Even Roger Ebert Concedes Almost 200 People Saw The Undefeated in Chicago Today On Short Notice With No Advertising/Open Thread (Update)

Even Roger Ebert concedes that almost 200 people saw The Undefeated at noon today in Chicago on short notice with no advertising.  So more people went to an event that Governor Palin did not attend in one of the most liberal cities in America than the number of people who went to an event this afternoon in Iowa with Michele Bachmann in attendance.

Stephen Bannon was in Chicago this afternoon but he’ll go back to Milwaukee tomorrow for all the screenings of The Undefeated at the AMC Mayfair Mall 18 in Wauwatosa, WI near Milwaukee.  You can purchase your tickets here.

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Greta Van Susteren suggests that the exclusion of Governor Palin and Rick Perry from the Ames Straw poll ballot is evidence that the event is a money-scam.  Van Susteren also seems to refer to Palin as a likely candidate.

What else is going on today?

Update: Firelight informs me that 90% of the seats at yesterday’s primetime screening for The Undefeated at AMC Highlands Ranch 24 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado near Denver were filled even though it was the second weekend that the movie was being shown at the theater.  Former Congressman Tom Tancredo apparently has become a big fan of Governor Palin’s as he claimed that Palin was more like Reagan than anyone else he has seen in the last twenty years at a post-screening Q&A. 

If you’ve seen the movie this weekend, let us know about your experiences.  You can purchase your tickets to check out the movie in Highlands Ranch and other locations here.

The Oregonian revoltingly sat on this story for four days.

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