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Washington Post Reviews "The Undefeated"

It certainly says something about the upcoming documentary, The Undefeated, based on Governor Palin’s life and record, that a media organization as hostile as the Washington Post is to her, could write a review this fair. In an article published at WaPo today, they wrote:

Produced and directed by conservative filmmaker Steve Bannon, “The Undefeated” was not paid for by Palin, nor did she influence its content in any way, Bannon said at a screening of the film for reporters Thursday morning in the offices of small video production company in Arlington.

You wouldn’t know it from the deeply sympathetic movie, which portrays Palin as a devoted wife and mother — and a hugely successful political leader whose quintessentially Alaskan spirit propelled her to stand up to corporate interests and the political establishment both as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska.


The movie begins with the story of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, a disaster that Palin’s husband, Todd, described as “heartbreaking” — and that Palin cites in her autobiography, “Going Rogue,” as one of the defining events that propelled her to seek public office.

“I was a young mother-to-be with a blue-collar husband heading up to the slope,” Palin said. “If I ever had a chance to serve my fellow citizens, I would do so, and I’d work for the ordinary hardworking people.”

“The Undefeated” explores Palin’s rise to mayor of Wasilla and credits her with bringing a fiscally conservative philosophy to the job and for opening up the region as a booming bedroom community to Anchorage. It also explores her term as governor, characterizing her as standing up to oil companies over drilling rights, successfully advocating to build a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope and facing down cronyish state lawmakers in the pocket of the energy industry.

The movie includes no direct interviews with Palin, but it does feature the former governor reading short excerpts from “Going Rogue.” Bannon said he met with Palin a few weeks ago in Phoenix, where she told him the movie “blew her away.”


It also reminds viewers how popular Palin was as an elected leader in Alaska: She won reelection to mayor of Wasilla with more than 70 percent of the vote, and she resoundingly defeated then-governor Frank Murkowski in the Republican primary for governor in 2006. Before she became Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008, her approval rating among Alaskans soared above 80 percent.

The movie is clearly structured to push back against the widely held view that Palin lacks the leadership experience or skills to be president. Bannon, the director, even compared Palin’s term as governor to that of former President George W. Bush, concluding: “What she accomplished in Alaska is demonstrably much more impressive than what he accomplished as governor of Texas.” He added: “I wouldn’t have made this film if I didn’t think we needed a leader like her, and I hope she runs for president.”

You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

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  • Dan C

    Bannon is awesome.

    • exodus2011


      one of the many American Patriots investing in The Restoration of America

  • bjwilson83

    Need a new open thread – I have musings on Perry and what to do about some conservative women who don’t like Palin.

    • Guest

      Women ought to just stop being bitchy and start using our brains. On Rush, yesterday and today, it was incredible, those calls in which the women gave reasons other women won’t vote for Sarah. Sometimes I wonder about those of my sex. Truly. 

      • aaron66krohn

        As a man, I too wonder about "your" sex!!  I mean, talk about wacky!!!  LOL LOL LOL

        • Guest

          Well, at least we can multi-task. What do y’all got going for ya? Out of curiosity,  why do you have "" around ‘your’?

        • aaron66krohn

          Note the THREE "LOL’s"??  I was JOKING!!!  I know, I know, it’s the oldest lamest "joke" in the gender wars universe!!  My apologies!!!  I actually have the utmost respect for women.  Otherwise, how could I be so certain and strong in my wanting Sarah to be President??  As for the " " around "your"……….I was wanting to differentiate from you saying "my".  As a writer of 45 years experience, I should know how to do that.  But I remain ignorant in some areas of grammar and punctuation.  That said…..since "sex" is such a loaded word…..perhaps it might have been better to say "my gender"!! 
          P.S. This was supposed to be a reply to "apodaca"…….NOT to myself!!!

          • dow daytrader

            don’t apologize Aaron, your comments are right on.  There’s a significant  % of women that dislike Sarah because of superficial judgements they make, and quite possibly because she has her "act" together.  half the women love Sarah, half are  intimidated or feel threatened by her competence/beauty.  

            Grow a pair pal.  

            Marc Rudov – read everything he writes,

          • Guest

            Jeez, what are you apologizing for?!?! I thought you’d take my response in the spirit of yours, in spite of the lack of LOL’s on my part. I did think yours was funny, btw, that’s why I came back with the "multi-task" bit. 

            Nah, I use "sex" when I’m talking biological distinction and "gender" for grammar only cuz it is a grammatical construct.

            Ok, I see about the "your thing."  Dude, don’t let the feminazis blow your mind. Relax.

        • aaron66krohn

          Note the THREE "LOL’s"!!  I was JOKING!!  I know, it’s the lamest "joke" in the gender wars universe……like pms "jokes"….or blonde "jokes"!!  My apologies to you and women everywhere.  I actually have the utmost respect for women, as my 100% support for Sarah shows.
          As for the quotation marks around "your"…I was just wanting to differentiate from you saying "my".  Even after 45 years of writing, I remain unsure of punctuation and grammatical rules!!
          That said, the word "sex" is a potent (pardon the pun!) word…… maybe it might be better to say "my gender"!! 

          P.S. again!!!
          THIS TOO was supposed to be a REWRITE of my reply to apodaca…not to me!!! But I was unable to eliminate the first one, then was unable to change the "reply to" name…and wound up sending TWO replies to myself!!!! Time to go to bed!!!!

          • Guest

            Suggestion: cultivate the fine art of saying "so what?". LOL.

  • Flapjackmaka

    perry thread

    • 36763

      So what if he runs.  He’s nothing.  I recall Kay Bailey Hutchinson leading him until Palin endorsed him.  Palin will beat him in his own state’s primary (or do they have a caucus). 

  • WEL2

    If Bannon delays the rollout of the film until the Weiner scandal settles down, he will wait a long time — too long.

    • exodus2011

      won’t it be remarkable if Weiner holds on, with new scandal dribbling out each day, while the PDSers are trying to play up the contrived outrage over some miniscule details from 24000 pages of Palin Admin email …..

      and then Weiner dies down, just as the email effort is exhausted, just in time for "Undefeated" to explode onto the scene?


      (that timing would be my choice, if I had control over time and space *__*)

      • ellebb

        I hope he stays, actually.  It will be good "ammo" for the 2012 House elections.  See the corruption of the Dems in the house.

        That’s the ONLY reason the Dems are trying to push him out.

        • tingale12

          ellebb, I wholeheartedly agree that Weiner stays. Ask Pelosi where is the swamp she promised to clean.up

        • Guest

          Weiner…the gift that keeps giving….the scandle just drip, drip, drips

          • senator20526

            Weiner might stiff us all…………………………

        • SaraPFan

          Right. Remember them disclosing Folley indiscretions with the young pages? They waited right before the elections in 2006 to release that information which upset so many Republicans. Now we are on a equal playing field if they want to cough up a Republican sex scandal in 2012.

      • WEL2

        I hope I’m wrong, but I beieve the liberal media will dribble out unfair, dishonest attacks on Governor Palin, based on stuff in the emails, for months.

        • exodus2011

          I’m trying to recall whether there was an effect like you describe when the first lot of emails were dumped …. nothing is sticking in my memory though……

          if what they try is ‘weak’ contrived stuff, and there are other bigger stories, maybe even a scandal or two from a Dem or some celeb, …. whatever they try might not have much effect anyway

          and also, ‘Undefeated" will be out there, possibly performing like an atom bomb on the Primary race *__*

          and, Team Palin may have some new ‘Sun Tzu tactic’ to employ if necessary also

        • SaraPFan

          It’s old news. They already hacked into her email account. There’s nothing new that they can contrive. We know every we need to know.

        • ripcurl2121

          gee, ya think?

    • Mr_Wednesday_Night

      Nah, that Weiner is spent. It’ll be limp in no time.

      • Amjean

        Too funny!

  • Dan

    can’t wait till it comes out
    hope i don’t have to drive more than 100 miles

    • larrygeary

      You can always buy the DVD.

    • grizzlyrising

      I predict interest in it will make it relatively easy to see. 

  • Gabriel J Benton

    I want to see this film for the express purpose of getting to know Mrs. Palin even better than I do now. I have talk to a number of people from Alaska and they all tell me that she pulled off a miracle of massive proportion.  And this seems to be confirmation and affirmation of that.

    • Guest

      What WONDERFUL way to have O4P events!!!!

  • spotted reptile

    It will be available on DVD so supporters like me in Australia can see it. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to see Gov Palin’s early days in politics. It will help me and so many others understand how her driving force and passion for doing good was born. Can’t wait!!

    • ellebb

      We love your aussie support.  I so hope she runs.

      • spotted reptile

        Thank you! I just wish I could vote for her. I can’t even send money.

    • larrygeary

      I bet they’ll even release it in the correct region so you can watch it.

    • Guest

      Can AUS DVD players play US DVDs???  Just curious because of the DVD zones.

      • Guest

        Get a Cyberhome video player and it’ll play anything except PAL’s. Also, you can hack your DVD player to make it zone free. Just Google "[name of video player=] zone free" and fix it.

      • John B. Hefmier

        Australia uses PAL format, I believe.  We use NTSB format. 

      • spotted reptile

        Well, normally Aus players won’t play US or UK dvds. You need a region-free player, which many manufacturers will sell you. Mine is an Oppo which plays any region. Drives the studios nuts. But I’ve bought it, so I don’t have guilt feelings over it.
        You can also rip them to hard drive with the right software which removes the region coding and copy protection. There are many, many ways.

        Nothing is getting between me and my Undefeated!

        • Guest

          Yeh, you’re right about that. I bought Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, which came PAL, and was able to watch it on the CyberHome. 

        • Guest

          I just looked at the Oppo at Amazon. Amazing a Chinese-designed and made product is selling for that kind of money. Oppo’s good, but fer goodness sake!

          • spotted reptile

            I guess it depends on what you get out of it. It might be made in China, but it’s solid, well made and has not put a foot wrong in 3 years. I found it a superb player of BD and also DVDs – it’s very fast to load: a Blu Ray loads in 5 seconds instead of 45, and it shows HD to real advantage. Plus I can play just about any DVD from anywhere in the world on it. When you don’t live in the US, you appreciate that capability.

            So I’ve got my money’s worth for sure.

            • Guest

              That’s good to know from this coast. I’d bought some MP3 players to sell to another country when I was in China. Guess I shoulda bought an OPPO DVD player while there, too. Thanks for the feedback.

    • mymati

      Hey, spotted reptile do you know David Goodridge the Director of the Aussie Tea Party?

    • kiwifan

      I am a Sarah Palin supporter from New Zealand and would love to see the DVD.  Can’t wait!

    • Cathy

      It will also show the world what they will be up against when she takes the presidency.

  • gosarahfromnj

    The country would benefit from Sarah providing one of her her trademark detailed essays on Facebook of the problem with Iran and its nukes. Our government appears to be ignoring the problem with any realistic policy to stop Iran. She has the unique ability to drive the debate. This is a debate our "leaders" in Washington need to address. Such an essay would entail very heavy lifting and carry some political risk. The stakes are huge and since no one with a title has the chutzpah or brains to address it would be useful if Sarah forced the issue.

    • $8196935

      Sarah has both written to and spoke to this issue at various times but one
      that yes, does need a constant framing of the views and policy.
      This is a life and death situation 

    • SaraPFan

      Obama is destroying our country in multi-dimensional ways, it’s hard to keep up: Iran, sharing arms secrets with Russia, no direction in Afghanistan, forcing small businesses to purchase healthcare insurance or put them on government plan, unjustifed war in Libya, wants gays in military which will lead to less volunteers to secure our country, no plans for Medicare and Social Security, EPA regulations stunting job growth.  I could go on and on.

      • Cathy

        I agree with you on the destroying – wish we could pinpoint who is doing his thinking/planning – I don’t believe he is smart enough to do it on his own.
        Who, what group is behind him.

  • c4pfan

    Why July 15th?  I know Sarah will be in Sudan in July and some think July 9th for an event there.

  • ellebb

    If Palin does not run … the MEDIA has won.

    • exodus2011

      in my view- she must run

      America must have a proven Reformer as her next POTUS if she is to be restored

      there is nobody else qualified to do that job

      Gov Palin will run, and she and Todd will trust their family to Providence

      and WE, and all DECENT Americans will HAMMER the media when they attack the Palin children, family …. we will be the media’s NEMESIS each and every time they go there

    • Jasmine Clark

      very true. if she doesn’t run… it means she gave up and she is not the type to give up! she is a strong competitive person, she will run!

      • FlAli

        In my view she is now in a very difficult position as far as running.  If she decides not to run she will hear "I told you she was not running, the emails must have done her in, etc., etc."  If she does run, which I hope she does, they will make her life more miserable than they have so far.   Thankfully she is the type that can take it and actually thrive which is probably why they hate her even more.  In any event, she will be the most vetter presidential candidate evah.

        • Cathy

          and once she declares, doesn’t she get ‘secret service’ protection?

    • Betsey_Ross

      Oh, she is running.  The reason she is getting all of this so-called fair play is when the time comes the media wants access to her.  Sarah remembers who was fair and who wasn’t.  Katie and Gibson are gone so that takes care of that.  Ted is still hanging around and he needs the numbers.  Hopefully she hasn’t forgotten the recent unpleasantness. This is going to get interesting. 

  • independents4palin

    Bill O’ Reilly is trying to push Palin aside for Romney, he said Palin has a new documentary coming out and played a video of hers on Sarah PAC. He had Pat Caddell "who is a former Democratic Pollester for former President Carter" Bill O’Reilly kept mentioning that Sarah Palin has high negative poll numbers, he did not mention ONE damm thing about the poll that has Sarah Palin ahead of Romney. Pat Caddell said that she hurt herself with her a reality show and she didn’t brush up enough on issues when she resigned as Governor. I swear FOX News is having more hit-pieces on Sarah Palin. Next up is Herman Cain on his show.

    • NY59Giants

      BOR wants to say that Sarah is irrelevant, but continues to have segments about her. 

      Then, he wants Cain to explain economic policy to him and tries to correct Cain on how dropping the capital gains tax to zero will not work. You may not like Cain, but he was CEO or a company and was a governor at the Fed. 

      Its simple BOR, more money to invest and hire workers. The workers pay taxes and don’t get unemployment insurance. The states will not need to ask for higher rates on unemployment insurance fees from employers. Employers can expand businesses and buy more equipment. Those manufacturers will expand their business to produce more equipment. Side benefit is less taxes going to the government…always a winner. 

      Guest 2 BOR 0

    • $8196935

      I posted this on another thread

      Cain is being interviewed by BOR
      Cain just finished himself off.
      He can’t answer one question on National Security, foreign Affairs.
      When asked how to stop Iran from Nuclear weapons, Cain’s answer had todo with oil and costs. 
      Cain has no clue Iran is the head of the snake.
      Also when asked a question Cain repeates what was just asked then attempts to answerHave noticed this before.

      • SaraPFan

        Does BOR interrupt him or allows him to finish his answers?

        • $8196935

          BOR was giving Cain the floor and on the questions Cain couldn’t answer  or get to the point
          BOR did not press as he would have if Sarah was in that position.

    • SaraPFan

      How in the Lord’s name did Palin hurt herself with her reality show?  She gave high ratings to TLC? She destroyed the myth that Republican’s don’t care about our environment. We just don’t swallow the man-made global warming pill. She destroyed the myth that she is a "diva" which was contrived by the McCain staffers. I guess I’d rather believe Oprah (the media conglomerate) who watched her and even though she’s an Obama supporter, said that the show displayed Palin possessing charisma. 
      Oprah:  I would say that America’s going to fall in love with her. When I saw that first episode, I went, ‘Whoa! She is charming and very likable.

      Is Palin not a Fox contributor discussing issues all the time? I don’t know how experts can be outlandish statements with no basis.

    • rainbow59

      please stop watching Bill O’Reilly

    • SFP2012

      I have come to the conclusion that Bill O’Reilly is nothing more than a conceited as*!  The guy is completely in love with himself, and he still holds a grudge against Sarah for slapping him down the last time he interviewed her!

      • alien4palin

        I find BOR quite a pompous a$$

  • Michael_from_Michigan

    The segment on O’Rielly misses the point, President Obama’s negatives are bigger than Sarah’s negatives.  Secondly, she is going to run an unconventional campaign in the first place.  Bill is starting to read between the lines–she is running for president–go see the movie, Bill!

    • Flapjackmaka

      But Perry might come in

      • Flapjackmaka

        I mean what if that coerces her not to run. I think she likes perry

        • Jasmine Clark

          she wouldn’t do all this preparation for a run and then give it up!!

          • Michael_from_Michigan


            Right on!  Sarah is pushing the lines of what she can do as a noncandidate until she declares she is running.  I believe it will be around the Fourth of July, no later than Labor Day.

            • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

              Good point… Sarah is shrewd… She’s going to do EVERYTHING possible pre-announcement to make an impact. She’s maximizing her pre-announcement impact right now, then she will maximize her post-announcement impact. Look at what she’s been able to do just in the last 10 days or so. She’s sucking all the oxygen out of the campaign, and she hasn’t even announced.

              • nkthgreek

                I can’t wait to see how she plays the 45,000 email release. Those MSM’s going on attack dog mode are going to be scattering and yelping with their tails between their legs!

        • exodus2011


          Gov Palin brought up Perry’s name when asked about the GOP field when she was on the Bus Tour last week (she brought his name up, not the Reporters)

          that was a signal to 2 people

          1 – her ally, Rick Perry to start making noises about maybe entering the POTUS race, to help keep the race in flux and the big donor money sidelined

          2- Tokyo Rove – to tell him that two can play at the stalking horse game, Karl Babeeeeee


          • grizzlyrising

            Yes.  I mean, we don’t know for sure but yes.  We have to remember that this is for the Presidency!  All kinds of tactics need to be used.  Those are mighty sharky waters. 

          • Guest

            (German accent)….Very intersting….ja es good.

        • RichardNC

          Why do you think she will defer to Perry?

          Why would she care if Perry runs or not?

        • Amjean

          Sorry to say this – please, no hate postings!! LOL

          If Palin backs anyone that is currently suggested as a presidential candidate or in the race today, including Perry, she is going back on her word as far as I am
          concerned.  She said she was waiting to see if there was a candidate that fit her
          criteria that she could get behind. 

          Perry is not that person.  There is NO other person besides Palin who can right the
          wrongs that have been pushed upon this country by the Obama administration and
          the democraps and repubs, repub estab, in the house and senate, etc.  And that
          includes the freshmen 2010 repubs who are lagging as to the promises they made.

          This country is in too much trouble to trust the righting of the ship to an "almost".

      • susiepuma

        Who cares?  nobody knows who he is either outside of Texas……………..

      • Guest

        Perry who???

        • puma_for_life

          I don’t think he has a chance;nobody knows him.

          • Vicki

            A while back Perry popped off about Texas ceceding from the US. There’s some kind of legal thing from way back that technically Texas is the one state that can cecede because they were actually their own country for about a month or so. Anyway, that line would probably sink a presidential campaign. How could you elect a president who wanted to cecede?

      • Amjean

        Over on a Hot Air threat about Perry, some people are just giddy with anticipation.

  • faith_in

    Poll is on the right hand side, please vote and repost!

    • Jasmine Clark

      voted. only 31% yes. needs more votes.

      • jhva99

        More Votes, Please.

        • Roberta Williams

          Ditto. Oops. This was supposed to be in response to Grizzlyrising.

      • grizzlyrising


  • gahanson

    Interesting how they have this review in the WaPo at the same time they are looking for a volunteer lynch mob to comb through 24,000 pages of emails.

    OT:  Just saw BOR and Pat Cadell(?) talking about how Palin is hurting the gop by sucking up all the oxygen from the real candidates.  My question is:  If Romney, Pawlenty, etc., can’t compete with the oxygening sucking Palin, just how are they going to compete with an oxygen sucking 0bama, complete with his army of media minions, and the all out negative assault that they would be under during the campaign?  If they can’t compete with Palin, they stand no chance against 0bama.

    That is why BOR and the others on the attack against Palin, they know that she is the ONLY one who has withstood the media and 0bama onslaught, has not only survived, but has gone on the offensive against the big 0.  NO ONE can come anywhere close to what she has been through, and what she has done.

    • ellebb

      Boy, they sure do have an agenda, don’t they.  Like she doesn’t have the right as an American to run a campaign, or a pre-campaign.

      They’re starting to sound like the Dems.  wah, wah, wah, wah

      • FlAli

        But you see according to them she does not the same rights as another American.  Just by existing she should be stripped of that right.

    • ellebb

      By the way, if we would all stop watching BOR, his rating would go down.

      I haven’t watched him in years – only when Sarah is on.

      • danielvito

        O’Reilly’s ratings are down 9% over the last year! Approximately, he has lost 300,000 viewers a night or 10,680,000 viewers over a year. I would say that Sarah’s fans are causing him heartburn.

      • c4pfan

        That’s what I do. I already know what the idiot is going to say, so why bother?

    • FlAli

      The review was a bit snarky and it was obvious that they did not want to say anything positive at all.  Whatever positive thing that was written it was like a backhanded compliment.  I am just looking forward to their "email scandal".  There is already scuttlebutt about their not finding anything because of course "all the bad emails" were destroyed.  In other words, they are already looking for excuses as to why there is nothing there. 

      • Guest

        Palin haters:   CURSES, foiled again.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I’m hopeful to get permission to show the movie to most of the American Legion and VFW posts in southeastern Kentucky.  I doubt that any theater south or east of Lexington will be showing it.

    To gage the interest, I’ve contacted the Post Commanders at twelve different posts so far, and I’ve already gotten eight positive responses.  The plan is to show it on a night when spouses are invited.

    Within one hundred miles of me, their are twenty-seven American Legion posts and eighty-one VFW posts located outside a metro area.

    Anyone affiliated with any of the O4P chapters may want to look into doing this in their state.

    • jhva99

      Awesome Refudiate!

    • Guest

      wonderful idea….when the DVD is out, I plan to have "Palin parties" and show the movie.

      • ellebb

        Great idea

    • Amjean

      What a great idea!  Brilliant!

  • heypiasano

    Let’s put somethings into proper perspective, especially the Influence of Bill O’Reilly.

    Ratings- Sarah Palin’s Alaska average over 3 million viewers per episode, O"Reilly’s average has dropped to 2.5 million rage.

    Book Sales- Sarah’s two books have outsold O"Reilly’s

    People have forgotten that O’Reilly washed out on talk radio, I don’t even think that he lasted 6 months to a year.

    What O’Reilly says and does about Sarah Palin doesn’t have the impact that some people are making  it.

    Take Sarah’s example, ignore him!

    • c4pfan

      I’ve been saying that forever!  Geez, people here give him way too much power.

    • N.A.C.

      "pinhead or patriot?"
      – pinhead

  • Buck Taylor


  • mainelysteve

    Ojher than the sneek peek from Sean Hannity, have we seen any reviews from Fox? And if no, why not?

    • ellebb

      Interesting observation

  • cherich

    She is has a chance to win! She will win!! BOR is passe. I rarely watch him.
     We just need to keep our heads down and keep our on the prize!!!

  • tingale12

    Pardon me  for veering off with my post. here  I could not contain my disgust during the exchange between .Pat Cadell (once worked for JCater) was on Oreilly tonight.  OReilly says, " Sarah Palin’s flirtation"  and "manipulating the process," when ALL ‘experts’ at Fox does not think she is running. And yet she had the bus tour, now coming up with a movie. highest negative polling, and most republican’s will not vote for her,

    Pat Cadell, in his wisdom agrees with OReilly  that she is hurting the other candidates or would be candidate as she is ‘sucking all the oxygen," ( as he was saying the I was shouting at this moron).

    OReilly thinks she has a lot of " followers, her base is strong, I suppose he was trying to bait Cadell, to make a negative comment of her naturally.  OReilly continues to harp on the low polling and yet not sure what will happen based on  the results, if she decides to ran.

    Cadell reminded OReilly what happened to Dean and Kerry results in IOWA when both ran for the presidency, He said their were placards that said, Date with Dean, Marry for Kerry, The were popular, yet both lost in IOWA. Cadell is suppose to be another expert analyst.

    It was entertaining to hear both trying to inject doubt as best they could. especially for OReilly’s viewers of course, that the governor may be popular, may have the base, but ‘unelectable,"  this high negatives about her does not bode well for her.

    Id like to know if both of this dufus have a crystal ball as they seem certain she has no chance of even making it in the primary~~~~~

    What caught attention was what OReilly said about ALL of the experts at Fox does not think she is running, Once again marginalizing her, and keeping the drumbeat that she really does not matter.

    But this are their opinion of course, which does not mean squat~~~SSDD IMHO.

    • gahanson

      Funny how an unimportant, unpopular Palin can suck all the oxygen away from the serious real candidates, like Romney, Pawlenty, Cain, Gingrich, etc.  If these guys can’t compete with the "oxygen sucking" Palin, just how are they going to compete with the oxygen sucking 0bama, complete with his army of media minions, and his Chicago style attack machine? 

      Palin is the ONLY one who has stood up to, and taken everything the 0bama media, and his attack machine has to offer.  Not only has she survived, she fights back harder than ever.

      BOR and the rest know that when Palin gets into the race, she’ll not only win the nomination, she stands an excellent chance to send 0bama to the ash heap of history.  When that happens, it will be a whole new ballgame in DC, and there will be a major earthquake for the media as well.

    • friskyness

      How can she be "sucking all the oxygen" if she doesn’t matter?  Plus, how can she be hurting the other candidates if she doesn’t matter? Plus, how can she be doing anything wrong if she isn’t running?  Does O’reilly and his pals know how stupid they sound?  It’s unflippinbelievable!"

    • nkthgreek

      I wonder who the experts are at Fox. Apparently Hannity must not be one.

    • ripcurl2121

      why would you waste your time watching 2 morons spew garbage? dont you have anything better to do, like chew on tin foil?

      • tingale12

        It[s non of your God-dam business what I do with my time, For your information you don’t know who I am. I will say this again, the likes of you is what turns people off from joining the cause to support the governor. Know this  I have a strong constituency that will be  waiting for my signal to check that box when that day comes for choosing who will lead YOUR country on November 2012.


        So go hug a tree and drink some TOOBA.  I can sense the cauliflower shape organ of your brain apparently has not matured.  

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