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Politico Suggests that Rick Perry Won’t Run if Governor Palin Does/Open Thread

Here’s the news.

Rick Perry won’t run if Governor Palin does.

Roger Ailes claims that Governor Palin told him that she’d decide on a run this summer.

"For example, her chat with local patrons at a coffee shop in Pennsylvania and her inquiries to workers at a New Hampshire fishery were done without the phony air of forced conversation for the benefit of the press that typically pervades such political photo ops."

In case you missed it, here and here are the reviews for the Undefeated.

Fox News has apologized for its error.

It’s good for the Governor that one of the people vouching for her in the Undefeated movie gained a whole lot of credibility today.

Althouse asks:

Is there anyone else in American public life who is treated like Sarah Palin? Here’s this historian, forced to say she wasn’t wrong — after all the Sarah-haters have mocked her — and he instinctively grasps for a way to knock her down again. If she got something right, it must just have been an accident.

What else is going on today?


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