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Jack Kelly: The Real Sarah Palin

Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette compiled comments by those who have read the recently released emails from Governor Palin’s time in office. He followed up with his own assessment. He concurs with what a plethora of others have stated already: the emails show a hardworking, conscientious governor diligently serving her constituents. He writes:

Emails from Sarah Palin’s time as Alaska governor "show a double-fisted Blackberry user fully comfortable with handling nearly every aspect of state government," wrote the McClatchy Newspapers.

The emails paint "a picture of her as an idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics," said Toby Harnden of the London Telegraph.

"She comes across as practical and not doctrinaire," wrote Molly Ball in Politico. "She was hands-on and adverse to partisan politics."

This was not what some journalists expected to write. "If critics were hoping to see Palin revealed as a hypocrite, they’re out of luck," said Ms. Ball. "Her private statements are in line with her public ones."

He then points out those who, for lack of anything damaging in which to relish, chose to be petty and critical, and he exposes the foolishness of their behavior:

Many strained to say something critical. "She may have attended four universities, but Sarah Palin still writes like an 8th-grader," wrote Christine Roberts in the New York Daily News.

Her emails were given to two writing experts to analyze. "Both agree that the tea party favorite writes as if she is in middle school," Ms. Roberts said.

You couldn’t tell from Ms. Roberts’ lede that both experts concluded Ms. Palin writes better than do most corporate executives.

John Katzman, CEO of 2tor, is a Democrat who said he "would have loved to support my hunch that Ms. Palin is illiterate." But she scored better on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test than his emails do, Mr. Katzman acknowledged.

"She’s very concise. She gives clear orders. Her sentences and punctuations are logical," said Paul Payack, president of Global Language Monitor. "She has much more of a disciplined mind than she is given credit for."

In the end, Jack Kelly distilled his own study of Governor Palin’s emails down to this:

The Sarah Palin who emerges from the email dump isn’t the partisan snowbilly of media caricature. She’s a tough-minded reformer who took on Big Oil and corrupt members of her own party and beat them.


Nonstop criticism has hurt Sarah Palin in the polls. It would be difficult to overcome the false picture painted of her. But the emails, and a forthcoming documentary, are steps in that direction. Furthermore, their now naked — and increasingly comical — partisanship has hurt the credibility of her adversaries in journalism.

Back when the reputation of the "mainstream" media was better and its monopoly near total, another conservative derided as stupid and extreme prevailed when he emerged on center stage and dispelled the media caricature of him. Republicans already think Sarah Palin is more like Ronald Reagan than is any other presidential aspirant. If she chooses to run, she may resemble the Gipper in yet another way.

Read the full article here.

An unnecessary and intrusive invasion of privacy has turned out to be an open door for further revealing the real Governor Palin. She is now the most vetted of all possible candidates, her hard work is an undeniable fact, and the content of her character is on full display. What’s meant for evil sure has a way of being turned around for her good, doesn’t it?

(h/t Kenton)

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  • spottedreptile

    It’s called justice. Karma. The law of unintended consequences. Or, God’s will.

    Whatever it is, it worked!

  • Guest

    To use a basketball analogy every time Gov. Palin gets fouled (phony ethics charges, intrusive email dump, media false accusations, etc.) she goes to the free throw line.  And you know what, she never misses.

    Thanks Adrienne

    • Controse

      What a perfect analogy! Bravo. Keep those fouls coming.

    • freeperjim

      Sarah is the "Dirkster" of politics – perfect from the foul line with some great 3-pointers thrown in, too! All net!!!

  • nala3325

    These e-mails became an opening act to her much-anticipated movie. The LSM and their cohorts are probably banging their heads on the wall now wishing they could turn back time".

    Sarah Palin = The Undefeated
    LSM = The Losers

    • jerseymark

      As we know by now, the MSM response is that Sarah was great back then but now she has changed into a bitter, brittle paranoid character. While she was clearly not a very partisan governor, ever since the 2008 election, she has become extremely divisive. OF COURSE THIS LINE IS CRAP and the point is that she still is not very partisan in that she is taking both the Progressive Democrats and the Establishment Republicans to task. You can’t get much more non-partisan or bi-partisan than that. She did the same in Alaska with the corrupt Republican "good ol’boys" and the oil companies. She simply holds your feet to the fire and if you can’t take it, get the hell out.

      As far as bitter and brittle (or thin skinned) – it just seems to me that she was exactly the opposite on her Bus Tour and it seems to me that she is always happy and smiling while she is holding your feet to the fire, so once again, the MSM simply presents the way they wish things were rather than the truth. But eventually, they will learn that the Truth will set them free under a Palin Administration.

      • ADRoberts

        I have a great idea.  How about we get people to sign up to pray for Sarah ———energy, strength, wisdom, a clear mind, perseverance, ……you know.  All that good stuff. 

        If you haven’t tried it before, you will be amazed at what happens when people pray. 

  • John Galt

    @ spottedreptile:  I’ve come to believe that "unintended consequences" is simply another name for "God’s will."

    Just sayin.’

    • Iowa4Palin

      Or …as the Wicked Witch of the West kept complaining,  "someone is always helping that girl…"

      • ADRoberts

        I think that Sarah is on God’s side.  And that is a lot better than hoping that God is on your side. 

  • Ceejay

    Spot on Adrienne, thanks for the post!

    Sarah 2012!

  • nkthgreek

    This reminds me, I’d like to thank all who are scouring the news sites for relevant material on the Governor and sending them to The results are exponential! 

  • Gelston

    nice to see "h/t Kenton"
    I have not seen him in a while.

    • Adrienne Ross

      Kenton is awesome–a great friend of mine and a loyal advocate for the Governor.

  • suehimel

    “She may have attended four universities, but Sarah Palin still writes like an 8th-grader,”

    Reading levels and writing levels are not the same thing and this reporter knows it.  If this reporter writes for a newspaper she is writing on a  6th grade level.  Sarah beats that.

    Why is it surprising that Sarah Palin can write?  She has a degree in journalism!

    • Adrienne Ross

      I thought the same thing. Just goes to show how poisoned against her they have been.

    • barracuda43

      This is another reason I feel attached to Sarah.I hear people from the left always ripping her for going to four different colleges .Well I did to and graduated and have led I believe a successful career and raised a great family.They never look to find out the resons.A lot of successful people go to multiple colleges.I am sure many here in the Palin Nation relate to her in many ways.Do you ever get that feeling right before something huge is going to happen and you just feel it in your gut.My gut tells me that Hurricane Sarah is coming and nobody is going to stop her.Cuda 2012.Nothing Less!

      • ADRoberts

        You forget the snobbery of the Harvard alums.  If you are not Harvard, you just don’t compare.  Well, I think they are about to get a lesson.  I think that Sarah actually attended classes and learned a lot more than Harvard ever pretended to teach. 

  • Kjanlady

    The power of TRUTH shall set you free and cast down the enemies before you.

  • Parsons

    writes as if she is in middle school

    Perhaps the esteemed Fifth Column Fourth Estate would have found it commendable if she had composed missives to her aides utilizing the verbiage of a doctoral dissertation.

    Somehow, I don’t think so.

    • excopconservative

      If you want your writing to be understood in today’s America, 8th grade level might be aiming a little high.

    • Iowa4Palin

      Smarter than a Fifth Grader… seriously, the key is communication, reaching the greatest number of people with clear meaningful thoughts that are memorable, and understood instantaneously.   These emails are relatively private communications, not meant to be a masters thesis or position paper suitable for publication in academic journals.   Wouldn’t want that in a President anyway.  We want a LEADER who can level with us, inspire us, challenge us, kick some tail in Wash., DC, and appeal to our better angels, while surrounding herself with great talent who share her high-minded purpose and resolve.

      • ADRoberts

        The present guy just reads from a teleprompter.  Should not be hard to be better than that.  I wonder if the NYT reporter ever evaluated Obama’s emails.  Would they even score? 

  • heshtesh

    Has anyone else tried tried to go on Texas4Palin and found the site removed,it’s one of my favorites,anyone know why it’s not up?

    • Adrienne Ross

      It looks like Josh renamed and redid his site. Check out

      • heshtesh

        Thanks Adrienne.

  • xthred

    Anybody know what happened to Josh Painter’s blog "Texas 4 Palin"?  It says blog removed.

  • Guest

    "“ but Sarah Palin still writes like an 8th-grader,” wrote Christine Roberts in the New York Daily News"

    The New York Daily News is misleading its readers; the emails were evaluated at a eight grade reading (!) level ( meaning that an eighth grader can understand the document )

    They used the Flesch-Kincaid readability(!)test.

    "8th-grader" is very good for emails.

    Hence: "She’s very concise. She gives clear orders. Her sentences and punctuations are logical," said Paul Payack, president of Global Language Monitor. "She has much more of a disciplined mind than she’s given credit for."


    The winds are beginning to change.  People are starting to feel the gently breezes of change concerning Sarah Palin.  She has weathered the scorching heat of summer (as it were) and now we go into the fall. The leaves of hatred, ridicule, and lies are falling from the trees to be heard from no more.
    Sarah, will win the day in the end.  She walks the talk, how refreshing is that  to those of us who were losing hope.  I also want to thank all those who work so hard in the background, I know Sarah loves you and we do too.  Thank You

    • ADRoberts

      Don’t forget to pray.  Without God, we will lose, no matter how hard we work or how bad Obama is. 

      • REHLV

        I agree with you. Pray continually for Sarah & family. I know all things are possible with God.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Oh, my. A truly hilarious takedown of the media and its email frenzy by none other than Jon Stewart:

    • puma_for_life

      That is really good; worth watching.

  • exodus2011

    Yes indeed Adrienne – in my mind, an outworking of Romans 8 v 28

    Look at the timing of the email release – remember the original date was to be May 31st. This was changed (by someone, for some reason????) to June 10th, just as ‘The Undefeated’ burst onto the scene and was rolling out …..

    I would like to know more about that ‘postponement’ of the email dump. Who initiated it and for what reason?

  • carolhaka

    Regarding the 8th grade writing:

    SAT’s used to be based on 8th grade knowledge and skill level.

    You play (write) to your audience’s level.

    Emails are not suppose to be a thesis or a dissertation.

    Emails are usually a simplistic follow-up or start-up to additional information.

    Before I became unemployed thanks to Obama, I was the top Sales Person in the Country year after year.  Never were my emails the end all of the understanding between myself and the client – it was just a brief simplistic explanation of a pending issue or question or an opportunity to touch base.

    So,  these "journolists"  need to shut up.  I’ve seen and heard plenty of dangling particles from these grammar genesis.


    Sarah’s Haka

    • Guest

      Its about readability ( the emails were evaluated at a eight grade reading (!) level ( meaning that an eighth grader can understand the document )

      The test is about what grade level can grasp the information.
      8th grade is a very good score for emails.

      From the AOL article:

      "AOL Weird News brought samples to two writing analysts who independently
      evaluated 24,000 pages of the former governor’s emails. They came back
      in agreement that Palin composed her messages at an eighth-grade level,
      an excellent score for a chief executive, they said"


      "If she were a student and showing me her work, I’d say ‘It’s fine,
      clear writing,'" he said, admitting that emails he wrote scored lower
      than Palin’s on the widely used Flesch-Kincaid readability test.


      "She came in as a solid communicator," said Paul J.J. Payack,
      president of the Global Language Monitor. The emails registered as an
      8.2 on his version of the test. "That’s typical for a corporate


      "She’s very concise. She gives clear orders. Her sentences and
      punctuations are logical," Payack said. "She has much more of a
      disciplined mind than she’s given credit for."

      "Although it’s like comparing apples to oranges, Payack said that
      famous speeches like Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was a 9.1 and
      Martin Luther King Jr.’s "I Have a Dream" oration rated a 8.8 on the

    • wodiej

      right, and how many people are worried about grammar in an email? not many

      • ADRoberts

        Remember Dan Quayle?  If the liberal media is attacking, even the least perceived error is blown up to indicate a lack of intelligence.  But when Obama has 57 states or uses a teleprompter, you hear NOT A WORD. 

    • ADRoberts

      It was just an attack.  It said more about the reporter than it did about Palin. 

  • Kalena

    THIS article above is one of the reasons why it is a completely
    brilliant strategy to make sure she is our nominee in 2012. The press
    threw EVERYTHING at her and came up EMPTY. She is the ONLY potential
    GOP candidate that won’t have the distraction of the full court press of
    personal destruction that will be unleashed once the GOP has a clear
    frontrunner in the race in 2012. She can stay on offense against Obama
    during the entire primary process and be way ahead of the narrative
    after the convention.

    Remember, Obama has a glass jaw. She can cause him to make a lot of
    gaffes because she will be so inside his head that he won’t think

  • freeperjim

    I can’t wait until the NYT and WaPo sends its journolistas to read Imam Ozero’s emails, education documents, passports, law school articles, etc…

    yep, just can’t wait……

    • ADRoberts

      If NYT and WAPO were to ask for them, which they will not, Obama would not provide them.  That is just like the documents that got Vince Foster killed.  He wanted to release them.  Hillary did not.  And Foster died. 

  • wodiej

    I know Gov. Palin has a spine of steel but I am SICK AND TIRED OF THE ATTACKS ON HER.   It’s uncalled for, it’s EVIL.

    • ADRoberts

      Then start a boycott of Letterman and Leno’s sponsors.  You CAN get their attention that way, you know.

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