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Bill Maher is a National Disgrace

Last Friday, Bill Maher did what he has to do to get attention and that is to cross the line of basic human decency. Lacking any actual talent or ability to convince people that a massive centralized government and perpetual race-baiting are the answers, Maher’s stock-in-trade is to insult people who are better than him. He obviously lacks the mental fortitude (as does his audience) to make an intellectual argument backing up his beliefs. No, instead he sinks to the gutter to trash children (some small and one disabled) to tear down the other side. During his last show on HBO he said:

Now, I’m not saying that sexism doesn’t exist and isn’t real. And we can’t, but we can’t throw around the word “sexist” just to stop people like me from pointing out that Michele Bachmann, now running second for the Republican presidential nomination, isn’t a dangerous nincompoop. And when I point out that Sarah Palin is a vainglorious braggart, a liar, a whiner, a professional victim, a scold, a know-it-all, a chiseler, a bully who sells patriotism like a pimp, and the leader of a strange family of inbred weirdos straight out of “The Hills Have Eyes,” that’s not sexist. I’m saying it because it’s true, not because it’s true of a woman.

John Nolte, took Maher to task for his comments, but he also took the "eunuchs" of the Republican establishment to task for, once again, remaining silent in the face of the most despicable attacks against Governor Palin and her family. John wrote:

But from everything I’ve seen — including most of the paragraph quoted above aimed at Governor Palin herself — all of those comments were directed at adults perfectly capable of defending themselves. No one will argue that any and all of those comments were in poor taste, even for a HBO program proud of such things, but the real line that was crossed Friday night was Maher’s astonishingly obscene attack on Sarah Palin’s family — which obviously includes her children.


For all intents and purposes, on national cable television, Bill Maher called a Down Syndrome child an “inbred weirdos straight out of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’”.

This is beyond the beyond and yet we’re hearing nothing about it — even from our side.

You’d probably hear more from our side if someone had launched a similar attack on Barack Obama’s family.

In “The Undefeated,” Andrew Breitbart famously and perfectly labels a Republican establishment — that has for years refused to defend Palin against the most vile attacks, as “eunuchs.” This refusal is mainly due to the fact that they want her destroyed. They’re all well aware of what she did to Alaska’s corrupt, fat, and lazy good ole’ boys’ club and for that reason a “President Palin” terrifies them (and should).

But what’s most troubling is how too many on our side mostly ignore these constant attacks on Governor Palin’s family — especially her children.

This isn’t just unchivalrous, it’s an act of depraved indifference.

I couldn’t agree more. You can read John Nolte’s entire piece here.

In fairness, since the time Nolte published his article on Big Hollywood, the new Fox show called "The Five" (with two panelists I would consider "establishment," albeit of the non-official variety) also addressed Maher’s comments. Frances Martel noted:

Greg Gutfeld opened the floor on the matter with a scathing monologue attempting to figure out what Maher was up to with his comments. “I’m sure that slur is a lurid explanation for a family with a disabled child,” he noted, though argued that Maher would never admit it– as he has similarly done with other comments. If Maher contends that his opinion’s aren’t sexist, he asked, “are they just hate?” Gutfeld left that question unanswered, but went further to examine Maher’s character. “So what do you make of a guy who says wrong things and then runs scampering from them?” he asked.His initial answer was “a coward,” but he passed that label on to his audience for listening to his say what he said without protest– in fact, with applause. For them he had his harshest words: “After all, his awful statements fester unchallenged in an echo chamber, and effusive slophouse of flapping, approval-seeking seals. So let’s keep him there, just to remind us that they still exist.”

This entire episode is absolutely shameful. From Bill Maher, to his vile guest, to his screeching audience, to the silence of women’s groups and most of the GOP establishment, it was an utter disgrace. The fact that this country rewards people like Bill Maher with fame and fortune should give us all pause.

Governor Palin has taken abuse of this kind for a long time now. The left has indicated that anything goes when taking shots at her and/or her beautiful family. The left will attack her children and get paid handsomely for their efforts. Enough is enough… I don’t generally push boycotts, but if you’re paying to have HBO in your house every month, you’re also paying for Maher’s car and rewarding him for being a scumbag. Just keep that in mind.

Update: Jedediah Bila and Andrea Tantaros appeared on Hannity’s show to discuss Maher’s comments.

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  • wisetrog wt

    PLease, remove this thread staight away. We don’t need to make this big. Please. Change the topic.

    • Sarah4Prez

      I agree – Bill Maher is a piece of human debris and not worthy of being discussed here.  

    • Norcalo

      No. leave it.  This cannot go unanswered.  We are seeing an eerie manifestation of some dark forces here. It must be challenged.

      • John Norton

        absolutely Right…

  • Freempg

    Bill Maher a national disgrace? He’s a sociopath. The Spawn of Satan. Evil. Someone should beat the living hell out of him. Instead we have the likes of Ann Coulter kissing up to the sick bastard because he’s on HBO. We live in dangerous, disgusting times.

    • John Norton

      They need to be called..for what they are…challanged.

    • votermom

      In my opinion, we should let would-be guests know that appearing on show is a mistake. If they get a lot of negative feedback, they would think twice about legitimizing his hate; and if the lower the class of guests he gets, the lower his ratings will be, I hope.

    • Spiridon

      This guy spews false information all the time, not just about Sarah Palin. I remember how this moron who knows nothing about healthcare spewed ignorant rants about how people with depression should just "get off their asses" and how medication doesn’t work at all – it is just created so doctors and pharmaceutical companies can make money. 

  • PCR1

    In any serious country – which I have to say we ceased to be quite some time ago, but especially the last 30 months or so – this profanity spewing lunatic would have been locked up in an insane asylum long ago.

    And in Biblical times, the earth beneath would have opened up and swallowed Maher and his vile audience.

    I believe that something like that will eventually befall not only Maher, but the entire left – all of it, every last demon – when hard men – actually men and women, much less forgiving than Governor Palin and her much maligned family, will "open the earth", and consign them to its depth – if only six feet deep.

    We’re getting there.


    Which is the biggest army in the world?

    The Chinese army?

    Russian army?

    U.S. Army?


    The biggest army in the world by far – very far – much larger than all the armies of the world put together, are the overwhelmingly conservative gun owners of America, at well over one hundred million strong, and equipped with the best small arms in the world.

    Food for thought for the left.

    No wonder that the UN, and Obama, want to disarm the American people.

    • $8196935

      Iran, North Korea, China, and several other countries can send one missile in less than one
      hour and take out several cities in the U.S.

      The terrorists who flew the plane into the Pentagon lived around 6 miles from me here in San Diego.

      According to some, if we don’t think about it, it will go away.
      With such people, we are 1938 Europe.

      • PCR1

        Your Anglophile analogy is typical, to be expected, but mistaken in its historical perspective.

        Otherwise you are correct.

        Of course, we could exterminate all the Chinese and all the Russian not to mention the North Koreans as well, in about 25 minutes flat.

        I am well versed on this subject

        I am talking about domestic enemies though – these are the greatest danger..

        • Guest

          Actually, we could exterminate all current adversaries and any potential adversaries with just a half of our Trident II submarine force which is only 1 leg of our nuclear triad.

          Considering that the United States alone can destroy this entire planet in minutes, one must wonder if any (many?) foreigners ever ponder the astonishing fact that Americans have never elected a President named, "Genghis Khan the Second"… YET

          • PCR1

            Second nothing.

            Genghis Khan wiped out a few million Central Asians – the world’s population was far smaller then. 

            In the 12th century, it is doubtful that there were much more than a hundred million humans alive on Earth. 

            There are now well over 6 billion, including 1.3 billion Chinese.

            • Guest

              I believe that you missed the point of my posting… hint – it’s NOT about population numbers and how many people were/would be exterminated.  Maybe I should have used the more popular tag of current society, "Genghis Khan 2.0″.

              • PCR1

                I did not miss your point.

                The comparision does not apply. 

                Genghis Khan was a savage brute, a sadistic, senseless  massmurderer and a maniacal lunatic, who killed for the pleasure of killing.

                I am taliking about enemies of our nation, our culture, our nation’s values, our women and our children, anything and everything that is dear to us and which we value.


                • Guest

                  I’m not trying to make any comparisons.

                  "Genghis Khan was a savage brute, a sadistic, senseless  massmurderer and a maniacal lunatic, who killed for the pleasure of killing."  You’re getting close but still missing it… let me spell it out for you…  MY POINT is that the rest of the world can thank their lucky stars every day that the voters of this great Nation have not elected Genghis Khan 2.0 as POTUS.

                  • PCR1

                    Ok friend, have your point.

                    And a great good day to go with it.

                    Let’s hope Sarah runs, and wins through to 2012, and the White House.

                • Guest

                  I agreed with you but I just wanted to express a different track on the topic.  You have a good day too and hopefully, the temps are not too bad where you hangout.

                  Run Sarah Run

  • Republican2679

    I hope folks don’t get too wild over his comments.  Too many people who have the same world view as Maher don’t even like him. You are right that he craves attention.  That’s why I always encourage my Republican and conservative friends to ignore him. If everybody ignores him, nobody medium will host him. 

    • John Norton

      Cut him off at the Pocketbook…

      • free4now

        Agree x 1,000.
        That’s the only way to do it!

        What to do about his sycophants – there’s an "ele" in there somewhere :) on both sides of the aisle is another matter altogether and needs to be addressed by much smarter people than me but addressed it most certainly must be.

  • Scott F

    good point aboutpaying for this piece of crap if you have hbo in your home.i have refused to purchase anything that has to do with certain hollywood types that have slurred Sarah in the past.putting your money where your mouth is really does mean something.

  • Pete Petretich

    Does Maher have children? Has he ever been married? Is he a sociopath?

    Do women laugh at this Maher stuff the way many GOP women laughed at Trump’s sexist jokes in Las Vegas?

    • c4pfan

      No, he doesn’t and he doesn’t care what you call him. 

      • Bogdan51

        But he is being liked by Ann Coulter. And that probably rehabilitates him in his own eyes…

        • IsraeliCojones

          Coulter dated this reptile.

      • John Norton

        ANational Boycott on HBO unless they Fire him…

  • JDCampbell

    We could ask the State Department to deport him to Venezuela.

    • pool_dog

      He’d fit right in!

  • amaze830

    Maher can’t go after Gov. Palin’s policies, so he goes after her disable child.  He is a disgusting human being.  He does this to draw attention to himself.  I hope people would not pay any attention to him and not watch his shows on HBO and other networks.  Hopefully, the networks would cancel his shows.  What trash! 

    • c4pfan

      A thread focused on him doesn’t? 

  • Pete Petretich

    People like this are helping to elect Sarah Palin as our next President.

    • John Galt

      Your keyboard to God’s screen.

  • friskyness

    The best thing to do, is to not give him attention.  He loves the attention. Notice when he thinks he is making a joke, he pauses so the audience can applause. Which they do.  Enough, don’t give this    
    "eunuch" anymore attention.  Plus, he is slamming Palin’s family because he knows that hurts her. He just wants to hurt her, don’t give him the platform here.

    • socon

      Deranged syphilitic scum like Maher can’t hurt Sarah. The crapweasel will get his comeuppance  someday.

  • Jean_A

    Why waste time on this piece of trash???  If you must, could you please put a bag over his head.  He is low life scum.

    First Gov. Palin and Bachmann and now this.

    • boomer

      palin isn’t a gov anymore

      • socon

        That’s an honorary title.

      • John McCombs

        Good grief!  You and Julian are on Conservatives4Palin and don’t understand why she is referred to as Governor? Go back to huffpo or dailykos where things like this bend your little mind and cause physical pain until you’re able to locate your bong and make it all go away.

  • c4pfan

    Don’t have HBO and frankly, Maher has always been this way and he likes that it hurts you guys.

    It does nothing to me, because he’s not worth it.

    I celebrate by supporting Sarah and her family any way I can. 

    I think having a thread on this is a waste of time.

  • navak

    I find it more appalling that no one takes him to task for what he says about Palin and her family, as well as Bachmann. 

    • $8196935

      On FOX , Sean Hannity, Jedediah Bila, Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino,
      Andrea Tantaros, and Bob Beckel all commented against Maher’s comments and
      supportive of Sarah.

      • navak

        I am glad they did, but I am more talking about other politicians or women’s groups.

  • $8196935

    Thank you Stacy for posting this thread.

    I heard "The Five" and Sean’s segments on this earlier and glad this is brought out.
    Sometimes to just pass on what a Maher says vs actually hearing him and his guests
    is vastly differnet.

    I am just as fed up with a couple on this forum who blow this off as just don’t talk about it
    as it gives him attention.

    The Maher types need to be exposed.  If those who think they support Sarah here and don’t
    want to call out this Palin Bashing, then they don’t have it to carry on the fight throughout
    the 2012 campaign as it will get worse.

    • IsraeliCojones


      I don’t care if he craves attention and likes it. It makes no sense to constantly expose the bias of the MSM while turning our backs on these vilest attacks that shouldn’t happen anyway if there was still a common sense of decency in American society.

      Ignoring this is just stating that Obama is the leader this Nation deserves.

  • Mrl Tav

    I was going to talk about this hackneyed doper in an "I hate the media" segment when he allowed the low life rag columnist Dan Savage get away with the claim he uttered on his show that "I wish all Republicans f***ing dead", but I decided against it bc his comments are so predictable and boring. He proved himself an uninformed moron when he was on the Anderson Cooper show after the Gabby Giffords shooting and mouthed off that the shooter was a Republican.  Cooper had to correct him on TV that Loughner was a registered independent.  Maher looked like the total ass that he is. 
    You know, this man claims he’s a libertarian even though he supports every progressive big government plan that comes down the pike. You libertarians need to start calling these liberals out. 
    As for Maher, a noted psychologist has officially diagnosed him with female and life derangement.  Read here:
    Me–I’d just like to know what the man was doing with himself between the time period of 1991-1997 which was the year someone in hollywood gave this loser a second chance at life after an unsuccessful career as a stand up comic and appearing in such film classics as DC Cab, Rat Boy, Cannibal Women in the Jungle of Death and Pizza Man. 
    Yes, while I’d like to stick his face in a toilet bowl as one does with the force of dying a cigarette out in an ashtray, this low rent piece of garbage with a talk show that only appeals to the lowest common denominator in this country is not worth the time. –Mr.L

  • $7566967

    Funny how he says his opponents are playing the sex card on him, but he plays the race card against conservatives all the time. Talk about hypocrisy.

    And speaking of hypocrites, where’s the National Organization of (Liberal Lesbian) Women when you need them?

    • Norcalo

      NOW sold out long ago to the forces of evil.

      • socon

        NOW was always evil.

  • Norcalo

    The invective thrown at Sarah Palin reminds me of nothing so much as Lucibello hissing and spitting at something he cannot control. It’s chilling, really. … Good night all.

  • MaMcGriz

    We proudly maintain an HBO-free life.

    And as y’all have heard me say before: the guilty dog barks first. If anyone could be said to look and sound like an inbred mongrel, it’s Bill Maher.

    • Guest

      Got rid of HBO long time ago also…

      • ReaganerThanThou

        Good for you in getting rid of the BHO – er, I mean HBO channel.

        • pool_dog

          I got it twice: to record Band of Brothers and Game of Thrones. Turned it off immediately after. I’m weak, okay?

        • Guest


  • shar961

    Todd should punch him in the face.

    • Bogdan51

      Todd wouldn’t need to do that.

      It would be enough for Todd to give that SUBHUMAN a long and a piercing look with his cold, blue eye to reduce Maher to the crawling blob of a revolting, stinky, green slime…

      I still remember an episode when Sarah and Todd were leaving Alaska when some local creep began filming them at the airport. Todd came up to him and asked; "Why are you following my wife?"

      And then: "Why are you shaking so badly?"

      It was clear that Todd scared the bloody hell out of the creep.

      Maher the absolutely lowest life crawling on the surface of the Earth, know very well that Todd is too classy a man to even react to his vomit.

      Hence the "courage" of the DEGENERATE.

      But he is still being liked by Ann Coulter…

      • mistah charley

        ann coulter’s taste in associates is questionable

        • MaMcGriz

          A very polite understatement, to be sure.

          Mistah C, you are ever the gentleman.

    • socon

      Agreed.  I’d pay to see it, too!

    • MaMcGriz

      No, Todd should let ME punch him.

  • blueniner

    This is little Billy Mahers bid for attention. Did you notice he was reading cue cards, all those mean things about Sarah was scripted for him. One thing besides the porn punks on his panel, was Mark Cuban, owner of the championship Dallas Mavericks, sitting there laughing at all this, nice guy..not, he has always been a punk as well.

    • barracuda43

      Exactly why I do not like the Mavericks is Cuban.He is a leftist who was nodding his head in agreement to Maher just trashing theTea Party.We all know how to take Bill and his lunitic fringe backers down.Her name is Sarah Palin.And she is going to be the next President of the United States.Cuda 2012.Nothing Less!  

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