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A Woman of "True Grit"

Guest Submission by Jelayne Sessler

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One of my favorite western movies of all time is a film called, "True Grit." For those of you who are familiar with the film, you are probably thinking I am a fan of this movie for the audacious character played by John Wayne.

And you’d be wrong.

I’m a fan of this movie because of the character played by a young girl named Maddie Ross. Fourteen-year-old Maddie Ross joins an aging U.S. marshal named Rooster and a Texas Ranger named Le Beouf, in tracking her father’s killer—Tom Chaney, into hostile Indian territory.

It takes some convincing but Maddie Ross is able to persuade Rooster to join them in their expedition—or so she perceives.

The two men and little lady agree to meet early in the morning to begin their long journey. Upon Maddie’s arrival, she discovers Rooster had already hit the trail with his sidekick Le Beouf.

But that didn’t stop Maddie Ross.

Maddie jumps on her horse and hits the trail. She catches up with the men where all that separates the three is a river and a ferry attendant.

Rooster instructs the ferry attendant to walk Maddie and her horse back to town. Maddie cleverly breaks away—knowing the ferry attendant wouldn’t tend to her. She then prods the horse in the side prompting him to forge the river.

Rooster and Le Beouf watch slack jawed.

Maddie efficaciously crosses the river and makes it to the other side.

By then, the men comprehend the fortitude of the young woman and eventually agree to her accompanying them on the unyielding expedition.

I enjoy this film because it stirs something in me. A desire to make a difference and resolutely achieve something I may have previously thought was impossible.

And the same goes for Sarah Palin.

When I hear Sarah Palin speak or when I think of all she has accomplished despite her detractors, naysayers, enemies and ordinary road blocks; it ignites a passion in me.

Sarah Palin has such an unswerving love and respect for America unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She has such a desire not only to reveal the actuality of the state of our union but to do something about it.

Sarah Palin has the fire in the belly to hunt down, call out and reprimand the man responsible for harming the country she loves—and I gallantly join her in the strenuous journey.

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  • Kjanlady

    Good analogy……and the out of date, past their prime GOP and beltway political pundits are the epitomy of Rooster…..will they finally develop some kind of grudging respect for the courageous young woman….their survival could depend upon it. Sarah and the vast Army of Davids will not only shake up DC but the entire country along the way……a Nationwide Revival Meeting.

  • John Norton

    What makes the film great is even with all of Marshal Cogburn roughness around the edges Maddies goodnes shines through.Its like a beam of light that pierces the darkness so one can see their way thru. Thats the analogy here the Gove is that beam of light that shines the way only in todays time put in the right format…
    When she places her hand on the bible and takes the oath to become our 45th President that will be a great day for us all and America…

    • David Zimmerman

      Your final sentence gave me goosebumps!!

  • Western

    True Grit-a classic Western.
    During the settlement of the American West, an innate code of honor, whether personal, familial, or peer-based, added structure and clarity to the American frontier where a chaotic life existed, due to at times a non-existent social order.

    In my opinion, Gov. Palin’s personal story, and her years of public service exemplifies a similar ‘grit’ and fortitude in confronting corrupt (political) forces which created disorder and a lack of faith in public institutions. Gov. Palin is the only politician who embodies both the patriotic spirit and self-reliant practical approach in meeting head on the immoral factions of our current political culture.

  • mistah charley

    did you see last year’s remake of the movie, with jeff bridges in the rooster cogburn role?

    semper ubi sub ubi

    • Jelayne Sessler

      Yes, and I LOVE it!

  • mistah charley

    the other day my wife and i were wondering where the western tv shows are.  they used to be really popular, and right now i’m not aware of any (maybe there are some on the cable channels, but not on the main networks)

    semper ubi sub ubi

    • rbuckland

      I have Dish network and they have a western only channel ( Encour Western ) its 24/7 western movies and old t.v. westerns going back to the 1950s no commercials and you can dvr the shows and play them anytime.  I think Direct tv has the same thing.

      • alien4palin

        My husband & I love western movies! Shame they don’t make too many of them any more. Good old western movies…. uniquely American. The wild west & pioneering spirits.

  • Sarahistheone

    Posted on May 30 2011 – 1:51 PM – Posted by: Doug Brady
    As Whitney reported yesterday, noted misogynist George Will questioned Governor Palin’s capacity to be entrusted with nuclear weapons as President (Will didn’t elaborate on the qualifications he deems Obama to have gained in this arena as a part-time senator and full-time community organizer, but I digress). In months prior to Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Palin as his running mate, the McCain campaign engaged long-time Washington power broker A.B. Culvahouse to vet potential candidates.  Among those vetted were Governor Palin and 25 other potential VP candidates, including Will’s latest flavor of the month, Tim Pawlenty.  Via Mark Silva (emphasis mine):
    Arthur “A.B.” Culvahouse, a prominent Washington attorney who served as White House counsel to President Ronald Reagan during the president’s final two years and led Sen. John McCain’s search for a running mate – a search that included a “long list” of 26 candidates – told the tale today of picking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
    Culvahouse,  a former counsel to then-Sen. Howard Baker in the 1970s, had delivered Baker’s paperwork when he was being considered for Gerald Ford’s vice president – there were 19 questions asked.
    “The questionnaire I sent out for John McCain had 74,” Culvahouse said – noting that some had generic titles, such as “the Zoe Baird question… There was no debating about what ‘the meaning of is, is’… I wrote that question… ‘Have you ever been unfaithful?… ‘Is there anyone who could truthfully assert you’ve been unfaithful?”’
    They considered many.
    “We had 26 people on the long list. It was a blind basis… They did not know they were on the list,” said Culvahouse, who had a staff of 30 lawyers helping him who wrote 50-page reports on the candidates.
    “Gov. Palin told us everything – everything except the pregnancy (of) her daughter was on the written questionnaire,” he said of Palin, who discussed teenage daughter Bristol’s pregnancy privately. “She told me there was one issue she wanted to talk about. We knew everything going in.”
    Palin “has lots of presence. She fills up a room,”  said Culvahouse, noting that some of his most cynical colleagues also were impressed with her.
    They asked her if she is prepared to use nuclear weapons in the defense of the American homeland, he said, and they asked her if, say Osama bin Laden should be spotted, but taking him out would result in many other casualties, would she take the shot?
    “She knocked those three questions out of the park,” he said.
    Well that’s interesting.  Culvahouse, who’s met his share of leaders and power-brokers during his long career in Washington, was more than satisfied with Governor Palin’s competence in this area.  She knocked it ‘out of the park’. Culvahouse’s assessment, with the benefit of exhaustive research from his team of thirty, completely contradicts George Will’s musings which are backed up by, well, nothing at all.  If Will has some specific and concrete information to ‘refudiate’ the findings of Culvahouse and his team, perhaps he’ll share it with us.  If not, why should his unsubstantiated opinion be given any credence at all?
    One other point: Does anyone think a President Palin would have waited 16 hours to decide whether or not to go ahead with the Bin Laden mission?  Obama did.  I’m guessing that a President Palin wouldn’t have so dithered.  I suspect, after reading Culvahouse’s assessment above, that he would agree

    • mistah charley

      you haven’t listed the source on this – where is it from?

      semper ubi sub ubi

    • Guest

      If the above with Culvahouse is accurate THEN what a whopper it is… Just think if Culvahouse interview/extended comments was the start of Act III in The Undefeated?  JUST THINK?

  • patnatasha

    I think the gop should start running now instead of waiting for president elect sarah to come to town.

  • Marilyn Suezo Llanos Dunbar

    A strong conservative and an outstanding family values is what she is!  We love her and hope that she will run for we are sure she will win!

  • JD777

    The newer Cohen brothers version is also very good and truer to the novel which in turn is very good. An American classic. The Cohen brother version with Jeff bridges as Rooster Cogburn stars fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld playing fourteen year old Mattie Ross.

    That photo above would make a great piece of campaign literature!

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