking about the possibility with his biggest financial backers in Texas. If Palin doesn’t get in, he sees a path to the nomination. Makes no sense to some of the nation’s top Republicans, who think American has Texas fatigue, and who found Perry’s comments about Texas secession to be boneheaded. Perry is still more likely to challenge Jeb in 2016. –“Texas’ Perry invites governors to pray for America” — Reuters: “Saying ‘there is hope for America, and we will find it on our knees,’ Texas Gov. Rick Perry invited other governors to join him in a ‘solemn gathering of prayer and fasting’ … The Aug. 6 event, called ‘The Response, a Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis,’ is ‘a non-denominational, apolitical Christian prayer meeting’ … [T]he Mississippi-based American Family Association, a conservative Christian activist group, is paying for the event.” Here is the link:

        It is dated 6/6/11

      • alien4palin

        Yes, he did in early June. Here’s the link on C4P to the article on hotair

  • cherich

    Time will tell  – in another 30 days much more will be clearer.

  • RichardNC

    What rumor?

    *okay the post is showing now*

  • Journeymen

    *NOTE* An advisory board in Washington D.C. makes the decision whether or not an Presidential candidate receives Secret Service protection not the President. Plus in Obama’s case there was not any specific, credible threat against Obama, according to a law enforcement. But his office had received hate mail and calls and other "threatening materials" in the past, so Sarah meets the criteria of receiving protection if she wants it

    • myfairlady

      Yeah, I remember that Dick Durbin put in that request for him.  Don’t know if McConnell would do the same for Sarah.

  • Henry D’Andrea

    What about Palin/Perry? Anyone here want to see them run together? Perry as VP obviously.

    • LibertyLvr


      • bradkarr

        Palin / whomever SHE chooses………………

        • Jasmine Clark

          i wouldn’t be surprised if she chose west =D

          • AusPalinFan

            she wont choose West, If she wants to win independants she will get someone with more experience, im not saying she is letting people make her pic but if she has to pic between someone she likes that will win independant votes and between someone she likes who wont, then its pretty clear who she will pick. West has some great idea’s and he is an awesome guy, but i dont think he is ready yet, no matter what he says. I think he would be perfect to take over as Potus after Sarah finishes her 8 years, they share the same vision, but West just needs a little bit more time.

            • mymati

              I would think she would pick a VP that was in sync with her politically and who is seen as having a servents heart. Col West is one of only a few that fit that description. Rubio is another.

      • heartforthedeaf

        I support a Palin/West ticket, but I would have a hard time supporting a Palin/Perry ticket.

    • AJ_K

      I know for a fact that Sarah really trusts Perry. I was at the endorsement of him
      for gov, by SARAH, in Texas. I really trust him more than any of the other gopers…
      excluding Sarah of coarse… I trust Her 1000000 %

      Not sure about Perry’s stand on amnesty for illegal immigrants… but they
      are all a bunch of rinos… rubio the gop boy wonder was against Arizona’s
      law to defuse illegal immigration… we are doomed without Sarah… 

      • VeganPalinista

        From what I understand, Perry’s position on Immigration is that it is a federal issue, and it should be left to the feds, hence why he as Governor hasn’t done much. His rhetoric on what the feds should do is down the line conservative though, as I understand it to be.

        • AJ_K

          Thanks for that info… I really liked him and now I
          definitely want him as Sarah’s VP.

        • barracuda43

          Perry is tough on immigration when election time rolls around but soft after he wins.He is a pure politician with great tactical skills.He always had a presence at the Tea party events with a table set up.Sarah really helped him put some distance in between him and Kay Bailey.I kinda lean to Palin/Guliani ticket.I know he differs on social issues but he would not be directing those and could really help in some of the bluer states.To me this would be a tough ticket for democrats to crack.Cuda 2012.Nothing Less!

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah

            Rudy has been outspoken and unequivocal in his support of the guv from day one, even those times when she was abandoned by most of the GOP. That counts for a lot, in my book.

            • Vicki

              yes. I like Giuliani as a vp. I doubt he would, even after being vp, be able to gain the presidency. But he would help her in bluer states and he has been very supportive.
              He would be a better spokesman/campaigner for Gov Palin than Perry. He’s pretty likeable on camera.

        • LS

          Perry has been for instate tuition for illegal immigrants in Texas.

          • Vicki

            Although having been someone who has taught college for the last 20 years, I think all the states should get rid of the in state out of state tuition thing. It generates little revenue and getting educated people into your state who would most likely then stay in your state is in your best interest.

        • ripcurl2121

          thats none sense.  get your facts right before posting.  perry passed a state dream act

          • VeganPalinista

            I’m not a Texan (yet). I don’t know Perry like Texans do, even if that is him I’m with in my profile pic.  I looked up Perry on the website "" which is a darn reputable website. His very respectable page on Immigration is here:
            As far as the DREAM Act in Texas goes, from what I have read about it, it is vastly different from the Federal law passed last year, and has been pretty successful. Not to mention that it was passed unanimously in the Texas legislature, so even if Perry had vetoed it, his veto would have been overrided.

      • HuntingMoose

        Perry has a lot of less then stellar not-so-conservative skeletons in his closet.

        Basically whenever he is campaigning he runs to the right, sounds absolutely fabulous but when he governs it all springs back.

        Some people in Texas are pretty upset about that. I do not know the details but it appears pretty plausible. Perry was Bush’s ltnt-gov and overall people like him.

        please don’t attack me because I appear positive, negative or clueless on this guy. All I know is I have not seen his emails yet.

        • AJ_K

          Texas is creating jobs like crazy…I worked there for Dell and left recently to take another job. They have LOW taxes, REAL competition between energy companies (the state govt stays out of "managing" competition and
          controlling energy companies… I’ll take PERRY over click talking hermain cain (who mark my words is going to turn out being soft on illegals and be part of the good ole boys club…ie repukican elites…),romneycare…the first guy to pass obamacare at the state level (and it HAS been a DISASTER…price of health insurance skyrocketing…quality of care going DOWN)..bachmann is okay, and pawlenty is NO leader… and gingrich makes me wheezz almost as much as romneycare…

    • swan007

      Perry is a RINO.  Perry supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries and was chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas. He is payed off by the Bilderberg group.

      • heartforthedeaf

        Yes, Perry is a RINO!

  • Guest

    I believe the rumors were put out there by other candidates’ operatives.  Romney and MB need people to believe that Sarah isn’t running.

  • heypiasano

    How can anyone forget Sarah endorsed Perry when Kay Bailey Hutchinson made her intentions known that she would run against him. Sarah’s endorsement and two campaign trips to Texas to stump for him makes this rumor completely bogus.

     Negotiations my you know what- Perry owes Palin big time!

    If Sarah wasn’t running she would have said so by now. 

    The day Sarah announces their will be a slew of endorcements from people who owe Sarah. 


    • Henry D’Andrea

      There better be endorsements. She gave a lot of Governors, Congressmen, and Senators jobs in 2010. 

      • HuntingMoose

        SarahPAC is nicely funded and after she announces, all that goes to those that "need" it.

        this cycle I don’t give to other candidates anymore because I am just an unknown donor. Instead, I donate to SarahPAC who will be a known donor to the candidates of choice.

      • Amjean

        Don’t get your hopes up for endorsements in the primary.  Remember, these are the same people who did not come out in defense of Palin when the media all but accused her of
        being an accessory to murder in the Az shooting.  They will mostly lay low until the general.

        • LS

          I agree, most pols don’t want to endorse early if they endorse at all.

    • ripcurl2121

      yeah and michelle backstabmann owed her big time too and that didnt stop her from backstabbing palin

  • aaron66krohn

    Am I blind….or is my computer not working properly???
    Because all I see below the headline/title of Ian’s article are the two words "There are..".

    OOPS!!!! It just came on!!!! for some reason, all my computer was showing were the two words….nothing else!!!! Now the whole article is there!!! WHEW!!!!! A drug was NOT put in my cherry coke tonight!!!!! LOL

    HELP!!! Please DELETE this whole comment!!!! Thanks!!!
    What the heck does THAT mean??  "There are….WHAT?????"

    • Sheya

      Nope you’re not blind. There was something wrong with the post. This has been fixed. 

    • aaron66krohn

      Okay, i’ll clean the mess up HERE!!!  My computer showed only two words, There are.  The rest of Ian’s article did NOT appear.  Then, after 3 tries, it finally appeared.
      So please DELETE or IGNORE my above comment!!!!  Thank you.  I made a mess of it trying to correct myself!!!!

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Sarah doesn’t need to negiotate for Perry’s endorsement of her.  She needs to keep her distance from the Romney twin.

  • cherich

    I thought the negotiations were related to Perry as a potential vp slot with Governor Palin.

    • Jasmine Clark

      maybe. that’s a possibility…

    • HuntingMoose

      … or any of the other slots in Palin’s administration.

  • aaron66krohn

    A friend attended the Perry rally last year in Cypress.  She told me she thought most of the people attending were there to see Sarah, not Perry!!!  (Same as at the Bachmann/Palin rally…the McCain/Palin rally….the BLANK/Palin rallies!!!!!)  Not saying Perry isn’t popular in Texas.  Just saying Sarah would outshine Perry (or whomever!!!) anywhere she goes!!! 

    • Amjean

      I have always said that Palin’s star outshines everyone!

      In fact, in some of the states where she campaigned for candidates in 2010, I thought
      some of the candidates fared poorly when they were on the stage with Palin.  There was
      some gal from the south, Tennessee, Kentucky perhaps, that looked like a little mouse up
      on the stage with Palin; she showed no gravitas at all.  And it may have cost her.

  • TheTotalConservative

    I hate even seeing these rumors. If she skips 2012 and endorses Perry it will be tragic and a let down to everyone that is rooting for her. Dick Perry is Not Good Enough.

    • HuntingMoose

      which of the 24000 emails did you read that would suggest that she is a cheerleader and not a fighter?

  • Amen Baby

    Sarah Palin will do what she thinks is best for the country AND is the best option for success.

    If she runs for President, great!  If she doesn’t , great!

    • RuthieAbramson

      But if she’s not running, she would have said so long ago, right? She certainly wouldn’t let us all hang on and on like this.

      • Bobbi Duvall

        She surely would not let us continue to organize support groups for her, buy bumper stickers, pins, etc. that say "Palin 2012″ – or whatever – vote for her in polls that would then be meaningless, etc.  I definitely think she is running.  I know Todd and Bristol are all for it.  I don’t know what Track and Piper think.  I believe I heard that Willow might be against it.  However, I think the BIGGEST problem in the family is Sarah’s mother who is so afraid for her daughter’s and daughter’s family’s safety!

      • UncommonSense

        Yes, Ruthie, she would.

        See, she’s actually not thinking about you.  She’s thinking about herself.  That’s why she has no compunctions about leaving you hanging.  She’s not aware of you at all.

      • Jake Dort
  • TheTotalConservative

    If Palin did not run and let Bachmann and Perry steal her place I would think less of her.

    • ernst1776

      I would never think less of Sarah Palin.  She has moved me like no other public figure.  I would be bummed out but I would respect her decision.

      • TheTotalConservative

        It would be a tremendous waste if she passed on 2012.

        • Jean_A

          I will always stand with Sarah Palin.

          • TheTotalConservative

            I will always support Sarah Palin but it would make very sad and it would be a tragic.

        • Min Max

          I can’t for the life of me see her pass this chance. Patience my friend. A hunter waits for the right moment to deliver the killing shot.

      • bradkarr

        MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY…….I’m for Sarah no matter what she does.

        I don’t think I would like to play poker with her…………….

      • CacheLaPoudre

        She’s bound by her negatives. Trust her to do the right thing.

  • pipam12

    she is not taking her ball and going home

  • TheTotalConservative

    If Sarah Palin Does Not Run in 2012. She will be seen as Ruined by the Media and her Reputation will never recover in the Political World. She loses by not running and endorsing someone else.If she gives up then that piece of trash Bachmann will have succeeded.

    • jeffo1

      TTC: man you are one NEGATIVE person!  Been reading your posts and need to ask you something: Can you please take your FATALIST attitude elsewhere. Sarah and most of us here don’t need it.  Am I the only one here with this view?

  • TheTotalConservative

    Sarah Palin has to run or she loses. PROBABLY completely false. Isn’t good enough. I want False and some freaking signs that she is running. Obviously this crap is taking hold if C4P thought the need to address it. I don’t want Dick Perry and I know he has no chance. Sarah Palin will be seen as Politically Finished if she does not even try.

    • barracuda43

      The sign I would point to is that she has not told us she is not running.To me that is the key.Do not think she would string hr supporters out to the end and then dissapoint them.Do not believe her heart would allow that.

    • alien4palin

      Whatever Sarah Palin decides, it will be for the common good and what is
      best for America.
      That ‘s hers and the People’s mission. I don’t think she cares what media/opponents
      think about her one way or the other as long as the people hear her
      message of truth and America is back on the right track. Exceptional once again. Supporters must stay positive, work and march with her in lock steps on this extremely difficult monumental journey. Supporters must not become part of the distractions, she gets plenty of that from her opponents & haters.

      Have faith and Patience. Patience is a virtue. As the saying goes: "slowly, slowly, catch the monkey"

  • pipam12

    a house , a bus tour , a movie , A must see movie , in primary states ? , means she is in ,Game On

    • Min Max

      Exactly. Just relax, mate. For those in the media who claim she has no plans to run (or for those who still think she doesn’t have some plan at work), she must be very lucky to keep having things occur at just the right moment.

      If I were her opponents, I’d be most afraid when she appears to not be doing anything.

      Remember, Hannibal popped up unannounced over the Alps before he whooped the Romans big time at Cannae even though his army was smaller and had technically weaker soldiers. THIS is the difference a superior general can bring to the field.

      She’s gonna bring a can of whoop ass to the party and it’s got Romney’s name on it.


      EDIT: woops…sry I didn’t mean to reply to pipam12 :(

    • jeffo1

      Absolutely………why can’t others here see the obvious?  I just don’t get it?


  • Bert Robinson

    Rumors are just that, RUMORS!  Sarah has every right to play hers cards close to her chest, as well, I also know she has no reservation about endorsing someone she respects.  If she does, good for her, if she doesn’t?  Not so good for whomever the case may be.

  • KennethF

    whoever Sarah endorses, I will support

    • Jasmine Clark

      she will endorse… HERSELF

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