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A Surreal Press Conference; Updated: Obama Throws His Peas on the Floor

The utter incompetence which characterizes President Obama is nothing short of alarming. Embarrassingly so.  This startling ineptness would be amusing if this were happening elsewhere and we were just spectators watching a show.  But we’re not, and the consequences for America are dire.  For a long time I just assumed the disastrous policies emanating from Obama were due to the fact that he’s a left-wing ideologue.  Though that’s certainly true, it’s insufficient to explain the sheer idiocy flowing from this Administration.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that Obama is nothing short of the most incompetent leader this country has ever had.  When I watched his presser today, I saw a guy who has no idea what he’s even saying — let alone what he’s doing.

A few days ago his Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, said failure to go deeper in debt would be "catastrophic".  Today Obama himself warned that failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in economic "Armageddon".  Wow, that sounds really bad.  How bad?  Well, according to Obama just a few minutes later, not bad enough to do anything about it like, for example, agree to a deal to raise the debt ceiling by reigning in the out-of-control government spending responsible for this mess.  Indeed, per Obama, "we don’t have to do anything radical to solve the problem".

Try as I might, I can’t square "catastrophic and "Armageddon" with "we don’t have to do anything radical to solve the problem".  I guess in reality what Obama really finds radical is the threat that he can no longer waste trillions of dollars in borrowed or printed money on useless government spending designed to do nothing other than buy him votes for 2012.  That, in Obama’s world, is real Armageddon.  Governor Palin had no trouble calling out Obama for his BS today via Twitter:

Obama lies, economy dies. He says "default’s catastrophic" then opposes deal to avert it. Nonsense. Gold stars to GOP trying to deal w/this.

But that wasn’t the only whopper Obama told today.  Using some strange new mathematical construct with which I’m unacquainted, Obama claimed he has 80% public approval for his plan to avoid the necessary structural changes to our nation’s unsustainable entitlement programs by slamming the moribund economy with a huge tax increase.  Back in the real world, yesterday’s Rasmussen poll indicated public support for Obama’s tax increase proposals at 34%, with 55% opposed to any tax increase in the debt ceiling deal.  I guess the smartest man ever to occupy the oval office is LD math.  He is, after all, the guy who proclaimed in February that the accumulated interest on the debt doesn’t actually add to the debt.   Or maybe in his mind 34% rounds to 80%?

Perhaps the most surreal part of the presser came when Obama, as he’s hilariously tried to do for several weeks now, attempted to play the "responsible adult" in the room.  I laughed out loud when I heard our President let loose with this goofy statement:

"These are obligations that the United States has taken on in the past, that Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills. If we do not, it could have a whole set of adverse consequences. We could end up with a situation, for example, where interest rates rise for everybody all throughout the country, effectively a tax increase on everybody, because suddenly, whether you’re using your credit card, you’re trying to get a loan for a car, or a student loan, businesses that are trying to make payroll…"

It’s difficult to even know where to begin.  He’s avers that we must raise the debt ceiling to avoid higher interest rates because higher interest rates are "effectively a tax increase" which, presumably, would be bad for the economy.  And yet at the same time he’s advocating for the passage of…an enormous tax increase. Get it?

Obama also admonishes Congress for "running up the credit card" or something. When Obama was inaugurated, the national debt stood at $10.626 trillion.  Today, as we all know,  we’re at our legal debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion.  In other words, he has run up another  $3.674 trillion in new debt in just two and a half years.  Funny I don’t recall Obama vetoing a single spending bill during that time.  And what benefits did we reap from all this deficit spending?  Millions more unemployed, skyrocketing food prices, and $4 per gallon gasoline, to name but three.  During practically this entire time, he and his party were in total control of Washington with overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress.  Now he wants us to believe that he’s suddenly worried about fiscal responsibility, and that our debt situation would be fantastic if only Congress hadn’t "run up the credit card".  Just an innocent  bystander, he.  Right.  In a piece yesterday, Charles Krauthammer takes him to task for this silliness:

All of a sudden he’s a born-again budget balancer prepared to bravely take on his own party by making deep cuts in entitlements. Really? Name one. He’s been saying forever that he’s prepared to discuss, engage, converse about entitlement cuts. But never once has he publicly proposed a single structural change to any entitlement.

Hasn’t the White House leaked that he’s prepared to raise the Medicare age or change the cost-of-living calculation?

Anonymous talk is cheap. Leaks are designed to manipulate. Offers are floated and disappear.

Say it, Mr. President. Give us one single structural change in entitlements. In public.

To underscore this, Obama’s non-answer to a question by Jake Tapper at today’s presser confirmed Krauthammer’s point.

Tapper: In the interest of transparency, leadership and offering – also showing the American people that you have been negotiating in good faith, can you tell us one structural reform that you are willing to make to one of these entitlement programs that would have a major impact on the deficit?  Would you be willing to raise the retirement age?  Would you be willing to means test Social Security or Medicare?

Obama: We’ve said that we are willing to look at all those approaches.  I’ve laid out some criteria in terms of what would be acceptable…

Obama goes on and on and on with the hot gas flowing freely, but if you’re looking for anything specific that in any way answers the actual question posed by Tapper, you won’t find it. There’s plenty of what he won’t do, but nothing specific about what he would do (what Tapper asked) unless you consider Obama’s reference to some vague "criteria" of what he may or may not deem acceptable under some unspecified future circumstances to be an answer.  It isn’t.  Tapper politely waits for Obama to finish his non-answer then tries to pin him down one more time with a simple question:

Tapper: And the retirement age?

Obama: You know, I’m not going to get into specifics…

Of course not.  But my experience in trying to decipher Obama’s answers to questions tells me he answered "no".  In Obamaspeak, if his answer to a "yes or no question" is more than one word, he means no.  If Obama can’t even commit to the simple and necessary structural change of raising the retirement age, with life expectancy a full 16 years longer now than when Social Security began, there’s little reason to believe Obama will ever cut any government spending (other than defense at a time we’re in three wars kinetic military actions).  The Republicans, at least some of them, are finally coming to the realization that Obama has no plans to address America’s rapidly deteriorating fiscal health.  Indeed, as John Boehner observed, Obama has no plan at all.  His only goal is to be given a shiny new $2.5 trillion credit card so he can buy his way to re-election, consequences be damned.

Listening to him today, I honestly believe that the President isn’t even aware that there’s a debt problem.  Certainly not one sufficiently important for Obama to interupt his perpetual campaign and propose an actual plan to address it, his warnings of Armageddon and catastrophe to the contrary.  He’s blissfully unaware that the sugar-daddy has run out of sugar, as Governor Palin so aptly put it.  If not for the debt ceiling, Obama would continue trillion dollar plus deficits ad infinitum.  He said in today’s press conference that we’re not Greece.  Well, not yet.  But if Obama has his way, we will be.  And sooner than you think. The salient question for me is the one I struggled with at the beginning: Is the disaster that is the Obama Presidency due to ideology or incompetence…or both?

Update: Wesley Pruden at the Washington Times has a brilliant take on Obama’s performance:

Every mom who has ever been at her wit’s end recognizes Barack Obama. The president who earlier nagged Congress that it was time for Americans to “eat our peas” finally threw his own peas to the floor and banged his spoon on his supper dish. Such a tantrum in a high chair is a familiar sight in a lot of kitchens.

“Enough is enough,” the president cried, frustrated by the tense budget talks at the White House. “Don’t call my bluff,” he told his Republican tormentors. “I’m going to the American people.”

If a pout and a sulk is familiar to Mom, every 2-year-old in town can understand the president’s angry frustration. Throwing your peas on the floor, particularly if they’re of the English variety, tasting of copy paper and sliding down a tiny throat like unlubricated ball bearings, is the instant gratification every tantrum-thrower yearns for. But it’s a presidential strategy we haven’t seen before.

More here.



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  • Dan C

    Excellent post. 

  • Guest

    To get into specifics, Obama would have to know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t. He never has known. Obama used to teach. Alinskyism, not Constitutional Law. You don’t ask questions to which you don’t know the answer or at least have thought out possible answers. That’s a basic rule of teaching. So, he knew the answers to Alinskyite questions but flubs Constitutional Law ones, flubs economics and budgetary questions with vague answers because, as usual, he’s reading from a teleprompter. His head is not engaged, and he just doesn’t know the answers cuz not only has he not thought about them, nobody has put the answer on TOTUS for him to read. An executive leads by example, knowledge and hands on application. Obama can’t because he doesn’t know, has never done, and doesn’t want to learn how. Not as long as there’s TOTUS to tell him what to say.

  • citizenG100

    I couldn’t help but notice this little gem from Krauthammer: "Anonymous talk is cheap. Leaks are designed to manipulate." Coming from a paid up member of the Palin-hating, anonymous leaking GOP establishment I thought that was quite rich.

  • Guest

    This is what happens when you ignore a candidates lack of governing experience and accomplishments.  Obama is in way over his head. 

    Giving a good speech is not enough. Words mean nothing and prove nothing.

    Palin in 2012 because we know from her record as Mayor, Oil and Gas Commissioner and Governor that she is a leader.  We don’t have to hope that she knows what she is doing.  We know that she does.

    • Michael_from_Michigan


      President Obama cannot not talk his way out of the mess he has created for the country.  He will not be able to blame President Bush for how the country is in 2012 with Sarah looking across the podium during the debates!  She will own him during the debates, he cannot talk or blame his way to a second term and he knows this to be the truth!

      I would not be surprised if he sits in the Oval Office at times and realizes how much trouble he is really is in for in 2012!

      • free4now

        "I would not be surprised if he sits in the Oval Office at times and
        realizes how much trouble he is really is in for in 2012!"

        I think you give the manchild far too much credit… :)

        • MaMcGriz

          Oh yes. The brother is jivin’ and he knows we know it.

  • Michael_from_Michigan

    I am looking forward to the debates between Sarah and President Obama.  Sarah can call him on his bold-face lies and embellishments on the facts and figures.  For example, his statement that eighty percent of Americans agree with taxes hikes;  What is he thinking?  Since when do Americans want their taxes to go up with the economy in its present shape? 

    • MaMcGriz

      I have a very hard time visualizing him debating her.

      I think it would totally unnerve him and he’ll try and avoid it.

      • Michael_from_Michigan

        He will have to debate her at least twice, he cannot avoid it! 

        • MaMcGriz

          You’re probably right, but he’s so, well, special, don’tcha know…


  • IndieDogg

    The entire media campaign for the 2012 Presidential election could be composed of nothing more than images of Barack Obama arguing with himself.

    He’s against raising the debt ceiling when it’s not his ceiling. But, today, not raising the debt ceiling will lead to Armageddon.

    He signs a stimulus bill including tax help for the private jet industry. Then tax "loopholes" for jet owners are at the very root of our budget crisis.

    Raise the debt ceiling so I can borrow and spend more, because…. we’ve been borrowing and spending too much.

    Barack Obama has taken "I was for it before I was against it" to heights even John Kerry could never have imagined.

    • TexasRayGunner

      Yep – in 2008 obama ran against Bush, so maybe in 2012, he should run against himself!

    • MaMcGriz

      Well, don’t repeat this, but this is him being fair and balanced. He’s gonna dump obiteme and run with BOR in ’12. This is good intel, and came from the decoder ring network just 48 hours ago. We’re supposed to sit on it for a while, so, like I said, don’t repeat this to anybody, ok?

      We wouldn’t want it to get around or anything.


  • Freempg

    All else aside, what do we do if our President is having a nervous breakdown or is clinically insane?

    • MaMcGriz

      What do we do? Well, that’s a good question.

      I’ve been hoping for an Article 25 development, but so far no joy.

      Biden and Boehner would step up. 

      • Freempg

        I don’t think so, Ma. None of our ruling elite would dare suggest such a thing about our first black president.

        • MaMcGriz

          Jeeze, I actually think you’re understating it. They’d throw themselves onto hot coals to cover for him out of fear of massive race riots in the streets.

          Even if he were incapacitated they’d fight to keep control of the presidency somehow.

      • lanahi

        Who would determine if he is insane or not?

        • MaMcGriz

          I don’t recall of the top of my head how the process works, but when they did it to President Reagan they brought him into a meeting with a bunch of high-level folks, unaware they were all watching him and evaluating his every word and action, prepared to declare him impaired. At that point he showed them all he was perfectly fine, but had the process proceeded it would likely have then involved him being relieved of duty pending s psych evaluation.

          This is a bush-league oversimplification, but I think it’s generally descriptive. And it wouldn’t require a dx of insanity. It’d be a fitness issue.



  • JDCampbell

    Well, 80% of American’s know he’s crazy as a loon.

  • MaMcGriz

    Doug, this is a really good piece. I read c4p stories aloud for the family sometimes, and this one is a hit.

    And the answer to your question is both. Add in equal measures of evil and hubris and voila!

  • NY59Giants

    To answer Doug’s last question, it is BOTH. 

    He has no frame of reference on how to be an executive and hasn’t learned to be one in just over 2 1/2 years. His ideology of Socialism causes him pain and confusion when he is off the teleprompter as he has trouble couching his ideology with terms that makes sense to Americans without him coming out with what he wants to say….spread the wealth and social justice BS. 

  • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

    Great post, Doug! You cut through Obama’s smoke and mirrors so well.

    I’m just a lowly journalism major. Can someone explain how Obama’s "plan" to increase our collective debt by 17% (2.5 trillion / 14.3 trillion) doesn’t increase our risk of rising interest rates as well? Doesn’t ADDING debt actually increase our risk of defaulting in the future, especially given his refusal to address entitlements?

    Let’s say I’m like the federal government and I’m not able to cover all my bills each month. For simplicity’s sake, say I bring in about $250 per month, and I’m currently spending all of that plus about $100 more that I have to borrow from my neighbor for my living expenses. I’m currently spending about 12% of my intake ($30 a month on interest payments). By Obama’s logic, instead of prioritizing the $30 in debt payments, and reducing spending by $100 a month, the solution to my problem is to go out and get a loan for 10 times my monthly income, thereby increasing my interest burden by 17%. The net effect is that we would be adding to our interest payments.

    Of course, he wants to raise taxes … That too is not going to solve the problem.

    • MaMcGriz

      Can any amount of smoke and mirrors obscure the stark distortions of obama’s [alleged] thinking?


    • Freempg

      I’ll take a shot at it Nicole. The fear Obama trades on is this: Interest rates on our current debt will skyrocket if we default (supposedly). The cost of the skyrocketing interest will far exceed the current interest owed on our existing debt plus "reasonable" additional debt incurred by raising the debt ceiling. The assumption is if we raise the debt ceiling in an orderly fashion, rates will remain at historic lows. If not, annual debt service could dramatically increase, widen our deficit even further, and accelerate the death spiral.

      • CBDenver

        Interest rates will skyrocket even if we don’t default but rather incur more debt.   We are in loan shark territory now.  In order to acquire more debt, the US will have to offer higher interest to attract creditors to purchase that debt.

  • Guest

    As to your last question Doug; believing in a failed ideology is a sign of incompetence.  So, it is both.

  • David Zimmerman

    He is utterly lost! His answer is to go back to campaign mode..slogans and crowd rousing. (I almost said rabble…well maybe that is more appropriate)

    • nohype1

      When did he ever leave campaign mode? Campaigning–self promotion–is the only thing he is good at.

  • David Stern

    Obama is the first post modernistic President !

  • Controse

    Mr. Brady have you read anything about Obama’s fake long form birth certificate?  Have you read Mr. Corsi’s book "Where is the Birth Certificate?". Why are you and all you other bloggers ignoring the bleeding obvious.  The man is a fraud.  He needs to be arrested.  Why aren’t you calling for it each and every day?

    • $8196935

      To bad Corsi helped put Obama at 1600 Pa Ave. by being one of the
      many who either sat at home or voted 3rd party as Corsi voted for the
      anti war, 9/11 Truther loon, Chuck Baldwin.

      • Controse

        So is that your excuse for not hearing and seeing the truth about Obama? I take it you haven’t read his book "Where is the Birth Certificate?"  It has an exhaustive collection of exhibits to back up his thesis. He voted for Chuck Baldwin you say. So what does that have to do with the truth of his work on the subject of his book?

        • $8196935

          If Corsi was concerned about Obama, he should have voted for McCain – Palin who had the best chance of beating Obama.

          Corsi blows his credibility supporting and voting for the  loon Baldwin who
          pushes the left wing propaganda that the Gov. and Israel was behind 9/11.

    • wodiej

      We were told that talking about Obama’s questionable birthplace was not allowed on the blog.  Take it to the blog owners.

    • lanahi

      Without proof, it is simply a distraction and dead end.  It will be a campaign issue but nothing else.  There’s enough other stuff we can actually prove.

      • Controse

        Without proof?  Do yourself a favor and google "National Press Club Corsi sues Esquire" and click your way to enlightenment…if you dare.

  • Kjanlady

    Rush said yesterday that he thought obummer was losing control of himself……the case for this belief is stated clearly in this post…….will he be the first American president to be committed to a mental institution… there one in the country large enough to acommodate his ego?……hope they serve him peas every day.

    • conservativemama

      His meltdown will come when Palin wipes the floor with him in a nationally televised debate.  Obama’s meltdown first, followed by the collective MSNBC meltdown that will follow.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I’ve had that same feeling ever since he was forced into the budget talks.  He wasn’t supposed to be there.  He thought that Reid could handle it.  He gets everyone else to do his dirty work, but since Nancy isn’t there he’s been forced to engage.   I guess we can see how good Obama is at negotiating.  That skill set for him is non-existent.  He’s gonna crack.  He truly is the Emperor with no clothes.

    • susiepuma

      I think the chip in his head has developed a glitch and is running down – he may need a new one – watch for vacation time – soros will make sure new chip is put in…… can’t have a non-functioning bot running the country, now can we?

  • smmtheory

    Did the stardust wear off for Mr. Tapper?

  • Scott F

    great insight doug,this clown is are right about if it were’nt so serious it might be a scene from some surreal space cadet short.we can only hope there are enough commited republicans that will fight this guy and help this country survive until this loser gets thrown out on his ear in 2012.Lord help us.

  • Marianne

    Suppose the members of Congress are able to completely turn things around, starting immediately, with our annual budget deficits. Suppose we never again have a trillion dollar plus deficit every year like we are seeing under President O’Bonehead’s leadership, or even a billion dollar plus deficit or even a thousand dollar plus deficit. Instead, we start seeing surpluses each and every year, and not for some trivial little amount, but a surplus of 100 billion dollars. I know the idea seems pretty unfathomable, but bear with me here. Given the current size of our national debt, we would need to see those annual surpluses of 100 billion dollars each year for the next 143 consecutive years in order to pay off that national debt. Tripp’s grandchildren will be old by the time the national debt is down to zero. That’s how big our debt is.

  • Christine Riordan Brown

    you know everybody knows he’s lying except his media cohorts……….as he loses  so do they………….

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