Newsmax Suggests Governor Palin Wants to Sell Military Secrets to the Russians; UPDATED: Newsmax Pulls Article

Yesterday Governor Palin posted an excellent article on Facebook in which she, correctly, chastised President Obama for his Neville Chamberlainesque flirtation with appeasing Putin by giving away our military secrets. Late in the day Newsmax published a piece which, apparently, purports to analyze Governor Palin’s criticism of Obama.  Let’s look at the first paragraph, shall we (emphasis added):

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has a flair for catchphrases. First noted for her effervescent quotation “I can see Russia from my house” from the 2008 presidential election, now her catchphrases come with a bit more bite. Her latest one-liner is “WTF.”

Brilliant!  The genius at Newsmax who wrote this unattributed piece (I wouldn’t want my name attached to this POS either), thinks Tina Fey is Sarah Palin. But Newsmax doesn’t stop there.  A little deeper into the article, the author drops this logic bomb:

Palin claims Obama’s missile defense sharing program isn’t a way to promote peace — it’s selling Americans out. According to Palin’s statement the price of Obama’s plan is giving away valuable American exclusive technology in an increasingly competitive global market.

It almost sounds like Palin is suggesting a better route would be to sell the technology to Russia. That is, if you over-look history.

Now this is truly a “WTF” moment.  According to the moron journalist who wrote this article, she thinks it’s a bad idea for Obama to give away sensitive military technology to Russia so, naturally, that means she wants to sell it to them.  You can’t make this up.  I can only conclude that the author is (a) drunk, (b) high, (c) stupid, (d) pursuing an agenda, or (e) a combination of the above.  Since the author has not chosen to identify himself (can you blame him?), it’s difficult to determine which.  If you read Governor Palin’s piece, any or a combination of the first three seem likely.  If, as I suspect, the piece was written by Newsmax’s “Chief Washington Correspondent“, Ronald Kessler, option (d) is certainly in the mix.  Kessler has both an agenda and, I hasten to add, an obsession which can best be described as…unsettling.  How unsettling, you ask?  Read this entire piece — unless you have a weak stomach that is.

Whoever wrote the piece, Kessler or someone who works for him, such unbelievably shoddy “journalism” reflects poorly on the website which bills itself as the place to go for conservative news and opinion. Really? Not for me.

(h/t  J. Escobar)

Update: (h/t Lee Cole) Shocker. For some reason the link to the Newsmax article no longer works.  I’m sure it’s a perfectly innocent random technical glitch, right?

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