If Rick Perry’s Aides Are Denying the Rumors About Negotiations Between Governor Palin and Perry, the Rumor is Probably Completely False

There are rumors that Governor Palin is in negotiations with Rick Perry with the end result of such negotiations leading to Palin’s endorsement of his candidacy for President.

And earlier this week, some of her staunchest supporters grew concerned about gossip suggesting that she had reached out to Texas Gov. Rick Perry about lending her support to his potential presidential run. But two Perry aides told RCP that they were not aware of any recent contact between Palin and the Texas governor.

As everyone has seen from the painful Newt Gingrich saga, Perry’s aides love to talk. If there was any truth to this rumor about Perry and Palin negotiating about an endorsement, Perry’s aides would be singing to every reporter about these negotiations. Perry’s aides have every reason in the world to claim that there are negotiations going on between Perry and Palin. The fact that no Perry aide can even suggest that such negotiations are taking place, despite the clear incentives that exist for Perry aides to claim that they are taking place, strongly suggests that such negotiations are not taking place.

Another piece of gossip that is circulating is that Governor Palin was leaning against a run because of the security concerns that her family has for her safety. The primary reason why this rumor is just as implausible as the Perry/Palin negotiations rumor is because the Governor could easily request Secret Service protection during the campaign. In 2008, Barack Obama received Secret Service protection even before he officially became the Democrat Party’s nominee for President. He received such protection at around the start of his campaign. Governor Palin would likely receive the same protection as Obama did if/when she announces a run for the presidency. Obama would grant her request for such protection.

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