A Review of ‘Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin’

Nothing is quite so damaging to the mainstream media as publishing their own words in context. In her new book, Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin, conservative author and C4Per Gina Dalfonzo does just that – in chilling fashion. 

Ever wanted to compare ABC News anchor Charles Gibson’s fawning interview with Obama to his condescending inquisition of Palin? Dalfonzo has it for you. Here’s a fair representation of the questions which Dalfonzo has in longer form … I can’t think of a better way to illustrate liberal media bias than this.

Gibson to Obama:

What are your feelings about winning the nomination? Has it sunk in yet?

What did your grandmother say?

Do you ever say to yourself: ‘Son of a gun, I’ve done this?’

Did you truly, in your gut, think that a black man could win the nomination of a major party to be president of the United States?


Gibson to Palin:

You in favor of putting Georgia and Ukraine into NATO?

And under the NATO treaty, wouldn’t we then have to go to war if Russian went into Georgia?

Let me turn to Iran. Do you consider a nuclear Iran to be a threat to Israel?

Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?

Aside from the strikingly different tone, notice all the open-ended questions to Obama, giving him a chance to speak in a relaxed, reflective manner. Nobody has a problem per se with the questions Gibson posed to Palin, aside from the false insinuation that there is actually one definitive Bush Doctrine, or when he took Palin’s prayer for the troops out of context to suggest she was a holy warrior. What was troubling is that Gibson showed far less concern about the worldview that had shaped the man running for president, than he did in quizzing Palin. Not once did Gibson ask Palin what her relatives thought of her historic nomination to the vice presidency. ABC also deliberately edited out key parts of Palin’s interview, where she elaborated on her foreign policy worldview. Dalfonzo has the edited vs. unedited transcript.

The beauty of what Dalfonzo has done is that she has taken the time to research all the hideous examples of media malpractice that we have encountered over the last three years, including the JournoList scandal, and the ridiculously unhinged coverage of Palin’s resignation. And she has put it into chronological order and context, attempting to explain why it happened. She has written the book I wish I had the patience to produce. I would have given up in despair after pouring through the unedited version of the six-hour Katie Couric interview. I probably would have broken out into a satiric fit.

Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin should be required reading for any Palin supporter. It should be in your home or Kindle library as a reference and reminder of what the media is capable of doing. It’s a who’s who list of repeat offenders. While some of the stories will be familiar to anyone who has followed Governor Palin, the level of detail offered in the book is priceless. Even I was surprised by some of the background Dalfonzo digs up on the various Palin rumors such as Troopergate, Trig Trutherism, the "Kill Him" urban legend, the book banning myth, the wardrobe malfunction, and the creationism-abstinence-only lies.

I was especially touched by the chapter in which Dalfonzo documents the hateful comments by liberal women, and her effort to explain why Sarah Palin is such a threat to the liberal feminist establishment. She reminds us that liberals have always been about symbolism, and they rely on clueless Republicans to ignore symbolism. Dalfonzo adroitly points out how George W. Bush signed the partial-birth abortion ban surrounded by eight white men, the legislators who worked on the legislation. Unfortunately, the left was able to spin this until the cows came home – ignoring the substance and inherent decency of what Bush did, and focusing on the bad optics.

So when Sarah Palin came along with symbolism AND substance, the Left was apoplectic. They had no choice but to BRING HER DOWN. Of course, the left was aided and abetted by backstabbers within the Republican Party. Dalfonzo documents the "friendly fire" quite well also, as well as the despicable tactics of the Alaska Mafia, the bloggers who have been at the heart of nearly every false accusation against Governor Palin.

Gina Dalfonzo has added to the conservative canon with a well-researched history of media bias, illustrating how the growing confluence between news and entertainment served to create a caricature of a dynamic, young female leader. Fortunately, Dalfonzo also points the way to victory in 2012 … She reminds us that Sarah Palin has chosen to go around the corrupt media and take her message directly to the people.

Wouldn’t it be great if Sarah Palin could interview Charles Gibson right about now?

What are your feelings about becoming irrelevant?

Has it sunk in yet?

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  • pipam12

    ya pay backs are a Bit^% ,thank you Gina for your hard work

  • unseen1

    added to my summer reading list.

  • Guest

    I pre-ordered it from Amazon. Loved it, Gina. Thank You!

  • patnatasha

    someone needs to do the same to odufus.

  • http://praying4commonsense.blogspot.com nala3325

    Truth always finds its way to come out. Thanks, Gina.

    You guys might want to add this to your morning reading/blog list. it’s always a fun read. http://www.whitehousedossier.com/

  • JanJosex99

    Gibson to JanJosex99:

    You in favor of putting Georgia and Ukraine into NATO?

    And under the NATO treaty, wouldn’t we then have to go to war if Russian went into Georgia?

    Let me turn to Iran. Do you consider a nuclear Iran to be a threat to Israel?

    Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?
    *I have NO idea what you are asking – and doubt YOU do either.  Wanna rephrase the question*

    • REHLV

      Obama’s answers to same questions:

      #1  Georgia, Oh my when did Georgia leave United States.  We now only have 56 states !
      #2  That must be a trick question, What does NATO really mean?  Is it code?
      #3  Can I go back to question #1.  Where is Ukraine is that next to Nevada?
      #4  Oh no… You said the Bush word.  He is the bad guy that made me spend all our money.

  • Caleb Smith

    I hate the MSM.  I just cancelled my DirecTV, and subscribed to GBTV and Netflix.  It feels great to not be subsidizing that filth anymore.

    • GeraldGoff

      "I hate the MSM. I just cancelled my DirecTV, and subscribed to GBTV and Netflix. It feels great to not be subsidizing that filth anymore.   "  

      I have never quite understood how limiting your resources could be considered a good thing?  By limiting your resources to only those you agree with, you are condemed to letting someone else do your thinking for you.  Why let GBTV filter your content?

      • lanahi

        I don’t have a TV or radio.  And, do you know what?  I do my own research and thinking without anyone filtering the content. Try it sometime.
        And, yes, if I did have a TV, I would not want to monetarily support the MSMs bias either.

  • scotgirl1

    she must have missed this interview in July 08  in which  Charlie Gibson did ask the difficult questions


    oh and does anyone have the   youtube clip of the interview Gina is talking about

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1537873048 Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      Yeah, and she also missed the interview where Gibson lobbed softball questions to Palin in an attempt to kiss her ass …

      Here’s the link:

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IDAKYMXLZIRLMLGEZJXV3AOO7E Vorlath

        Now that’s what a call a smackdown of truth.

        • scotgirl1

          hardly, I have not been able to find the youtube interview Gina is talking about and nobody is willing to acknowledge the interview link I posted, 

          • Gelston

            I will acknowledge it. It is one softball question after another Lassie. Are you going to move the embassy to Jerusalem? Answer: we are going to work though the process to resolve issues.
            Okay, I don’t have it 100% correct, but I was in the bathroom throwing up. I will not listen to that tripe again. I would rather eat haggis.
             Lassie. I’ll venture a guess that you did not listen to it or you would not have held it out  as "difficult questions."  You are embarrassing yourself. Go oot, bonnie lass.

            PS yes, there is a town of Gelston in Scotland

            • scotgirl1

              I would say the questions were about the same level as the Bush Doctrine question Sarah Palin was asked and fluffed

              I have listed to both the Obama one I posted and the Sarah Palin one    I still have not been able to find the one Gina was talking about 

              • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1537873048 Nicole Olmstead Coulter

                Palin didn’t "fluff" the Bush Doctrine question. The Bush Doctrine question was D.C.-speak BS. Charles Krauthammer, the person who coined the "Bush Doctrine," in fact says GIBSON fluffed the Bush Doctrine.


                Moreover, Charles Gibson took a PRAYER out of context in his attempt to smear Palin as a "holy warrior."

                Gibson: You said recently, in your old church, "Our national leaders are sending U.S. soldiers on a task that is from God." Are we fighting a Holy War?

                Palin: You know, I don’t know if that was my exact quote.

                Gibson: Exact words.

                Here are Palin’s "exact words" in the prayer:

                "Pray for our military men and women … [and] also for this country, that our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God."

                • jhva99

                  Tell it Nicole, this post is going in my Palin folder.

                • Betsey_Ross

                  The good news about this dust-up?  Charlie Gibson is no longer around.  Same for the Perky One.  It’s a beautiful thing.

                  • MaMcGriz

                    Ain’t it just sooo funny how that works??


                • TedTorgerson

                  I remember another ancient mariner of ABC News Sam Donaldson, who still has the same raccoon pelt on his head, just could not grasp this concept. He didn’t understand she was praying that our leaders have discernment to hear God’s voice and follow His will so their mission would be just. He kept insisting she was averring the mission was a mission from God. And then I realized what was the problem:

                  There is no one left in the MSM who knows how to pray! They’re all secular humanists with no tolerance for superstitious mumbo jumbo like a simple prayer for discernment. It’s like we are speaking a different language.

                  • MaMcGriz

                    Man you hit that one spot on.

                    They regard us as "other" while they’re sucking up to islam.

          • jhva99

            Read the transcipt, I understand there are no pictures, but give it your best shot.  And if you want us to read your stories, publish a book.

      • parigger

        Nicole Rules     Governor Palin 2012

    • NYJeremy


    • rightConcept

      Here is the transcript of the interview where Obama was sitting in Gibson’s lap.

      Contrast that with the attack dog interview of Palin.


      • aaron66krohn

        Notice the body language in the two interviews!

        In the Obama interview, Gibson has most of a table between him and Obama, and his glasses are NOT practically falling off his conceited schnozz!!!

        In his interrogation of Sarah, he is INCHES away from her, bodily speaking, and his glasses DRIP with Professorial arrogance and condescension!!!!!

        Always study the body language!!

      • scotgirl1

        thankyou  for posting that 

        so to be clear  Charlie Gibson   conducted more than one interview with the then Candidate   one (the softball one) when he was just selected then 2 couple of tougher ones later on  

        Palin who was chosen as the candidate for vice president was given one interview  so unless Gina talkes about all the interviews that Charlie Gibson conducted she is trying to mislead her readers.

        • rightConcept

          Yes and thanks for completely ignoring that the media took those interviews, and used them in their narrative about Palin. Completely ignoring her prior experience.

          So no. I am afraid Gina is not misleading her readers at all.

          I think you are the one that has been misled. Especially when you have a media that not only primps Obama, but actively hides stories that would hurt him.

  • grizzlyrising

    The media’s blind love and defense of Obama makes me sick.

  • myfairlady

    Sounds like a good read.  Gotta check it out.   Thanks for the review, and thanks to Gina for her time and hard work!


    If you want to read a good summary of the dirty tricks that ABC and Charles Gibson used against Governor Palin then it is right here among us. You can get there by typing "dirty tricks ABC" into the search window at the top of this page and it will get you almost there. Click the hat and then read away. You will be surprised at just how rotten these people can get.


    If you want to read a good summary of the dirty tricks that ABC and Charles Gibson used against Governor Palin then it is right here among us. You can get there by typing "dirty tricks ABC" into the search window at the top of this page and it will get you almost there. Click the hat and then read away. You will be surprised at just how rotten these people can get.

    • Magdalene51

      Page not found.

      • JRNASH

        For Magdalene51
        The title of the article is "More On Media Malice And The Arsenal Of Dirty Tricks" and if you type "dirty tricks ABC" in the search window at the very top of this page it should take you there.  For some reason you can’t put a link to it in a comment.

        • Magdalene51


  • Pamela Rich Lineberry

    I always had respect  for Charles Gibson and felt he was a fair journalist.  I watched the night he inrterviewed Sarah Palin.  I instancely made a choice to  NEVER watch ABC News again.  He immediately lost my respect and I can’t imagine a women anywhere that would over looked his condescending words.  It obviously  did more harm to Mr. Gibson than  to Mrs. Palin.

    • gahanson

      His ratings tanked after that, and he eventually retired as a result.  If I remember right, he did acknowledge that his interview with Palin is what did him in. I thik that part of the reason for BOR’s drop in the ratings is his rude behavior towards Palin, don’t have any stats on that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • puma_for_life

        Really? I didn’t now Gibson was self-aware enough to understand he was his own undoing. I think BOR’s ratings tanked because of his disrespect for Palin; I know I won’t go near his show ever again.

  • momandem

    Gina’s book is a must read.  I knew they were really hitting Sarah hard, but didn’t realize how bad it really was until I read Gina’s book.   My husband is now reading it, and really getting ticked off at how she was treated!

    • jhva99

      Do you have a Pepto Bismol pinkTexas license plate that says WEEDAT?

      Update: If you do…my wife and I and my 87 year old Mother were behind you today heading to Kohls on Eldorado and 75. Sorry it is just so wierd that we saw and discussed the lisence plate today and then I see WeDat on c4p.

      We’re everywhere!!

  • MarkRNY

    Hey! Terrific idea! Much needed!

    There should be a sequel–"Punditry by the Numbers"–show how many times guys like Krauthammer and Will have been DEAD WRONG over the years–I’m not kidding! Bring down these false idols!–Pour it on!

    Sold!–One copy of Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin !

    Thanks Gina.

  • TRON2012

    Lamestream media STINKS So Much….

  • conservativemama

    A must read for sure.  Nothing angers me more than these lies and this attempt to bring Sarah down.  What they’ve done and continue to do is an action against this very nation.  The fact that they would lie to put one man in the White House and lie to destroy another is more than just destroying Sarah.  It’s led to this crisis we find ourselves in.  We’ve let these clowns run lose for decades and now we’re at the brink.  Obama is the culmination of all the left wanted and it’s all bad.  He is a disaster and people, real people are suffering.  All of their leftist fantasties have come true with Obama and he couldn’t be a worse President.  We have a President who doesn’t like this country and doesn’t like many of its citizens.  It’s unprecedented.  And to make matters worse, he hasn’t a clue how to help this country.  All he can do is criticize and destroy.  All he can do is work to divide us. 

    I’m so sick of the divisions of class, race, religion, gender, whatever.  We’re all Americans.  The left claims that it fights against discrimination, but they have no problem creating groups of people that are okay to hate.  Own a corporate jet?  We hate you!  Been successful in creating a business?  We hate you!  Dare to believe in God and would like to have that faith respected?  We hate you!  Think about it.  This is how genocide and slavery flourish.  When people in power define a group of people as less worthy, when they dehumanize them, they create an environment where it’s okay to hate them.  That’s also what they’ve tried to do with Sarah and her family.  Dehumanize them, make it acceptable to hate them.  Shame, SHAME on all who have participated in this. Know that if you let the left guide you to this hate then you are a person of little character because you didn’t take it upon yourself to learn more. You just sat back and let the power structure tell you what to think. Shame on you for living in a free country and not taking advantage of the resources you could have used to learn more. If you let the power structure spoonfeed you information you may as well be living in Cuba or North Korea. But in their defense, they have no choice. You do. Shame.

    In another less tolerant country they’d all be in jail for treason.  But we’re better than that.  We just have to survive the next election and begin rebuilding all our institutions.  We need truth and we need it badly.

    • MaMcGriz

      And we really do need to put them in jail.

      They are traitors.

  • munchausen

    Let me interview Obama. I would start with, "And exactly how did you end up with a social security number from Connecticut?" And continue with, "The latest version of your birth certificate appears to be an obvious fraud, care to comment?"


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXB7HICJID2Z6UUGUWD4BPCDH4 Fred Ziffel

      You could also ask him if it’s true that he eats babies with white gravy.

      • MaMcGriz

        I suppose this has some meaning for you.

    • MaMcGriz

      I’d be cheering you on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Kates/1653593281 Ken Kates

    Barracudas tend to keep at it until their adversary is defeated…. Sarah is on track to WIN!…I know I expect she will not run…..more’s the pitty…

    • lanahi

      You don’t know anything about her if you expect that.

  • Canus

    I don’t remember the date exactly, but it was mid 2010. Tingles Matthews said " If she (Sarah) decides to run the Media will attempt to destroy her" At the time I thought "so much for an unbiased Media" and I was surprised that he actually admitted that the Media would do that. Probably didn’t dawn on the idiot what he actually said. I cannot watch the media now, I’m afraid I might throw something at my new TV.

    • amaze830

      I do not know what else the media can throw at Gov. Palin to destroy her when she annouces she is running for President.  They have thrown the kitchen sink at her and she is still standing.  The American people is on to the corrupt media and will not believe anything they are selling. 

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