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The Daily Kos Pollster Shows that Palin and Romney Share the Lead

I don’t even know what to say:

Palin 16%
Romney 16%
Pawlenty 13%
Cain 12%
Bachmann 9%
Paul 9%
Gingrich 9%
Huntsman 4%

No other pollster in America shows Pawlenty anywhere near 13% nationally but this poll provides support for the argument that the better the Huntsman/Pawlenty duo do, the worse it is for Mitt "peactime" Romney. The Huntsman/Pawlenty duo actually holds its own against the Bachmann/Cain duo in this poll. The good news is that the Bachmann/Cain duo is likely to fade while the Huntsman/Pawlenty duo will likely grow stronger.

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  • Mountain

    This tour is going to lower her negatives IMMENSELY!
    That will terrify the elites and the RINOS.

    • Pete Petretich

      The truth about Sarah is glorious and inspiring, the myths are nasty and false. Whenever this is clarified (e.g., bus tour), she will always rise.

  • latinchic

    Why do you think Cain will likely fade?

    • ripcurl2121

      because sooner or later people will realize that he’s nothing, and he’s never done anything.  thats why

  • HuntingMoose

    why are we paying attention to a poll under mostly undemocratic voters that likely will stay home in 2012?

    • N.A.C.

      Because this falls perfectly under the Lazarian category of "Even the %^&* concedes that ….".

      PPP’s credibility and/or its polls are a separate target for a different front (see techno).

      Good news is good news, nothing to lose in this situation to broadcast it far and wide!

  • Steven

    I agree with you Ian about Cain/Bachmann. Cain is another Alan Keyes and there is no way he has 12%. Shoot he would be lucky if he had 12% name recognition! What this pollster I suspect is doing is allocating some of Sarah’s support to Cain and Bachmann in order to keep from showing how big of a lead she’s got. Unfortunately for this outfit, I am sure Palin has her own hand on the pulse and knows she is in the lead. But let them try to fool themselves and the public, it will just make the victory all that more sweeter! Palin 2012! Game On!

    • barracuda43

      Come on! Cain is no Alan Keyes.Keyes is way out there if you get my drift.Cain will be a big supporter of Sarah and I take my hat off to him for the success he has made by working the American dream.I am 100% behind Sarah but we are going to have to have some allies from other camps to join in winning. Cuda 2012.Nothing Less!  

  • aaron66krohn

    "Going Rogue" and "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" molded, then solidified the persona and the personal qualities of Sarah Palin (and by turn, her whole family, from parents and siblings to Todd and Track to Trig and grandchild Tripp). 
    "America By Heart" and the "One Nation" bus tour she’s on focused on the foundations of, and the ingredients of, her personal political philosophy. 
    Placing all four together……from "Going Rogue" to "One Nation"…..paints a portrait of Sarah Palin that, if studied, makes her a complete person…….a mother of 5, a daughter, a grandmother, a teacher, a student, a philosopher, a patriot, a politician, and perhaps, a President.
    That the media, pundits, the GOP, the American people are actually doing the work to get to know her (and she’s provided, with the 4 things mentioned above, all the research material necessary) is yet to be known.
    Meanwhile, I’m loving this "mobile classroom" in 21st century political history!!

    • NY4P

      Don’t forget the movie-documentary "Undefeated."

      • aaron66krohn

        Thanks for the suggestion!  But my intention was to use things already out there (or happening right now), rather than something I’ve only heard of.  Also, the two groupings was intentional.  I see GR and SPA as connected, as they’re more about the personal side of Sarah, as pertains to her political career.  I see ABH and One Nation as a combo too, as they both focus on America’s foundations and philosophy and purpose, rather than Sarah herself or anything overtly political.  I await The Undefeated with great anticipation…and will purchase it ASAP!!!

  • Seabee

    Sheya had the goods over at

    • WilliamShipley

      Well, not really ‘the goods’.  No smoking gun.  Frankly, I don’t see a lot of good coming from us going after Fox news.  For one reason or another, Sarah is out of favor there, mostly with the "she’s not running" meme.  That’s trivial to overcome, a call to an Alaska radio station put’s that away.  Once she becomes the front runner, they’ll have to get in line — unless they are going to be promoting Barack Obama.

      A public tiff with Fox is probably not in the Governor’s best interest.

      She doesn’t need them to promote her, she can do that quite well on her own.  In the near future (weeks, not months) she will announce and cut the employment ties.  Then she’ll be everywhere, on her terms, because as Trump told Greta — it’s all about the ratings.

      • Sheya

        I wasn’t trying to deliver a smoking gun. I just put the facts together and called it the way I heard it and saw it. Just to put some clarity in what’s going on. It’s up to the reader to come to their own conclusions. 

        • Mountain

          You are terrific, Sheya!  EXCELLENT work!  You did what had to be done:  CLARIFY!
          TOUGH if it’s Fox News:  they don’t deserve our praise and kudos unless they DESERVE it.
          It’s all about truth in advertising:  ARE they "fair and balanced," or NOT?!
          Looks like it’s been a dastardly NOT NOT NOT when it comes to being fair about Gov. Palin.

          SHAME, SHAME on you, Roger Ailes!  You get your act together and NOW.

        • tingale12

          Sheya, if your source is  credible and you honestly  believe as well a TRUST without a shadow of doubt whatever info was  shared with you about  Fox has really stoop to the lowest level for this gutter treatment of the gov. 

          What is at stake for the gov if she severe her ties with FOX? Is it about mainly the time factor of her contract?  I suspect she reads your postings here and if so, do you think she will reach out to you and ask if what your source alluded is true?  

          If these facts are to be believed, who better will know Fox’s behavior and their handling of such matters  than the governor herself. 

          What does she have to lose if she  immediately cut the cord with Fox? 

    • Mountain

      I knew, KNEW that the Fox News poll (Bachm. vs. Palin) was false; it just was too ODD!
      Please get this news A.S.A.P. to Rush, Hannity, and Greta.

      War?  This is Armageddon, from now on……

    • Sheya
      • Seabee

        Was just over there. And say it here too. Bravo Zulu to Sheya.

        Got your site on my favs now.

    • RefudiateGOPe

      If you were really really nice, you’d delete the FR link and put Sheya’s in its place.

      • Seabee

        Just did, thanks for the tip

        • Mountain

          Good job, Seabee, and thanks for helping here, Refudiate.

          Sheya, your post needs its OWN article on C4P.  IAN?  HELP?  (Thanks!)

          • Sheya

            It’ll go up here shortly 

  • section9

    She ripped Romneycare today. She did it on his rollout, too. Stepped all over his Big Day.

    Smart girl.

  • Andrew Davis

    Wait and see. Palin’s retail politics/campaigning are 2nd to none.

  • angeleno

    Palin is a principled conservative with centrist, not radical, instincts. Conservatism is the lifeblood
    of democracy and prosperity Obama’s propaganda machine has slandered it into different meanings. Palin will govern for the good of all the American people, period.
    Sarah, announce at the time you’ve chosen as the correct one, and you’ll steamroller the phony con man.

  • 36763

    Keep in mind that Palin under polls in PPP for a variety of reasons about which followeres of techno are all well informed. 

  • wodiej

    multiply that numbers times 2 and that is probably closer to her real support and she isn’t even announced she’s running yet officially.  When she starts going around meeting and talking w people and the others do the same and people can see the difference I hope they have enough sense to realize Gov. Palin is the one giving it to them straight.  Problem is many people want to live in a fantasy world and not face the truth because it is more difficult than to just ignore it.  

  • ellebb
    • PhilipJames

      well, if this is true about Ailes, then it fits with what we have been seeing on FOX.

      you know what I found interesting in what Trump said this morning about his conversation with Sarah was that one thing she asked him was…. was he considering running as an independent.

      we can only hope she would, but the problem is the whole system is stacked against that… the entire electoral system is wired to support the two ruling parties

      • Mountain

        I don’t think Gov. Palin would encourage a third party run, unless it was guaranteed to win.
        WE MUST beat Obama—-and Gov. Palin knows that.

        Trump and Palin together might win………. or Palin/West, Palin/Rubio (except R. wouldn’t do it).
        But ALL campaigns take organization to get the vote out and WATCH those polls for those tricky Panthers or other cheaters.  Third parties have trouble getting those boots on the ground for Election Day.  However, for Sarah Palin—–maybe it would work.
        I hope we don’t need to find out if it would. 

        • Argus_C4P

          I think it would work if everyone got on their social networking program of choice and just keep pounding  the message.
          I also think that a Palin/West team would be awesome. I respect both of these people, well, seriously admire Mrs. Palin and reaspect Lt.Col. Alan West who pulls no punches and seems to me to be as honest as Sarah

  • palinsupporter1

    Sources tell New Hampshire Union Leader senior political reporter John DiStaso that Palin will be attending a clambake at a Seabrook cottage later this evening.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Daily Kos polls are generally regarded as crap. I wouldn’t trust anything they do. One of the pollsters they hired a couple years ago, Research 2000, was just making up the results he knew KOS wanted to see.

    • aafan

      Yes but they will err against Gov Palin not for Gov Palin.

  • Kjanlady

    Folks……comment on every Sarah Palin story on Fox and provide a link to Sheya’s post and add Sarah’s growing FB numbers…….that ought to get the Fox suit’s attention and put them in real fear that their holy ratings numbers are likely continue to fall if they continue down this course.

    • Mountain

      Atta lady, Kjan!  Great idea….

  • Ryan

    Sarah’s sharing the lead and hasn’t formally announced?! Imagine what her numbers will look like when she makes it official! Buh-bye, Michele, Mitt, Newt, etc..

  • angeleno

    As the "moderate" (RINO) candidates continue to stumble around and the not-ready-for-prime-time conservatives (msot never will be) continue to march in place, Sarah’s portion of the vote will grow steadily, especially as she continues to meet more and more people in person and not through the slime-sheets of the Left.

  • gahanson

    Dick Morris would definately disagree, he’s polled his wife and Fox talking heads, and has determined that Palin isn’t liked by anyone.

  • ramorywebb

    Looks like a four way tie taking into account the margin of error.  So anybody’d game. 

    What strikes me is how well Cain has been doing. A month ago nobody had heard of this guy and here he is running even with some of the best known names in politics. 

    • Mountain

      We need a Person of Color on the ticket.  Sorry to keep mentioning this, but we MUST give other People of Color a conservative choice, so they aren’t just dissing one brother:  they can vote for another.  That said, West would be better than Cain, who isn’t that informed.

      • ripcurl2121

        west is 1000x better than the pizza man

      • susiepuma

        Why?  Blacks are only 12% of the population – what makes them more important than the other minorities – Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, etc.

      • ramorywebb

        I am not sure about West..too young. Cain would bring maturity and business experience.

        So I agree that if Paln runs, a Palin/Cain ticket just might be the ticket. Still way too early though. Also in another three months or so Cain will have even more name recognition. 

        • TheTotalConservative

          Cain is an inexperienced moron with Nothing to offer.

      • Sapwolf

        Colonel West is the best VP candidate because of his leadership experience, courage, Tea Party Fiscon creds, and he lives in Florida.  He speaks well and is charismatic.

        THAT is why she should pick him, not because of race.

        STOP IT witht he racism now.  We are conservatives, not progressives.  We …don’t …play …the …race card!  Period!

        • Sapwolf

          Rubio too is charismatic, although he does not have leadership experience, but does live in Florida.

      • M_Minnesota

        One of the many bazilion reasons why West should be Palin’s V.P. Pick is that he is race and creed neutral.  By that I mean he has put his life on the line to let Muslims do the "Purple finger vote" in the Middle East and allow Islamic Muslims to worship in peace(like in Isreal) if they so choose and not as a  Thugocracy religion.

  • technopeasant

    I posted my analysis in the open thread if you are interested.

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