“First day results for ‘The Undefeated’ were Strong” According to the CEO of ARC Entertainment/Open Thread

Scott Conroy tweets:

CEO of ARC Entertainment (the distributor of Palin film): “First day results for ‘The Undefeated’ were strong.”

Let’s make sure that it’s not just a strong opening day but a strong opening weekend. If you haven’t been able to check out The Undefeated and are able to this weekend, make sure you go check it out and bring a couple of Palin skeptics as well. If you have seen The Undefeated, encourage other Palin skeptics who haven’t seen it to go spend two hours of their time learning about the Governor.

There’s reportedly a “[f]ull house at Universal Cineplex Orlando for #Undefeated matinee today!”

I find it hilarious that so many in the mainstream media are writing articles about how they don’t know how the movie has done thus far.  It would be pretty easy to find out this information and the fact that reporters are actually publishing articles about how they don’t know how the movie is doing thus far suggests that they want to find out. If reporters did try to find out this information, they’d be forced to report that The Undefeated as of yesterday had the strongest average per screen attendance of any movie shown at AMC theaters sans Harry Potter.

The Governor tweets out that “Here’s a film crew from Down Under covering the opening night of ‘The Undefeated.’ Congratulations to the ‘Undefeated’ team. I hope everyone enjoys the film this weekend.”  She also posted the following.

What else is going on today? If you’ve seen the movie or heard from others who have seen the movie, continue to leave your thoughts in this thread.

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