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After Strong Opening, The Undefeated Expands to Tuscon (AZ), West Palm (FL), Milwaukee (WI), Charlotte (NC) and Ontario (CA) Starting July 22

ARC Entertainment has announced The Undefeated will be expanded.

From PRNewswire:

$11,000-plus per screen weekend averages in Orange County and Phoenix

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — ARC Entertainment today announced "The Undefeated," which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, will roll out to additional AMC Theatres (AMC) beginning on Friday, July 22nd.

With sold-out runs and enthusiastic audience support on opening weekend, the film will roll out to new markets including Tucson, AZ; West Palm, FL; Milwaukee, WI; Charlotte, NC; and Ontario, CA. The film will also expand into additional theatres in Atlanta, GA, and Phoenix, AZ, and will continue in theatres in Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; Orlando, FL; and Orange, CA.

ARC Entertainment, the distributor of the film, announced today that the film had a stronger opening weekend than expected with the top markets, Phoenix and Orange County, achieving weekend per screen averages above $11,000 driven by multiple sold-out runs. The film was rushed to select digital theatres in only three weeks, and was marketed entirely through social media and grass roots efforts with virtually no traditional media spend.

"Given the audience response on our opening weekend we now know we have a film that works. Our objective is very simple-to bring this film to every market and every corner of the country; starting with a limited theatrical release and then through an aggressive broader distribution strategy including streaming video, on-demand access and DVD," stated filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon.

Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of ARC Entertainment, said, "We have been inundated with requests from around the country to have the film play in their market. Our expansion plan is being methodically analyzed and managed to allow the film to be viewed by the widest audience in the most effective manner."

"We are thrilled that The Undefeated can benefit from the digital cinema platform to quickly expand to additional markets this weekend," said Jonathan Dern, president of Cinedigm Entertainment Group.

Written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by Victory Film Group co-founder Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette, "The Undefeated" was independently financed by Victory Film Group and its partners.

The film includes leading prominent political commentators Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists Kate Obenshain, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s tenure.

"After the incredible feedback we got from enthusiastic audiences, we are very excited to bring this story of a true American hero to additional audiences across America," said Glenn Bracken Evans.

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  • Izzyf3

    Praise God!

    PALIN 2012.

  • gahanson

    The media will definately not like this.  They were tasked with strangling the movie, and their effort was an Epic Fail.

  • citizenG100

    "Our objective is very simple-to bring this film to every market and every corner of the country; starting with a limited theatrical release and then through an aggressive broader distribution strategy including streaming video, on-demand access and DVD,” stated filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon."

    It looks like Bannon sees the theatrical release much like I have, i.e. mainly as publicity for the main release, which will be the DVD release. That would certainly help explain this rather small theatrical expansion (only increasing theatres by 4). Talk of reaching 1000 screens was obviously well wide of the mark. I thought they may have expanded to 50-100 screens next weekend. Maybe they will build up to around 100 over the next few weeks, but I’d guess 50 is the more likely number now. Maybe they were waiting to see how the opening weekend went before booking new theatres, and with HP breaking records there likely aren’t too many free theatres available right now.

    In any case the DVD is where the movie will have its greatest effect in regards to Sarah’s future presidential run. This release in cinemas is a great buzz builder for that.

    • blerch

      The fact that an independent documentary about a politician got a theatrical release at all, especially during the summer blockbuster season, is impressive.  This is the most important time of the year for these major studios.  Most of these theatres were booked up several months ago.  Frankly, when news of this movie first hit, I did not think it would be released in theatres.  I thought it would be shown at a few political conferences and then released on DVD.  The release in commercial theatres and subsequent success shows the grassroots power of Sarah Palin.

      On last question- could a movie like this be made about Rick Perry?

      • citizenG100

        I agree. I think it did quite well on its opening weekend, very well when you consider its genre and almost complete lack of traditional advertising.

        Like I said, it could well be that there simply aren’t too many available theatres for a major expansion yet. Maybe once HP burns off most of its demand in a couple of weeks it will free up more theatres if they are still planning a major expansion.

    • mistah charley

      agree that the dvd is where this movie will have its greatest effect.  i have advocated a "short version" – about a half hour – also be included – for showings to families, friends, community groups etc. where the full film is just too long to be practical.

      semper ubi sub ubi.

    • Guest

      "this rather small theatrical expansion" is called the "drip-drip" strategy.  Just think, the drip-drip can continue thru November 6, 2012 with more theaters added every week… a novel way to keep The Undefeated in the news doncha think?

      "In war, one must think outside the box", Sun Tzu’s grasshopper.

  • steebo77

    Does this mean the no more showings after this week in Independence (MO), Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City?

    • citizenG100

      It appears it will not be showing in those theatres after Thursday. Perhaps the attendance wasn’t as good there as in the other places.

      • steebo77

        They were the three smallest metros of the 10 original markets.


    Wauwatosa, Wisconsin ….might be able to make that one….maybe. 

  • twidget

    Truth shall prevail!

  • palinpatriot2012

    I am visiting Milwaukee starting the 23rd. I am going to take some of my liberal Milwaukee friends to see it. I will be seeing it again….and again…and again.

    • exodus2011

      ALRIGHT palinpatriot2012!


    • midwestprincesse

      I’m hoping to head out to Mayfair too! I work at a fair all of this week and weekend so those days may be rough to get to, but I’m still excited that my vote counted in bringing it to WI! Keep me updated on the reactions and I’ll do the same!

  • Steven

    They need to get more ballsy with this movie! I understand their slow build strategy, but at some point Bannon needs to recoup his money, right? Why not roll it out in 500 theaters around the country where turn out is likely to be great? Then a nationwide release in 1000 or so theaters after the inevitable buzz from the previous 500? 

    I know, I know, if I am knew how to run the theater business I wouldn’t be on this blog writing now, but I just want to see this film explode to give Palin that opening to get in the race with a bang! 

    I trust God that this film will play an indispensable role in changing the thinking of the electorate for 2012 in Palin’s favor. From all accounts its doing that and hope that in the end the whole voting electorate would have either seen it or heard about it. Palin 2012, Game On!

    • John JWilfred

      Maybe they are waiting for Sarah to announce before blasting the movie in 500-1000 theaters like you said. Releasing the movie is definitely the strongest sign yet that the governor is running. What would be the reason behind showing this movie, if she were just a kingmaker like the LSM and the GOP establishment want us to believe?

      • jeffo1

        EXACTLY!  thankyou

      • exodus2011

        S Bannon DEFINITELY wants Gov Palin to run for POTUS and he is doing all he can, with his own talents, time and treasure as an individual free American to make it happen ….. as are many other Americans (a whole SWATHE are here at C4P!) ….. and another prominent example is Peter Singleton …..

        all these people are responding to being inspired by Gov Palin … ‘you don’t need a title to make a difference’ ….. and none of them are being paid by a ‘Campaign’ …. this places Gov Palin in a unique and powerful position when contrasted with other candidates who rely on ‘paid support’ .

        The effort to back Gov Palin for POTUS is totally grassroots …. driven by The People, who have Tea Party thinking

        The future of America depends on the Tea Party expanding greatly in size and influence over the next 18 months

         …. it is happening ….. AMERICA RISING …

        Palin 2012

    • jeffo1

      I think Bannon is waiting for SARAH to announce and then the MAJOR roll-out happens!
      All hell will break loose!  


    • lanahi

      What don’t you understand about:

       “Given the audience response on our opening weekend we now know we have a film that works. Our objective is very simple-to bring this film to EVERY MARKET AND EVERY CORNER OF THE COUNTRY; starting with a limited theatrical release and then through an aggressive broader distribution strategy including streaming video, on-demand access and DVD,” stated filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon."

      • OldGuyAZ

        Major releases take money, time, more time, then more time.  You can’t call 1000 theaters and say :"Hey, we had a great release last week, we want to book yours next week end.  These things are done well in advance.  All this cost money, 

        Brannon is having to stairstep release for a reason.  He is not beholding to any hollywierd money people, so that he can do it like he wants.  Can you imagine what kind of crap would have been put out if Sony or Lucas was involved,

        His 1 million dollar initital investment will be worth many millions more, but right now,I’m sure he is having to budget a lot closer than the US Congress does.,

        God bless his capitalist heart,

  • jeaneeinabottle

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!  GET THE WORD OUT,   Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

  • Quiet_Righty

    I live in San Diego. I will have to be patient. 

    • bradkarr

      I live in Sacramento, I’ll have to be more patient, LOL.

    • Guest

      quiet:  please don’t be so cheap. hey, take your family for a weekend at disneyland, lots of fun, many new rides, mountion ride great. then just 2 miles away go see undefeated in orange.
      san diego is only 100 miles away, 2 hrs. take the train- i have many times. many times the train amtrak is full- dodgers vs. san diego fans great baseball compet.

      sorry to be a smart ass, just don’t see why 100 miles,2hrs would keep you from sarah undefeated. so many on this site have traveled 200-500 miles to see sarah. many people here
      would love to be only 100 miles away. . glad you are a sarah big fan

  • Christopher H Fromme

    We have some great AMC theater in Pennsylvania, maybe the next two weeks
    This coming Friday the film will play in the following AMC theatres:

    Ahwatukee 24 4915 East Ray Road Phoenix, AZ 85044
    Arizona Center 24 565 N. 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Barrett Commons 24 Theatres 2600 Cobb Place Lane NW Kennesaw, GA 30144
    Block 30 @ Orange 20 City Boulevard West Orange, CA 92868
    Colonial 18 Theatres 825 Lawrenceville – Suwanee Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245
    Concord Mills 8421 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC 28027
    Foothills 15 7401 La Cholla Blvd. Suite 144 Tucson, AZ 85741
    Grapevine Mills 30 Theatres 3150 Grapevine Mills Parkway Grapevine, TX 76051
    Highlands Ranch 24 103 Centennial Road Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
    Indian River 24 6200 20th Street #600 Vero Beach, FL 32966
    Mayfair Mall 18 2500 North Mayfair Road Box M-146 Wauwatosa, WI 53226
    Ontario Mills 30 4549 Mills Circle Ontario, CA 91764
    West Oaks 14 9415 West Colonial Drive Ocoee, FL 34761
    Willowbrook 24 Theatres 17145 Tomball Parkway Houston, TX 77064

    • socon

      There are a lot of Conservatives living in the Inland Empire–an Ontario, Ca showing is smart!

      • M_Minnesota


        You are right! Very smart!!! I used to live in the Inland Empire. Let the L.A. commuters and some industry people see this documentary. 

    • txpappy

      The AMC Grapevine Mills Mall web site say’s THURSDAY is the last day for the Undefeated showing, which I will attend (can’t wait).

      Where did you get your info. Maybe I can wait til Friday, and bring the family that lives in the area.

      Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

  • idesign2

    Oh yea!!!!

    Coming to Wauwatosa WI.

    Reserving our tickets today.

    • TexanslovePalin

      Lucky you!!! 2 locations in Texas??? REALLY!!!  Either location is more than 6 hours – one way!!! Goodness!! We love her here….no expansion in Texas????

    • Spiridon

      Yeah, I’m as happy as you are! I live only within 1 hour 20 min from there. Finally folks from the Chicago area can see it! 

    • midwestprincesse

      Which date/time are you going to? Keep us and Hotair updated. :)

      • idesign2

        Wis4P has a meet up at theater parking lot on Friday morning around 9:30 am I will be there to pick up materials and will actually see the movie on Sunday at 7:20 PM.

        • midwestprincesse

          Thanks for letting me know. I did contact Bill and he emailed me back letting me know the general plan. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it since I’m working at a fair all this week and weekend -the joys of working in Community Relations.

          The only possible weekend possibility I’d be able to consider is Saturday night (if I left early from work a bit) or if I attended the 10:20 showing. Not sure how tired I’ll be feeling after working all day though. I’d love to attend one where I "know" a lot of people could be attending – for the ambiance of it all.

          But I’ll make sure to get out to it next week if I can’t this weekend so if you or anyone else plans anything for next week, let me know.

  • AppStateGirl

    Yay! I was hoping the movie would come to Charlotte. I will be bringing as many people as possible with me on Friday. Can’t wait!

    • Steph71

      AppStateGirl and fellow North Carolinians,

      Please sign up at http://www.organize4palin. We need you! Also, like our facebook page -NC4Palin. Find our facebook group at O4P North Carolina. We are now linked to the main site on O4P-

      NC O4P Coordinator

  • dontufts

    Unseen,i hope the charlotte screening is close to you,if anyone deserves to see this its you please keep up the fight.
    Btw ed has not responded to my email and I also asked patrick in his feedback box to pls forward to ed.i will keep trying.

  • Jasmine Clark

    darnit. i found out that the only 3 AMC theaters in my state are all in/near charlotte. wtf!!! i don’t live near charlotte. why would they build 3 in the same place and none anywhere else?!!!

    i can’t go. i’m so mad. i am inexperienced as a driver, no way i can drive 2+ hours away all by myself. and my parents aren’t interested in driving that distance just to see a movie, so they won’t take me. and i can’t go with anyone from this site, they will flip out at the idea of me getting into a carpool with someone i met over the internet, because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU is a 40-year-old male pedophile. don’t deny it. lol

    i just wish they would drive me instead. oh well. now i have to wait for the DVD release or pay-per-view which will come who knows when, while everyone else in NC goes to the movie and i’m left out!!

    • blueniner

      Be patient Jasmine, you will get to see it shortly by one of the upcoming formats, I live in California, and we have only one location with a second one next week,I know it will come to my town soon.

    • John JWilfred

      Jasmine, I feel for you. You sound just like my 22 year old daughter. It is refreshing to see someone so young interested in politics and in Sarah. I’ve been trying to get my kids to get interested, but they want none of it. They are too absorbed in other non political things.
      You definitely should not try to get a carpool from the internet, no matter how bad you want to go. Wait for the DVD.

    • Dan C

      Jasmine, just an idea, but what if you make a deal with your parents. For example, you tell them you will do some work around the house or ya know do work of some kind, if they drive you there and see the movie with you? Any housework projects that need to be done? They get some work done, and get to spend a day with their daughter seeing a movie. WIN WIN!

    • lanahi

      Maybe you can bribe them with dinner out right after the movie? Or do the same with someone else you know locally.

    • puma_for_life

      Where are you? I’m in Western NC and I am a female so I don’t fit into the scary category.  I am also older.  I’d like to go Friday once I find out what the show times are and probably if there is a 4 pm showing I would go to that.  I am 2.5 hours away.

    • M_Minnesota

      Could you ask your parents to view the commute to and from "The Undefeated" as a future Birthday and/or (If you celebrate Christmas) present.  Do you have a trusted friend of the family that would/could drive you?  Hope you can see it on the Big Screen. 

  • Greg Legakis

    Not to be Debbie Downer, but we’ve got some work to do here folks.

    Outfoxed – Opening:  5 theaters, $15,596 average – Widest Release:
     18 theaters
    Lifetime Gross  $461,572

    The Weather Underground – Opening:  1 theater, $13,984 average  – Widest Release:
     14 theaters
    Lifetime Gross  $564,632
    The War Room – Opening:  1 theater, $15,264 average – Widest Release:
     21 theaters
    Lifetime Gross  $901,668

    • $7566967

      What exactly are you complaining about? The film just opened and is beginning to expand. Be patient. Besides, not be be a "Debbie Downer", but what exactly are you doing to help the film? Are you getting your friends, relatives, colleagues, coworkers, and so on to see it – like the rest of us are – or are you just posting numbers from other films to make it seem like The Undefeated is a failure?

      • Greg Legakis

        I saw the pre-screening in NYC 3 weeks ago, met Bannon and loved the film.

        If it comes to NY, I’ll see it again and bring friends.

      • Dan C

        He has some negative thing to say all the time. 

        • Greg Legakis

          Keeping it real. 

          I just like to put the rose-coloured glasses down every so often.

          • Dan C

            Whatever you say lol. Your shtick is old. 

            • Greg Legakis

              What does that even mean?  Make a point intellectually, don’t just speak in platitudes.

              • Dan C

                Yes because your pap day in and day out is soooooo intellectual.

                • Greg Legakis


          • lanahi

            When you put them on again, come back in here.

            • Greg Legakis

              Sorry you’re gonna have to deal with my intellectual honesty for the foreseeable future.

              Don’t be afraid to debate.  That’s how you know you’re alive.

    • citizenG100

      Have you any numbers for the dollars spent on advertising those movies? I’d be curious to compare the ratio of theatre average per dollar advertised among all of them. I’d expect under that metric The Undefeated would come out ahead.

      • Greg Legakis

        Only Production Budgets are provided at those links.

        I will say they are movies that appeal to liberals, so they may have gotten more publicity.

        • lanahi

          The Undefeated got NO publicity other than word of mouth…by design.  It’s ultimately a test of grassroots support.

    • Greg Legakis


    • excopconservative

      Hoping they use the cities with multiple screens to see what effect radio ads have on the box office.  Some very inexpensive local ads on talk radio AM stations should make a big difference in the gross.  Most of the 60 million people who voted for Sarah in 2008 don’t have a clue this movie exists.

      • Greg Legakis

        Wouldn’t hurt if Sarah herself was making promotional appearances, don’t you think?

      • lanahi

        Maybe a local O4P can do radio and newspaper ads?

    • BoxHead1

      Your examples were probably distributed in large markets with months of publicity. The last 2 examples are a 1 theater opening so they are not relevant. If you open and advertise for months for 1 theater in 1 location then you will get a full house for that 1 theater.

    • Leroy Whitby

      This film was unusual in that it was only announced 3 weeks before it aired as I understand it. I’m happy it’s expanding its theaters. When she announces the theaters will make a lot of money.

      • Greg Legakis

        Frankly, I think she should be out making appearances and promoting it, don’t you?

        • Leroy Whitby

          No, that’s the production companies job. She’s in a no lose situation right now. If it’s only a minor success she wins, and it is already a minor success since the number of theaters have expanded. If it’s a major success she wins.

    • lanahi

      Who cares, Greg?  This isn’t about ratings but, eventually, about votes.  As long as it is doing well enough to expand, that’s all that counts.

      • Greg Legakis

        I don’t agree.  Perception becomes reality.  If people think it stinks, they’re les likely to go and hence, less likely to become converted Sarah supporters .

        That translates to less votes.  Sorry, you’re wrong.

        Now if RT is rigging it, that’s a separate matter.  I will look into it.

  • ripcurl2121

    still no ny/nj/ct tri state area showings??????  WTF!!!!!!!!!

    • excopconservative

      This movie will play well there as it will in SF and Berkeley.  Seeds, once planted, will germinate .  I saw Sarah speak in San Jose on a Thursday afternoon to a crowd of 2000 at $100 each.  The speech was promoted by KSFO, the leading talk radio station in the Bay Area.  Radio ads will fill theatres in blue states.  Convincing the money people to invest millions in ad dollars for a film about a politician who has not stepped forward yet might be the stumbling block.  They may be more willing after she announces.

  • SFCDeano

    Yea! I live in Tucson. Heads will explode here – Tucson is a liberal city.

    • puma_for_life

      Yeah, I was surprised to see Tucson listed; it is very liberal.  Maybe they think they can draw from outlying areas?

  • Carol Carr

    Is there another candidate that has a documentary showing their great record while they are on jury duty, and before they announce their candidacy for the POTUS?? Who in the world would have thought it would work out this way?? HEHE!!!!
    Eat that MSM!! Pay back is a .

    Palin 2012!

  • AndreaB

    Excellent!!  The Undefeated audience comments Orlando Florida July 16, 2011

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