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Wednesday Open Thread

"Amongst other strange things said of me, I hear it is said by the deists that I am one of the number; and indeed, that some good people think I am no Christian. This thought gives me much more pain than the appellation of Tory; because I think religion of infinitely higher importance than politics; and I find much cause to reproach myself that I have lived so long, and have given no decided and public proofs of my being a Christian. But, indeed, my dear child, this is a character which I prize far above all this world has, or can boast."

- Patrick Henry, – Letter to Betsy Aylett, his daughter, August 20, 1796

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined… The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun."

- Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

"United we stand, divided we fall, Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs."

- Patrick Henry, Last Public Speech Before His Death, March 4, 1799

"If we wish to be free; if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending; if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained – we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms, and to the God of hosts, is all that is left us."

- Speech at the Second Virginia Convention at St. John’s Church, Redmond, Virginia, March 23, 1777

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  • wisetrog

    Good morning all. 

  • TedTorgerson

    Morning guys. Has anyone heard how ticket sales for Sarah’s movie are going?
     I just got tickets to Mitt’s new movie about his time as governor and passing Romneycare called "The Unconstitutional."

    • Guest

      Ah, hahaha

    • Jake Dort

      I bought two tickets to Orange, CA showing on July 15th.  Is anyone else going there?

      • Nicole

        Got my ticket to the 7 show there as well!  I am so excited.  Those Harry Potter opening day fans have nothing on me! 

        • All4Palin

          For those going to the Orange, CA show at 7pm on the 15th — Look for
          the O4P people wearing Palin buttons or Organize4Palin t-shirts. After
          the show there will be a chance to meet each other and also tell others
          who don’t know about O4P to sign up. I believe the plan is to walk
          across the street for coffee and to chat. Unfortunately I won’t be able
          to go on opening night. But I’ll be there on Saturday evening.

          • Nicole

            Thank you!  If possible, I am even more excited now!

        • Jake Dort

          Darn, I am going to the first show at 10:15 am.  Enjoy the 7:00 pm show and meeting other Orange County fans (I’m driving from San Diego : )

    • curth

      I turned down two free tickets to a double feature, one starring Michelle Bachmann "The Unqualified" and another starring Jon Huntsman "The Uninteresting".

  • Bean Counter

    Cashed in an Amazon gift card yesterday, rolled the dice, and downloaded Bristol’s book onto my Kindle. Finished reading it last night. It’s actually quite interesting, unbelievably candid, sometimes uncomfortably so, but it’s honest, and is something I believe every teenager, male as well as female, should read.

    Has lots of behind the scenes details of the big announcement in Ohio, the convention, DWTS, etc. Also lots of insight into the Palin family dynamics. I have even more respect for Bristol’s parents, particularly Todd, her siblings and extended family. Lots of family pictures, too.

    I rather enjoyed it. Very much worth reading.

    • cookboy

      Thanks, Bean! Nice to see ya!

    • Vicki

      Well, good Bean. Because the few clips I’d seen were not very nice. Something I surely wouldn’t want one of my daughters to be writing. Even if they had done it.
      But, hey, that’s me. I don’t believe in putting my sins up on display. I think shame is very underrated these days.

      • pgroup

        Well, a lot of sins have commercial value which explains why they are out in public. 

    • c4pfan

      Bristol said on her facebook that she has the most awesome Dad!  Makes me mad that I still don’t have my book and I pre-ordered it.

      • midwestprincesse

        Through Amazon? Through snail mail? I’ve pre-ordered stuff from there and generally it doesn’t arrive early; I just end up saving money.

      • Spiridon

        Speaking of Bristol, the media is trying to promote Levi Johnston’s "tell-all" book that tells his lies…uh… i mean his side of the story. But I would not be worried about it. Here are some ratings on Amazon bestseller’s list:
        Bristol’s book: #492
        Levi’s book: #125,579
        Hitler’s "Mein Kampf": #29,927

        • John

          Looking at the reviews for the book it appears that even Bristol triggers the Palin derangement syndrome in lots of leftist trolls. Truly bizarre. It does show how anything Palin stirs up the left like nothing else.

    • cuttingboardblues

      Even though she wasn’t the candidate a MUST read.  I say that as someone who rolled my eyes when I heard she was writing a book.  Though not very "deep" it was very eye opening.  She said a lot of things probably no one else could.  Highly recommended. 

    • DDJ58

      Bean, where’s mia and beehive? been trying to find out. I miss their presence.

      • Bean Counter

        Last time I spoke with Mia, she was good, just extremely busy. Have no clue about Beehive.

        • DDJ58

          Thanks. After developing web relationships and then they disappear it’s no way to know if something is going on or if there’s something we could do to assist. So thanks and tell Mia she’d better get with the program and get back real soon. /s

  • cookboy

    That darn Patrick Henry! What a guy! A buddy o’ mine plays him at St. John’s Church re-enactments. An amazing thing to see.

    Oh, yes, good morning!

  • stlouisix

    Spend holiday getting to know who made it possible
    Keith Bierly
    Read more:

    Keith Bierly is a disciple of the professional “secular progressivism penumbra finding living document crowd” who set the stage for the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, making abortions legal because of a right to privacy that is nowhere found in The Constitution for the very good reason that if such a right existed, i.e., “privacy trumps all,” we’re left with anarchy, as many heinous crimes are committed in private.  These types hypocritically tell us “not to rewrite history” when doing so is their modus operandi, as evinced by this latest column in PRAVDA Central PA which is never at a loss when it comes to finding Leftists to pollute its op-ed pages. 

    Bierly would have us believe that any activist jurist who willfully trashes The Constitution is to be revered with, evidently, no problem with Dred Scott when slavery was legalized, and certainly no problem with Roe v. Wade when the brutal killing of innocents in what should be their safest place of refuge, their mothers’ wombs, was legalized in willful ignorance that The Declaration of Independence talks about the importance of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” with Life being the clear priority.

    Moreover, it is recognized that The Constitution is the fulfillment of The Declaration of Independence which puts a premium on the importance of “nature and nature’s God” for the survival of The Republic.  The Preamble to The Constitution is a brief introductory statement of The Constitution’s fundamental purposes and guiding principles. It states in general terms, and courts have referred to it as reliable evidence of, the Founding Father’s intentions regarding The Constitution’s meaning and what they hoped The Constitution would achieve.

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Notice the reference to "our Posterity" referring to Americans yet unborn underscoring the understood meaning of "Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness" in The Declaration of Independence, in particular, that, without the first, "Life", the other two have no meaning! Also note, the impossibility of "establishing Justice, insuring domestic Tranquility, promoting the common Welfare, and security the Blessings of Liberty," when anything but tranquility results when credence is given to unjust laws against the Natural Law of Almighty God that is necessary for the moral order, God Whose blessings of liberty will never be forthcoming when the welfare of the most innocent of His creation is so woefully trashed on altars to false gods, to particularly include the "god in the mirrors" of an activist judiciary.

    Bierly, no doubt, would be a fan of the late Justice Brennan who, in order to give benefits to illegitimate children, said that marriage was a legally impermissible category. If you want to give food lunches to illegitimate as well as legitimate children, there must be some way to do that without coming up with a radical statement like Brennan’s.

    And therein lies the problem with Bierly’s revisionist view of The Constitution which clearly says what the framers intended and, as such, is not open to the interpretations of a radical activist judiciary who practice eisegesis in expressing the interpreter’s own ideas, bias, or the like, rather than the meaning of the text in an originalist sense which is the only sense in properly adhering to The Constitution which, by nature, must be static, barring amendment allowed only by Congress, not the interpretation of an out-of-control activist judiciary.  This was done by the framers intentionally in order to provide the necessary solid foundation for The Constitution as a protection against those who would reinvent it at their liberal whims. 

    Which begs, the following question.  Since when are Justices better qualified to be making moral decisions over people of faith and right reason who also have rights guaranteed under The Constitution, e.g., freedom of religion, which must come as a revelation to the likes of Bierly?

    Bierly is fooling no one with his liberal belief that The Constitution needs to be changed – not for more liberty, but so the government can have more control over us as we all become good little communists!

  • c4pfan

    I don’t know how, but when I was trying to look up a story about some guy protesting Romney on his visit to Cherry Hills here in Colorado, I saw a cover of Time with Ralph Reed on it (making him look devilish more than anything).  Does anyone know what that stupid article was about?

  • unseen1

    Besides  Palin and Perry  does  any think that any other candidate can get in at this late stage and be a force  within the nomination fight?   I’m  thinking  that  the field is  just about set and we  should be  getting some addtional  information from Gov  Palin within  the next  couple   weeks.   

    • section9

      That’s my thought as well. Palin knows that bus trips are effective. She can get in late and be effective. I believe she is waiting until later this week or early next.

      • unseen1

        yeah  I think if  she is going to run  we will see "something"  from her in early  july.    the  establishment  has shown their  hand and  shown how they are going to  handle this  Palin strategy of waiting.  they are going to ignore her and  play the out of sight  out of mind  game.    they  upped the ante  this week  with taking her out of the polling.   So  Palin needs to counterattack  soon  because the  establishment’s  attacks  are working as more and more people become  convinced she isn’t  running.  

        How  many  more $100  checks for the movie would be flowing to Sarahpac  today  if People  knew she was running  or  even  thought she was.?

        • GeraldGoff

          If she was running then the money would flow to her presidental campaign fund and not sarahpac.

      • pipam12

        her movie is playing in new york today and in Iowa sometime before July so things are happening

    • PEC111

      Actually the clock is ticking hard on Perry.  I think he has until about late July at best and even that is stretching it.  Palin has a little more time.  The bus tour pit stop is my bigge4st concern as I noted elsewhere.

      • pipam12

        she has name recognition she can jump in later , i feel like she has a big surprise for us that we aren’t expecting  just like the bus tour surprised us and the movie too

      • Jake Dort

        You were quoted by the Lame Stream Media as being baffled and frustrated:

        We need to be more careful.  Loose lips sink ships.

    • kyslim

      She has plenty of time… the present field sucks. We are waiting and ready,

  • PEC111

    To me the big deal in Scott Conroy’s article is the bus tour.  I figure it would have already started by now.  With the fishing season getting started and with her trip to the Sudan, it appears to almost have been cancelled.  At least if it was going to be in June. Of course she is known for the unpredictable but there is no way this tour is going West Coast, MidWest and South Carolina all this month.  I for the first time am having true concerns that she has decided not to run.  Don’t blast me too hard.

    That said maybe she wanted the tour to better coincide with the movie release.

    • unseen1

      it  could  also  be  scheduled  for around the holidays.  Memorial  day,  4th of july  Labor day.   Three  legs  NH, IA, Sc  three holidays.   three intense  weeks of  tours.    but i would agree  it  seems like a long pit stop.

      • pipam12


    • OldVet

      I can relate to how you feel PEC111. When she announced there would be a second and third leg of the bus tour, I sure didn’t get the impression that it would be weeks or maybe months before it would start again.

    • cookboy

      Is there any particular reason the bus tour couldn’t carry on after an announcement of candidacy?

      • Tazeme

        Yes.  She cannot spend Pac money on personal expenses after she announces for President.

        • Jake Dort

          The campaign can but the bus and re-paint though!

        • cookboy

          But she could spend her own, or campaign money.

    • JLAdevelop

      The article has renewed my doubts as well which had disappeared during the bus tour. Most on this site believe Sarah is running and will look at any fact and see it as evidence she is running. None of us know what she is planning and we all speculate. I look at the facts that have occurred in June and have some doubts:
           Sarah met with Roger Ailes of Fox and convinced him she has not decided whether to run and kept her job at Fox (I don’t think she was misleading him).
           SarahPac is actively fund raising for money that can not be spent on a Presidential campaign. She is not fund raising for a presidential run.
           She has not announced any public events, campaign activities or additional staff since the tour ended on June 2 and she returned to Alaska. 
           In the couple of interviews she gave in June she said she is 50/50 about running for the nomination. Otherwise she has been very quiet in June.
      Have I missed any facts that have arisen this month?

      • Guest

        I believe she still hasn’t decided, as she has said several times when asked, and that the silence = soulsearching, prayer, contemplation, and that perhaps she is wrestling with her decision.

    • ellebb

      I almost have to say that if she does not do any more bus tour, it has the appearance of "bouncing off the wall".  If "unconventional" means "unplanned, erratic, eccentric" I’m not sure it would sell.  (You know, the typical woman, can’t make up her mind, changes plans etc.) 

      There have been some Obama decisions recently that I’d have thought Sarah would have responded to via FB… nothing.

      I truly am hoping there will be a big ANNOUNCEMENT in concert with the movie release.

      • Dave Dowler

        the silence is deafining !!!  The pace of these campaigns is soooo different from even a decade ago. They did not have bloggers, 24 hr news, facebook, twitter and Debates this far from the general a decade ago. Like it or not the game has been pushed forward dramatically and more so each election cycle. Stealth tactics are needed, sending some covert special forces in ahead of time are invaluable,  but mean-while the troops need to be readied. My heart thinks this is being done, but then again I consider myself a troop in waiting and I have no flippin idea what is to come……., other than my own read of the tea leaves on the ground with all of their leaf tips pointing to Wash DC

        • Jake Dort

          Be patient, because her unconventional campaign will be exactly that.

          • TexS2012

            yeah, why give the enemy any ammo. Sarah Palin is smart and said it wouldn’t be like any other campaign for president. Just think of all the sharks between the media and politicans trying to out  smart her. I think it’s great and I have supreme confidence in her.

    • Dave Dowler

      No Blast Pec111….  I think everyone has a degree of concern. BUT…all the tea leaves would point toward 1600 Penn Ave. Her opportunity is now and probably only now. I cannot imagine a possible candidate with her street cred not seizing the moment. She has endured so mach crap setting up this moment in time it would be a defeat not to run….and we know that she is the "Undefeated" Sarah 12

    • PEC111

      Oh I can add, as much as I want her to run, I am not one to jump ship if she doesn’t.  Just because being President is what I want of her does not mean that is what she wants.  I still support the causes that she does.

  • unseen1

    CreepyJoe  Mcginniss  is off  his rocker again.   Begging  Gov Palin not to go to Sudan.   You  can safelty  say  that the left is now offically  worried about the Palin trip to the sudan   I would  think.    Watch the stories in the coming  weeks  about this.    

    • Pete Petretich

      That’s just weird. What the heck does he care if she goes there?

      I’m surprised that Journolists are not already hoping that she STAYS in Sudan. Maybe Creepy Joe is afraid that he will also have to go there (to continue working on his book) and then they won’t have any Depend Undergarments for his little "problem."

      The Creep started his career writing a book about one of Nixon’s campaigns. It looks to me like our Sarah is making him feel like an old man.

      Poor little creep, boo-hoo…

      • unseen1

        Because he  understands the impact  it  could have for  Gov Palin  not only on the domestice  front  but also on the international  front.   He cares  because he  sees  what a PR  goldmine this  could  me for her.    Now  I think  Palin is  going  with Franklin grahman  and thus she will not make it politcal.   But  Joe  is worried aboout  it getting positive press.     Sundan/Dufur  is a liberal   cause   and  you  know how conservaitves are mean and  evil and  don’t care about the helpless   right?    So   Joe  is worried  about the liberal press  writing up "good"  stories about the sundan  visit.  He and other Liberal "  gatekeepers"   will be setting the "tone"  on how the stories  should be written  in the coming  weeks.    a tone  that the MSM is more than likely to pick up.  

        • Pete Petretich

          Yes, and (sadly) the Darfur tragedy has fallen off the headlines. This will make the MSM and Establishment seem uncaring in contrast with Sarah and Franklin.

          As usual, the Journolists are chasing around the latest story and forgetting about the death, destruction, rape, and slavery in the Sudan.

    • cuttingboardblues

      Well I begged him not to send his career into oblivion but he didn’t listen. 

    • AndreaB

      I’m not sure why hs is worried but this could be a dangerous trip for Gov. Palin—

      Sudanese Military, Militias Kill Christians in South Kordofan–

  • Pete Petretich

    Why are there two substantial articles about Sarah linked on RealClearPolitics today if she’s irrelevant?

    Most DECLARED candidates would beg (or pay) for that kind of coverage.

  • polarfan

    I think Scott Conroy’s article is very entertaining and basically says "I don’t have a clue what’s going on and there’re no leaks to find out"..

    Very funny -YOU GO SARAH -keep them all in the dark..

  • TexasRayGunner

    Bloodthirsty Abortionist Barbara Boxer Wants Taxpayers to Pay for Military Abortions – – – –

    • GeraldGoff

      yes.  I would prefer for a raped us military member to get care, ALL care at a us military hospital and not in some third world Afgani hospital. 

      • TexasRayGunner

        Women in the U.S. Military who are raped have access to the Plan B "morning after pill" – Boxer is pushing for taxpayer-funded elective abortions.

        • AndreaB

          Plan B depending on the brand works from 72-120 hours and the cost is from $10-70 dollars. –Yes..Boxer is just looking for a way for tax payer funded elective abortion.

  • Greg Legakis

    Mitt Romney Will Skip July Daily Caller Debate because it’s not televised.

    • Pete Petretich

      How boring of him.

  • TexasRayGunner

    Harry Reid Picks Huntsman over Romney as his Favorite Candidate in GOP field – – – –

  • Greg Legakis

    Article: Palin Bus Tour Takes Extended Pit Stop

    This is just what I was talking about yesterday. Inquiring minds want to know…what’s up with the bus tour? Change of plans or new big splash?

    • BostonBruin

      Given the content of the recent SarahPAC letter, I think it’s the latter.

    • Amjean

      Perhaps they are having the bus repainted – something more along the lines of a
      presidential candidate’s bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlytheE

    I got Bristol’s book at yesterday and want to listen to it more than I am getting the time to do so.  The part that I have listened to at this point is very very good. It is so appropriate for the youth.  She makes it plain that if other young people can read her story and learn, then the purpose of the book will be served.  It is so well written and she is the one who reads it on the audio.  I am impressed.

    • c4pfan

      Nancy French helped her write it. 

  • Guest

    Some of you may have seen the video of the crying baby that Michelle Obama hands the President. I thought it was time to revisit this moment between Gov. Palin and Trig. Touching!

  • palin45potus

    About the hiatus that Scott Conroy is reporting on,

    I know that the guy had some access to the Palin bus, and I think that he’s been fair enough to them to warrant a bit of trust.  But does he really know that much more about Sarah’s schedule than we do?

    Here is my theory.  The 2 year mark of her resignation is still the same day.  The same legal calculations that existed before the 1st leg of the bus tour and the DVD release still exist, but now she’s 3 weeks closer to the end of it.

    She DID force the hand os her opposition, though, "Flushed them out"  This changed the perceptions that the media tries to sell us.  They are thrown off their game by Sarah, because they always "Get jammed" by her pithes, and they need a few days to think up a new angle to attack from.  By then she’s moved on to another treestand and watches and waits.  

    I wonder if she’s going to have another multimedia blitz when she emerges again.  I’m expecting that when she announces, she won’t have a mere 100 people show up.. She’ll have everyone’s attention, so she’ll have a great opportunity to hit another home run, with everyone watching.  I don’t expect her to waste her shot!

    • Bogdan51

      We can, obviously, speculate into the eternity. However judging after Sarah’s past performances and suprises she has given us, the next action shall be SPECTACULAR.

      And that is something we can be rather sure of.

      So let’s calm down…

      • generictrainee

        Precisely , until she says she’s out , she’s in the race.

        No reason to force this.

  • unseen1

    Executive Order–Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes Not  good  guys.

    vi) respect and preserve our Nation’s maritime heritage, including our social, cultural, recreational, and historical values;(vii) exercise rights and jurisdiction and perform duties in accordance with applicable international law, including respect for and preservation of navigational rights and freedoms, which are essential for the global economy and international peace and security;(viii) increase scientific understanding of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems as part of the global interconnected systems of air, land, ice, and water, including their relationships to humans and their activities;(ix) improve our understanding and awareness of changing environmental conditions, trends, and their causes, and of human activities taking place in ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes waters; and(x) foster a public understanding of the value of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes to build a foundation for improved stewardship.(b) The United States shall promote this policy by:(i) ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative framework for the stewardship of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes that facilitates cohesive actions across the Federal Government, as well as participation of State, tribal, and local authorities, regional governance structures, nongovernmental organizations, the public, and the private sector;(ii) cooperating and exercising leadership at the international level;(iii) pursuing the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention; and(iv) supporting ocean stewardship in a fiscally responsible manner.

    • MaMcGriz

      I pray for the day when President Palin nullifies all such executive orders.

  • Greg Legakis

    Gore promoting fewer children to curb pollution

    Can’t we just retroactively abort Al Gore? No, wait. I’m against abortion. Hmm… Can’t we just use 2nd Amendment "remedies."

    Just kidding Secret Service, just kidding.

    • PhillyCon

      Doesn’t Gore have 5 or 4 kids?

      • ellebb

        The "rules" are for THEE, not Me !

        • narciso

          Remember John Holdren. the President’s Science Advisor wanted to put sterilizing agents in the drinking water, Zombie of Pajamas Media , had a piece on it,

      • Greg Legakis

        That he knows of . . . afterall, he is quite the ladies man.  : 0

      • AndreaB

        I found this in the comment section—So sayeth the man with four children and a carbon footprint the size of a third world nation. He simply cannot be taken seriously, except as a threat to your liberty.

        • MaMcGriz


          Taste that nightstick!

    • AmsterdamExpat

      Well, I don’t know how the laws governing eminent domain expropriation are set up in his state, but if it’s legally possible it would serve him right if that energy-inefficient monster of a house of his were seized and turned into a museum dedicated to pseudoscientific frauds and swindles, and the knaves who profit by them.

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