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The Washington Post: Palin a "Definite Renegade" on Big Oil;Updated

As the MSM and their readers continue to search through Governor Palin’s emails searching for non-existent bombshells, let me be one of the first to welcome the Washington Post to 2008. As Ian mentioned earlier, the Washington Post recognized that Governor Palin’s emails showed that she budgeted frugally and was opposed to pork barrel spending. Now, the Washington Post recognizes that Governor Palin did not have a buddy-buddy relationship with Big Oil. Both of these supposedly new revelations are not new at all to Palin supporters who have followed her political rise after Senator McCain chose her as his VP nominee or even prior to that.

The Washington Post reports:

But on one issue in particular — the party’s long-standing ties to large oil and gas companies that have helped underwrite its attempts to seize and hold power in Washington — the Palin that emerges from e-mails during her Alaska governorship is a definite renegade.


While a book she published last year still displays her animus for “Big Oil” and proudly recounts her decision not to “pal around” with its lobbyists, these criticisms feature less frequently in her rhetoric now. And on the national political stage, she’s been supportive of the industry’s aspirations to expand deep-ocean drilling, famously telling a crowd of Florida supporters before the 2008 election, “Drill, baby, drill.”

The article later goes on to highlight several emails between Governor Palin and her staff noting her dislike for Big Oil. One email recounts how Governor Palin took joy in choosing to read to a kindergarten class rather than meet with oil company executives, and additionally shares the role of corruption in Big Oil relationship with Alaskan politicians:

The oil industry’s influence in the state was at the heart of a corruption scandal involving top legislators that emerged during her governorship, an issue on which Palin was privately briefed by the FBI. But it is clear from the e-mails that Palin’s resentments, and those of her top aides, ran deep and were not opportunistic.

It should be noted that the indictments for the corruption scandal came during her tenure, but the corruption scandal itself took place during Governor Murkowski’s term. Murkowski’s oil tax plan was a behind closed door deal that aimed to give preferential treatment to certain companies. Some Alaskan legislators took pride in their cozy relationships with oil companies, some of them forming a club known as the "Corrupt B*****s Club".  Fighting this corruption and ensuring transparency in any oil company -government interactions was paramont in her administration. Transparency was two of her key pieces of legislation-ACES (the oil tax mechanism) and AGIA (the transcontinental natural gas pipeline), as Governor Palin noted in a March Facebook post. In fact, regarding AGIA, one of the released emails revealed how serious Governor Palin was about transparency (emphasis mine):

So that everyone is clear and we’re consistent , despite what some of the press is saying and already criticizing us for , I WILL release the number and name of applicants tonight, and will always err on the side of MORE transparency, not less, when dealing with applicants and proposals and the public ‘ s expectations that they’ll be privy to all AGIA info (unlike murkowski ‘ s tactic).

One thing that the Washington Post fails to reconcile is Governor Palin’s pro-development, yet anti-Big Oil stance. Governor Palin has always advocated for increased development. As Governor, she did so in part because she is a strong constitutionalist, and the state constitution called for Alaska’s natural resources be developed for the "maximum benefit of the people", who are the resource owners. Both as a state and national voice, Governor Palin has advocated for increased development to help ensure energy independence for Americans, which would help make America more physically, economically, and monetarily secure. She does not stand for crony capitalism, however, and her support for drilling remains for the interest of all Americans, not for government selected oil companies.

These emails only further confirm Governor Palin’s consistent stance on the issues. Whether it’s budgeting, earmarks, or crony capitalism, it’s nice to see that the Washington Post is beginning to catch up to 2008.

Please remember to join in C4P’s project to search the emails for things that re-affirm Governor Palin’s strong gubernatorial record and governing skills.

Update: The Alaska Dispatch,which has often been critical of Governor Palin’s tenure, has a piece that highlights emails between Governor Palin, her staff, and Chuck Hamel, who the Dispatch calls a " longtime oil industry critic". The article highlights Governor Palin’s willingness to listen to Hamel’s concerns about the relationship between lawmakers and oil companies and about safety by instructing the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office, which Governor Palin created, to address Hamel’s concerns. Read the whole article. It is quite good.

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  • Noel Alcoba

    The media picked a fight with Palin…and Palin wins a fight she didn’t even start.
    Palin 1 Media 0
    As illustrated here:

    • aaron66krohn

      I want to "like" this cartoon twice….three….four….100 times!!!!!  It’s sooooooo cute…….and truthful!!!!!   PLEASE have Sheya or someone here put it above in one of the open threads or something.  It deserves to go viral!!!!!

    • IsraeliCojones

      You are very talented. Kudos!

    • Kafir

      Like someone on HA said, the actual score is Palin 45, MSM 0.

      /Get it? 45!

  • JDCampbell

    So she was speaking of course of the criticisms by the Alaskan press core, ADN and others which were a nuisance but did not phase her in completing her tasks.
    Good read Whitney.

    Oh, survey says!

    • PhilipJames

      Okay…  what the heck is going on here? the guy who has been spamming this site with a link to this world view site had tricked the people at time for choosing to pick up this story. I went to read the story and lo and behold…  world view site talks about a poll….  who did it? did they do it and if they did… who the heck is world view?
      Watch out here….  this person could have made it all up. I can say I did a poll and give you a bunch of numbers and are you going to believe me? Of course not because who the heck am I and what legitimacy do I have and how legitimate is the poll. I have to ask the same question of this poll.
      I am really concerned when a person spams this site with endless posts promoting their site and then talks about a poll that has no reference. Sound awfully fishy to me.

  • Stephanie

    Great post, Whitney. It truly is amazing how long it’s taken the WP to finally do their homework concerning her stance on big oil.

    • aaron66krohn

      Research Material for WaPo:
      1. Chapter 3 of Going Rogue.
      2. Numerous speeches, but maybe especially the one at the……duhhhhhhh!!!!…..Oil Palace in Texas!!!
      3. Numerous interviews, both before AND after being named as VP by McCain!!
      4. THE Speech, during which she stated, "Take it from a gal who KNOWS the North Slope of Alaska, we’ve got plenty of both (referring to supplies of oil and natural gas)!!"
      5. A book called "How Sarah Took On Big Oil and Won"  (title may be partially wrong)… other words, a whole book about the subject!!!
      6. Her many many Facebook Notes about the subject!!
      7. AND…………???????!!!!!!!!

  • Reckoner_3

    Gee if I were to use the phrase, slow on the uptake, it would be an understatement — and the press dare accuse our candidate of being intellectually dim/potentially incompetent.

    "She needs to brush up on the issues" "more homework"
    I believe?

    • JDCampbell

      One of the main reasons the Left fears Sarah Palin is her love of county and dedication as a civil servant that the benefit to others far out weights the sacrifice. Whether it be promoting fiscal discipline or individual responsibility, it drives them up the wall.

      • Reckoner_3

        They also resent her, because The Republicans gained a leader (no thanks to them) that Obama the Candidate Against Bush’s Corruption pretended to be in 2007.

        "oh ya, I’m going to be about reform and transparent Government… YOU WILL SEE THE BILLS ON HEALTHCARE  ON CSPAN" That and more never happen.

  • Reckoner_3

    Oh yes, and they also say the same thing about citizens who are more engaged about their public officials. As they have displayed disdain for American citizens who call the liberal press/punditry & liberal entertainers out on their incompetence, malicious reporting BS.

    It takes three years, and inadvertently combing emails of one our exceptional politicians for them to figure this out? (Their intent was not to find out good things about Palin’s record too! )Egregious.
    Meanwhile, I still get taken aback in 2011 when I run into a fellow citizen in conversation who just found out that Obama’s past associations/records were horrid .

    It probably goes down like this at news organizations.
    Media Break Rooms Conversations: We just know better. People who support Sarah Palin aren’t
    listening to us. They actually believe, "get this" she was ethical, and
    "get this" brave somehow in her time in Alaska.  Where are they getting
    this ???!  It’s crazy.  What I do know is she went after Obama in the RNC speech. Yes, that was very bad. She continues to do so. Which makes her and those supportive bad. Yes.  Bad.
    Agreed. Bad. One Reporter proceeds to throw fishead in pot. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble! 

    • pgroup

      But which one has the eye? 

  • aaron66krohn

    Whitney, you (and anyone else who tries to educate the Left to the truth of Gov Palin’s reign as AK’s CEO), you have the patience of Job!!!
    I mean, I personally LOVE hearing (again) of how incredibly fabulous a Chief Executive Sarah was (and will be!!!), but I’m also totally incredulous that it’s necessary for this to be done!!!
    As you noted, what’s happening with these e-mail revelations is that "the Washington Post is being welcomed to 2008″!!! 
    Maybe next year, while Sarah is sailing to victory to become our 45th President, the LSM will STILL be catching up to past election years!!!

  • inde4sarah

    Your the whip!, Whip… Another Great Post ….

    sarah 2012

    aka indemind

  • mymati

    Someone should tell the WaPo that "Drill Baby Drill" is not in support of big oil, but is in support of our Energy Security, Economic Security, and "Jobs Baby Jobs".

    Sarah Palin/Alan West 2012!!!!!

    • susiepuma

      send them an email or letter to the editor………………………………. go for it…

  • Izzyf3

    O/T:  Every Palin supporter here needs to post this letter somewhere… it needs to go viral… I posted it here last night.  It is a very compelling plead to Gov. Palin to run for the Presidency of the United States.  Please read it if you have not and spread the word. CLICK on the link below:

    • Bogdan51

      Thanks Izzy for the link. That letter is indeed fabulous.

    • ellebb

      I have read that letter and "passed it on".  I wept for my country.

  • 4rcane

    theres no contradiction between being against crony capitalism and being pro-capitalism. Palin simply don’t like giving special favors to the select few because of political connections, all companies must be treated equally. Washington Post seem to think Palin’s view evolved from anti-capitalism to pro-capitalism instead of simply anti-crony capitalism from start til end, with no change

    • Ryan

      That’s why Sarah is against subsidizing industries that need to thrive or die on their own!

  • Quiet_Righty

    Should be interesting to observe how Sen. Murkowski attempts to work with President Palin. Sarah won’t support Murkowski for another term in 2016.

  • Cotton Picker

    I have posted this before, but it bears repeating, loud and often.

    If Governor Palin should decide to run, she does have this advantage.
    Sarah Palin, is the only candidate who has been thoroughly vetted with absolutely no stones left unturned in her public or private life, no matter how personal.  This exhaustive vetting has been done relentlessly and without stint over a three year period by, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angles Times, Time Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Newsweek, Huffington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, Politico, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution,  Boston Herald, ABC, CBS, CNN, HLN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, Fox, also, by many other newspapers, magazines, and TV outlets, too numerous to list.
    Barack Obama, is the only candidate who has been thoroughly vetted by, "NONE OF THE ABOVE,"  not even remotely.

    • Ryan

      The Democrats are going to try to rely on their allies in the media and the entertainment industry to keep the caricature of Sarah from fading from the public consciousness. But what they don’t count on, when she isn’t grabbing the headlines and the media attention in terms of the national news, is Sarah using her fabulous skill set as a common-sense conservative and a ridiculously good retail politician. Under the radar, Sarah is destroying the caricature of her and replacing it with the real version.

  • palin45potus

    It’s amazing to me how well the stars are lining up.

    This is her issue, energy, and she’s already discussed in depth her views on the inherent link between a sound energy policy and national security and fiscal sanity.

    Now, given that gas prices as high as $5.00 per gallon may be the "new norm" after OPEC "unexpectedly" didn’t give Obama a gift of lower oil prices, plus electricity bills "necessarily skyrocketing", this is a big, slow, hanging curve just waiting for Sarah to knock over the wall!

    And I don’t care if you’ve spent the last 20 years at an institute of higher hating, you still need to buy gas and food.  The government can hide behind statistics all they want, but everyone feels the pain at the pump.  Wait until Sarah starts in on this issue.

    A little secret about ethanol, too.  Iowans may like their subsidy, but they have a large Evangelical Christian voting block, and the morality of burning food for fuel when there is great hunger in the world does indeed strike a nerve.  Don’t be astonished when Sarah turns this conventional wisdom on its ear!

    (Have some fun!  Next time you’re gassing up, and you see a lefty-mobile, with it’s "Kerry-Edwards" Bumper Stickers among the "Free Tibet" and "Buck Fush" ones, bitch a little about the cost of gas.  When the inevitable complaint from the driver is about the evil oil companies, point out that the government actually collects significantly more off the top than the oil companies profits are,  You’ll have at least planted a little seed!)

  • bestbud4Palin

    Thanks Whitney

    And thanks WoPo and all who chose to keep digging that hole their in deeper and deeper. Thanks for bullet proofing Gov Palin, validating and highlighting her exceptional CEO leadership for the people of Alaska… And soon America!!!
    Game On!!

  • Guest

    Washington Post playing clueless? They knew. So does ADN.

  • IndieDogg

    Color me curious. If oil is way down there (duh, in the ground) and you have to drill down there to get at it, and oil companies aren’t supposed to do the drilling, who, what, when and how would the Washington Post suggest we get that pesky oil out of there? 

    Perhaps they’re suggesting that some community organizing can get the job done. If so, I have just the man. He can give one of those whiz-bang speeches, and substitute some gushers for the whoppers he’s been telling and the oil will magically flow from the ground.

  • Guest

    "The Main Stream Media supposed dirt digging is backfiring as reporters pour over the 24,000 pages of emails released by the state of Alaska Sarah Palin is emerging as a capable politician, a well rounded and thoughtful person, and deeply caring mother, not the ridiculous caricature the media has tried desperately to morph her into"

  • Dan

    When you are honest and truthful then that comes through in everything you do.
    Because you do not think, "HOW CAN I SCREW THE PEOPLE?"
    Your thoughts are how I can best serve the people.
    That is the big difference between Sarah and most others, she really cares and that comes through in everything she does.

  • ellebb

    Has O’Reilly weighed in on the email story?  Someone will have to tell me because I refuse to watch him… haven’t watched him in two years.

    Wonder how he will SPIN this story.

    • Stoneyjack

      Who cares what that blubbering buffoon has to say? And, does anyone here believe mealy-mouthed Erickson over at ‘RedState’ is any friend of Sarah’s? They are both as lamestream as Andrea Mitchell.

      • tomlyn

        Bill O. is an Obama supporter and I refuse to watch him anymore.

    • conservativemama

      He’ll have Dick Morris on telling us how Bachmann is surging, and how Romney is benefiting for all this.

      Sarah’s a cheerleader, that’s the most they can give her.  Insulting.

  • ramorywebb

    What E-mails?

    It looks like the e-mail story line is fast becoming a non-news item for most of the majors. Most are probably even hoping this story goes away entirely unless " the big one" surfaces.

    Right now the ‘ reporting’ on this is done by taking sentences out of context to support works of fiction. See the LA Times who has been awarded first place for best use of this technique.

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