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Jedediah Defends Governor Palin on Hannity Last Night

Last night Jedediah Bila was on Sean Hannity’s show vigorously defending Governor Palin in the context of the email spectacle. There was a also a liberal on the show (her name escapes me) who admitted that Governor Palin is "brilliant" and will be the one who benefits most from the latest mainstream media follies. The liberal also conceded that "if she runs, she will win the GOP primary". Enjoy.

(h/t M. Tarulli)

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  • danielvito

    Jed has Sarah’s Back! Are you listening, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, et al!!

    • Carmelo Junior

      Ann Coulter and Laura Ingrahm are the same of Kay Hutchinson, Laura Bush, Meg McCain and Condi Rice=all liberals

    • Guest

      It seems that with Ingraham there are two truths….  (1) Tammy Bruce will now be persona-non-gratta (2) anyone wanting to be a guest host better tow the "Palin won’t run" mantra.

      • danielvito

        HuskersForPalin, Ingraham thinks she can tell me how to think and who to vote for. I have news for her, she’s not as important as she thinks.

  • blueniner

    Krystal Ball was the Democrat, she ran for Congress and lost in 2010. Doug Brady above didnt know who the other panel member was.

    • PhilipJames

      Yes, and Krystal was the one who had pictures of her in states of undress at a party come out…
      and a number of them show her…  "Sucking a Dildo Attached to a Man’s Nose"

      Weiner lite

      • SaraPFan

        Ahh, no wonder she was dressed like that. Was that really appropriate for a newscast? Look’s like she took a wrong turn looking for a night club.

  • Harrison Woodard

    That was another strong performance by Jedediah Bila. Ball’s desperate attempts to defend the double standard was pathetic.

    The media has to know that this will backfire on them. Can they really be this stupid?

    • DonnainNY

      Krystal Ball, is that really her name?  Are you serious?  Anyhow, she could not directly answer one question that Sean asked her, always deflected off on a tangent to something else.  Jedediah rocked that segment.

      • socon

        Krystal Ball is just a DNC mouthpiece–all she does is parrot their talking points.  Jedediah was great last night.

      • aaron66krohn

        Yes!!  Remember the Megan Kelly interview on last election day with Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah??  In it, Kelly also does a WTF about Ball’s name.  I think even Ferraro has a small grin on her face at that point!! 

        • PhilipJames

          Krystal was the one who had pictures of her in states of undress at a party come out…
          and a number of them show her…  "Sucking a Dildo Attached to a Man’s Nose"

          • socon

            Sounds like a liberal.

      • FredHeadBill

        Typical Brainwashed Democrat. Probably raised by dope smoking hippies parents.
        Sorry! She can’t help what her parent named her they had a lot of choices thought.

    • Rightmindedmom

      Short answer?  YES.  They’re so blinded by their hatred of Sarah, that they can’t see that this evil tactic will be turned to good — in favor of Sarah Palin.

    • Guest

      Stupid is too harst…I prefer "synapitcally challenged"

  • wodiej

    I watched this and the liberal actually was much more objective than the usual.  Jedediah was great.  This is what we need-good, strong, conservative women strengthening each other.   

  • safedom

    Krystal Ball comparing what the media did with Michelle Obama’s weight and what they’re trying to do the Sarah–give me a break.

    • SaraPFan

      Krystal really seemed out of her element. She started to agree with Sean towards to end because she really couldn’t defend her points of view. She would have said she’d vote for Palin just to end the show. 

  • heypiasano

    The new narrative this morning is that the  Sarah  of old was amazing, however, the new Sarah is simply to thin skin and can’t stand the heat.

    As I said yesterday, June 10 , 2011 was the day that Sarah Palin became the new owner of the media. 

    Did anyone notice the article about Michelle Bachmann in WSJ " If I am in, I’ll be all in"

    Sounds to me that a new tune she is singing.

    • BostonBruin

      What strikes me is that she twice says "if I’m in". Sounds like she’s not sure.

      • Bogdan51

        You’re right Boston. Compare that with Sarah’s own: "WHEN I run again, I’ll be much more rogue…" Please, notice it was "when" and not "if".

    • Palinpower

      I still think Bachmann is not running. This is all for raising her profile in Congress.  If Palin runs she will drop out.

  • johnfromcanada

    I don’t know how anyone can say with a straight face  that Obama has been adequately scrutinized by the media. From day one the media has been shielding him and continues to do so.  Can you imagine how the media would be pounding a GOP President if the unemployment  rate was 9.1% (especially if he or she had pledged to bring it down to 8% and lower). But the media reaction to the latest bad economic news has been, "Oh well, no big deal, as the Prez says, it’s just a little bump in the road. And besides look at all he’s doing to create jobs."  It’s appalling what they let him get away with and it’s never going to change.

  • pipam12
  • naejbt

    NY Times and Washington Post beg readers to scour Sarah’s emails.
    We ask readers to boycott the NY Times and Washington Post.

  • aaron66krohn

    Can’t give an opinion on the CONTENT of this interview!!!  Why??  Because Hannity lost control of it……and let the women talk over each other….drowning out what each was saying!!!  I think it was 3 minutes into it before I could understand one word either one (or even Hannity!!) was saying!!!  Learn how to do interviews, Sean!!!!

    • Dave Dowler

      exactly………  his show above all others, the guest have no sense of order. And last night was one of the worst in awhile. If they were not speaking about Sarah the channel would have been zapped.

  • carolhaka

    I wonder where Piper will want to go to school in Washington, DC?

    I just hope the Obama’s will get their trailer trash out of the WH fast enough for her not to miss the first day of school.


    • DDJ58

      She doesn’t need to attend the socialist schools in DC. She can have a private tutor and will still be able to travel with the Governor as her side kick and learn way more that the textbooks can ever offer.

      • socon

        Piper’s going to be an amazing adult.  I wonder what her future is.

    • Dave Dowler


    • SaraPFan

      Are there any Christian faith based elementary schools there? I think that would be good to highlight.

  • Carmelo Junior

    To be on the side of the truth:

    Obama was NEVER considered a viable candidate for president, NEVER. Nobody cared about this dude. Everybody was thinking that the figfht for the nomination was going to be between Edwards and Clinton!

    Obama was NEVER vetted or investigated because most Americans thought a black guy was not going to be president.

    It was after his surprise win of IOWA when skeptics started to take him seriously but it was already too LATE!

  • Greg Legakis

    How many times is Hannity going to make that stupid joke about his own racy photos from when he was 1  years old ( that’s at least the 4th time).  Gosh, he can be so annoying sometimes.

    PS.  Still waiting for the "media infantry" to head up to Minnesota for T-Paws 8 years of emails.  Sheesh, the MSM is smarmy and pathetic.

    • socon

      Sean makes me reach for the mute button, too, sometimes; but I give him a pass because he’s fair to Sarah. Both Sean and Greta are fair.  I’ll take it.

      • Dave Dowler

        yeah….  that is their life boat as far as I am concerned.  Eric Bolling might be a rising star over there….  He likes SP

        • socon

          I like Bolling, too, even if I want to strangle his liberal guests sometimes!  Metaphorically speaking of course!!

    • Carmelo Junior

      Vannity likes all the candidates, even RomneyCare. The man is a sell out.

      • socon

        He’s never turned on Sarah, though, and that’s important to me.

    • Dave Dowler

      Hannity is no Rush Limbaugh for sure ….but his heart is in the right spot. However he always interjects some silly life experience about him in every conversation…..  I am stunned he has lasted this long on the TV A list. Rush’s radio lead in is all that keeps his radio show where it is

      • SaraPFan

        Hannity has come a long way. I think he is still developing his articulation skills. He uses a lot of words to get his point across. Rush has a richer vocabulary and is experienced enough to know when to ask, speak, etc. Rush knows how to extract the right amount of information out of people to deliver his message.

        • M_Minnesota

          You also have to consider Hannity is very verbal like he is on the radio.  He Does TV and Radio. That is Marathon!!!

          The long Interviews and Graphic presentation went well for Beck.   Broke things up for him. Not just a radio show on TV. 

  • Guest

    (edit: meant this in reply to Junior Gomez) Actually, I’m gonna push back on this a bit.  Hillary is ruthless and wanted the presidency BADLY.  Her hubby was Bill.  She was fully capable of doing big time oppo research and would have had no hesitation to use it.
    And this actually gets at the big problem with Obama…. there’s no there, there.  He’s an empty shell being used by others to promote dangerous stuff.

  • TRON2012

    We LIKE Jedediah Bila Very Much….

  • Reynolds88

    This is very cute (Jedediah is of course) but I saw Smitty of the OtherMcCain asking us to please go to the "The Undefeated" so that it will be still in US theaters when he gets back from the Afgan theater in July  Stacy McCain is on the Herman Cain Bandwagon but Smitty is much more circumspect and I do believe he is or would be a solid Palin supporter. Quite frankly, to see Dan Riehl go on in his gushing review of the movie I believe the movie must be miles ahead of the Zeigler attempt to make things right and that gives me hope that indeed Sarah may launch in a phenomenon like we have never seen before in US politics.  I must confess, I still get teary when Rocky climbs the stairs and then later at the end shouts Adriieeen!  Some have compared "The Undefeated" to Rocky and that movie has lasted in my mind for over 30 years!  This could be big.

    • Dave Dowler

      mirical on Ice is also a great underdog movie

    • SaraPFan

      That’s ironic. I thought about the Rocky music score when I was thinking about Palin’s 2012 speech at the RNC:)

  • unseen1

    is it all a green screen?

  • Anno76

    I just love Jedediah. She would make Sarah an excellent press secretary.

  • xthred

    Who can watch this crap!  People shouting over each other for 8 minutes.  Yuck.

    • MaMcGriz

      Isn’t it pitiful?? There’s nothing that epitomizes the disintegration of our Fourth Estate than the now commonly accepted practice of rude babbling and acting out on air. It’s like adolescents run wild.

      It wasn’t all that long ago we saw folks fired for allowing such verbal free-for-all displays of bad manners. It was someone’s job to ensure that didn’t happen on air. It’s just an appalling trend to behold, and an embarrassment opon the country.

      Equally shameful is the waste of air time it makes . All air time is expensive and it’s precious. To see it squandered the way it is and in such tender times as these is, well, it’s hard.

      Who can watch it, indeed.

      As things move forward with e-mail projects, it would be well to create a distinct section devoted to press and media issues. This will be the framework for the restoration of sanity and accountability in American media. The babble has to stop so the conversation can begin.

      This restoration is necessary to the work of restoring control over our government, and many, perhaps most, elements of the blueprint for it all my well prove be found in Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s e-mails.

      Like she says, heady days, folks, heady days.

    • moovova

      Bingo, bingo and…bingo!

      I stuck with FOX thru the ’10 elections, but Hannity & O’Reilly have since just turned me off.  They make my ears hurt.

  • MaMcGriz

    Has Sapwolf checked in today? I thought of him when I saw Miss. J in this segment. She was hitting on all twelve cylinders, as usual, and pretty much blew the panel’s doors off.

    I thought Sap would see it and collapse in a wolf-swoon of adoration for her. LOL

    I’ll go check the rest of the thread now to make sure he’s present and accounted for today.

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