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#PalinEmails Show that Governor Palin Did Intend to Close Down the Mat-Maid Dairy

One of the tired talking points that Governor Palin’s critics use against her is the claim that during her term as Governor, she tried to save the Mat-Maid Dairy and that the fact the dairy closed one year later shows that she failed in her efforts.

It is true that the Mat-Maid Dairy closed about a year after the Governor stepped in to prevent the dairy from being closed. What is also true is that the Governor also wanted the dairy to close if a successful financial plan could not be created. The reason why she fought the earlier attempt to close the dairy is because the state had already made commitments that would have been broken had the dairy closed immediately. The Governor essentially wanted the dairy to close if an alternative financial plan could not be realized but she wanted to close it in a way so that the state did not break any commitments it had made to farmers that would be violated by the sudden closure of the dairy.

How do we know these were the Governor’s intentions? #Palinemails:

Dairy farmers were told their last day to deliver milk is June 27th. The state just broke its word again if we were to roll over for the board ‘ s ridiculous vote to shut it down without proper notice…Farmers will be dumping their milk in the parking lot of DNR if we don’t step in and show the leadership they’re craving and deserving

We need to regroup and get good business minds in there to figure out close – out plan in next yr or so, or re -vitalization plan for Ag.

If the Governor did indeed want the dairy to stay open, she wouldn’t have talked about how they needed to "figure out [a] close-out plan."

One of her staffers sent her an e-mail after the dairy closed that strongly supports the account that I have outlined regarding the Governor’s intentions for the Mat-Maid dairy:

Nice job governor! Despite the critics, namely halcro, mat-maid closes its books with money in the bank and there’s still equipment and facilities to sell. Alaskans should know YOUR decision to put a new board in place, 600.0 to help w the transition, essentially granting an extention to the livelihood of farmers after the previous mngmnt and bd decided to abruptly close the doors, etc.

If the Governor never intended for the dairy to close, why would one of her staffers send her an e-mail congratulating her for the plant "clos[ing] its books with money in the bank?" If the Governor indeed wanted the dairy to survive, the staffer would not have sent her an e-mail saying how great it is that the dairy closed.

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  • TheTotalConservative

    There were psychos at the ADN that lied about the whole Dairy story. Good .

  • PhilipJames

    Remember to check out the RightOnline Conference today where "The Undefeated" movie will be shown tonite…

    some great speeches today…..and the agenda which shows speakers is at:

    • ellebb

      Anyone from this blog going?

    • Amjean

      Will C4P have an open thread on the movie opening?

  • Guest

    Is this really a controversy? Never heard of it. Bet 99.9 % haven’t either.  Maybe was a big deal in AK?

  • ellebb

    Where’s the dang bus?

  • ramorywebb

    They also show a Palin that is "…very concise. She gives clear orders. Her sentences and punctuations are logical," Payack said. "She has much more of a disciplined mind than she’s given credit for."

    Go here for more:

  • johnfromcanada

    Reading this through reveals Sarah’s innate wisdom and sense of fairness as a leader, and it’s why so many of us champion her.   This may have been a relatively small matter in the great scheme of things (and I’m not meaning to dismiss people who were affected by it). But those who do small things well can be entrusted with much greater things, like the office of POTUS.

  • ramorywebb

    US News and World report has a story on the success the media has had in forming an image of Palin in the minds of the Republican electorate.

    " Based on the available evidence, it is fair to conclude that the media’s treatment of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has had but one purpose: to discredit her."

    Go here:

    • SaraPFan

      That was a straightforward article. I can’t believe the editors allowed that truthful criticism be published.  I am going to share that.

    • Jean_A

      That is good because people will read it and say WTF is going on here.

  • PJ_in_NC

    The prospect of farmers dumping their milk in the parking lot reminded me of a fairly heart-breaking scene in Atlas Shrugged, where the wheat farmers had a big harvest, wanted to sell their wheat to feed the nation… but there were no trains, because the DC boys wanted soybeans from someone’s pet project instead… I’m very glad Sarah didn’t allow the state to break its committments.

    • parigger

      Weren’t the soybeans bad ? Who is John Galt?  Why don’t they quit makin this stuff up?  Governor Palin 2012  Like waitin on Christmas in 1961 ain’t it great?

      • PJ_in_NC

         Yeah, I think they were moldy, ’cause they’d been harvested too soon.  Or something.  But Kip’s Ma wanted them transported, so that’s where the trains went… meanwhile the wheat rotted, the farmers rioted, and the whole country went to hell.  That novel had the best illustration of why socialism always sucks, and fails.

  • Jean_A

    Halco is a totally nutjob and the guy wanted to be governor.

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